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  2. Yes, I think it’s worth persevering with. Or would you rather give up and pull the plug? It might take a bit of investment and having an actual stadium but it’s eminently possible for them to carve out a niche, like the Steelers have. They openly admit they haven’t engaged with the local community in their recent nomadic years
  3. Saintslass

    Our new position in the EU

    My guess is that the EU is worried. And it should be. Because, as (finally) acknowledged by the head of the Bank of England this week, a no-deal scenario would be as bad for the EU as for the UK. However, the ONLY reason a no-deal scenario would occur is if the EU continued playing politics with Ireland. Given that Barnier has already said that 80% of the withdrawal agreement has already been, er, agreed, that has to be the major sticking factor but of course it doesn't have to be. There is already technology present at the border. It's easily solvable if the EU and Ireland stop playing political games.
  4. I actually think there is something in that one to be fair. It was pretty noisy and busy at the end and he was looking at a few different people - I don't think it is clear what he was saying no to.
  5. Saintslass

    Our new position in the EU

    It accepted most of it. The tweaks made it better.
  6. It's been all over the TV news today. It seems someone who planned to behead the PM in an 'ISIS inspired plot' has also been jailed. That does appear to have missed a mention on the TV news today. It does appear on at least the Guardian website (I haven't checked other websites). Perhaps it is just middle age overtaking me, but I long for the days before 9/11.
  7. I do and my evidence is that he says plenty but does stuff all.
  8. So in the 2025 WC I don't expect to see Canada or the US in there because people may realise they aren't as good as the Aussies. Makes sense I suppose.
  9. If you're right, then in time someone will want to back a team based in Ireland following the trail blazed by the Wolfpack, their costs for helping visiting English teams should be more modest than Toronto's. So far as we know, no such person has come along yet though.
  10. What a shame, Bears on a winning streak too? Pros and cons of international recognition. I admire your decent game optimism but you don't suggest anything but a Cougars win.
  11. interchangeofficial

    Chinese investment in Salford?

    Salford are buying time & leaking stories like this is aimed at no one other than the creditors hoping they extend their patience ( credit) for a few more weeks
  12. coolie

    What will it take?

    Hmmm So the last 2 people with initials GM Have had stick from the fan's Can't wait for Greg Minikin & Gregg McNally to sign So we can rip into them
  13. AB Knight


    Never knew that, oh well I'm happy to stand wherever so long as most of us are stood together.
  14. Toronto 48 Dewsbury 8 London 6 Toulouse 10 Leigh 28 Sheffield 12
  15. You actually couldn't be any further from the truth and you seem to be basing this on a completely false Canadian perspective and your view of how a Canadian views Rugby League (based on numerous similar posts of yours that I have read about small towns etc that no one has heard of). Based on my experience of living and working in Ireland the average Irish person couldn't give a toss if its Northern or Southern based or how big its footprint is. Many are actually completely unaware of either of these things anyway. They either like to watch or play the game or they don't, its as simple as that.
  16. XIII Ram

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    I agree - I praised Ryder in another thread for his strong, aggressive running at Sheffield. He is a good find. I also think Morton made a good, energetic contribution at Sheffield and over a number of other games. But we need a lot more of this aggression and energy if the Rams are to avoid relegation. It would be a great boost to see the club magic up some new forwards, even better a half back - In the meantime, all the current players have a job to do. They need to find another gear.
  17. Futtocks


    He'll soon learn that fun is not an approved emotion in our game.
  18. HKR have been in decent form. Unlikely but i assume they can still make top 8? i expect it could be tough for Wire to win. HKR to maybe win a close one.
  20. DoubleD

    Chinese investment in Salford?

    Chinese investors are behind the £1 billion investment in the development of Manchester airport
  21. Charlie RL


    I agree. I hope TWP see it as respect for their success to date I want to see them challenged regularly by SL teams - roll on the middle 8!
  22. No I'm not ignoring that. Some teams have much better venues than back then, others do not. Either way they still see a small footprint regional game mostly played in small northern English towns. I wouldn't be in any hurry to invest in an Irish club joining that league.
  23. Wiltshire Rhino

    Tour de France 2018

    So glad I missed any news reports today. Absolute class! 😀
  24. Man of Kent


    I’m thinking of one fan in particular who is a bit OTT in their braggadocio...
  25. DoubleD

    Touch European Championships

    He’s trying very hard and learning from some of his earlier errors but every now and then the mask slips...............what do they say about leopards?
  26. Are you ignoring the bit where I said some currently watch it on Sky or the BBC? These are widely available throughout Ireland.
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