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  2. This year Wigan brought 13 first team squad members and of those 7 have played in SL. Hardly an under19 side.
  3. The Culture Wars

    All too predictably the usual basket of deplorables have started hurling abuse at Cathy Newman meaning that any point that might have been made will get lost in the furore.
  4. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    If it’s on the public record somewhere in a local police station or government office and you are confident of your source, spill the beans for us.
  5. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    It's not Orkney!
  6. RL on Canadian TV

    still waiting for news about an Australian broadcast deal... I’d like to watch a game or two.
  7. The Culture Wars

    I figured it would end up on here! I've said before that I don't like Peterson and I don't think he came across well in that interview. There is something so awkward about him. If you were a casual observer, the clear impression would be that he was a misogynist who held outdated views about women. I think it is only people who are aware of the background of Peterson's arguments who know how terrible an interview it was. Some of her points were just bizarre. Someone like Steve Pinker would've been able to articulate many of the same arguments better without appearing cold.
  8. You're about 2 weeks too late , the thread discussing this is pages back now
  9. Good move from TO to broaden its catchment area. Plenty of fans from Albi attended the Catalan v Hull KR game in Toulouse a few years back and I can see plenty from Albi turning out when they reach SL.
  10. Match thread versus York

    I would like to see Misi on the wing, which is his best position, and another look at Gareth Gale at centre.
  11. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Dont see the point of taking a game there in November Why not have an on the road game somewhere down there in the height of the July/August tourist season when plenty of Northenr ex pats down there as well Cornwall might not have the big enough stadiums yet but Exeter have one.
  12. One week today...

    Nice. March for L1 then?
  13. President of USA (Merged threads) here's a pretty decent article outlining in detail how even if the effect was only 1% it changed the outcome of the election. You're missing the point though. The race was incredibly tight and a lot of things went Trump's way. He has only lost support since then and the democrats will be unlikely to pick such a flawed candidate again. He'll find it extremely hard to get re-elected.
  14. Predictions

    Ooh, very subtle ha ha.
  15. Predictions

    Yeah that’s bad. Errrr we’ve signed these 2 players, but can’t afford to get them over so can everyone chip in to fund a jolly to Brisbane then fly them over
  16. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    When I last visited the rugby league heartlands in England I clearly missed the big surfing scene. :-)
  17. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Its as good as any other in superleague
  18. Barla National Cup

    Any games off with all this rain/ sleet/ snow over last week or two
  19. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Think leeds will be 1.Walker 2.Briscoe 3.Watkins (cap,kicker) 4.Sutcliffe 5.Hall 6.Moon 7.Myler 8.Garbutt 9.Parcell 10.Singleton 11.Ward 12.JJB 13.Cuthbertson 14.Dwyer 15.Peteru 16.Mullally 17.Ablett
  20. SL announce new commercial partner

    I'm sure you realise this, but the point is that the choice of Video Ref sponsor has already already attracted cricisim on here but the owner of Hull KR hasn't.
  21. Predictions

    A just giving page though wow!
  22. I quite fancy Corsica, and Sardinia for that matter. Nowt at all planned for this year yet, which isn't like us.
  23. Toronto

    Its not the finding canadian talents its the dealing with Paul Rowleys super ego
  24. Food and drink thread

    Ha,all that pizza befuddled my brain!
  25. actually 7 players played first team last year and one was SL second highest try scorer so not sure what you say is wholly accurate
  26. DAC's

    I've been, over the last couple of years, digitising my LPs. The problem with that was I upgraded my turntable (bearing, subplatter, platter, counterweight mount and cartridge) during that time, so now when I look at my older rips, I have this horrible feeling that I'll end up doing them all over again.
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