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  2. Free sports TV coverage

    Got to agree,great for our game gives us the exposure needed. Just a quick question to any qualified officials would the game been abandoned had it not been in tv ? This us no way a dig at today's officials just an honest question.
  3. For what it’s worth Edwards as coach disci0linarian or maguire same desperately needed
  4. The next Catalans Dragons coach

    or Jerome Guisset, would be better for Catalans to have a French speaking coach.
  5. They need half backs and a coach with a clue bird going back was a mistake today he was 5heir best usually one of the worst aiton tried to get people going but heads were down from the off mcilorum looks wasted no one running in to the ball at all Albert clueless gigot needs to be at full back mead is a class player but doesn’t fit in that team tierney is out of his depth a real mess at this rate giants v cats million pound game and cats going down
  6. The next Catalans Dragons coach

    I agree with your point. However, when Holbrook came in, Saints still had lofty expectations and I'd expect a reasonably good training culture, which isn't the impression you get from Catalans. With that said, the coach is the one responsible for changing the culture, and a good coach can do that (though it may take a couple of years for true cultural changes to take hold).
  7. The next Catalans Dragons coach

    Just look what Holbrook has done at Saints and tell me a coach doesn't make a difference.
  8. The next Catalans Dragons coach

    The coach has to take a lot of the blame. You add Mick Macallorum, David Mead, Jullien and get Gigot back and you get worse!? You can't blame the recruitment this year.
  9. Transfer Fees

    It did in RL.
  10. The next Catalans Dragons coach

    While I agree on Catalans troubles being more than the coach, a strong coach can go against the owner or change things culturally where necessary. If the coach doesn't set the standards then who does? However, Myler has still been ordinary this year, he has just been ordinary in a better team.
  11. This day forward. Wests Tigers.

    The brand to go for is The Executioner, which has no safety screens and is much more robust than most other models.
  12. This day forward. Wests Tigers.

    Best $2 I ever spent since arriving here nearly 12 years ago was on a plastic foy swatter from Cheap as Chips. On its first day it killed more than Baron von Richtofen!
  13. Absolutely correct! However, that vote will almost certainly strengthen the tacit support of a right wing demagogue. Or dema-Rees-Mogg, to reference one very obvious example, who sees disgusting plebs like you and me as mere cannon-fodder to be used in a power grab.
  14. I personally would like to see Shaun Edwards back in the game. It would be a great move for the Dragons. Anything better than what they have now!!
  15. Isn't the Duckworth/Lewis system used in RL?
  16. This day forward. Wests Tigers.

    In Australia, the larger animals are relatively harmless. It is the tiny ones that pack enough venom to kill a herd of elephants, despite having few if any natural threats that warrant such insane deadliness. So if I was Down Under and saw a giant fly homing in on me, I'd be pretty relaxed about it and just reach for my tennis racquet.
  17. Swinton sunday

    Gav Is there a number I can ring to ascertain whether the game is on or not? Forecast not good.
  18. Transfer Fees

    Yeah that’s really killed the transfer market stone dead in football.
  19. Russia

    Much talk of boycotting the World Cup this week which I don't think will happen unless the tournament is moved enmasse, however, given Arsenal have been drawn against CSKA Moscow this week, I'd be having a word with UEFA, see if we can't have that away leg moved to a neutral country amid concerns of the safety of players/officials/fans in a match to be played in the near future!
  20. I was one of the 14 but I don't consider that a feather in my cap. Ten voters must have thought home ground advantage was sufficient. I can't see McNamara seeing out the season in charge.
  21. The next Catalans Dragons coach

    There are bigger issues than the coach. The whole club seems to be in something of a chronic malaise, look at how Myler has played when at a club with high standards and demands this season compared to last.
  22. Russia

    to drum up support for greater military spending....this week it's Eurasia that we're supposed to be terrified of....last month it was Eastasia (n. Korea) that were going to blow us all it working? Are you scared yet?
  23. Theres mord to Cats problems than the coach, i feel.
  24. Codebreakers.......

    Eye'll be okay then.
  25. Regional leagues 2018

    Really , sports ground makes way for multi million pound housing development (estate) . One rugby pitch and one football pitch , thats a fantastic outcome . Thats not taking into account the loss of another open space , within the city boundary .
  26. Russia

    But what would that purpose be? We aren't going to start a shooting war? To highlight how many possible murders russia has got away with? To highlight how we are doing what putin wants with brexit? To highlight how we are isolating ourselves when collectively we are stronger? To highlight how May sat on the Litvinenko report and didn't act for years?
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