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  2. Who is Saints first Marquee signing?
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  4. This testing is getting confusing, some reports that they are testing to a higher standard, yet others saying they are being tested to the same standards. If its the same and everything so far has failed, thats quite worrying...
  5. Just wondered whether anyone could settle a query for me. Saints have openly said that they have signed BB under the new 2nd Marquee ruling. However I am certain that the RFL stated that the 2nd Marquee player does not come into force until next season 2018, along with the other new salary cap regulations, i.e. Players new to the game or returning to it not counting towards the cap etc. This season still staying at just the one marquee player. I mean you cannot just change the rules half way through the season, they have to come into effect the start of the next season. So am I right in saying that Saints have signed him under the 2nd Marquee starting from next season only, and that his contract for this season up until then, is not a marquee one.
  6. Hunt deliberately withheld a critical clinical safety issue from Parliament and, more importantly, affected patients. (Telegraph). Anyone willing to step up to the plate and defend him on this one? What does he have to do to get sacked? Walk round children's critical care wards and pull out plugs while holding a press conference?
  7. Joe is so good I'm starting to worry that he'll be registering on the radar of other clubs. Hope we do have him on a long term contract because I think he has the potential to perform higher up the food chain.
  8. The DUP will be back for more (Telegraph). He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon.
  9. I get what you're saying but heartland clubs outside of SL during licencing almost ceased to exist due to a collapse in interest. Even in Australia, NSW and QLD cup sides in supposed RL "hotbeds" fare poorly, even when once upon a time they were relatively big teams. Apart from the PNG Hunters and a new Fiji team, these are viewed as second rate and are treated accordingly. Sadly I think the only way for clubs outside the SL conferences would be to act as effective reserve teams and that would probably be the end for Batley, Swinton, Dewsbury, Rochdale etc.
  10. Dont think luck had anything to do with it, the lads worked all the match and got what they deserved
  12. Certain Goal kickers have been mentioned above and its certainly a prevalent issue. Just think if a team scores 6 tries fans could spend well over a quarter of an hour just watching a player set up kicks, yet only 6 minutes would elapse on the game clock.
  13. while we're at it, lets rename it RPL (Rugby Premier League)
  14. BULLS winger Ethan Ryan insists the team will not lose their focus after finally reaching zero points. View the full article
  15. I also think Curwen and Singleton have done pretty well. Not standouts all the time but as first year pro players I think they've shown they can play, I really like Maudling too and he's scored 6 tries in no time, he's rangy, elusive and runs good lines and aggressive. Personally I think recruitment has been good , Dowsett was another who was more than capable but the leaders need to lead and set the example, last year it was all Vievers fault, now its Clark's maybe some of the players should stop looking to blame elsewhere ,look at themselves and sort it on the field. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this team is underachieving and there isn't anything other than Toronto who we are not capable of beating.
  16. No - theres the split still to come
  17. Obviously written by a real rugby league aficionado... ...with one eye and a big chip on it's shoulder. I haven't laughed so much in a long time
  18. He's our leading try scorer with 15, 12 of them being in the league and 3 in cup competitions. Last time we had a winger score that amount of tries in a season if my memory is correct was Miller in 2012 when he scored about 25. This just shows that we are getting the ball out wide a lot more than what we did in the previous few seasons, we just neee to tighten our defence up and cut out these errors/pens. This team will come good, as stated above by others we haven't had a settle 17 yet due to injuries/suspensions etc. Just n
  19. I remember the Offiah one, great advert!
  20. I think the issue is a club won't have an opponent each week. NOT the extra fixture!
  21. Excuse me Tandle but did i say i wanted to watch rugby on a narrow pitch or return to Whitebank? Nope. But provision has been made is what i said.
  22. Seriously hambley hasnt been a standout???? You must be joking right? Hes the best winger weve had since miller jumped ship
  23. Is that your attempt at text speak or have you been on the merlot?
  24. Do they have dual reg / a deal to bus a loaf of players in for play offs?
  25. Probably take it from company pension schemes,7 billion from the MPS (Miner) last year
  26. Trip of a lifetime lads. On our way back to Hunslet now but for those who are not going, if you get the chance to do it again then do it. We had a ball and the people of Toronto loved us. We took about 150, which is half some of our home crowds this season. Good luck at the weekend.
  27. I'm sure Boris Johnson's appearance at the same festival a few years ago had precisely the same effect.
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