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  2. Futtocks

    The TV Thread

    Go here. Enjoy a ton of videos by Meades: His cookbook is also a joy - every page includes the footnote "Vegetarianism is curable".
  3. Sports Prophet

    Summer Bash Venue

    This is very different to Magic and should be hosted at a venue that is accessible to the fans as a priority, over trying to woo new supporters. IMO, the most sensible option is a venue in Manchester which is a central public transport hub, accessible to most.
  4. Sports Prophet

    Super League Crowds

    and then even some of the traditional derbies are down on crowd numbers too. Doesn’t help that they are likely to play each other four times or more a season. There is very little that is exclusive about RL at the moment, which RU demonstrates, is even more important than the entertainment dished up.
  5. dixiedean

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Join the TWP fans groups on Facebook if you like. Ask the users if that is how they are treated. Not suggesting it happens here. No surprise a bunker mentality ensues. Rowley is perfect for that.
  6. Bedford Roughyed

    The TV Thread

    A new Jonathan Meades on BBC4. A bloke just talking using big words for an hour shouldn't work... but I like it.
  7. TheLegendOfTexEvans

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Which would make sense for him to get some of his money back through a merger then?
  8. Bartholemew Smythe

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Link please!
  9. Bartholemew Smythe

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Have a day off from being a weapon...........You`re constantly on any Leigh thread,Just get your issue off your chest and then lay it to rest!!!
  10. Man of Kent


  11. dixiedean

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Amazingly, being frequently told to "F off back to Canada and out of our game" on Social Media can have that effect on folk.
  12. Yesterday
  13. There’s always been a concern of mine around the hot/cold nature of inconsistency with TO. When they are hot, they are hot. Money buys players. Being out of last years top 4 puts them a £1m ( I think ? ) below the others player budget. This years top 4 is anyone’s guess, except TWP
  14. JOHN Kear applauded the Bulls’ defensive discipline after they clocked up a crushing 68-0 win at League One minnows Hemel. View the full article
  15. Dogs Bawls

    Batley MOM

    Sorry show bias against us
  16. Dogs Bawls

    Batley MOM

    1 Dave Scott (by the proverbial country mile) 2 Keenan Tomlinson (best game to date); don’t blame him for Brev getting in his way 3 Adam Gledhill honourable mentions Lewis Galbraith Reiss Butterworth Danny Sowerby Isaac Farrelll the intrepid fans who attended at such a ridiculous time and place dishonourable mention Jack Smith bizarre decisions never fails to bring bias a ainey us shocking
  17. HEMEL STAGS 0 BULLS 68 View the full article
  18. RogerT

    Batley v Dewsbury

    Hi there Fred, as I said I could only rely on what Radio Leeds lads where seeing and saying, I will be able to judge for myself next week.
  19. thefaxfanman

    Match Thread - Featherstone Rovers v Halifax Saturday May 26th 2018

    tbh surprised he was still on the pitch at that time. Thought the challenge on Sharp was a red and i'd expect him to cop a ban for it. Don't worry fev fans, you've still your annual victory at the shay to look forward to
  20. Every time I've been to Leigh Hth.
  21. absentee thoughtlord

    Summer Bash Venue

    There is a sadness to Blackpool; a once popular place of relaxation for a mix of working class and middle class people. Hell, even I have fond memories of the pleasure beach. I mean, it still has its points, but taking the 'Summer Bash' (God knows, come up with something less base) there isn't a good idea. Not until the town re-invents itself, anyway. The crowds prove it. Travel is as cheap now as it has been for years. There are so many places, here and overseas, that would attract more.
  22. Sports Prophet

    Streamlined Video Referee

    That is ridiculous and a waste of time. The referee carries a coin himself for the captains before kick off, why can’t he just use that one instead of sending it to red hall?
  23. Can’t believe I am saying this but Eels for me this weekend against the Knights...
  24. Bedford Roughyed

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Theres having enough, and theres paying off the mortgage/loans/savings that you used to keep the club going. The bulk of the clubs debt is owed to CH, and he wasn't a rich man to begin with.
  25. XIII Ram

    Summer Bash attendance

    Blackpool wouldn't normally be my idea of a day-trip or holiday destination, but I've been 3 times for the Bash and always enjoyed it, regardless of whether my team has won or lost. The format is good, the stadium just about perfect for Championship RL and the staff at the ground (- ticket office, stewards, bar/food) deserve credit for being super-friendly - which makes for a fun day out. It was good too that this year the games were of a good standard and close. Whether, and for who, the Bash makes money is a different question. Going forward it does feel that the RFL could be clearer on its objectives for the Bash - and greater claity of purpose might help get the clubs and supporters - particularly arm-chair supporters - on-board and attending. I certainly hope the Summer Bash is kept going even if at a different location. Regarding the TO v London game - an earlier post remarked there appeared no atmosphere. I had feared the worst but there was actually a decent crowd in for today's opener, and a lively atmosphere with an appreciative crowd enjoying an entertaining game.
  26. Sports Prophet

    NRL 2018 - Round 12 Match Thread

    Yeah, I think the backline are just starting to get some consistency. It’s hard to replace Lee who has been doing a job, but I still think Feki is the more supreme winger. Both will be watching the rise of Katoa back on the wing for the Jets. He may leapfrog Feki when Val is selected for Qld. Our forward pack is undeniably one of the strongest on paper and I expect it to fire over the coming Origin weeks. We are just cruising along a little under the radar at the moment, much like at the same time in 2016 which suits me just fine.
  27. Nearenough

    Reality check

    Oh dear, we really do hate playin in cumbria dont we...first half was ok, but we were probably a bit flattered by the score line but what the heck happened to us in the 2nd half ive no idea. We were all over the shop with no cohesion going forward and ragged defense. Even with the scores tied we could on our previous showings this year have rescued this tie but we just seemed to admit defeat and roll over. This is a very tricky league as the standard from match to match is so variable which doesnt help but if we are to get promoted we have to strengthen the side to give us more depth.
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