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  2. I don't think we have enough players of the requisite standard for 14 teams. Unfortunately.
  3. A minimum wage of around £80 is too much for some of the 'talent' in Super League
  4. There has been and probably still are ex referees on the panel
  5. It would seem Sheffield Eagles may not have a full complement of dual reg.players from Leigh Centurions for the game. Mark Mexico is still serving the ban imposed by the RFL Disciplinary panel of 4 games. On the back of a previous defeat,against all odds,a home game away from home - Gotta be a win for Sheffield Eagles!
  6. For the 3rd time you took my comments out of context. It's very simple to understand
  7. Most NRL and SL teams have performance analysts whose sole role is to provide statistical and video analysis and I think Bastian's problems ran a lot deeper than whether or not he knew how to analyse and use statistics. I don't doubt that JS barely mentions the slope before the game to the players or in the media but that doesn't mean he thinks it has no impact on the game. As I said earlier, if in the long run significantly more points are scored downhill than uphill then playing downhill is an advantage overall, it's as simple as that.
  8. Bring Tom Holmes in at 6, variety and nouse. 9's are ok as they are on interchanging. Maher and Rowey starting props, Hayward on one wing and possibly Squires on the other, both can tackle better 1 on 1. Manning and Day 2nd row, Brev interchange with Lillycrop and Brown or even Harrison. Not only ringing our changes but put Eagles off the scent as they'll think they know how we'll play.
  9. Bookies offering 1/2 on a Warrington win, 13/8 on a Cas win and 2/11 on McShane eating a pie.
  10. Five posts deleted. Come on folks, be nice... Anyway, aren't we all minorities used to unwarranted persecution given we're rugby league folk? But for the massive chips on our shoulders we'd have been ground under years ago.
  11. More on Gorka -
  12. This sounds like a decent answer to me, I have been expecting something along these lines to come from the RFL at some point. Sadly i fear it would fair no better than the many other systems that have fallen by the wayside, and we have absolutely no chance of finding any Ref's who could cope with that lot.
  13. One of my favourite Albums of all time is Therapy?'s Troublegum. However despite being a million seller worldwide not many people have heard it or heard of it.
  14. Bet he likes them stats Robin😣
  15. Billy Slater has been ruled fit to play. In theory he could play in R1 but the signals are that he'll hold back until he feels confident that he's more than ready. ... or is this a ploy ...
  16. Ordinarily, possibly the best time to play Wigan (possible hang over from the WCC) but our half back woes continue to get worse as Tom Gilmore is now out. Betts is finally going to give poor Danny Craven a go (he must be 3-4th choice ATM but finally gets a shot as Betts has no other option!) - who partners him will be out of place (Bridge/White/Heremaia) so it will no doubt be another long, hard evening for us I fear
  17. Great profile pic.
  18. Purely in my opinion and based on observing all three league games.
  19. Don't think we won that game on one players performance alone, nor did we lose the latest one because he was on the bench. There were a number of lads not pulling their weight, literally in some cases, and we seemed to revert back to one man rugby like against Toulouse. That one man not being the same player each time.
  20. I would be in favour of your proposal in bold too with playoffs and relegation playoffs/MPG. We probably need more money to get back upto funding for 14 teams though
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  22. I thought that the current system sounded awful when it was proposed and I haven't seen anything to change my mind on that. The split part of the season is unneccesarily long, the super eights just seem to coast along until the semi finals and for teams who have sealed a place in the top four of the middle eights with weeks to spare it is just a case of going through the motions. Going by what I have read the middle eights seem to attract more interest than what the super eights do, and then the middle eights are overshadowed by the MPG. To top it all off, in order to squeeze in everything before the World Cup we are going to have two weekends where our elite players are going to be playing two games. As capping the number of games that players play is a non starter then the season needs to be reduced. We need quality over quantity plus the players can have a proper off season to recuperate from the previous season and to fully prepare for the next. Last season finished in the beginning of October and teams were playing pre season games in January, last years NRL season finished in the beginning of October and they have just started playing games again, I think Eddie mentioned on Sunday that the Sharks were playing their first game of the year. A 23 week regular season with a 4 week playoff series and a 3 week pre season gives a 30 week window for games and add in the Challenge Cup and that is plenty.
  23. A further £42 has been handed over this lunch time to the volunteers
  24. Imo james davey was outstanding starting and playing most of the game against halifax and look at that result, then all of a sudden team gets changed around for some silly reason no one knows, just imo of course.
  25. Loved it thanks, always like visiting Batley
  26. As per usual imo of course
  27. 1 - Think it was spud who mentioned keeping it to the 23 rounds. 2 - I don't disagree, and not suggesting that 30 is the magic number, more that when we are talking about reducing the number of games we need to understand a) how it will be funded, and b ) whether reducing our footprint is good for the game and comp. I agree with some of your points, but I don't think the apathy is anywhere near as bad as people are making out - Wigan v Saints attracted 15.2k, and whilst that was almost 5k down on the first game we did see this game attract under 13k in both 2011 and 2012 when crowds were apparently on a high (I think they were both all-pay games to add context).None of that is saying we should be happy with such drops in crowds, but Wigan's crowds were higher than their regular week average, you could argue they should have been higher, but they are not the disaster some would paint them as. I actually think a 14 team home and away structure delivering 27 regular games is a solid amount, but we seem against 14 teams.
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