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  2. Rupert Prince

    Man of Steel - new format.

    We don't copy winter rugby. Hmm... On balance I think that's a good thing. Although I would prefer it to start in March.
  3. Damien

    where was prince philip going?

    That may be so, and I often face the same on my commute. It can be a nightmare but it is advisable to wear sunglasses in such situations and to keep your windscreen clean both inside and out. Regardless the Duke was pulling out of a junction out of a road he knew very well.
  4. Saintslass

    Those nice tories

    That doesn't matter. It could have been by 1% or 50%. Leave won.
  5. Saintslass

    Those nice tories

    Norway is in the EEA and so your post is evasive. Being a member of the EEA would require the UK to accept freedom of movement (thus not taking back control of our borders) and being subject to EU regulations (thus not taking back control of our laws). Ergo, the Norway option does not equate to leaving the EU in any sense.
  6. RobertAM

    New stadium

    anyone have pics?
  7. Oh my days, this band is ridiculous. How can just 3 people achieve this level of noise? His voice is amazing too. This should go down well with the rockers on here - like a cross between Led Zep and The Cult. The 2nd tune here (9 to 5) is a blast.
  8. If they say "I'm not Racist, how dare you suggest that" in the style of Joan Rivers to Darcus Howe then they probably aren't racists. If they say "I'm not Racist but.." and then say something hideously racist then they probably are.
  9. Saintslass

    where was prince philip going?

    No hope of stopping on the East Lancs Road during rush hour. If I had ever done so I would have caused a multi-car pile-up. Given that I had to get to work and there was no way to avoid driving into the sun, all I could do was drive carefully, squint a lot and hope I wasn't missing anything! (Every car on the road was in the same situation as me so maybe that is what kept us all relatively safe)
  10. Weather permits it, it's a good idea tbh.
  11. It was weightlifting at the old gym that is where the 1895 club house is now. So I am pretty sure it is still weightlifting Olympic style that goes on at the new gym. Yeah, there was a salt of the earth hard as nails ex marine who used to teach weightlifting in there and help out alot of young people to get some direction in life. These sort of places matter to a community particularly one like Haringey where there's hardship for some.
  12. Damien

    where was prince philip going?

    The 'dazzled by winter sunshine line' has been mentioned various times on tonight's news. The Highway Code is quite clear on this: 93. Slow down, and if necessary stop, if you are dazzled by bright sunlight.
  13. DavidM

    Who will win the NRL 2019?

    I was thinking with the new coach bedding in but very highly regarded , and the much vaunted crop of young talent it maybe a step forward and learning curve this year before they really are a premiership force in the coming seasons
  14. graveyard johnny

    Greg Inglis announces retirement date

    seemed to be given a lot more free reign at souths than storm, very underrated for his positional play imho
  15. Sports Prophet

    Who will win the NRL 2019?

    I would love this, but, my concern is the number of Jack the Lad kind of players they have recruited over the past few years. While I think Flanno was well positioned to manage that, it is another thing to promote an assistant (albeit a very impressive one) and expect him to command the authority that players like this require to remain professional. An outstanding starting line up with plenty of depth in the forwards and even some future stars on the backline bench. Early wins will be pivotal for the coach to hold this season together.
  16. Dunbar

    Who will win the NRL 2019?

    I can see the Broncos going well this year. Anthony Seibold is a very good young coach and will be very motivated to succeed. The Broncos probably have the best young talent coming through in the NRL and I think Seibold could take them to the next level. 2019 may be a little early for them but the Broncos will win the NRL in the next 3 years in my opinion.
  17. M j M

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    Seems about right. The last couple of games of 2017 were after the South Stand had been closed and was being demolished so marginally higher crowds there would have nudged that year into the regular 15k-16k zone.
  18. clifford

    Law Cup

    Hmmmmmm weather in Oldham in January in an open ground, fine for penguins me thinks
  19. RidingPie

    The TV Thread

    As I said not a high bar but better than last year. I do see there could be promise
  20. Any good? I read The Forbidden Game and was hoping the sequel wasn't a let down....
  21. One idea I have had on the few times that I have been there is to let people sit on the grass on the side opposite the main stand. It would be a bit like a lot of Australian grounds? It would be really nice in the summer.
  22. I agree. Do they do weightlifting or power lifting there too? I am sure my grandfather took me there for a competition when I was a boy?
  23. No I don’t think it would.
  24. deluded pom?

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Very Hull like from a couple of years ago.
  25. I read online today that a survey by the LSE in 2017 found that both leavers and remainers preferred immigrants from the EU than non EU immigrants. Also how do you decide whether a remainer or leaver is racist? Is it sufficient for someone to say "I am not racist"? Do they have to have helped immigrants? Are they disqualified if they relocate from a multicultural neighbourhood? I live n a Brexit constituency and had family from abroad live with me. We never experienced any racism, the opposite in fact. We were looked at more in the so called posher remain areas.
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