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  2. Denton Rovers RLFC

    Obituary Thread - 2018 Arthur Mitchell, dies at 84. The first Western black man to be internationally recognised as a star. Danced with the NY City Ballet for 12 years in the 50s/60s, latterly director of the hugely influential Dance Theatre of Harlem. A pioneer who helped paved the way for so many others.
  3. jim_57

    Eric Perez

    Perez turned a pie in the sky dream in to a fanancially stable Canadian Rugby League team on the verge of gaining promotion with higher crowds than half of the Super League teams. 3 years ago you would have been laughed out of town for suggesting that was a possiblity. What have you done lately that can rival that?
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  5. TJ

    2019 Squad

    I would hope we could utilise Newman next season and continue his development but im sure if not Leeds will have another talented youngster waiting for game time. Jack Broadbent could be one to watch next year.
  6. Why are people now saying that Widnes are in form now? They beat Halifax after losing 19 odd games in a row. They are on the ropes and this is their last chance. If Toronto can get a couple of early scores they should be fine, as Widnes' confidence must be very low. The longer that Widnes can stay in the game the more dangerous they will be.
  7. Bedford Roughyed

    Those nice tories

    The pressure is building - Lots of 'normal' politics is being masked by Brexit. The cuts are still biting hard, councils have used reserves to hold steady and are now reaching pints where they can't hold back the full impacts.
  8. Coach Lee Radford on Hull FC Player of the Year award winner Scott Taylor View the full article
  9. Its interesting you should say that. I read an obituary just an hour ago about her which stated that was her defining role for which she will be remembered. It was meant sincerely and I understood what they meant as she played it perfectly.
  10. The half-back is keen for talks to commence over a new deal for 2019, but knows he must be patient for discussions to start. View the full article
  11. Yesterday
  12. JOHN Kear will not take any selection risks in the Bulls’ final league game as they prepare for a likely shot at the play-offs. View the full article
  13. GeordieTownie

    Town V Skolars predictions

  14. Bedford Roughyed

    Those nice tories

    Failing Grayling strikes again (that more on track CKN?) -
  15. Bedford Roughyed

    President of USA (Merged threads)

    A funny joke (shocker!) by Matt -
  16. Salford will not fold now and their defence will win it for them by three scores
  17. I wasn't knocking anyone mate I was stating a fact and pointing out that Doncaster are fortunate to have the choice of resting and changing players .
  18. I can see Widnes winning this one, because: They have broken their long run string of defeats = improvement in confidence They are a Super League team, with their backs to the wall They are well used to playing on a synthetic surface as well Toronto only just beat Toulouse, luckily at that, and are hardly in the greatest of form Bussey the biter is bad for Toronto morale Widnes by 7
  19. the old nine ole

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Everett looks the part and occasionally shows potential ... he had his best game for a long time at Fev this weekend!! If he learns to play his weight he will be a good signing ... but for the Rams he just didn't do it regularly enough!! Good luck to him though ... even at Batley!
  20. Cumbria RL

    Town V Skolars predictions

    money talks no loyalty in Doran signing he was signing for Haven by his dads omission and town have offered him a deal he couldn’t turn down.
  21. bazzzz65

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    He and Frank Muir were one of the greatest comedy writing partnerships of all time along with Galton and Simpson.
  22. RayH

    West Bank Thrown out of NW Premier Comp

    There an absolute disgrace of a club
  23. wooooo and that coming from a Jam Eater..Not doing to bad then... with a minimum squad ..look at your own club before knocking Town on public forums.....I think we are in a healthier position than you guys.... looking to the future.
  24. But not at less than an week s notice! I support Fulham and some games have been moved because of Sky or BT with three or four weeks notice and the fans were up in arms!! Why do RL clubs put up with it? The money involved for RL is miniscule compared to the Premier League.
  25. 17 stone giant

    Is Nigel happy with what he left behind?

    I don't know what he did or didn't do, but I'm very annoyed that he got a £300k pay off. I'm not blaming him for that, but It's absolutely inexcusable for a sport like RL to end up in such a situation. They're attempting to sell the England shirt for £50, which is an utter disgrace for a very plain shirt and a team that hardly ever plays. I sometimes think I'll get one because it would be helping, in a small way, rugby league. Then I think about stuff like his payoff and I think screw that. How many £50 shirts would need to be sold just to fund his payoff?
  26. Kayakman

    New league structure revealed

    Come On!...give us a crack at it...let us have a fair go....we earned it...what are you so afraid of?...Come on Coach Parky!.....put us in! Come On Coach....put us in!
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