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  2. callmedave

    Stadium sponsorship

    They kept that quiet or did I miss it? Been to all the forums bar one. Probably mentioned then but not seen it promoted anywhere.
  3. fighting irish

    Hemel and New York

    People develop faster playing rugby league, simply because of the sheer number of opportunities they get to catch, carry, pass and tackle in 80 minutes, compared to ''other versions'' of the game. Yes its true that the earlier you get 'em the better, but why talk down the potential of a whole nation of sportsmen, when they are likely to be at least as good as any other new crop of players anywhere in the world. Let's get them in, get them started and watch what happens. They'll be young, they'll be fit, they'll be fast, they'll be strong, they'll be intelligent. Teach them what the need to know.
  4. Don't really know why they've done this considering England are supposedly not playing this year but hey ho. Truemans selection is a positive. Mulhern is interesting. Don't know why we'd have Watts in there tbh.
  5. SURVIVED R L Winger - Warriors - Sharks Davo5 - Warriors - Roosters Irish Saint - Warriors - Sharks southwalesrabbitoh - Cowboys - Roosters Graham-Warriors - Roosters Southstander13-Warriors - Rabbitohs Kayakman-Cowboys - Roosters ELIMINATED WEEK 1 Vichyssoise - Sharks Dunbar - Dragons StormGirl - Roosters Oliver Clothesoff - Panthers WEEK 2 Sports Prophet - Raiders - No Pick The Future is League - Storm - Picked The Same Team Again In The Current Heat lucky 7 - Tigers - Picked The Same Team Again In The Current Heat Gerrumonside ref - Raiders - No Pick Allora - Eels - No Pick bobbruce - Cowboys - No Pick Niels - Storm - No Pick rzesiej13 - Warriors - No Pick Well done all survivors, those that were eliminated better luck in heat 2 later in the season ROUND THREE Thursday, Mar 28 Broncos vs. Dragons Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm Friday, Mar 29 Raiders vs. Knights GIO Stadium 6:00pm Eels vs. Roosters ANZ Stadium 7:55pm Saturday, Mar 30 Sea Eagles vs. Warriors AMI Stadium Christchurch 3:00pm Cowboys vs. Sharks 1300Smiles Stadium 5:30pm Panthers vs. Storm Carrington Park Bathurst 7:35pm Sunday, Mar 31 Tigers vs. Bulldogs Campbelltown Stadium 4:05pm Rabbitohs vs. Titans ANZ Stadium 6:10pm All picks to be in by kick off of the first game of round 3 Remember you can not pick a team you have picked in previous weeks Good luck all Survivors
  6. Dave T

    Play The Ball Fiasco

    I'd agree with this. I also think that sometimes watching on TV it is helpful to just put something at the back of your mind, and suddenly it becomes less of an issue.
  7. Dave T

    Play The Ball Fiasco

    I think there is a lot to be said for the ref making players go back and do things again instead of penalising. I think penalties have too big an influence on our game, and the ref being encouraged to blow too often is a risky approach. Ultimately, attackers are trying to play the ball as quickly as they can, and if they play the ball incorrectly, or move off the mark, there may be an argument to get them to move back and lose all of the advantage of the quick ptb that they have gained from that infringement. The real problem is that if you get the balance wrong, then you risk giving the advantage to the defence which can be a bit negative. We now see flops galore - it doesn't appear to be a penalty offence any more, the amount of tacklers piling on when a ball carrier is down is a joke, and this came from Oz as they made the decision to allow for more control at the ptb. There is also the issue that you raise of the defender lying in the ruck, I have less of an issue with this and if anybody is cheating it is the defender who is not allowed to be there. It is not a defence to say he can't help being there, it is like a defender not being 10m and trying to claim that it is not his fault he couldn't get back in time. Some teams use the defenders in the ruck thing as a tactic, and Saints in particular have always been very good at this. I actually think it should be an automatic penalty if a player is in the ruck - it shouldn't be left to the AHB to throw the ball into the player - but if he doesn't do this, and changes his position, and even limits his options to run or pass (disadvantaging himself) then the defender in the ruck has done his job and they got an advantage out of it. I think we need to be clear what we are looking to do. If we are happy to allow longer in the tackles for the defence, then penalise anybody in the ruck at the ptb - that should balance it out. You also then go for controlled ptb's that must be on the mark with no hands on the ground - or play it again.
  8. Carl Hall believes Featherstone Lions will provide the Dons with a tough test in the Challlenge Cup fourth round this weekend. Richard Horne’s side take on the amateur side at LD Nutrition Stadium on Sunday, and Hall says the squad will approach the game with the right mentality. He said: “We’re all well aware the game won’t be a walk in the park for us, they will be well up for it as it’s a big occasion. “The fact that it’s being played at Featherstone Rovers’ ground means there is a good chance a lot of their fans will be at the game. “It will be a tough one for us, but we know if we turn up with the right attitude then we’ll have a good chance of progressing.” View the full article
  9. scotchy1

    Hemel and New York

    It's not really. It's a secondary school team. These are just kids playing sport. It was later he moved to Wellington and played for thr orcas bartercard side and only later again moved to the warriors. The amount of kids who play numerous sports at that age is huge. And in NZ and Australia and either codes heartlands they are still exposed to it. In training and in schools etc. Even a player like Warea-Hargreaves who arguably did switch its unlikely he was unfamiliar with the game any more than Tana Umaga was a stranger to RU when he switched from RL
  10. I enjoyed the visit - it just seemed much more "friendly" than previous visits to London and the correct size - rather than empty seats. Only complaint and observation - not enough toilets (although sounds like looking in the wrong place) and perhaps someone at the club should look at where away buses are told to park (or advise). The buses from Hull caused a nightmare for traffic on Scotch Common. Wont make many friends if blocking roads and with horns honking!
  11. Kayakman

    Hemel and New York

    You do realize that many people currently play rugby over here....many starting at a very young age. Rugby is not a 'new' game in Canada.
  12. bbfaz

    Hemel and New York

    One switched at under-18 level, the other switched at under-19 and are very much the exception. It's not impossible to move from Union to League at that age, especially when you're coached from a toddler the way they are in New Zealand. However, in the case of converting American/Canadian footballers, you're starting from nothing with these guys. There may be transferable ball carrying and tackling skills. However, if you watch how quarterbacks are taught to pitch the ball, it's not good Rugby passing technique of either code. It's a simple flat pass, where you toss the ball from the end of the ball. It's embarrassing stuff.
  13. rzesiej13

    2019 USARL season

    I could not find any information on why they stopped playing. They have not used the twitter or facebook page since October. The USARL website does not have them on the team list.
  15. imranpatel87

    Lock Lane in,t Challenge Cup

    I would give the lads who've barely played a chance. see what they can do
  16. imranpatel87

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    i reckon the RFL should allow 2 SL reserve sides into the L1 set up next season. obviously they can't get promoted. allow them 3 overage players in the matchday squads. I think it would improve the standard in L1. no harm in giving it a go
  17. Johndeere

    Lock Lane in,t Challenge Cup

    So if you were Diskin Would you stick with the same team Or Give the lads that haven’t played a game ?
  18. Sports Prophet

    You Tell Me Why There Are Too Many Clubs In Sydney

    Thanks for finding the figures. I knew I was right and any suggestion that the Swans did not benefit off the back of the SL war is misguided. As a fan of Aussie Rules as well as League, I can also confirm the popularity of the sport in the early 90s amongst kids was as low as it ever had been. Agreed, Sydney Kings and the NBL were in their heyday and were arguably more popular.
  19. Rupert Prince

    Barrie Mac - commentator

    I will no doubt be in a very big minority but I think Jonathan Davis is quite perceptive and quick to spot what's happening. I think that generally football (ie. soccer) commentators are rubbish... so we should all be grateful for what we wish for.
  20. imranpatel87

    Lock Lane in,t Challenge Cup

    I hope we can turn in a decent performance to help boost morale
  21. Our current Conservative provincial government is well on its way to having all high school sports destroyed for the next four thats a no go. The growth will needs time. How TWP go this year and hopefully get into SL and Ottawa getting a franchise are, to say the least, key to the future development. Time and support...we need time and support. No money please...we have more than enough of that already.
  22. Damien

    Soldier F

    Well according to the IMC they have decommissioned all the weapons under their control and according to the PSNI and Garda they no longer exist as a paramilitary organisation. Obviously some that did not agree with the peace process went off and joined dissident groups.
  23. westside

    Hemel and New York

    Mannering made the NZ team after three games of RL. It’s the same as a Canadian U20 RU junior signing a contract for one of these teams. There aren’t a lot of RU-to-RL switches at pro level now because the money and opportunities in RU are generally better. Obviously in the days of half the Welsh team etc switching that was not the case.
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