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  2. Err... That would be the RFL. The same people who approved the owners and recommended a safe pair of hands MD not two years previous. Who some on here think beyond reproach. Anyway, forget the HMRC, the big question is who is Professor L Funk? This we need to know!
  3. Seen a lot of promotion for Super League lately on Twitter and advertising elsewhere but non for the Championship and L1. Look at how often the Champ Twitter account tweets compared to SL. The League 1 account tweets more than the championship account.
  4. also on reflection not sure on the history of failure in london comes from. maybe that a broncos comment but tbh i am pretty proud of our history over 21 years of pretty constant and organic progress. come and have a look on the 4th march
  5. think we are doing mate. friday being a case in point. putting on an event that cleared £100k and beating a wigan 13 for the first time. lots of other stuff. dont get me wrong i love all this and having them first up it all be great but my point is its our home game and not theirs but that doesn't stop us having an open door to any commercial ops to everyone. its just a fact the IP is ours
  6. Don't think anyone could fit the Lusi Sioni mould --- he was unique -- his volleyball skills meant he could pluck a ball out of the air one -handed while airborne and then proceed to run the ball out of defence and deep into opposition territory. Oh for another Sione backed up by a Jonny Limmer! Well, a man can dream?
  7. Give over, it's bloody good. Doesn't ###### around, gets to the point...We're RL, who the flip are you?. Love it man. PS Jason Robinson was a RL player.
  8. We need a halfback its simple take a calculated risk could get money back by more fans coming and finishing higher up the table no ambition in my books im sad to say
  9. Yorkshire Water £5K? Did someone leave the tap running?
  10. I would say it is a presentation video maybe for potential sponsors but it is low brow if anything else. There's even a clip of Jason Robinson in there.
  11. Like you have to tell your Mrs to do that.
  12. Are they not doing that? Appreciate that London is probably one of the hardest cities to crack due to ingrained bias and a history of failure there but like I said in another thread, nothing Toronto are doing that Skolars couldn't be doing.
  13. its not a matter of standing in the way its about working together to maximise income & exposure is that the answer you wanted?
  14. I think that post is the very definition of pessimistic. If you get more money in your going to spend more unless you just want to hoard it all. So, I know what to do if my boss agrees to double my wages, I'll go home and tell my wife, "it's bad news dear, I'm afraid were going to have to spend more money."
  15. think you are mistaken marra , akehurst played fullback while forester was out until ritson joined maryport in september ? forester broke his shoulder in Ausralia in the last game of the tour against the rabbiohs on sept 7th and didnt play for maryport again until the next season 2014. anyway its all by the by and would be good if both were still at town
  16. Head coach Gary Thornton was pleased with the performance in the friendly win over Sheffield Eagles. The Dons got off to a flying start in 2017 with a 22-18 success which reclaimed the South Yorkshire Cup. “We were a bit rusty and I think Sheffield were as well, but our enthusiasm was excellent and I thought we showed a great attitude towards the game,” said Thornton. “To beat a Championship side when you’re in the league below is nice for the boys, it will give us some confidence but we can’t get carried away. “We’ve got lots to work on but we’ve got lots to work with, there’s a good squad of players here and that’s key for us.” Debutants Richie Barnett and Corey Hanson both scored tries in their first appearances for the club, and Thornton was satisfied with his new recruits. “Wingers like to score tries so for Richie to get on the scoresheet early on is great,” he said. “Corey was playing against his old club and he was very nervous before the game, he had a great performance and capped it with a try.” The Dons come up against Super League giants Leeds Rhinos in their next pre-season game at the Keepmoat, a match Thornton and his players are looking forward to. “The boys can’t wait for the Leeds game, it should be another step up in terms of competition for us so it will be a good test.” he added. View the full article
  17. It is the big one, as Leeds Rhinos make the short journey down to the Keepmoat Stadium this Sunday. After an impressive first win against Sheffield Eagles, the Dons will look to test themselves against these Super League giants. Tickets are available for this much anticipated clash, so make sure you don’t miss out and purchase yous today. Ticket prices for this fixture are: Adults: £10 Over 60’s - £8 17-21 years - £8 5-16 years - £2 Under 5’s – Free To purchase your ticket for the Dons vs Leeds please click HERE, vist the Club Doncaster Box Office, or call 01302 762576. Season tickets are still available for the 2017 campaign, for more details please click HERE. Don’t miss the Season Launch Dinner on February 10, with Adrian Morley attending as guest speaker and former New Zealand international Robbie Hunter-Paul will MC the event. For more information click HERE. View the full article
  18. Mark Bourneville played in NZ for Mt Albert club, Auckland rep side & Kiwi's , England for Leigh, Swinton & St Helens, France for Villenvue, St Esteve & French national side he didn't play in Australia. According to Wikipedia great grandfather was french and his wife is French
  19. The good news just keeps on rolling in doesn't it.
  20. I think by putting it on their website and social media it effectively fills the role of an advertisement. They have clearly taken a concious decision to do it. I just think it comes across as the type of video that the agency who made the logo would have produced as part of the 'new logo delivery' to the RFL. They have gone "we quite like that, we should use that as well".
  22. The article struggled to take the facts and put it into a coherent story. Partly because the BBCs approach to most stories is to say there is one side and there is another side and give them equal weighting. However, the positive facts in the story clearly outweigh the negative facts. Those figures about money, crowds and viewers are across the whole sport in the UK. The situation at Bradford is obviously not good but it's a sub-plot to the overall story. It's an important sub-plot because Bradford are such a big club but it is still a sub-plot. In fact you could argue that those figures being so positive when a club like Bradford is struggling shows just how resilient the sport is. I'm pretty sure Bradford can turn this round and be a force in Superleague again one day. They still managed to attract crowds of 5 to 6,000 when in mid-table in the second tier, how many sports can do that in the UK. Also if our competition is to be vibrant and other teams are to do well, there will be some established clubs that fall on hard times.
  23. Initial polls had Goldsmith winning by 27%.
  24. I may well be wrong: (Don't like using the Express as a source)
  25. That looks like good koality kit Bearman.
  26. McAvoy left as he is at uni in the north east and Olstrum and Miller for the money building a team around them wasn't an option
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