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  2. Loved it. Agree PD and LRL fabulous inclusion - natural as we are an inclusive sport !
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Salford fans thought they were robbed of another two points when the hooter went. It’s those bally refs always protecting the so called bigger clubs, and wanting teams like Salford out the league. The police must’ve been really impressed with the Salford fans today, because they kept an eye on them before, during, and a bit after the match as well.
  4. Huddersfield use Ken Davy's chequebook to take young players like Alex Mellor from Bradford and then call them 'local products'. Huddersfield are a team which very few people will pay money to watch and exist in Super League only because of a benefactor.
  5. Very disappointing crowds. Fans rattling around in that stadium with no atmosphere. The concept is done for me. Time to look for a new idea.
  6. Well, if Sky could ever work out how to put a camera on a gantry facing the busy bit it would help. Even with Leeds building a new stand they couldn't manage it, and that is a purpose built RL ground. Mind you - not sure Magic has ever looked full and, at best, 8k more over the weekend would only have added 4k fans per day, assuming all of those sat in their seat all day.
  7. Not good. Just saw John Coward kicking off with the Barrow players in Town
  8. Yeah I think it was a flop, actually. Getting 50k or so for six games very near the heartlands is pretty poor. Liverpool is not the place for it and it will be no better if Magic is at Anfield again next year. And I wonder how it looked to non-RL diehards. The one game of the weekend on SS Main Event (I think), Saints v Cas, was devoid of a decent crowd and atmosphere.
  9. Well i can assure you it isn't acceptable in this part of the world. No need for it and please don't tar us all with the same brush.
  10. It could be a rough night for the Tories and Labour. The news is predicting this order for raw votes: - Brexit - Lib Dems - Labour - Tories - Green Labour are predicted to come 4th in Wales, only the second time in over 100 years that they haven’t topped a national poll in Wales.
  11. Cliches about being a great forward or a hardworking one He actually uses the same phrases in the same order in every match
  12. Short memory. They never used to shut up
  13. Cracking weekend and Anfield has much to offer (apart from the legroom!). I must say, despite being very dubious about the venue, I warmed to it very easily and would not be too disappointed to see it return. I really didn’t think I’d be saying that. Still prefer Newcastle and Cardiff. The exhibiting of PDRL and LDRL in particular was superb to see.
  14. GAME MANAGEMENT!!!! Why did we not take the drop goal opportunity when we were 12 points up .... right in front of the posts!! No we threw it wide and Knowles got sin binned!! ... we know the rest!! ...... if we had taken that opportunity Knowles would not have been sin binned .. we probably would have stayed calm and seen the game out ... Kibula would not have been sent off!! ... This is not hindsight I was screaming it at the time!! Naivety.... doesn't come close .. complete lack of vision and clear thinking under pressure!! This is not the first time this has happened this season.... poor game management has cost us points this season !! again I repeat this is not hindsight ... its the beeping obvious!! RANT OVER!!
  15. The way you addressed him for starters. The fact that you clearly don't know the law not the rule. If you read the law you will see that your statement is still incorrect.
  16. Looking forward to our visit to York in August, been to Bootham Crescent many times over the last 20 years to watch York City and three times to watch Barnsley FC there but haven't seen Fev there yet.
  17. Genuine question - is it a failure then? Seems middle of the road to me. Factor in Nou Camp and any impact on Wigan fans, London being there and the match making - I would say it has been fair enough.
  18. Shows what potential there is in the UK, if clubs make the effort.
  19. A dear diary entry from Elton John, tbh, bet he had better days...............
  20. +3 coming from Askham Bryan and Acomb!
  21. We do the game a disservice if we deem Liverpool MW a success
  22. I fail to see what Terry O’Connor brings to the coverage. Anyone got any ideas?
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