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  2. Lose the rudeness for a start. Secondly, a nearly full 11k seater looks a lot better than a mostly empty 25k stadium
  3. If you saw jersey shore you know that the dessert is spotteddick. How about we stop having UK folk who think that 10,000 is a major crowd try and rein in our optimism and knowledge of the NA market. If it's under 20k capacity it will be seen as a sign of no ambition/success. TWP was a first of its kind and Lamport was ideal as BMO field would have been too much. The expectation is that we will have sell outs next year which just means your losing potential revenue and potential fans as there will still be a lot of first timers coming out next year. This ain't the UK, we want 20K plus attendance and it is an achievable target here. Perez is already working on options for our stadium as Lamport is too small in its current state, might be BMO which I think they have a physical ability to address in a beer garden but not sure if legally they can as Crapweiser might have a deal with TFC. Game day experience is massive and it will need to be preserved
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  5. I agree Sam appeared to take too much on a few times in the 4N - or so it seemed to me! The WC squad is that bit stronger so more help for Sam to Shine!
  6. What type of dessert? sponge cake? Sticky toffee pudding? The James M. Shuart stadium looks a fair shout, it's just east of Brooklyn in Nassau County and still effectively well within the metropolitan area of NYC. Capacity is around 11k New York Cosmos struggled for fans there but that was mainly due to poor marketing and the prominence of the Red Bulls and later the NY City football teams, not to mention the other sports. A Rugby league side could be a much more interesting proposition for fans, and for the millions living on Long island not far to travel to at all.
  7. No, Phoenix is a giant empty dessert with cheap land, NY there isn't any space and everything is super expensive
  8. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    New Jersey devils in NHL Is all I know but New Jersey isn't the same name brand as New York so it's not used just because of that I believe.
  9. What is ncl set up for next season? As a few teams dropped out, who ended up promoted &a relegated? Any new teams in div 3?
  10. I have all final tables, with play off scores for all seasons. I also have results grids for most seasons. All supplied by another forum contributor. Let me know exactly what you require & i can send them on.
  11. Someone's dropped a #boll ock then...
  12. New York City Rugby League - Potential Stadia

    Red Bull Stadium all the way. Part of the road to success for NY will be to be playing in a stadium with a little "cachet" to it, and Red Bull stadium, which is an outstanding facility, is the only one that fits the bill. Its also so close to NY proper (7 miles from Manhattan and literally across the river) that for New Yorkers, it makes no difference. Its super accessible by public transit, and fans are already used to getting to the stadium for soccer and prior rugby matches. People often get confused by New York vs New Jersey and think some big distance is involved. Nope! If you had a good passing arm you could almost throw a football to cover the distance from one to the other. I have a funny story about the importance of image in business in the USA which I will relate and hopefully not bore you all to tears, but which touches on this matter of stadium choice. In the mid 1990's I was a senior account manager in the North American Corporate banking group of a major CAD bank. Being Corporate Banking, and the size of the loans we dealt with my grade level for pay purposes was probably pretty close to VP in say retail or one of the admin arms, but the business card said "Account Manager" and that just the way things for the corporate banking hierarchy. In any case the CAD banks were working out a ton of bad loans in the US subsidiary banking arms, my employer included, and the Canadian regulator had essentially come down on us and reclassified all US corporate loans of certain types as "special" (aka bad). So I, another peer from my unit, and the executive who led our team were sent down to a meeting to which in attendance were every single person from the American subsidiary, other then secretaries, as we were going to now have oversight of all their loans. So into NYC we fly into the meeting - at the biggest boardroom table I have ever seen btw, and we all start passing around business cards. As I pass mine out, I am receiving in turn all these cards and my eyes were wide open at their titles: Director, 1st VP, 2nd VP, 3rd VP, 4th VP and here I am a lowly account manager! At the break, I and my fellow team member from Toronto cornered our EVP to ask him how the hell we am going to provide oversight to all these people who were clearly all superior to us and why had he bushwhacked us like this. He burst out laughing and then proceeded to tell us that in fact we were actually the highest graded people in the room. Notwithstanding their high flying titles, 4th vp turned out to be just above a secretary and the highest level "Director" was still a couple of rungs down the ladder from my lowly account manager position! That lesson about optics in the USA proved quite valuable in my subsequent US dealings and has stuck with me ever since. In the USA, bigger = better, and so Red Bull Stadium it is versus all the other mentioned alternatives. If its not big and flashy, people down there will think its trashy, and then its toast with no chance for success. Nuff Said!
  13. If it’s like the good old days there could be more watching at the ground than the official attendance indicates. Although they appear to be putting in a lot of effort to make things all professional so those days are probably in the past.
  14. They will probably have heavily armed protection from their hotel to the ground.
  15. This thread is way out of order. It’s now getting towards bullying. 25 posts deleted. Temporarily locked. I’ll open again tomorrow morning at some point so that I don’t have to come back and delete other posts. It is NEVER acceptable to attack other posters, regardless of what you think of them. If you really don’t like their posts then use “ignore”.
  16. The New York Red Bulls were originally called the NY/NJ Metrostars.
  17. Doesn't sound like a Mackem to me. I'd have placed the accent a bit further south. Loved the Bobby Thompson clip though.
  18. Warm welcome to our Canadian posters

    I know Oakville pretty well, although a little nearer to Toronto it is still a city similar to Burlington IMO. The people I spoke to in Burlington were more into the Leafs as the NHL season has just started, even in bars watching the leafs, I thought there would have been some passing interest in TWP, unfortunately not. Let's hope there is more tv coverage and get the game and TWP more widely publicised over in Canada and North America.
  19. 10 according to BBC coverage times.
  20. When is kick off UK time? The Super League website says 11:05 but everywhere else says 10:00.
  21. I know the game has moved on but honestly.......Keith Fielding!!
  22. He is back

    its ok,yer going out on dr to barrow...we wont hear you then maybe cos yer boring me for one. stick to player bashing and give the fans a break,IMO.
  23. England. By two clear scores. Why do I say this? I'm ######.
  24. Lucy Worsley. Just find her gurning at the camera really irritating
  25. England WC shirt farce

    That’s a nice training shirt, might get one in a few weeks 😉
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