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  2. roughyedspud

    Worst defenders

    Billy Slater! Sam Burgess turnstiled him ,he Kung Fu kicked people in the head and slid into tackles with his feet...
  3. Bedford Roughyed

    President of USA (Merged threads)

    After Kraft was accused of being involved in a prostitution ring -
  4. I am not defending him. I am more criticising "Property Spotter" for saying he was "unaware of the history of Yugoslavia" when clearly they are also. From 1945 to 1948 Yugoslavia had the same ideology as the СССР. The countries were aligned which is one of the modern expressions for a vassell state. It was actually a member of Cominform in 1947 until its expulsion in 1948. Then Tito broke away. Even if he wasn't aware of this then he was still arguably correct technically for 3 years anyway. Sorry for being pedantic.
  5. An idiot who had no part in the second world war perhaps??
  6. SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook was pleased to see his side rally from a 12-point half time deficit to win “a weird game” 27-22 to maintain their 100 per cent record. View the full article
  7. MidlandsJohn

    If money was no object...

    I'd buy Toronto Wolfpack and move them to the middle of Lancashire, because we don't need this "expansion" nonsense.
  8. Bedford Roughyed

    President of USA (Merged threads)

    The Epstein story has been bubbling for a while. Lots of big names (both parties, royals, etc) are connected to Epstein.
  9. Bedford Roughyed


  10. CanaBull

    Those nice tories

    So being in the business, what did you reckon to him in the NHS job?
  11. The King Of Leon

    Team against Doncaster

    Chappell has an ankle injury , not sure about Jack , but not having our best goalkicker , I hope that dosent come back to haunt us .
  12. Allora

    Worst defenders

    Martin Offiah was not a noted tackler although he often got a couple of chances on the same attacker.
  13. Dave Naylor

    New Logos

    I grok the work that's gone into them. Honestly, I really get the effort that's involved. However, the logos are just bland served up on a bed of blandness drizzled in bland sauce. Just awful.
  14. Adam B


    Excellent sir. Remember it like it was yesterday, some truly dreadful decisions, which as it turned out cost us the two points that night which would have seen us finish 10th that year and squeak into SL, though I assume if that had been the case the good people making the decisions re SL membership (not the RFL, obviously) would have decided to draw the line at 9th, and promote Dukla Prague RFL or something equally absurd. Anyway who cares what a French-Aussie playing at the highest level for various clubs thinks about the way teams like Fev get treated, when we've got the forum's resident experts to tell us it's all in our idiotic minds........
  15. The Hull FC full-back will make his 150th career appearance this weekend View the full article
  16. The Hull KR coach is preparing to welcome Salford Red Devils to KCOM Craven Park in Super League today (3pm) View the full article
  17. The game at Huddersfield tonight was quite different. It can be frustrating when the ref blows for about 100 penalties in 80 minutes, even if he's technically right every time.
  18. SINGE

    New Logos

    They're by Hobson aren't they.... 😉 What a choice...
  19. Never have I felt such contempt for the Conservative Party and that is something I did not think possible....So here we go...You all slag off Corbyn for his support of the IRA? At least he had a moral position, whether you patriots liked it or not...Compared to this absolutely ruthless, cynical slug....A man who cares not a jot about this country's security or any other aspect, other than his own naked aspirations to be Prime Minister and the fact that he knows legions will respond to his handling of this case with lumpen glee...Meanwhile of course, 3-400 male ISIS volunteers walk freely among the community. Men who were full grown adults when they volunteered....Some of whom most certainly saw combat....The illogical nature of this case is beyond discussion...And watching thousands of British people squealing in supposed fear about what they imagine to be the comparable risk from Miss Begum is acutely embarrassing....Of course it is all ######, all we are seeing is the domino effect of institutionalised racism and this spineless man is perfectly happy with that....This is Britain 2019, with a pampered son of immigrant descent, who has sold his soul to the ruling classes and sends black men on planes back to Jamaica whilst huge amounts of British people could not give a damn....And then plays Pontious Pilate with the braying hordes who will probably eventually reward him with the stinking laurel of 'Prime Minster'.....What a shameful, gutless TINY little country this has become....
  20. You don't know what you are talking about, yet again. Here are some facts. Feel free to call me a liar again. When Russia illegally annexed Crimea and started interfering in Eastern Ukraine, the West responded with economic sanctions. In July 2014, sanctions were enacted in a coordinated manner by the European Union, the United States, Canada, and other Allies and partners. These sanctions were further strengthened in September 2014. EU sanctions, which had been due to lapse in July 2015, have been extended to January 2016. The US and Canadian sanctions are open-ended There are three types of economic sanctions. The first restricts access to Western financial markets and services for designated Russian state-owned enterprises in the banking, energy, and defence sectors. The second places an embargo on exports to Russia of designated high-technology oil exploration and production equipment. The third is an embargo on exports to Russia of designated military and dual-use goods.
  21. He’s an improvement over the previous incumbent. And he’s rated as one of the most competent Tory ministers.
  22. CanaBull

    Those nice tories

    He should be able sell a ‘Jeremy’ as an export so the world can benefit from a bit of visual rhyming slang.
  23. My current employers import around £50m a year from outside the EU and have a staff of around ten people who maintain the paperwork, look after commodity codes, check duty, sort port clearances and avoid demurrage etc etc. We import about £2m from inside so it's not really an issue adding that. It's procedural and once you get the right people following certain processes it's straightforward but for all the companies who have taken advantage of the mutual economic benefits of EU trade without any of this paperwork burden this will be mindblowingly new, different and costly. All I've seen from pro-Brexit people are some absolute clueless f*ckwits who come on here blathering in a bizarrely confident manner (ironically enough pretending to be experts) about something they've quickly googled but have in reality no idea about the practical implementation of this stuff.
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