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  1. Bleep1673

    British/Irish Dialects

    More specifically, my map reads, anywhere between Blackpool & Stoke
  2. Bleep1673

    British/Irish Dialects

    Oh, and Breakfast is Vodka on Toast., or last night Vodka, if you cant be bothered with the toast bit. You can take the boy out of Salford, but...……..
  3. Bleep1673

    British/Irish Dialects

    Considering I have spent 22 years growing up "In Salford", and 22 years surviving in West London, and the last 12 years in Hastings, I think my accent has survived quite well, Alleys, Barms, Tea, Nipples
  4. Bleep1673


    20-0? 20-0! One of the 10 games of football that I attended was England (National Conference) v Italy Serie C at Hayes & Harlington FC on a really miserable, wet Wednesday night. We won 3-0.
  5. Bleep1673

    The Kitchen

    My Bamboo steamer sadly passed away last year. I haven't got around to replacing it with a suitable one yet. The Asian supermarket on Queens Rd sells steamers that are either too big, or too small for my needs/pans. Lidls were selling vacuum sealing machines 2 years ago, best thing ive bought from there (apart from the Aussie Chardonnay), I only have a table-top sized freezer, and it is rammed with Vac-Packed food.
  6. Bleep1673

    The Kitchen

    And you still only eat toasties
  7. Bleep1673

    The Kitchen

    or.. Halogen oven Large slow cooker to cook enough for freezing Small slow cooker Air fryer 2Hat Maybe I should just have enough for a chip pan & Wok, my steamer is now 4ked, & I Should try something else.
  8. Bleep1673

    The Kitchen

    Do not have Halogen, or microwave
  9. Bleep1673

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Knit 1 perl 1, etc...……………...
  10. Bleep1673

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Can we please close this thread down as it is more annoying than you grannys knitting thread.
  11. Bleep1673

    Dear Diary

    Natural sick maybe tosser Saints day, I don't care day, Fck of off Sts day
  12. Bleep1673

    Racial hatred in Salford

    Ethnicity in Salford is rare., not diverse. I Moved out in 1988, and it has not changed much since. according to Wikipedia 84.4% were white in Salford, Ugh, maybe not. 94.09% white in Hastings. Sorry. Shouldve checked facts before posting When my Jamaican GF Moved down here from London, we used to play "Spot the Black Person", because she felt so isolated.
  13. Bleep1673

    Racial hatred in Salford

    I hate racial discrimination of any sort. Lancs/Yorks, Wigan/Saints, Villa/Birmingham/WBA, City/Utd, Pool/Toffees, Utd/Weds it all can get a little bit silly. If it could come to a stop, I would be happy, but there are still idiots who thing it is funny to be a...……… #####er. The father and son who were arrested at the Brighton v WBA game, the idiots who made Aeroplane signs at the Cardiff City game, they are just stupid bum holes (I know, 3 month ban, again),
  14. Bleep1673

    Racial hatred in Salford

    My Dads best drinking mate was Irish, the Chippy around the corner that fed us on a regular basis was Pakistani, My first REAL Girlfriend was from Trinidad, & Lived in Moss Side. I never really understood the mentality of the morons that hate people because they are different. My ex-wife is Portuguese/West Indian, the mother of my daughter is Jamaican. I have grown up to be a well rounded (OK, Fat) individual, I love humanity, I love its diversity, I love its creativity.