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    Swinton Lions plan to throw open the gates for FREE at their upcoming home game against Toulouse Olympique on Saturday 28th April (kick-off 3pm). In addition, the Lions will be charging a mere £22 for a quality two-course meal in the superb new corporate facilities at Heywood Road, Sale. In the lead up to the match, the club intends to market the game extensively in the Trafford area in a bid to win over new friends. Swinton Operations Director Steve Wild explained, “We have a tremendously loyal hardcore of support from the Swinton area, but we need to think hard about how we can increase our home gates. Letting everyone in for free is obviously a massive gamble in terms of potential lost revenue, but if we can attract a good crowd, particularly from the Sale and Trafford area, then hopefully they will enjoy the experience and become regulars. “We are also mindful that our regular fans have gone beyond the call of duty over these last few months, and this is a small way of saying thank you for that loyal support. We are mindful that Season Ticket holders might feel disadvantaged by the idea, but we have plans to reward them in a different way on the day. “We also hope that our loyal fans will spread the word amongst their own families and groups of friends, and maybe we can attract new supporters and sponsors, or perhaps re-engage those former fans who have become disaffected over the past few years. “Toulouse Olympique is a name which gives the fixture an international and an exotic feel, so hopefully this will appeal to non-regular Rugby League supporters. The fact that we are playing this fixture on a Saturday should also help the initiative – indeed we have no direct opposition from any other Rugby League games that day, nor indeed from Man United, Man City or Bolton Wanderers – so everyone will be most welcome!” Register on eventbrite to guarantee your entry, and for quicker entry to the ground on the day For corporate bookings at only £22 per head, contact
  2. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I was in my local Co-Op at the weekend, and some woman (Obviously from out of St. Leonards) was asking the assistant where their Quinoa was. He looked at her as though she was speaking a foreign language, then asked her what it was. I stepped in and asked her if she was new to the area, and when she replied she was on holiday from S W London, I pointed out where she might get it from. We have a Sainsbury's but not a Waitrose, so I sent her there.
  3. Football

    I never thought I would put this in a post, but Salford are Champions...
  4. Food and drink thread

    Rick Steins Fish Pie for tomorrow for the visit of daughter. Nadia Sawalha's Chicken coated in Breadcrumbs and sesame seeds for tonight, if the chicken thaws.
  5. Rant thread

    I turned up today to get an appointment, and there were 28 other people waiting at 0810 when I turned up. I went home.
  6. Job hunting

    2 weeks ago, Esther McVee MP suggested that school children should get part-time jobs to prepare themselves for real work when they leave school. I wrote to her suggesting she shuts her mouth until those of us over-50 have full or part time work, as we have bills to pay, and are not living off the Bank of Mum & Dad. I got a reply this morning suggesting that there are plenty of jobs available for the over 50's who want to work. I have drafted a reply to ask her if that is why I have only had one Interview in 2.5 years.
  7. Rant thread

    My Doctors does not allow you to book an appointment. You have to turn up at 08.15, and request an emergency appointment, thus taking a space from someone who might really need an emergency appointment, so they go to the local A&E instead, and block a trolley from someone else who might also need it.
  8. Giving up Social Media

    JDW say that it has 16k followers on FB. That's not that many considering the number of customers per week they get in over 900 outlets.
  9. Obituary Thread - 2018

    I have all but 4 of the Studio Ghibli films, and quite a few non-Ghibli anime films, but Ghibli are the best. My favourites are Princess Mononoke, When Marnie was There, and Kiki's Delivery Service
  10. TRL Helpdesk

    We used a sat-nav when we went to Florida in 2014, very useful for getting back to Orlando from Cape Canaveral, although it took us a different way back, and only got to the hotel by coincidence. If you use it for holidays, always make sure you have the post code or the Zip Code of the hotel, and their phone number. Never put your Home Address or Post Code as your "Home" point on the sat nav, if you do and it gets nicked, and the car keys with it, thieves have access to your house. Always put an address of somewhere local to your house/home that you know, my ex has the local Asda logged in, as she know here way home from there.
  11. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    And cold shoulder for breakfast?
  12. FROM RANT THREAD; Another one today, I seem to be turning into a Victor Meldrew type... House of Fraser this time. They have a sale on, some outstanding prices on good stuff. I got myself a nice good brand suit, pair of new shoes and a shirt. The box it arrived in was small, the suit jacket hanger was corner to corner to make it fit and was fairly stuffed into the box. No damage to the suit but it'll need maybe a steam to get the crush creases out. The shoes had clearly been worn before, the soles were scuffed and the toe area was damaged. Obviously worn by someone to an event then returned for a refund and whoever checked them in at the returns warehouse didn't even look at them. The shirt was "tailored fit". I'm not "tailored fit" body style and haven't been since the 1990s. Nowhere on the item description on the website does it say "tailored fit". And this is why I bloody hate clothes shopping.
  13. I find a lot of shops that close are still trading over the Internet, another thing is the number of Bank closures. When I moved here Silverhill had 4 Branches of banks, they are all closed now, one has been turned into residential, the rest are empty
  14. Job hunting

    Good Idea. Thanks