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  1. This charity won't mean much to you, but there is a local to Hastings charity called the Sara Lee Trust, I assume they have a Webby site, they have been donated so many books, they are having to give them away for free. I picked up Bradley Wiggins Bio, Gary Rhodes cookbook and a Chinese c book for free. Oh, & a Sophie Grigson Cooley too
  2. No. Not until they're gone.
  3. Sorry folks, still here, 33, Horntye Rd, St. Leonards-on-Sea, TN37 6RT, moving Saturday TN37 6BY Long Live League
  4. As a Republican & socialist, I think the Monarchy is an over budgeted anachronism. When Kings used to take the field of war they were needed, now we have a crumbly old 91yo whose heir is older than most remaining monarchs, she should step down. As for the financial side of things, people say they are value for money. Can they prove it?
  5. There used to be a Home Brew shop on Norman Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, but I went up there yesterday and found it closed. Bummer. I was going to restart HB-ing when I move into my new flat at the weekend.
  6. Hmm, I used Black treacle and got a very strange brew, neither Lager, which I was aiming for, nor stout/bitter, maybe I should have stuck with it and developed an Uxbridge Brew. Black Lager (c)
  7. As one of the finalists WILL be travelling from the NWest, another way round is to travel from Manchester Piccadilly to Reading and come in to Paddington, Bakerloo line to Marylebone then train to Wembley Central. A bit convoluted, but it is an alternate route.
  8. Where are you in Rethymno? My cousin is on holiday in Crete, Platinias? he's a City fan so be gentle

  9. Does anyone on here use Golden Syrup for the sugar in their Home Brew? I Used to when I brewed my own, and it tastes fine, first time I used it I put too much in and it tasted as strong as Special Brew! Be careful.
  10. Irregular periods
  11. Our position in the EU now, is being bent over a dinner table being Sh**ged up the Asre from behind by people we don't like
  12. Sport - Eric Pickles
  13. Congratulations on achieving level 4 sarcasm.
  14. Anybody really know who Karen Bradley is? Staffordshire Moorlands constituents are exempt from this.
  15. president - Karl Marx / Fidel Castro vice president- Martin O'Neil (Northern Ireland FA manager) treasurer - Whoever is treasurer at Bradford Bulls RLFC defence sec- Will Smith (Men in Black) education sec- Jade Goody or Kardashians minister for health- Bradley Wiggins foreign sec- Nigel Farage department foreign affairs - Deborah Christian, she shags everybody from a foreign country transport........... Bob Crowe (at least he knew when to give over) (I know he's no longer with us) media/culture............... Clarkson Sport - John Inverdale (NO, I'm only kidding) Communities & Building - Nicholas Paget-Brown, ex leader of Kensington & Chelsea Council