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  1. Bleep1673

    Have you ever won anything big?

    What goes on on tour, stays on tour.
  2. Bleep1673

    Dear Diary

    Look out Lewes. I'm there tomorrow sorting out you bus/train tickets,,,,, all week.
  3. Bleep1673

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    I was on the train this morning listening to her music, & I started crying, the woman opposite me asked if I was alright? When I told my fellow passenger who I was listening to, she shared my earphone through to Brighton. Apparently she was only going to Lewes. Neither of us were in a hurry, we just listened. Thank you Sandréne, you have this address.
  4. Bleep1673

    Dear Diary

    Lidl: 1kg Greek Yogurt £1.36 500g Greek yogurt £1.39 & we talk about food wastage being abhorrent. Guess which I bought, yes, 1kg. Then when it goes green I will let the gulls have it.
  5. Bleep1673

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    I've been too upset to comment, until now. I've spent the day listening to my Aretha collection, watched Blues Brothers, & pick'n"mix soul, blues stax etc all day. I'm dehydrated because of tears. I loved Aretha. Through Blues Bros., I discovered Nina Simone, then I'm lost in the maze.
  6. Goodbye Championship, hello Championship One. See you in 2020. Mind you, there were some nay-sayers on the Swinton thread who were saying we wouldn't win a match all season 😜
  7. Bleep1673

    Dear Diary

    So, what do you call a Giant House Spider, who has just, suddenly been made homeless by his cruel, wicked, evil landlord? Isn't there enough homeless on the streets these days? You should be ashamed CKN.
  8. Bleep1673

    Have you ever won anything big?

    My Brother won £1000 on that back in 1988, so we went to Corsica for two weeks, I had to pay for myself of course, tight 2hat.
  9. Bleep1673

    Have you ever won anything big?

    I won a Superleague shirt in a competition in Rugby League World, where we had to say how many teams (up to that season) had played in Super League. Not only did I get the question right, I also named them. Because the prize was a SL shirt, I chose a Salford one & gave it to my brother.
  10. I think the thread title gives it away. And while Wembley does have a HA postcode, it is still a London Borough, as the county of Middlesex as a unitary authority no longer exists, and hasn't for nearly 50 years.
  11. If we lose this, are we automatically relegated, or is there a further play-off?
  12. Bleep1673

    Dear Diary

    A grandmother is trying to claim compensation from a holiday company saying there were too many Spaniards in her hotel in BENIDORM!
  13. Bleep1673

    The TV Thread

    I know ITV haven't had an original idea in 25 years, but putting Long Lost Family on just after BBC's Who Do You Think You Are, is intellectual plagiarism, surely?
  14. Bleep1673