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  1. We can't do anything about Trump. we're not American (most of us) thank GOD, but I hope in 4 years time the septics realise what a one hit wonder they elected and vote for someone else, unless he gets impeached (AKA Richard Milhous Nixon, also a Republican!) beforehand. Nixon's successor, Gerald Ford, is still the only President never to be elected to the post, the Presidents who were murdered, and the vice-presidents became president were all re-elected, Ford never was.
  2. OOH! I wish they were real
  3. Edited to keep myself online with the Trump supporting moderators on here (If there are any) (Trump supporters that is, not mods hahaha) How angry can I get? FFS I hate the guy. how can we justify someone who looks stupid in that wig, and keeps waving his right hand around, index finger to thumb, like he is 1king everyone off, and can we trust him?
  4. The NHS has been in deep doo doo for many generations of government. Despite my DEEP hatred for her, Thatcher upheld many of the principles of the NHS, however Blair and then Cameron have screwed the system by making it a Private system by stealth over the last 30 years, now it is so screwed that unless it is privatised completely (as most of it is already), then it will fall apart. I rang for an appointment at my GP yesterday, I was told I couldn't get one until February, but we are being told to avoid A&E and go and die at our GP ( Sorry, get an appointment at the GP), so it cancels the deaths in A&E rates. My neighbour has a problem, he can't get a CT Scan until March, he could be dead by then according to his GP. I worked for 30 years in the system, never have I felt so disillusioned as I have in the last 5 years with the NHS, I thought it was the best place to be sick, now I just know it is the worst place for useless managers to be employed.
  5. Loalwa Braz, the vocalist on 1989 hit Lambada
  6. Try Hastings and St Leonards, you can buy houses for less than £140k OP, we use Zoopla as they have links to what local houses sold for previously, and when.
  7. When I was teaching CPR in 2015 I had to travel from Hastings to Whipps Cross to do a double session, no-one turned up for either session, yes I still got paid but it was a pain in the **** getting there and back.
  8. Jesus signs for Man City, I always thought they were getting divine help
  9. Ha Ha, JohnM really should get a look at his avatar before posting, and accusing everyone of being a leftie, and no-one should take him seriously. Very funny.
  10. That has to be the best on this thread.
  11. When I looked, both tables had been edited at the same time
  12. It was snowing down here yesterday evening, not much, barely enough to stick, and I was harassing my 8 year old to hurry up and feed the Rabbits that we have in the garden in the back, I went out to check on them just as the snow was getting bad, and I found one of them missing, she forgot to lock the cage door properly. Gone. Plus we have a fox in the area. She could have only gone into one garden next door, and there is no sign of her. Friday the 13th I F***ing hate you