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  1. food banks

    I have had to use the local food bank twice this year. You have to go to CAB and be assessed by one of their auditors, you can only attend twice in 6 months or you will be reassessed. Yes I do have a mobile phone, but that is my only contact, I do not have Internet at home, (I am using a public computer), the food bank in Hastings is on the edge of town, those who wish to Google map it, it is opposite the Conquest Hospital, and only open on a Friday between 1300-1500. Yes there are a few scroungers there, but Universal Credit, and a higher than average unemployment rate means it is a very busy unit. I only used the Food Bank because I had no edible food, no money in the bank, and my benefits were not due for another 7 days. A lot of people when they donate to a food bank tend to buy something really cheap (a tin of "Basics" beans, eg), you don't use the FB if you want a luxurious dinner. Its all tinned or jars, nothing fresh.
  2. Rant thread

    Who the hell is Barry Popik?
  3. Rant thread

    I am allergic to cats
  4. Languages

    I can get by in French, to a certain extent, and I am learning Spanish from an app called Duolingo on my Kindle. My Daughter is using Duolingo to learn French and Spanish, and my ex is using it to learn German
  5. Proud moments

    I will when I know more of them myself
  6. Proud moments

    My 9 yo has been chosen to play Violin in a Christmas Concert in Bexhill on Sea, representing Hastings in a County selection of string instruments
  7. Rant thread

    Managers who won't give somebody a new start at 55 years old - that's what I was told yesterday by one "You're too old to be starting a new career" he said. I have reported him to my Job Centre, and the ones who say you have no experience - todays request
  8. 2018 KIT

    Don't like the away shirt
  9. The Paradise Papers

    They will do anything to stop the media going on about Brexit
  10. They will do anything to stop the media going on about Brexit
  11. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    round at my ex-s for my daughters 9th birthday (I can't believe I typed that statement) it only seems like last week. So I brought my computer up with me, so I could do a job search, but after an hour of searching the usual sites & applied for 10 jobs that I'm not qualified for, I've given up and come on here again.
  12. Shaving

    Wilkinson Sword 3 blade, king of shaves shaving oil, or olive oil soap, & moisturiser, about 3x per week
  13. Apparently, Barack Obama's next appearance will be in Jury Duty in Cook County, lllinois
  14. 1000 years of annoying the French on Kindle, Thief of Time by Pratchett. Again.
  15. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Got a new pair (of blue, obviously) reading glasses yesterday.