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  1. Football

    I was channel hopping this evening, and made it onto CNN, where they were discussing last nights Swansea v Liverpool match, they started showing highlights and labelled the venue, "Swansea, England"! Blooming yanks
  2. I went to see the RAF at Uxbridge, when I lived there, and had to be escorted to the ground. But was soon ignored after that and had to make my own way out.
  3. Where do the RAF play now? They used to play at RAF Uxbridge, but its now a housing estate.
  4. Toronto

    Not seen it for a while, but I think the only bit of fake news they use, is nowhere on the film do they say it was only the Semi-Final. However USA came from 2-0 down to beat Finland 4-2 in the Gold Medal Match
  5. Toronto

    Miracle. The story of the USA victory in the 1980 winter Olympics against the USSR
  6. Toronto

    Goon, my second favourite Ice Hockey film
  7. Job hunting

    Tried those three times last year, I even got warned by one "Agency" to stop wasting their time, or else....! There is about six or seven agencies in Hastings. I've tried them all. I was even thinking about going as far as Eastbourne, and trawling theirs, but I don't have the train fare (which is cheaper than the bus, F***ing Stagecoach).
  8. Job hunting

    My CV keeps getting bounced back from recruitment agencies because I had worked in the Operating Theatres for nearly 30 years, and have done nothing else, now I'm 55 they say I'm too old to be retrained. I applied to a certain, locally based, "Over-50's" insurance/Travel company, for tele-sales/Customer Services, and got refused before I had even logged off their website. What a SAGA that was.
  9. Apparently, when drug inspectors arrived unannounced at the Siberian Indoor Athletics event, some 30 athletes recorded world record times for getting changed and leaving the venue. Who says Russian athletes shouldn't be banned?
  10. I have been to Corsica twice, once with my brother to I'lle Rousse, near Calvi, on the North Coast in 1987, and had an amazing time, it really made an impression on both of us, so much he moved there for 5 years in 1994. Then I went to just outside Porto Vecchio in 2007 with my partner, in the October, and found the people just as friendly as they were 20 years earlier. It is known as L'isle d'beaute, the Beautiful Island, for a reason. Among the things I would suggest you do is a Mountain trip (but don't forget what time the coach returns, they won't wait), do a southern boat trip, or a boat trip to Sardinia. The beaches are amazing and among the best I have ever been on. Food is amazing. It can be expensive though, when you remember the South of France can get expensive, and a lot of stuff is imported from the South to the Island. If you like star-gazing, it has some of the least light-polluted skies in the Med.
  11. Hangover cures

    Lucozade orange sport fizzy helps mine
  12. Worst TV adverts...ever!

    I can't really comment on this subject, as I turn the TV over to another channel IF I happen to be watching a commercial channel when the adverts come on.
  13. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Who was the only person to get all his work done by Friday? Robinson Crusoe
  14. The new NHS thread

    Doctor: "Did you take the patients temperature?" Nurse: "No, why, is it missing?"