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  1. Usually in the Club Wembley areas that are pre-sold years in advance to football fans, and there is no way Wembley will pass on the unused seats.
  2. IMG_2697 by David Hesketh, on Flickr My Current Apple
  3. When I worked at Hull Royal, on agency (1997), one of the other agency guys had a camper van that he lived in, & travelled the country in. He paid for one days parking, and got a ticket, then after a week he got clamped. He rang them up and asked if there was any further penalty, when he was told "No", he lived in his van for 6 months, with no chance of his van being stolen - because it was clamped, and when he had had enough of Hull (Surprisingly, as long as 6 months), he paid his clamping fee, his parking ticket (No interest those days), and saved himself over £10000 in parking and accommodation fees. They have changed the rules since.
  4. Can we therefore prosecute any Australians who sledge any of our wonderful sports people while touring your country? If anyone is called a Pom/my, and we haven't even eaten a pomegranate, and we take offence, are we allowed to report them to the sheep-s*agging, Kangaroo Winking*, decedents of thieves that is your version of the judicial system? *Deliberate misspelling
  5. Anything to do with the fact announced earlier this month that Nestle has announced the reduction in sugar content of it's chocolate products from 2018? Thus reducing it's cost?
  6. 45 matches from October 3rd 1908 in Tonypandy to March 8th 1909 in Broughton–09_Kangaroo_tour_of_Great_Britain Including 2 games on the same day at the start Awful itinery Game 12 Abredare Game 14 Northern Union XIII at Goodison !7 Cavendish Park, Barrow 19, Chorley Rd, Swinton 29 on the 18/01/09 Ebbw Vale 30 on the 19/01/09 v Wales 31 on the 20/01/09 v Wigan also 32 v England @ Newcastle highest attendance of the tour at 22,000 35 Northern Union XIII at Celtic Park, Glasgow 40 v England at Villa Park 43 Merthyr Tyfil
  7. When was the last time a member of the royal family graced our great games oldest final with their sweaty bottom to present our oldest current trophy to a working class oike?
  8. Our car has the middle part L 10 N, great for a Swinton fan
  9. St Georges Day BH is common in most countries?
  10. I would've been if I'd had Interwebby thingy
  11. I have no problem with the cup, although a few Giants fans may have.
  12. Great win. I only wish I could've been there.
  13. They usually have 3 or 4 channels devoted to the roundball football
  14. Not really, but thanks for asking