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  1. Well done Swinton. Skin of the teeth stuff, let's build on this & try not to be in this kind of position next year.
  2. Bleep1673

    Food and drink thread

    It was Bonfire night here in Hastings on Saturday, there was a mobile vendor with roasted chestnuts, I bought me & my 9 yo daughter a portion, & she loved them. The first time she'd ever had them.
  3. Bleep1673

    The TV Thread

    Reads like something Michael Pennington would write, honest.
  4. Bleep1673

    The TV Thread

    No Activity is an odd, Australian, so-called, cop show. I liked it It is odd
  5. Bleep1673


    Ooh, an empty stadium. However this was due to someone, or some body painting a swastika on the pitch before a previous game, & not disinterast as at SCrRLFC
  6. There are certain things I miss, and certain things I can do without. I miss being able to attend RUGBY LEAGUE Games, I miss working, I miss seeing my daughter every day & cooking new ideas for her, I miss my parents, even though they passed away in 1993 & 2007. I miss foreign travel that will be harder & more expensive after BREXIT (enjoy your holiday CKN). I don't miss booze (I've been dry for 16 months), I don't miss London (although job opportunities...), I don't miss being able to drive (Medical), I don't miss (or try not to) the seagulls when I cycling.
  7. Bleep1673

    Dear Diary

    This is on the back of a 4x4 with the slogan "It's a Yorkshire Thing", on the back.
  8. Bleep1673

    The TV Thread

    The travelogue Gordon, Gino, & Fred's Road Trip is one of the funniest things on ITV this year. Hilarious.
  9. Swinton to end a poor season badly. I am a Lion, but the underinvestment by the management has been telling this year, & I think a step down is unfortunately inevitable. It's sad that a great club such as ours is in such a situation. COME ON YOU LIONS!!!!!!
  10. Bleep1673

    Job hunting

    September 27th, I went cycling with my daughter, through the woods near her's, I slid my bike & crashed against a tree stump. I attended work on the 28th & 29th, and 1st October. I was in so much pain that I couldn't sneeze, even hiccuping was a jolt. Today I got told by the company that because I took the 2nd as a sick day (despite a, so called 3 strike policy), I am no longer eligible for work with them. OnTrak are 1krs
  11. Bleep1673

    Empty seats etc

    Oyster style season tickets, sorry, contactless style, and if a member attends 90% of home games they get 50% off play offs. We can attach the contactless & include other & all Professional Rugby League Clubs. & If you attend a certain number of other clubs, you qualify as a RL Member, & are entitled to discounts at finals & Internationals.
  12. Bleep1673


    Went to Dover on Saturday to watch DAFC V Salford City FC. I think they might have a chance, it finished 4-1 to Salford with a certain ADAM Rooney getting a hat-trick. Almost entertaining given that it was lashing down for the entire 90 mins.
  13. Bleep1673

    Empty seats etc

    Not sure if this has been asked, excuse me if it has, but are the play off games covered by the season ticket? Given the current economic climate maybe this is why the crowds drop off at this time of year?
  14. Bleep1673


    Most of the "homeless" around here, are homed beggers, who are actually getting more money than I am, because benefits + Housing + cash on the streets = 75-90% more than I get, & even though I'm working!
  15. Bleep1673

    The TV Thread

    Thought the new Doctor was great actually, even though it was supposed based in a South Yorkshire TOWN, based on Sheffield