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  1. Yes, let the fishermen catch as much fish as they want, within our sovereign waters, within 5 years they will be broke because the consumers in the UK don't eat Hake, or Mullet, or Whiting, which are all exported to the EU, even when they do eat fish (very few do) they want Icelandic Cod, which will not be available because Iceland is a member of the EU, and can close it's waters to non-EU countries. If there are any fishing fleets still operating in 10 years time, they won't have anything to catch, because they will have fished our waters dry.
  2. Just out of interest, Villa Lost to both clubs in the reverse fixtures, 2-1 at Norwich, and surrendered a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2 on 23rd Dec to Leeds
  3. Congratulations to Aston Villa for beating a club record that has stood since 1910. Ten wins in a row. Form team of the moment. Leeds Utd (A) Norwich City (H) Our last 2 matches, could we make it 12? We'll see.
  4. How much does it cost to put a Candidate up for European Election? Could League Publications put a Candidate up for election some in the M62 Corridor for the Rugby League Party? We might get a poor enough general turnout that if the RL community turn out and vote for them, they may get a MEP on proportional representation.
  5. This is Sterling who has had two charges for assault dropped against him, because of inconsistent evidence by his GF, and the second accuser didn't turn up in court, the same Sterling who was photgraphed with a Shsha Pipe, and admitted using recreational Nitrous Oxide, and the same guy who has a tattoo of an M16 rifle on his leg?
  6. Rugby League got a question subject on Pointless tonight. It was a sub-section of the final. The Subject was Foundations of Rugby, and the sub-section wanted to know any of the 22 founding members of the Rugby League (Yes, I know, it was called the Northern Union in 1895). The contestants guessed correctly with their first answer, Rochdale Hornets, their second, Hunslet, scored one point, and their third, Swinton was an incorrect answer, they joined in 1896. Other pointless answers included Batley, Leigh, Liversedge, Stockport, Broughton Rangers.
  7. Why is this the biggest game in 50 years? Have they not played each other in the Grand Final in 2005, and the Challenge Cup Final in 2003? How does this become the biggest game in "Half a Century"?
  8. Shouldn't the title of this thread be the Toronto EFFECT?
  9. It is £23 to watch a Superleague side in London, so how do Championship side Bradford justify the same prices?
  10. There. Just a pity they don't stay and spend some money here.
  11. But it's not football. Remember, the excuse for not showing Barrow v TWP was there was no OB units available, same with Cricket, Football comes first over everything.
  12. Germany wears green as it's second colour to honour Ireland, as they were the first country to play them after the second world war
  13. According to Wiki, Juventus used to play in pink and Black, but changed to Black and White stripes to Honour Notts County.
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