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  1. After that 2nd Home win on Sunday, are you still so down?
  2. Hopefully you would know how it is spelt by the context within the sentence? I want to buy you two beers too.
  3. I worked in the agency for the NHS, the number of times I bumped into people I didn't like, but were polite to, probably kept me going for 20 years, "There is only so many people in Theatres that you can P*** off before running out of contacts", thank you Noella.
  4. Happy Birthday to me. I had a great day today celebrating my 57th birthday on Sunday. Swinton beat Toulouse the day before, and I met my 10 year old daughter today for my usual visit. I got loads of messages from FB Mates, including Barry from Warrington who played for Hillingdon Tigers, my ex-wife, and three guys who I used to work with that I haven't spoke to in 12 years. Plus I got a call from an ODP I have known for 30 years, and regard him as a brother. I walked into the town centre with my daughter, and bumped into a friend from a regular meeting I attend 3x a week, and we had Ice Cream, courtesy of my Daughters pocket money, I was also given a box of Tofefee, and a M&S box of Beer flavoured Chocolates - nice, by her, for Birthday/FD. Then due to my financial situation, we had frozen Pizza & Home made chips for dinner. I normally take her out for dinner, but my Universal Credit is due Monday. We then watched MiB2, again, just because it's one of our favourite film franchises & it was on Film4. At 22:17 my UC was credited to my account, and I instigated a clause that I would take my daughter out for a meal tomorrow. Italian Way, 17:30, sea view please. Tomorrow, shopping at Lidl, bits at Asda, then 14:30 at JC+ for usual interrogation. But this is a short month, as my PIP is due 25th, but I have three weeks stretch after that, so I need to squirrel away with 10yo £70 to help. Funnily enough, we saw a used bookshop selling Peter Benchley's JAWS, and we got talking about that, apparently my 10yo's mate is obsessed by the film, and it was on ITV4 tonight. I have it on DVD if anyone wants to view the extras/making of.
  5. Yes, and proud of it, I have always been a supporter of the European Union, and always will be. It does more good than the "Fake News" Farage & Trump (Interchangeable) claim, and Brexiteers are stupid enough to believe without any kind of evidence.
  6. Oddly enough, he died 20 years ago today, 16th June 1999 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screaming_Lord_Sutch
  7. It's not impossible to be arrested for speeding on a bike, it is just unlikely as a successful conviction would not be in anyone's interest, if a police officer was to stop someone while speeding on a bicycle they are more than likely just to get a warning, for their own safety. (Then Tasered from behind when they start off again)
  8. It's funny how your own bias comes to the fore when labelling people. Remainers are Rabid, and Brexiteers are favouring. I would call them clear thinking remainers and loony, Farage devotee, brexiters
  9. A couple of years ago the RFL went with 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw, and 1 point if the losing margin was 12 or less. The only results this season that would've got us those bonus points were Featherstone (H)- 12 point loss, York (A)- 10pts, and Halifax (A) & Toulouse (H) both by 2pts
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