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  1. RFL continue to fund the NCL as a Tier 4 activity but the shift has moved from travel grant to general support. The NCL management will now decide where that goes and as a 10k deal with Arnold Clarke / Rhino has been threatened by some clubs not supporting that initiative then do not be surprised if certain clubs are prioritised over others Meanwhile RFL say that they support the NCL directly but more especially indirectly to the tune of approx 200k. a year. NCL strongly disagree that figure but recognise for instance that their paid for refs are worth approx 50k each year, they have a paid for administrator etc,,,,,,,,, so not as simple after all ! The NCL management I'm sure will continue to hold their corner, As for the Southern Conference , they too are Tier 4 and as such entitled to support I'm sure the NCL management will be made aware of the level of assistance in due course
  2. Wales won the 6 nations in spite of the odds based yet again on Edwards input. His stock is high in RU , who pay the earth. The street has it he wants the England Head coach job after Jones , and already has a deal to return to Wasps in his top pocket. Wigan are a sad third...........
  3. Agreed It is a fixture sec nightmare and half the teams have a vacancy the next round which is why NCL will not release dates to Barla for cup competitions or make uneven divisions deliberately to cater for Fighting Irish above thoughts and dreams ( it would cost a club £3k plus for that sort of jolly - £ 1k coach and minimum £2k hotel ) The National Cup if it is to flourish needs to be winter based with a final prior to the launch of the summer season . That might tempt many mid table clubs from NCL to have a crack in say september onwards. Local cups should be mid week in summer when lights are not needed and the summer clubs at all levels would simply be replacing a training session with a match. Again that might kick start a necessary but ignored level of our game. Challenge Cup dates and National cup are resolved directly between RFL and Barla. not NCL. There is a national fixture calendar agreed yearly by all interested parties. A related thread on these forums suggests the NCL is in the pocket of the RFL . It is not. Ask anyone at the RFL what a pain in the ar@@ they can be. The direct financial support to Tier 4 is constantly under pressure but the aims and objectives of the NCL continue to mirror those of all corners of the game. The sooner this sport provides a united front to others outside the better. And finally I have also seen a comment elsewhere about bringing 'forward thinking 'people into the debates. Bring it on I say. This game is dying at administrative level. The average age of the NCL decision makers is over 60. I'm not saying that they are not forward thinking but there is certainly a succession issue throughout the game Interested parties including you key board warriors - and I am seriously not being critical here - for NCL or Tier 4 level please contact Alan Smith at RFL........ The issue of younger volunteers to keep this game going at Community level has become critical...
  4. Prioritise the sponsors before the rest. They are looking at the hits and if all clubs do the same we are north of 100k per week. That will keep them happy and the League gets the continued investment, Won't happen otherwise. Lose the sponsorship and the clubs will get billed directly. Same with the shirt deal. About time some of our members looked at collective bargaining rather than individual deals. When that is recognised we will be the most powerful force in the whole game for requirement acquisitions .Far too much back scratching seems to be going on at the moment... Sorry to have to say it but even the NCL have to drag their members and this game into the 21st century......
  5. Further down the line does this also mean that the Worlds oldest knock out rugby competition will actually have to be giving a bye into the quarter finals ?
  6. There would have been 6 non member clubs this year - Toronto ,Toulouse Catalans are asked for a Bond whilst Belgrade Dublin and Edinburgh are not.. How can that be fair? The only answer can be that the RFL are terrified of outside success from those with half a chance. Great way to run a competition.
  7. This is pure discrimination . If true ,it lacks moral justification and the near universal condemnation is well made Of course the fear is of Toulouse ,.Catalans and/or Toronto making it to the semis and beyond ,( when the RFL should be starting to make a profit ). and not bringing significant support with them. Doubtless many more frenchmen would have travelled to London last year if the competition had been given a different structure with much more time to make travel / hotel arrangements.... but that's perhaps for another thread. It has nothing whatsoever to do with trying to justify inviting non RFL members on different terms. If that is the logic then can someone please explain why Belgrade Red Star .Dublin Longhorns or even Edinburgh Exiles - all clubs not in membership of the RFL but with their own independant governing bodies aligned to the RFEL have not been treated in the same way ? The concerns are understandable - the methods pursued an unmitigated disaster and being voiced at all levels (other than it seems the very top table......)
  8. Not with the Management Marauder. A club can choose to put out any team of it's choice. The club in question I believe got stuffed by more than 70 points and certainly embarrassed themselves. The reality of all divisions of the NCL is that points difference can be vital - play off spots and relegation have turned on them. The club you refer to - it was a good few years ago- took more than half a season to get out of the mire whilst a few clubs at the top end felt they had been adversely affected by the points difference bloat caused by turning out a weakened side.. But it remains a club choice. The only rule they need to bear in mind is that no postponements for cup games will be allowed and that failing a league game will have severe consequencies.
  9. Bloated Mess? Unified Pyramid ? We are the only major amateur league still under it's own control. Everything below us is now run directly by the RFL. If regional leagues are a cause for concern then point your finger elsewhere. For years we have had a structure capable of looking after 56 clubs. We moved up to 50 this year because of concerns over some clubs in Division 2 ( not 3 ). Flexibility in management can be of importance.... We were a unified pyramid with the ' professionals ' in 1996 . They failed us. Since then we have looked after ourselves. If and when they knock on the door again we will of course listen.... But meanwhile Conference South is to be labelled Tier 4 by the RFL . So be it. The lads at Wigan RUFC last week in the first amateur cross code charity clash between them and St Pats would no doubt smile and say ok. A council member at that event at Douglas Valley told me the RFL were not prepared/ did not have accounts to present at the recent AGM. Bloated mess ? Give us a break......
  10. I understand NCL have been told that subject to fixture clashes ( and they can be largely avoided ) and of course pitch fitness they will be using Batley Bulldogs main field. The Boys clubhouse is within that complex. Drighlington finally got the green light for their clubhouse on site - plans look impressive and funds in place - but yes some members have a walk to the field. Largely an historical issue ( ie Kells or Egremont whose clubhouse is the old railway station ) If a new applicant strongly ticks all the other boxes then a walk from your ' siege sociale ' to your field would not prove fatal. Parking, changing and especially crowd toilet facilities for both sexes on site though are considered important these days. One of a previous posters points about crowd footfall and generating income from a bar is more than valid. And if I get the drift of this thread all clubs should be aware that NCL remain open to approaches and are prepared to discuss on a confidential basis what is likely needed to achieve an approval before a formal application is made . And as always the final say belongs to the existing members....
  11. According to this forum's main website , the clubs preferred are Hensingham , Batley Boys and Heworth. Each need to secure 24 votes ( the process starts and indeed may conclude at next monday's full clubs meeting ) to secure entry. As do of course the two bottom placed outfits.
  12. Truly excellent stuff Marauder Already looking at and sharing your costings with others. Definitely showing the way to those supposedly higher up the ladder.........
  13. NCL Chair had a good chat with them. They are a bit off the standards required of NCL - go to NCL appendices on rfl website- yes I know it's difficult- to see what I mean. RFL are supposed to be setting their own standards for the RFL managed Southern Conference which still aims at meeting Tier 4 tag. Not seen those as yet. Also talk of travel cost support- again no details but if more generous than current NCL arrangements would expect that to become a debate between friends.... Absolutely understand clubs seeking to keep options open, but still need to be honest with Organising Bodies as decisions have to be made on next year's structures.. Nottingham for instance? Long trips never a problem for NCL if the RFL covered the travel for those particularly affected by it . £50k extra would easily cover all of that but hey ho this is the RFL with a turnover of £20 million investing in it's future....
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