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    Long lost amateur clubs

    Church team from Nel Pan Lane Leigh. Ultimately morphed like so many others into a current outfit . Amateur clubs were largely based on R C parishes , works teams and pubs. Triangle Valve were a works team from Pemberton , Wigan. There is a serious piece of work to be done here on our Sporting heritage , to thesis level. A doctorate in the history of the amateur game , with especial reference to the playing side ( not the history of Barla , which might be a stand alone topic anyway) would add massively to our culture , and be a good read ! I am also confident that such a project would secure the financial backing of the RFL and BARLA. How could they not ?
  2. del capo

    NCL Division 3

    The clubs have probably had them by now ? If not will certainly have them over next day or so. They have until 4th Feb to make observations before all fixtures for all divisions are made public.