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  1. del capo

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    It's not poor governance. Our structure is in fact recognised by UK Sport as a model for other sports. Either we have a 'whole game approach ' or we leave it to the factions who all declare their motives as being 'for the good of the game as a whole'.. to fight their individual corners to our collective detriment. Anyone who has actually seen the proposal put before the Council will recognise that it covered far more than just the elimination of the qualifying 8's and in fact impacted upon our game at all levels. The RFL tempered SLE demands . by negotiation , significantly. They secured balanced structural changes and TV investments post 2021. They were always on the back foot. Without that 'deal ' the RFL was a dead man walking and with that all the services supporting the game ,especially at grass roots level ,mortally threatened. And you say that the Community votes should not be there ? Their well considered votes swung behind the proposal ( 6 for with 1 abstention - not Barla - I am led to believe ) and led to : 1 SLE being able to say that they had a significant majority 2 Peace and consequent relative stability for the game as a whole - until the next time! And above all please take note and without doubt the game would have split and SLE walked away that very friday if the motion had not been passed. Their contingency plans were in place. The Community game stopped that happening. But hey ho by all means continue to seek to dis-enfranchise the vast majority with a 'top table' only view of the game when the Community game's far more knowledgeable reps need to have their say ......
  2. del capo

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Those 7 votes/ council seats were the price of Re-unification in 2004. Insisted upon by the then Sports Council and the parliamentarians. And it's far from unfair. Those bodies collectively have introduced to our sport more than 98 % of all our players. The RFL Performance Department tracks all Scholarship and Academy players and less than a couple of dozen have been sourced from elsewhere.... in the circumstances 7 out of 55 doesn't seem over generous to me for the contribution they make.
  3. del capo

    ‘League 1 South’

    It seems to be a re-launch of Conference South with travel subsidy and an 'open' players roster ( you can pay them if you want and can afford it ). It is Tier 4 alongside NCL and I would not be surprised if NCL were to help out with aspects of management. Aimed at the likes of All Golds, Nottingham(?) etc and even some of the L1 clubs finding it too hot in the kitchen at present. But yes a definite structure promising upward movement for participants when their time is right....
  4. del capo

    New league structure revealed

    This is no doubt why the RFL insisted on secret ballot rather than one where voters could be personally identified and perhaps victimized at a later date from either 'side'. The process as I understand it involved a reputable ex ref as teller and some colour coding of ballot sheets simply to identify the 'cross over ' votes without identifying who caste them , as required by the AoA. SL needed to capture at least 4 of them and then obtain a majority if not supported by any of their 'own' . The 7 Community votes representing more than 90%of the whole game seemingly swung in favour of the proposal and thereby added substantially to the overall majority.And they were certainly not pressurized either way......
  5. del capo

    RFL EGM this friday

    Not true Marauder. All the Council members representing the Community game are there by virtue of their members approval and are certainly not just RFL nominees. The 7; Damien Clayton for the Forces who helped break down the RFU apartheid and opened up our game to all. Halifax born and bred. Pat Crawshaw for the Students , current RFL vice-president ( first from the grassroots ) who also carries the sword for the Women and Girls Stuart Sheard from the Yorkshire Heartlands looking after Tier 5. He should need no introduction as Chair of Yorkshire summer season Trevor Hunt from Tier 4 , the incumbent chairman of NCL ( and still Affiliate and not full member of RFL ) Jan Robinson from the North East as Youth and Junior. Probably has the best growth figures in the entire game . Neil Ashton a Wigan schoolteacher looking after what was once called ESRL and main organiser for Champion Schools And Sue Taylor the Chair of Barla and also from the Pennine League That lot Marauder are far from pawns. They lead their part of the game and certainly not as RFL appointees.I think you will agree that they know more about the needs of our game than any individual Chairman /owner. Support and give feed back. Trevor at Tier 4 for instance now has a mandate. The Community reps could on friday well caste the votes that help stop the rest of them pressing the nuclear button........
  6. del capo

    RFL EGM this friday

    All seven Community reps will have received full details of the RFL/SLE proposals for restructure of the professional game and financing throughout the game, for the remaining SKY contract and beyond . NCL management as Tier 4 discussed the issues last night. No doubt BARLA, Colleges,Youth and Junior Leagues etc will have done the same. The Community Board meets on thursday , the EGM is for friday. The voting system is not straightforward but the Community votes could well make the difference. The Community reps are all democratically accountable to their members and I'm sure will share info if you ask yours... The Trade papers have also covered significant aspects of the joint proposals this week
  7. The grass roots game are being asked to vote on this very important EGM at RFL. Please make sure they take on board your views . You are the most important part of this game..
  8. In this important meeting of the Full Council on friday the Community Game with 7 votes actually seem to hold the balance of power. Who will best serve the grassroots game and by that the future ot TTG?
  9. del capo

    Long lost amateur clubs

    Church team from Nel Pan Lane Leigh. Ultimately morphed like so many others into a current outfit . Amateur clubs were largely based on R C parishes , works teams and pubs. Triangle Valve were a works team from Pemberton , Wigan. There is a serious piece of work to be done here on our Sporting heritage , to thesis level. A doctorate in the history of the amateur game , with especial reference to the playing side ( not the history of Barla , which might be a stand alone topic anyway) would add massively to our culture , and be a good read ! I am also confident that such a project would secure the financial backing of the RFL and BARLA. How could they not ?
  10. del capo

    NCL Division 3

    The clubs have probably had them by now ? If not will certainly have them over next day or so. They have until 4th Feb to make observations before all fixtures for all divisions are made public.