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  1. I suggest people read the rules before pontificating. NCL clubs voted in 2016 27-20 against a then constitutional rule change proposed by Management to allow dual registration under very controlled circumstances.. The Constitution and operational rules were subsequently varied to allow a simple majority vote but there is no current appetite to re-visit the point. The RFL continue to push but the NCL is still an affiliate RFL member only for good reason..... Now check Terms and Conditions Players. They have been around for a long time and their status is clearly amateur. Tiers 1 -3 Operational Rules at C1 and especially C1.1.21 cover them. Google it (but good luck trying to find them on the cr** RFL website ! ) In short Super League are not allowed to have any. Championship and League 1 are but only for reserve sides ( max10 ). As soon as they are picked for first team they become pro. I am not aware of central funding being available for such reserves so any semi pro club going that route will find it tough. Take up is bound to be extremely limited On a more interesting note isn't the Featherstone reserve coach also the newly appointed Shaw Cross one? Now it's me scratting my head Marauder.....
  2. del capo

    Play in France

    NCL players have enjoyed Elite 1 stays before now . Tony Suffolk from St Pats a few years ago springs to mind.......Albi ? NCL top 2 divisions are certainly on a par with Elite 2. Our Premier Champions used to play theirs away before finances became a bit of a problem at both ends. Great experience , totally recommend it .. Any player feeling like a punt should definitely go for it
  3. As an anecdote Methven, the then Chorley RLFC Chair came to put his case (firmly but eventually successfully , but he was a trade union rep after all ) to NCL re their inclusion. None other than Lindsay Hoyle , Parliamentary member for Chorley and son to now Leader of the House of Lords Doug ( the Warrington President ) a current front runner as Deputy Speaker to replace the current one ..... This game has many clans..... and still has friends in high places.....
  4. More or less right Methven. The RFL came to BARLA with the problem of their failing clubs ( nothing new there ) and a deal was struck involving travel grants, paid for match and other officials and one off regional league grants (Hull refused theirs ). Maurice Lindsay coined the phrase 'Conference ' to freshen it up. None of the pro clubs ( they still paid some of their players ) could hack it on the park against the NL sides and all fell by the wayside including Hemel. About 1996 if my memory still serves me correctly....
  5. del capo

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    Maybe the threads will be merged but in the meantime Tony Adams Institute were involved within 48 hours of Wigan RFL knowing about the problem and he is heading for in house treatment ( presumably at their expense). Sporting Chance doesn't cover just alcohol issues. The lad needs to be given some space. and for what it is worth the Wigan club to be commended when seemingly his issues have never previously been addressed to this level. If it all works out, great for Wigan and the game. If it doesn't . the loss is the lad and the Wigan club. and the game as a whole...... Draw a line .End of.. 2019 season is beckoning....
  6. If that is the case and enough pass the appropriate vetting from Marc Lovering at RFL to form a competition then I believe NCL have offered to manage it for the RFL ( who simply can't - they are bereft of personnel). But that would be a rude awakening for our friends from the south whose club culture and structure remains so different to those ' up north ' whose NCL clubs bedrock the pro game and are turning out on average 10 sides each The NCL stands ready but someone needs to pass out the smelling salts. Certainly willing and able to administer if the participants ( and enough of them ) are serious ...... NCL however not in the least bit interested in administering clubs with a potentially shambolic existence - their management has more than enough on their own plate at present !!..
  7. del capo

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    Hardaker , like that other 'Zac' ( Richard Gere ) in the film, has probably has ' GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. I got no where else to g.....I got nothing else .' If mental health is in play here then Wigan of all clubs I am sure will be as supportive as they can be and take a long and hard look before finalizing their position.
  8. del capo

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    No doubt once the Grand Final dust has settled Wigan will be addressing Hardacre's position. I imagine a statement will then be forthcoming.....
  9. del capo

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    And who is to say that Wigan aren't providing him with ' professional help' of the highest quality? Did Cas and Leeds do that for him?
  10. del capo

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    Maybe he needs both Wigan will be helping him out in ways other clubs can't/ won't. He remains a prodigious talent. The level of that Leeds Mags fine tells me he doesn't in fact take up a marquee slot. Whatever the social media stuff , it's his first conviction. Give him a break ( albeit his last one ). Wigan actually have a good record for this sort of thing....
  11. del capo

    London in Superleague

    It's no longer the remit of the RFL Kiwi 13 Funding will have to come from Super League itself for that sort of investment.... And advertising . promotional activity etc is all down to SL as well ever since the last Council meeting. Good luck with trying to persuade the Big Guys to throw money in London's direction - its a brave new world we have entered....
  12. del capo

    London in Superleague

    Its firmly an SL issue/problem , no longer that of the RFL as such. SL are building walls , literally ( yes you read that right ) at Media City to divide activity so this one is definitely one for Rob Elstone's in tray. This great game continues to challenge both on and off the park. Toronto had it all - crowds, a bankrolling billionaire, strong squad and free travel / accommodation offers to the rest of SL. A vision for the dreamers..... And then they ended up in an arm wrestle with a team of journeymen caste offs with a point to prove and a team spirit forged from their roots. London definitely spoiled the party. But a club with no real ground, poor support ,dubious board level funding . Massive potential but we have been here many times before........over to you Rob - it's not just the next TV contract you'll be judged on .....
  13. del capo

    2 Refs in SL for 2019.

    The RFL Council 3 years ago were presented with a seasons match statistics indicating our rucks were in fact quicker than theirs ( they had done a similar exercise ) Have we really got slower or them quicker since then? That said we are definately messier , but that's down to our coaches and the man in the middle...
  14. del capo

    Widnes relegated

    You have lost your grassroots . Where are the Tigers, Simmies or Maries anymore? West Bank just chucked out of NWML. Without your feeders you have no locally based future. Other clubs , from the bottom to the VERY top need to take serious note....the blood transfusion that is to the pro game from amateur game to keep it going needs to be looked after far more than for instance the next Aussie walkabout.....