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  1. 3 DR and 2 loans is hardly a squad full. We have around 24 in our first team squad plus 25ish in reserves. Building nicely after the pre season we have losing around 20 players and a coach.
  2. Just seen the highlights. What an appalling decision, didn’t even need to see the slow motion replay. It was probably offside but definitely short and nowhere near a grounding. Hard to take when we lost by a point.
  3. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    Squad numbers then. 1. Available 2. Available 3. Teteh 4. Hardcastle 5. Carey 6. A Boas 7. W Boas 8. Wheeldon 9. King 10. Bussey 11. Delaney 12. Day 13. Lockwood 14. Davies 15. Cooper 16. Maskill 17. Harrison 18. Darley 19. Beckett 20. Hartley 21. Punchard 22. Whylie 23. Render 24. McDaniel
  4. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    Squad numbers being announced but interestingly no number 1 or 2.
  5. Jack Render has signed from Cas so that’s another
  6. Jordan Taylor was in the squad last weekend too. Will be interesting to see how many reserve signings get squad numbers tonight.
  7. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    That’s sad news if true, PNG is in the top 10 countries for TB cases I believe. Any ideas who we could be talking to, another overseas player? Need them in quick.
  8. Whylie A.Boas King Harrison Bussey all to come into contention too.
  9. Obviously no squad list announced yet but can we assume we are running a 22 man squad at this stage? Hartley Whylie McDaniel Hardcastle Teteh Carey W.Boas A.Boas Richardson Punchard King Maskill Cooper Wheeldon Beckett Darley Harrison Davies Delaney Lockwood Bussey Day plus DR?
  10. We have Whylie Teteh A Boas W Boas King Maskill Cooper Wheeldon Delaney Harrison Day Lockwood Bussey plus anymore new signings and dual reg to come in. Hard to judge us still until we get anywhere near our first team out. One thing that can be said the is that the preparation for this season has been really poor due to such a turnover of players and the fact the coach still isn’t here.
  11. Rarefrith

    New GM

    The Facebook forum gets the most traffic these days I believe.
  12. Rarefrith

    Season tickets

    Season ticket.....poor buggers
  13. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to a season less than this one. The squad is absolutely dire.