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  1. I stand by my earlier post, 5 day turnaround for those heroes today. All the players were outstanding today, what an effort!!
  2. This all stems from mis management at the top in my opinion. The squad was never big enough so start with, add injuries to that and releasing players due to gambling all in on the top 4 and here we have it. The reliance on the Rhinos to bump up the numbers only gets you so far as seen now. Numerous occasions this season we’d have struggled to put 17 Rovers players on the pitch. It’s time for Mr Campbell to move on, thanks for your great woark but I think there needs to be a fresh approach. Build again with a reserve squad especially for occasions like today.
  3. Rarefrith

    Major Recruitment

    Also suggests Jay Duffy and Powell, John’s assistants have gone. Surely he needs a new assistant for next season? Hope we keep Ridyard and Wildie as half backs.
  4. Rarefrith

    Major Recruitment

    Moore, Thornton, Thackeray, Maskill?
  5. Rarefrith

    Coaching staff

    It seems John Duffy has gone from two assistant coaches to none. Surely an impossible task if true, surely he will have at least one assistant going forward?
  6. Rarefrith

    He's back

    Guess Aaron Smith has gone back?
  7. Hardman Taulapapa Hardcastle Walton Robinson Davies Thackeray Wheeldon Carlile Cooper Walters Lockwood Hock. C.Smith A.Smith Moore Knowles
  8. Briscoe playing for Leeds tonight
  9. Rarefrith

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    We only own 22 players, 2 of them are out on loan now. It’s a low amount to for any season of rugby. Noticed nobody put their name to the statement, was just a Fev spokesmen. The club really need to explain where we are going with this.
  10. Rarefrith

    M.O.M. Fev V Toulouse (H)

    Not easy to pick but will go. 1. Clark 2. Thackeray 3. Briscoe
  11. Rarefrith

    M.O.M. Fev V Halifax

    1. Holmes 2. Ridyard 3. Moore
  12. I bet Parksider has been crying all morning, poor lad!
  13. The license system did great for club finances, a real revelation!!
  14. No point arguing with this bloke Keighley.