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  1. I bet Parksider has been crying all morning, poor lad!
  2. The license system did great for club finances, a real revelation!!
  3. No point arguing with this bloke Keighley.
  4. That's right, but finish 4th and that team would have to win another game against a SL side in the 4th v 5th playoff to gain promotion. Its gonna be hard but its a better system than licensing for me, all games mean something. The 3rd 8 are playing to win a trophy also and to stay in the championship as the bottom 2 of the 3rd 8 get relegated and 2 get promoted from championship 1. I think this will be a success.
  5. Martyn Sadler should be receiving a copy of the latest Fev accounts soon. Thought this guy was meant to be a respected journalist?
  6. Its true, the match doesn't mean half as much as it should and as it would in a proper sport. Still be a great day though but no nerves whatsoever for that reason!!
  7. I want us to win badly but no point being nervous as promotion isn't on the line. Think we'll win comfortably.
  8. Its true, our floodlights are absolutely shocking to be fair. Can hardly see other end of the pitch when behind the sticks. Definately one of the things that need addressing when ground gets redeveloped.
  9. Its correct, we won the league leaders shield but the champions are the grand finals winners unfortunately as it works in modern rugby league. Leeds Rhinos have been the Super League champions for last 3 years, they haven't finished top every season though.
  10. I ordered off the online store today and got an email confirmation with the heading of Halifax RLFC store
  11. A truely amazing season and an outstanding achievement. What progression in a season. 10 out 10 wins away from home too. Lets kick on now for the playoffs, looks like Halifax at home. 3000 crowd could be on i reckon!!! Finishing top of the league is of equal importance or maybe more for us as winning the grand final , promotion is not a reality for us unfortunately. Would love us to be at Warrington though, we have been consistently the best side outside SuperLeague this season and a grand final win would be the pinnacle of what we can achieve!!!
  12. Haven 16-34 Fev
  13. Hardaker, Steel, Saxton, Briggs, Finn, Kain, Dickens, Morrison, Tonks, Divorty, Spears, Allan, Grayshon, Dale. Anymore? Club not mentioned anything about Hardman, Welham or Smeaton as far as i'm aware?
  14. Signing for Cas next season according to postings on their forum, anyone heard anything?
  15. So potentially losing Parker and Saxton will not affect our chances of winning the grand final!!!? Your so chilled out and confident i bet you wear your cap back to front!!