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  1. Rarefrith

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    The club needs to react swiftly to get new coaching staff in and have a structure and plan in place for pre season. Can only imagine what the players especially the new ones were thinking last night turning up with a threadbare squad and no coaches. We definitely need more new players too, a squad of 20 including 3 who won’t get here until January at the earliest is ridiculous. Has nothing been learnt from last season about squad depth?
  2. Rarefrith

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    We are on 19 aren’t we? Hartley Whylie Hardcastle Walton Teteh Ridyard W.Boas A.Boas Punchard Maskill Cooper Wheeldon Darley Beckett Harrison Davies Delaney Lockwood Day
  3. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

  4. Rarefrith

    Reserve grade for next season

    This is great news.
  5. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    You serious?
  6. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    Only Thackeray not confirmed anything isn’t there?
  7. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    Not heard anything. When are they back in for pre season? Only got 17 players signed up, way off where we need to be yet.
  8. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

  9. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    Off the pitch we are a mess. £1.2m in debt, the club is unsustainable in its current form.
  10. Rarefrith

    private equity company land plans

    Would like to know that. This really is shocking!!!
  11. Rarefrith

    private equity company land plans

    £1.2m debt, that doesn’t suggest this club has been run very well does it. What a mess.
  12. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    Where have you heard this? Hope it’s true, definitely worth another year. 18 tries this season despite not being first choice and injury.
  13. Rarefrith

    2019 Squad

    Nothing on Farrell, Brooks or Maskill yet? Would like to keep them all.
  14. Rarefrith


    With another young player signing confirmed (Jimmy Beckett from Cas) are the club running a reserve squad next season? Would make sense with the amount of young players signing that we are maybe looking to have around 30 plus Fev owned players? Has the club confirmed anything about a reserve squad?
  15. I stand by my earlier post, 5 day turnaround for those heroes today. All the players were outstanding today, what an effort!!