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  1. Remain MP's from other parties would have voted in May's favour to get the all-party talks going, on other votes would she have this backing or even Boris on side.
  2. Marauder

    Challenge cup 2019

    It was sky, We played Thatto Heath (Who was the chosen team) in the second round after beating Askam away in the first round.
  3. Marauder

    Challenge cup 2019

    I remember sky picking an amateur team to follow in the first round and then their conquerors as the rounds progressed towards the final.
  4. Marauder


    Last time I looked the 3rd division had a full fixture program, league games for the other divisions will be fitted in around local and National cup games - I personally believe that league fixtures should take priority but BARLA have always given it to cup games.
  5. Marauder

    Equal Pay

    Go commercial and stop being the mouthpiece of the elite.
  6. Marauder

    Equal Pay

    Was the job advertised with a set salary, What was she on before getting the job, is she happy with her wage and if not why did she take the job.
  7. Marauder


    But not as friendly 😎
  8. Marauder


    I'm sure someone does
  9. Marauder


    Where is the Lionhearts coach from ?
  10. Marauder

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    The Brits are as tribal as the Afghans - If it happened would it be the death of the present professional clubs.
  11. Marauder

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    Goodwill and comradery
  12. Marauder

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    I'm not sure, I wasn't there at the meeting when they decided to allow Lancashire teams into the competition, It seems they where a much nicer and not such a mardy bunch back then.
  13. Marauder

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    Still mardy.
  14. Marauder

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    OK - The RFL Yorkshire Cup is a rugby league county cup competition for teams in Yorkshire. Starting in 1905 the competition ran, with the exception of 1915 to 1918, until the 1992–93 season when it folded due to fixture congestion. The competition was open to all senior member clubs of the Rugby Football League in Yorkshire and was normally played in the opening months of the season. On two occasions, 1918–19 and 1940–41 the competition was held towards the end of the season due the two world wars. During the Second World War the Lancashire Cup was not played for between 1941 and 1945 and several Lancashire clubs were admitted into the Yorkshire Cup competition
  15. Marauder

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    They've played in the competition before.