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  1. Since 2004 I've heard all the hype about expansion and I've seen umpteen none starters simply because it's one or two men and a dog who want to run a team, they put everything down on paper, make it look rosy and simply hope that enough players will turn up to play the game.
  2. Welcome to the present working world in the UK
  3. But It will all depend on what the school actually has to spend their budget on, lets say in Germany it all goes on teacher while in the UK it goes on teachers, cleaners, grass cutting etc and why should the Times education supplement guy be listened too, he's probably another horrible silver spooned tw @ who hasn't a clue about the council estates while being groomed for an higher position within the Tory party.
  4. I suggest playing in a season which doesn't have to many distractions - we've just lost our U8'S & U9'S, I can't believe they want to play a sport in the winter when it's cold, dark and damp.
  5. Got to agree and AJ & Klitschko sol tickets without it.
  6. Exactly !!! That's why I've said he'll have to knock $$$$$ out within 4 rounds and their is no doubting he can punch and he can take a decent shot as well - It's also no good watching his cage fights, the stance is completely different to boxing and the method to void being hit is as well - My son in law was a decent boxing who turned to Muay Thai and became a British Champion, on the way he knocked a lot out but also got knocked out once early doors simply because he had been employing a boxing stance which doesn't allow you to get away from the odd knee. Two weeks ago winning a pro fight in Thailand 2nd round KO.
  7. He is known for his stricking
  8. I can see either of them winning in the first 2 to 4 rounds, if it goes longer you have to look towards a Mayweather victory
  9. good job there wasn't a notable fire anywhere else in the capital that night.
  10. Yep but the Tories aren't bothered about the humane cost
  11. He was a player coming to the end of his career at the time with Huddersfield
  12. The stripped down and under manned fire service did their duty and beyond, , if cuts in the refurbishment hadn't been taken the policy of stopping in your flat would have worked
  13. How do you know it's his choice not to coach
  14. And Powell went where
  15. Thatcher said the Nottinghamshire pits where safe as well. Good news if they don't get sold and moved to a new location.