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  1. Look at the sh it they where in and survived, I'm sure we'll do ok in the big cold world.
  2. I can't see why so many problems are being put in the way of leaving, how did countries like Poland, Latvia, & Croatia manage when they became self governed Can't see the greedy picking up the bill.
  3. Of course they are worse off, you never see a new policy that takes a penny from the elite but the VERY poor are always being hit, the reason prices keep going up is greed as for a green charge, shouldn't the provider be delivering a cleaner service/product.
  4. Then your gas, electric and other services go up, so you end up giving your little tax break to the rich and not really spending it on what you like.
  5. Should a working man/woman be in the very poor bracket in 2019
  6. Hard call with it being the final, I'm hoping for a solid open game with a few twists and turns, If East play like they did in the semi they'll take some beating.
  7. YORKSHIRE MEN'S LEAGUE - FO Bramley Buffaloes 19:45 East Hull at Goole AFC ground Address: Victoria Pleasure Grounds, Marcus St, Goole DN14 6SL
  8. I'd swap the alpha male image for being able to sing.
  9. Probably start by building our warships in this country with British Steel, open the mines and use steel arches made from British Steel, build all new steel framed building with British Steel.
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