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  1. Toll Bar last 20 minutes was shocking and on that showing it's going to be a long season if they don't get players back soon.
  2. Nottingham where well disciplined and did the easy things well whilst keeping a good shape, they'll win more than they'll lose, I'm not sure what has happened at Toll Bar but the team they put out today only 2 or 3 would be starters in last years team and most would have struggled to get a game with the winter team they put against us, I know their coach quit when they decided for summer rugby only, he had a massive influence in recruiting players over the last couple of years and they all seemed to want to play for him. Their ex-coach lives in Thorne so it could be worth us having chat with him.
  3. Now the winter season has finished and the East Hull v Sharlston game is off I'm going to watch Doncaster Toll Bar v Nottingham Outlaws
  4. I've a friend from Manila who has lived in the UK for the last 35 years, she has two sons (big units) who have both played Rugby League for Doncaster Toll Bar, sadly all three go to watch Leeds Rhinos on a regular basis. I'll pass this on the her.
  5. Yep and you asked question about them that can't all be answered regarding finances, hence the how long is a piece of string, which is probably the best answer for your questions. I apologise if I was a little sarcastic but isn't this thread about TWP
  6. When has Castleford been in Canada (Probably is a town somewhere I suppose but not with a WF postcode) or even Championship 1, When was Castleford last a development area ?
  7. Level playing field it's not and what is sport about and what good is handing out thrashing against clubs in other development areas
  8. How long is a piece of string ?
  9. Not knocking Gary, he's proof you don't have to be a product of a uni (maybe he is) to become a super CEO
  10. So employing JUST a pit manager by Cas didn't give them a person with experience lol, He would have been dealing with the amounts daily what Gary was dealing with in a season at Sheffield
  11. Leeds employed a double glazing salesman but he's worked wonders.
  12. Talk of development and more $$ to attract more NRL players Hasn't the influx of aged NRL players into SL in the past been one of the reasons we've been slow in developing our own players to the required standard.
  13. Simply solved, make the relationships better with the amateur clubs and not just a RFL designated amateur club, they're are loads of amateur club administrators out there who at the present have walked away from the game, try identifying them and wooing them back to the game, listen to what they have to say instead of bullying them into a system that they don't like, this can be done for next to nothing if a little bit of savvy is used,
  14. Do they till play on the school fields with the big slopes and the owner of Bulldog Sports in Leeds is an ex-Hanging Heaton player.