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  1. On paper, I was looking on the YML website and many of the teams that's being claimed have folded or play 12 months a year, I was also having a little think today, how many teams that dipped their toes in the summer season 10, 11 or 12 years ago are still about ? Then lets make a list of teams who could field two open-aged teams when they played in the winter but are now actually struggling to fill a team sheet in the summer, the problem we've got now is the policy makers have made it difficult to go back to the winter unless it's to the Pennine and a lot of people have fallen out with their management (Inclusive) All BARLA require is someone with man management skills, vision and the two things in a sack
  2. You have to realise that amateur teams can change in playing standard season by season and at the moment neither summer or winter is stable.
  3. We could finance a self build ourselves, we've got a large plot of land we could sell in the middle of the village we bought 20 odd years ago.
  4. 14th January 2017 The Pennine League Cup Competitions have been drawn and the first round is as follows; Pennine Presidents Cup Round One West Leeds Eagles v St Josephs Queens v Upton Underbank Rangers v Lindley Swifts Fryston Warriors v Sharlston Rovers Andrew Bennett Memorial Trophy Round One Hanging Heaton v Ossett Trinity Clayton v Wakefield City Newsome Panthers v Illingworth Ovenden v Crigglestone All Blacks Victoria Rangers v Woodhouse Warriors Brighouse Rangers v Wyke West Craven Warriors v Hollinwood Cutsyke Raiders; Bye Pennine Supplementary Cup Round One Swillington v Sherburn Bears Kinsley Raiders v Beeston Broncos Wyke A v Silsden Allerton Bywater, Birkenshaw, Dewsbury Celtic, Doncaster Toll Bar, Eastmoor Dragons, Greetland All Rounders, King Cross Park, Moorends Thorne Marauders, Queensbury, Selby Warriors, Siddal, Slaithwaite Saracens, Wortley Dragons; Byes Ties will mostly be played on February 11th
  5. They did at an earlier date but in larger numbers for a longer period of time The York league was a decent little league before the NCL was formed, a lot of the clubs joined together or took another clubs players to fill the stiff criteria. Without checking I think York had 4 teams in the NCL at one point, could this have had a bearing on that leagues demise.
  6. Where does this only a 1% on this and 1% on that end after all we only have 100 of them, maybe if the people who are avoiding paying vast amounts coughed up then we may actually get a 1% decrease in our tax bills.
  7. Does that mean that he actually cares about the NHS and isn't looking to get it into a position so it needs private funding for it to survive.
  8. Maybe our young school leavers will be able to find work and more importantly learn to work whilst on the bottom rung which has been taken up by cheap EU labour, maybe people will be able to move into full time employment and not on a zero hour contract.
  9. So your saying that he want's cheap EU workers not to be exploited, I suppose his reasoning will be if all workers are costing the same then companies will/may start to employ British workers who are being overlooked because they are more likely to stand up and join a union
  10. Let the so called best executives go if they want to go, I'm sure they'll all find new jobs and it will give young blood t chance to step into the breach and shine, talking about the breach, Russia did OK in the 2nd WW when Stalin let (sort of speak) many of his top officers go
  11. To much infighting with our local council and power changes between the two main local parties every 4 years or so, the Recreation ground is a 28 acre site and really has scope to be turn into a first class sports venue, the local council has it on a 99 year lease from Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation so are reluctant to spend, however we do have a good plot of land within the village that could be sold and the proceeds used on a self build clubhouse, we have all the necessary tradesmen to easily carry out this task. Because other areas are upgrading their facilities the Moorends/Thorne area has seen locals going out of the area to play their sport, in fact the two local cricket teams have both folded, the main football team have gone from what was the Yorkshire Premier Division standard down to just above he local pub league and we've also gone through a recent bad patch.
  12. The thing is there is plenty of good people around with excellent ideas it's getting the old guard to see it and release their grip slightly
  13. A few more from when we sorted the ground out Changing rooms in the background.