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  1. wally lewis is coming

    Skinned them down the blind side "Try"
  2. wally lewis is coming

    South Park Kenny ?
  3. wally lewis is coming

    I suppose if the promoter was as classy he or she would be doing the speaking and giving the customers a good night out to remember.
  4. Private good - public bad

    Elite owned companies testing the elite for crime's committed "Not guilty"
  5. The Paradise Papers

    It's a completely different reason why the poor in your example cheat the system.
  6. The Paradise Papers

    The system is devised by the people who do it, the little fish who think they're big fish are only gaining chicken corn compared to the really big dodgers.
  7. Ncl cup 2018

    If I remember correctly the NCL management wouldn't give you free dates to take part in the National Cup not so long ago.
  8. YML

    Not delivering the goods, Even you and I could organise a jolly here and there even if we travelled in a hired mini bus, grant we'd have to take turns in driving it.
  9. YML

    BARLA was supposed to receive something like £150,000 a year to run the amateur game, that soon went AWOL
  10. YML

    That explains why the amateur game is in such a mess - That old saying springs to mind, "Never let an officer loose with a map"
  11. YML

    I've also said run two short seasons with promotion and relegation at the end of both seasons
  12. YML

    They do control it all now, Insurance via RFL, registration of players via RFL, Coaching courses via RFL, League websites via RFL I'm not sure about anything else.
  13. YML

    Wonder if the RFL will hand it over to BARLA to run, lol
  14. YML

    No he is saying that looks like the winter season give of take a week, maybe they have realised summer isn't working