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  1. Pennine League Championship Hunslet Club Parkside v Brighouse Rangers Newsome Panthers v Queens Siddal v Illingworth Ossett Trinity v Upton Ovenden v Sharlston Rovers Division 2 West West Craven Warriors v Boothtown Terriers Underbank Rangers v Cowling Harlequins Silsden v King Cross Park Hanging Heaton v Greetland All Rounders Hollinwood v Moldgreen Division 2 Central Wortley Dragons v Clayton Swillington v Woodhouse Warriors Beeston Broncos v Wakefield City Queensbury v Eastmoor Dragons Oulton Raiders v Birkenshaw Blue Dogs Division 2 East Methley Royals v Moorends Thorne Featherstone Lions v Dearne Valley Bulldogs Lock Lane v Allerton Bywater Kinsley Hotel Raiders v Kippax Welfare Selby Warriors v East Leeds Upton A v Doncaster Toll Bar
  2. Hull League

    You need a change at the top and a re-think to make the competition more attractive, probably start with a good PRO who will take the job seriously and get back into The HDM, back in the day it used to give excellent coverage of the amateur game around Hull, rethink the season, does it have to be one 9 month season or could you divide it into two shorter seasons allowing promotion and relegation twice in one year - Does any of the committee go round Hull talking to the clubs ?
  3. Hull League

    I remember the Premier division only having 5 teams years ago, Beecroft, Dockers, West Hull, Ace & Myson
  4. Hull League

    We've had to transfer 7 of our players back as well, the playing league has a list they get from league net which is controlled by the RFL, My point is a few seasons ago you could be registered with a winter and summer club at the same time but now you can't and have to transfer.
  5. Hull League

    The days of being registered in the summer and winter at the same time has gone, players are now required to be registered with the RFL
  6. Replacing CLS

    Did you know your own team left the Yorkshire leagues to play in the midlands once upon a time ?
  7. Replacing CLS

    I'd have sooner seen more players/teams playing in a short season in the summer, IMO I thought it was a very good system to bring people into the game and at the same time making more people aware of the game.
  8. Replacing CLS

    I'm saying the South has been dropped by the RFL like a hot spud and at the moment is in a worse state than it was in the winter years, after saying that would it have survived today, who knows ?
  9. Replacing CLS

    Only on a RFL broken promise or white lie, I remember most of the Southern lads who'd played under BARLA knocking the association for not helping the South enough, LO AND BEHOLD where have the RFL disappeared to.
  10. Replacing CLS

    When the merit league was first brought in it was for new clubs and clubs to run a 2nd team that may not always be able to raise a team and not necessarily just for new players in fact I can't name one Yorkshire based team that had a team of brand new players, they all had an hard core of experienced players
  11. Replacing CLS

    I've watched a lot of summer rugby and the standard wasn't poor by any means, I'd put a lot of the teams in the early to mid 2000's against anyone playing in the YML Premier now.
  12. Replacing CLS

    If Toll Bar lads where willing to travel to Leicester and Derby attracted lads from Hull a few years ago, Lincoln had the BARLA hooker when they played in the RLC I'm sure lads from other areas will have travelled south before the drip became a flow.
  13. Replacing CLS

    I'm well aware of the RFL pulling the funding to the development officers (Yet another indication of self preservation at the top) I also don't get the need for funding the day to day running of the amateur clubs, BARLA clubs seemed to have done this by running raffles and lotteries, as for the NCL going summer they where conned by their committee/RFL and offered funding towards their travel costs which didn't last long. I'm glad you mentioned the southern expansion of league 1 and that it would have killed off the RLC National division because isn't that why the NCL expanded so quickly to take more teams into summer and away from the traditional season.
  14. Replacing CLS

    Pardon me but why hasn't the game expanded into a longer summer season either, Why did the RLC get dropped once the RFL got their hands on the NCL ? I also see so many permutations offered by you and others on here and not one has worked to date, on the other hand the short summer season did have more teams/players playing the game and teams could get a game without having to travel vast distances. I'm not sure where you get all your info from but it must be a higher source than any rugby league forum and at times like the RFL seem completely out of touch with how an amateur club actually works.
  15. Replacing CLS

    I know of a few Toll Bar lads who went to play in the CLS before they tried summer rugby. So many if's, but's, twists and turns in the asylum, from what I have witnessed over the last 15 years the amateur game was at it's best when played in the winter with the RLC in the summer, I actually believe that the short season in the summer gave rugby league greater media exposure across the country which in turn attracted many more people to the sport.