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  1. Barla National Cup

    I never went mate, I was busy working, I got the score from Alex Palmer by text
  2. Barla National Cup

    Toll Bar 10 - 13 St Annes
  3. Carillion - gone?

    Boys looking after the boys, next month we'll have Carillion sponsoring a union club for £5 million
  4. Carillion - gone?

    I've found Caddick to be one of the best payers.
  5. Carillion - gone?

    I will not work for any of the big construction companies, they always want a cheap price and always looking at ways to screw you over by holding back retentions, they have sent thousands of small firms under this way and never once batted an eyelid, the only fear for the small companies now is the Carillion site management teams will be filtering into the smaller good construction companies out there.
  6. Reserve and Academy teams

    You did, after leaving the army I was AN Other & SO Else and few times in the 80's, we got about £30.00 for a win and I can't remember what it was for a loss.
  7. Reserve and Academy teams

    I hate to see teams who rely on the big lad system, I can honestly say I've never coached that way and I suppose one of the reasons was I once was a smallish child up to leaving school, I joined the army at 15 and by the time I reached 21 I'd grown to 6 foot 4 and 17 stone
  8. Reserve and Academy teams

    Would be a good starting point but I do feel that the RFL Have been more bothered about flags on maps than actually sorting out the deficiency in player numbers.
  9. Reserve and Academy teams

    I'd like to see professional coaching in schools, hopefully this would increase the numbers taking the game up at age grouped level, I would also like to see the criteria to start a team up to be lowered to encourage more mams and dads to start teams (this would benefit areas miles in the sticks/outside M62) Let the pro clubs track the kids but not stop them playing for their local side they started with (Don't start telling them to go to a different club) professional to oversee inter-town games from 15 to 17 years and then run their own academy 18 to 19
  10. Reserve and Academy teams

    Doesn't happen mate, they tell the young kids not to play for their amateur clubs so I can't see adults being allowed, example some players can turn out for union clubs but not their amateur clubs during the winter, what's that all about !!!
  11. Reserve and Academy teams

    The amateur game in Keighley is just about dead compared to a few years ago.
  12. Reserve and Academy teams

    the amateur game at this moment in time is struggling for players, wouldn't 16s, 18s & 21s/reserve take players away forcing many amateur clubs to fold ?
  13. The last one did well with Halifax I feel self preservation and a closed shop will be the order of the day again