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  1. Marauder

    ‘League 1 South’

    Wrapping up the parcel in glittering paper by rebranding and offering a few quid towards open-age transport isn't the answer, hype only lasts a short time, maybe offering support towards U10's to U17's would be a far better area to start building for a better future, the kids also need to be playing with their mates and no filtered off to an elite club as well, these age groups also need exposing to teams from the heartlands because the difference I saw between the two areas wasn't the basic skills but the little cute things they did.
  2. Marauder

    ‘League 1 South’

    Tim, I think the little set up you had at the Chargers was a good template for any club to base themselves on, look how far you'd leapt forward in such a short time and I'd put that down to excellent management, commitment and competing against established clubs week in and week out in the heartlands and I'm confident you'd be playing and competing in the YML Premier by now.
  3. Marauder

    ‘League 1 South’ had over 20 years of building the game from the top and look at the mess it's in now, someone has to realise it needs building from the bottom with nationwide development to produce more players of all standards.
  4. Marauder

    ‘League 1 South’

    I would like to know where the players for this paper pyramid are coming from because many of the teams being mentioned can't fulfil all their fixtures now, I remember when the RLC all of a sudden got Premier divisions, this seemed to be the recipes for disaster in the RLC. Small divisions plenty of RFL funded development over a 10 year period and I reckon we'd see a solid competition in the South.
  5. Marauder

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Narrrr someone's livelihood could be on the line, who knows who reads these posts.
  6. Marauder

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Why should I incriminate someone on a social media site because your on your bullying high horse, I'm over your way in a couple of weeks, I'll tell you to your face if you really want to know his name, the game and the date, I'll even tell you the score.
  7. Marauder

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Sounds like a threat to me
  8. Marauder

    Yorkshire men’s play offs

    I missed the game because I had to go to Goole to pick my lad up after he'd been involved in a road traffic accident.
  9. Marauder

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    "Yawnnn" Keep chipping away until you work it out.
  10. Marauder

    Pennine website (New)

    The Pennine have their own website now and it's the RFL who up dated the RFL run one of last season, if you didn't know the RFL made many cut backs and many of these where in the support areas like maintaining their website which they do ok during the RFL run summer season.
  11. Marauder

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    I always thought this issue was a deep south one along with which relations are mam and dad.
  12. Marauder

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    You wouldn't even know him if I named him but I used to go to their home as the ex-wife was best mates with his wife.
  13. Marauder

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Not surprising, I always played sweeper.