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    Possibly as a player there right I watched him last season and brain was sharp but body weary. Seaton got beat at Derwent Park back in 2006 by a very good West Bowling team in the challenge cup. Leon Pryce was the coach of West Bowling that season so hes not coming into the job with no experience
  2. Name 2 things.

    Its hard for the club because everyone works flat out and resources are stretched. Personally id like to see a few innovations such as below: Community club day - every player to wear the shorts and socks of there community club and all those from that club given discounted match day tickets for that game. Make it south wales which would attract a poor crowd to try and get people in. Ticket Cashback - I noticed that NW Crusaders charge £10 per ticket so surely we have some flexibility to be able to offer local sports clubs, charitable organisations cash back from tickets purchased if we can do advanced sales. We could maybe trial it for the Bradford game and also the Whitehaven game and offer it to all sports clubs across allerdale and copeland

    As well as the young players amateur team training that would mean four nights per week. Last winter several Seaton lads trained with the club maybe the next step is to identify so many players and have them train with town say once per fortnight or whatever is workable for all parties
  4. Coaches position advertised

    It's just been tweeted by Aaron bower of league express that our new coach is Leon Pryce Great appointment
  5. New signings

    If you think that's a backline to succeed in the pro game then I'm glad you haven't time to be on the board
  6. New signings

    Yep all that for zilch why can't we find rugby league players like that for town
  7. Silly season has begun. Rumours etc.

    We lost the donny game cos we couldn't defend our try line for toffee in truth
  8. New signings

    Must be good to have lads going all the way to down county at least twice a week then doing long bus journeys on top for away games
  9. New signings

  10. New signings

    He's too quiet I'd say and generally you need to have grown up playing in those positions but he's a talent There's a kid at Seaton who's a bit special I won't name him but if he isn't a town player of some impact in future I'll be amazed
  11. New signings

    I'm with you on that Gary someone's in denial or away with the fairies
  12. New signings

    Im aware of what lads are getting and it goes well beyond the cost of travel. Name the backline that would do so well. Ill start you off Mike Fearon would make an excellent signing helped by years of playing league as a kid. Who else?
  13. New signings

    The best talent is ultimately at Kendal and Penrith unfortunately those clubs pay well
  14. Callum leaves

    That's a real food question. My take would be coaches viewed him as an impact player best used off the bench but all players want to play as often and as long as possible As a comparison. When Roby done that for Cunningham at Saints early in his career I'm guessing he was fine with that. Imagine if Cunningham retired and then a new nine meant Roby was still playing the off the bench role.
  15. Callum leaves

    I don't know anymore on this than anyone else as it's a while since I've seen Callum my guess would be that it's the fall out from the Dave Clark situation while ultimately Dave left being left in the wilderness at the end of the season has maybe left the lad feeling let down. When Matty went he should have been Squad number nine and started games but it didn't play out that way To speak of him as a person when he was at Seaton he spent our summer break playing for Wath Brow as he wasn't long back from a bad injury and he was a regular at 9 while they were top of the NCL playing great rugby and wanted him to stay with them. I told him we'd understand if he did. Not only did he stay at Seaton he rallied the lads to make sure we got to the end of what was a season of struggle. The reasons don't matter and he's gone but he gave his all every game from his debut hat trick against Whitehaven onwards and took some punishment in a town shirt (countless concussions) and for his commitment we should thank him