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  1. IMO Singleton is a centre rather than a loose forward Brad Fearon is a work in progress but he has potential. Liam Wood put in big minutes his fitness levels are excellent
  2. Scott Rooke and Sam Dowsett
  3. John patrick Connor Fitzsimmons Jason Mossop also Scott Rooke was Towns best today I thought
  4. Think a papers jumped the gun the article has now gone excellent signing just the experience and creativity we need
  5. After having the begging bowls out last year the most important thing is financial sensibility. Id guess the bod have only budgeted for average crowds of around 500 and that's sensible. Anymore than that and we risk running big losses. Everyone wants a successful team but the club needs to build itself back up from the ground and cannot afford to push the boat out in an unsustainable manner
  6. Correct Big Mac there are several clubs producing talented young players for the future 👍🏻 shame players of potential not ready for open age are lost to the game after they leave under 16 rugby. That's the big conundrum locally to solve
  7. Any reason why you're singling Seaton out WML? Player development is a big thing and it's important not to rush players to make sure they can withstand the demands on the body of pro rugby long term
  8. No chance of a couple of overseas the quality is already good a couple of experienced forwards and a few more hungry locals. Last year five teams in this league were beaten by amateur opposition in the challenge cup we know it's gonna be tough competing with the top three or four but most games are there to be won
  9. To clarify marauder, my club play in the cumbria mens league and if the comp started in February we would enter. I can tell you a number of other clubs have the same stance. January is too early for teams many of whom will be one week into pre season. All I want is to see the BARLA national cup restored to some of its past glory
  10. JJ will be 20 now cant class him as an academy player
  11. Think the squad is shaping up really well now Excellent addition
  12. If the competition started in February it would attract far more clubs from the YML, CML, North West. The NCL is never going to be part of it and to be fair when the season runs until November who wants to be playing rugby so early? BARLA have had the feedback to change the date and havent. attitudes have changed but BARLA have completely accelerated the demise of the cup.
  13. Complete and utter joke! BARLA have every chance of making it a fantastic cup competition yet wont listen, wont budge and have made what was once such a prestigious trophy into a joke with declining numbers.
  14. Brad is back in the local area, he never played for anyone last season after his release from Wigan, hopefully in the future when the time is right he will give it another go with Town. He was an England youth international but Wigan tried to make him into a prop which he never really had the size for
  15. Another Yorkshire based team? Really??