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  1. I can remember a good few years back a Yorkshire team got Warrington bank quay in the challenge cup and claimed £800 as there bus bill its half after expenses and I'm guessing Leeds will have lots of stewarding and security costs they'll deduct making a dent in Doncaster and Barrows pay day
  2. I suspect Caine has gone to Swinton as they have DR with Wigan and can be recalled to play Wigan reserves etc as they weren't keen on loaning him out great experience for him to play at prop forward in an away game and get the win against a super league team when he's just turned 18
  3. Absolutely spot on big mac its the only way that will create a sustainable future player supply and will increase supporter base also
  4. It's one hour before the game for the doctor albeit sometimes they have other duties that affect there time of attendance at a game
  5. That's incorrect information in the paper then. The match commissioner checks the mandatory medical equipment and it was he who noticed contents were out of date
  6. Whitehaven rugby league club. Wrong choice of coach no attention to proper systems and structures hence the medical farce poor player recruitment wrong decision to let a fantastic conditioner in Matt Johnston go which has led to them being underprepared on the strength and fitness front as they've nobody who understands rugby relayed fitness if I was a fan or any other involvement with Whitehaven id be quiet also
  7. I'd go chamberlain ritson mossop davies hambley forber Phillips Scholey howarth Coward phillips shelford fitzsimmons subs dowsett Joseph curwen singleton
  8. First choice hooker
  9. The dual reg was approved by the CML and CARLA
  10. McAvoy left as he is at uni in the north east and Olstrum and Miller for the money building a team around them wasn't an option
  11. Can't agree that Veivers tenure was a disaster. The wheels fell off badly last season but prior to that the team had progressed
  12. Spot on Miaow All we want is the lads to achieve the best of there potential and we encourage them to go out and do that wherever that may take them on there rugby journey
  13. Is that James Beck who needs an op and can't play for 12 months? Theres a step up from every level of rugby Carla league to cml to Ncl premier to league one, get the chip off your shoulder mate
  14. There's a reason why nobody has player coaches
  15. Started at prop in number 16