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  1. Or is he gonna use Ryan Hall as a centre?
  2. gillmeister

    Match Programme......a positive view...

    I’m not sure I’d have time I lost most of my hair doing bits for the programme but I’m sure there’s people out there willing to write good opinion pieces on the club it was your work that got me interested in programmes In truth Keith
  3. gillmeister

    Match Programme......a positive view...

    Read his work on the programme in the 90s it was first class. Even better would be if he could set up the academy team that he done for so many years.
  4. gillmeister

    Donny reaction

    There’s quite a few missing in action
  5. gillmeister

    Match Programme......a positive view...

    That’s something both myself and chrome dome have done in the past. It’s a legitimate area of improvement for the club
  6. gillmeister

    Match Programme......a positive view...

    I’ve always been a collector but no longer bother it’s just a box ticking excercise might aswell be a quid and just be info based
  7. gillmeister


    Both clubs need to engage better with there local amateur clubs that’s a huge target audience for ticket sales that remains untapped into
  8. gillmeister


    We got relegated from super league with a scratch squad then spent big the year after didn’t we
  9. gillmeister


    That was with a boycott in place too
  10. gillmeister

    Today’s game (Doncaster)

    It’s not even up for debate that our away form will make or break our season
  11. gillmeister

    Today’s game (Doncaster)

    Definately a day for a glass half full outlook as you say Wonky we’ve comfortably beaten a close rival Moi Moi showed what an asset he can be and we’ve kept the scoreboard against figure to a minimum controlled the game and never gave Donny a sniff
  12. gillmeister

    Today’s game (Doncaster)

    Sounds like our forwards were second best at York hopefully that galvanises them today and we can get on top of what will be a big opposition pack no doubt
  13. gillmeister

    Today’s game (Doncaster)

    Anyone wanting to make a prediction for the game today? Donny seem light on DR and no Liam Harris is a big boost. Ill say Town by 8
  14. gillmeister


    If what’s been said is true sounds very fishy but desperate times call for desperate measures..... far to many people who don’t understand that rugby is a totally different proposition to every other business involved in the Pro game
  15. gillmeister

    Jonty Gorley leaves

    I think between his role in the amateur game, cumbria storm and work at sellafield hes gotten to know alot of people Its a shame that hes left the club as hes a great coach and a great bloke but whats done is done, an assistant coach from a previous regime leaving isnt an alien concept. Hopefully whoever comes in will bring a fresh impetus to the team