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  1. Hock

    Name the five better.... ive doubts we will get him but Hock is class and would cause damage in league one and the championship
  2. Signings / Potential Signings

    Long retired
  3. Jono Smith

    I think he got himself in trouble for speaking out on something via twitter and once for giving a touchie stick whilst a spectator at a Warrington game who recognised him and reported him
  4. Town website

    Ideally a second Rower has to be able to run lines any team without that struggles to carry a strong attacking threat it’s a very specialist position it’ll be interesting to see how Karl goes there
  5. Town website

    Its not rare for players to evolve from one position to another as there career progresses. If im Callum im thinking the 7 shirt away from the big lads in the middle is great for my career longevity and long term health
  6. Town website

    If ten years at a club giving your all every week isn’t loyalty I don’t know what is. As you say GT your opinion and you stick by it but you’re completely wrong. Jasons been fantastic for the club over the years and if he goes then I wish him all the best
  7. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    Possibly not but they have the population, stadium, magic weekend to help boost the support and a partnership with a union club playing in the premiership who have a big budget and an owner with a few quid. You can see why the RFL have there eyes on the club progressing.....
  8. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    Correct. Most successful sporting teams are that because they have the largest player pool to pick from rather than focusing on an elite
  9. Pre season gym

    The best players established amateurs are in the conference but what’s at Seaton ellbra etc emerging now in there late teens is as good as anything in the county
  10. Pre season gym

    We should be monitoring the stand outs at the younger end of the scale. In time kids like Zac Olstrum of ellbra and Lewis Mason at Seaton among others will be excellent long term pros
  11. Pre season gym

    Johnny Stoddart
  12. Pre season gym

    Looks like some good amateurs took part also tonight
  13. How many more?

    Ideally we want to play every game with four props and weve only five signed. I think Aiden Worthington would be a great addition to the squad
  14. pre-season

    Thats too young to be signing them, We tried with Jack Gaskell and Kieran McAvoy. Not physically mature enough until there 19/20 and lack of game time sets there development back massively