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  1. Josh Charnley

    This. Hes always been a full back. One who returns the ball well
  2. London Reaction

    Not sure on penky but was told Gordon had rolled his ankle in training and Bailey has been unwell and hadn’t trained this week
  3. London Reaction

    Could be a while looking for negatives from today
  4. London Reaction

    Perry Singleton who was playing really well and Caine Barnes who was starting to make great inroads super display that
  5. Cumbrian lakers

    We sold a lot through Seaton but they weren’t complimentary they were half price
  6. Cumbrian lakers

    I think any cumbria team will be dependant on the RFL going back to franchising which given recent developments seems highly likely
  7. Squad News

    It was always Friday 2pm for the 19 man squad. Given the de-regulation in League one i wouldnt be surprised if teams no longer have to name a squad anymore.

    Cant imagine any delayed KO will be allowed it certainly wouldnt if the league still had match commisioners
  9. Black players in Rugby League

    Darren Fleary and Anthony Farrell were a force when together at Leeds also
  10. Black players in Rugby League

    The only one that springs to mind for me is Kyle Eastmond
  11. Black players in Rugby League

    Geoff and Steve Pryce of york also
  12. Black players in Rugby League

    Wilf George
  13. Black players in Rugby League

    He played in a Town team that was awful and gave everything every game he was an excellent professional
  14. North Wales Crusaders

    Not sure playing Sunday Wednesday Sunday is in anyone’s interests if there’s a free weekend to be had.
  15. Black players in Rugby League

    He played against us for batley in the rob tew era I think