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  1. This is the first season we haven't played a game with 14 men 15 men and as the solution hasn't been available locally we've recruited from elsewhere very big lesson learned and Les Ashe has done a fantastic job
  2. You could also ask is this the Seaton Rangers with the most registered youth players in the county of cumbria. Last RFL figures had us having nearly as many mini mods as Kells and Wath Brow combined. We've a good 16s this year the best 14s team in the county and our off field structures are good. The game you mention was due to ten players booking a last minute holiday and two lads being overseas with rugby. Add in the usual work and injuries and we ended up with a one off postponement., I think it's safe to say that the NCL is our long term aim but it won't be 2018
  3. Yeah he's from my amateur team always been a stand out and a really respectful young man he'd still be eligible for under 18 rugby think his birthday was April
  4. How's Caine Barnes been doing? Notice he's started your last two games at prop and he's only just turned 18
  5. far too much negativity on this forum, the lads have won away from home against a decent team
  6. Seen him play a few times when he was 18 and the kid can play welcome to Town Joe and good luck
  7. Yeah not ideal when someone treats your dad in a disgraceful manner in front of people especially on Father's Day
  8. The kick off time was 45 minutes after the arrival of the last player 4-30 wasn't an option
  9. Is it official he's leaving Whitehaven? Or speculation? talented player but he would be a gamble
  10. Scholey while on? He lasted five minutes We had inexperience in the team no prop forwards to make in roads and the early two tries cost us dear. Hambley failed cog fell was in the wigan game day squad and unavailable but last week we didn't need him Reading this forum has become a depressing experience we really are in danger of becoming a fickle bunch we knew what this season would be about a learning curve so let's back the lads who remained loyal in hard times when many others walked away and they also could have and the inexperienced lads who want to play for the shirt It'll come right let's keep a sense of perspective
  11. I'm pretty sure that he picked up a long term injury unfortunately
  12. Last year JP only wanted to play second team at Seaton but jumped at the chance to return to Town and has never let the club down. He's not a has been that's your words not mine don't twist things but I think it's fair to describe someone in there 30s as reaching the end of there career He's just back from a long term injury and I'm sure DC will give him plenty of game time over a long season and JP will grab the opportunity when it arises
  13. So in a season of rebuilding you'd play JP who's at the end of his career over a young winger with years ahead of him?
  14. What do people see JPs role in the team as being?
  15. Completely agree with you there mate. The games suffering as a whole outside of those hoarding the relative wealth.