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  1. gillmeister

    Bradford Predictions

    Sounds like Rodney Pora
  2. gillmeister


    Four games is very generous. A coach has no place on the field. The Mayfield bans seem inconsistent with usual NCL suspensions also
  3. gillmeister

    Liam Finn

    Has that been confirmed? He suffered a serious injury playing for Hensingham and consensus was he probably wouldn't play again
  4. gillmeister

    Coventry reaction

    Both we’re taken off due to injury
  5. gillmeister

    2019 signings

    You’re right but London’s player retention rate due to travel cost of living or whatever else that must contribute is quite poor
  6. gillmeister

    2019 signings

    He’s in his 30s and probably looking at the next stage of his life after rugby
  7. gillmeister

    Falling gates in Rugby League

    The game needs people of the ilk of the late Peter Deakin
  8. gillmeister


    Look at football how many watch reds how many travel down country to watch an alternative
  9. gillmeister

    Falling gates in Rugby League

    The game got to obsessed with elitism it’s no coincidence the best countries in most sports are the ones with the largest player bases we tried to make an elite from a dwindling pool less players at amateur level less clubs less volunteers means less people watching professional rugby league
  10. gillmeister

    Liam Finn

    Ideally you’d pair a Finn with a Sammut. Very good player who was the catalyst for Fev dominating the league and then earning himself a crack in superleague
  11. gillmeister

    Sundays predictions

    Garner will do a very good job also talented Centre
  12. gillmeister

    Sundays predictions

    6 posts of negativity and rising........
  13. Three defenders not locking the ball up cost you that try not a play the ball fifteen metres away
  14. Take the red and white glasses off the referee had no bearing on the outcome of the game tonight
  15. gillmeister

    Sundays predictions

    At this minute crowd figures are irrelevant we both need to find a way to grow our support base. Does Widnes signing several players mean we should expect a beefed up NWC this sunday?