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  1. gillmeister

    Newcastle thunder

    Just like you said Penky had left us and Hock left Barrow? Ray of sunshine you Andy
  2. gillmeister

    new stadium - todays press

    I'm fully behind a new stadium and the area needs one but if it was an option between an 8k stadium with three world cup games or a 5k stadium with room to build on id certainly take the latter, its possible to be a Town fan and also have a different view on the stadium. DTTRR has always talked sense on issues relating to the club It feels like theres too much bickering amongst ourselves on here hopefully that can change
  3. gillmeister


    Not ideal but if and when that time arrives I'm sure that we have ear marked players to fill in through the DR and Leons wide ranging contacts
  4. gillmeister

    Newcastle Thunder

    I cant see that being the case they've too much invested in the academy system Uni links etc but even if they decide to go with there own from there systems they've a bright future look at the results there academy and scholarship are turning out
  5. Shows how quickly fortunes change with people predicting a Coventry win in a fixture they lost by 90 points last season
  6. gillmeister

    North Wales predictions

    8 SL appearances last year and two great performances when England academy beat Australia mean nothing he had a quiet half in a team he’d trained once with against NW drop him and never bring the lad back what does Leon know any way
  7. gillmeister

    North Wales predictions

    Good job we’re winning The squad have started the season great with two excellent wins. Still plenty of improvement to be made and that’s exciting thing. in the next few weeks we could make massive strides towards achieving the seasons goals with or without Karl
  8. gillmeister


    That's definitely not Crashley its John McMullen
  9. gillmeister


    Karls an awesome player but so are the rest of the forwards we have at the minute its a very high bar with Moi Moi and Hopkins to add even more competition. Great win yesterday as has been said a win at Oldham, Doncaster, Newcastle is gold dust and weve managed to get one straight away
  10. gillmeister


    I seen him score on his super league debut think hes only 18/19 hes a talent. Well done to the board on bringing him in
  11. gillmeister


    Id like to keep him in the centres. Him and Caine on that side of the field will get us tries for fun everytime we can get them one on one with there opposite defenders
  12. gillmeister


    Usual depressing read due to the negativity of our fans! dear club please comment on rumours, meh Loan and DR what about local jobs for local lads etc The board are trying to build a team to win promotion and one capable of getting bums on seats in the new stadium if a player wants to leave after the first friendly then so be it. Hopkins will be a good signing as I'm sure we will be playing with a prop at 13 all season so we probably need more props as a result
  13. gillmeister

    2019 signings

    Only JGs that I can think of are Jimmy Grimble and Josh Ganson
  14. gillmeister

    Ryan Fieldhouse

    Bad news but Mellar finished last year in fine form at full back so we’ve a great replacement
  15. gillmeister


    Good player, he’s a clever player who will provide good cover at centre half back and loose forward think he needed the challenge of signing Pro as he had nothing left to prove as an amateur