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  1. gillmeister

    Official Club Statement.

    Correct. It used to be something clubs would be fined for hence why Town filled a bench at Gateshead with unfit players a few years back
  2. gillmeister

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Make an onion cry you would sad lad
  3. gillmeister

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    No it wasn’t. The others have played when they shouldn’t have done.
  4. gillmeister

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Paisley and Woods have both played part for Wigan in the super 8s I think? It’s a strange one
  5. gillmeister

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    If nosey Parker says if true then it must be
  6. gillmeister

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    Don’t think we can get Barnes back as he was a loanee Id bring back Curwen if he’s fit next week horses for courses we need size to contain Bradford
  7. gillmeister


    What purpose do your posts serve? Business end of the season everything has moved on.
  8. gillmeister

    Town V Skolars predictions

    The generation of amateurs who knew and respected Charlo have all retired pretty much. I don't think they'll be the draw that you think
  9. gillmeister

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    There are a lot of things that have crept in since League one lost its match commissioners
  10. gillmeister

    Tongan Train on Squad

    So they beat one of the Tier one nations narrowly lost a semi final to another, would wipe the floor with every team below them regularly beating samoa but they aren't ready to be a Tier one nation?
  11. gillmeister

    Good luck

    Your fans were a credit to your club as we’re your players and coach. The support was excellent and I’m honestly embarrassed by what I’ve read
  12. gillmeister

    Carl Forster

    Still in with a chance of the play offs and on the clubs 70th birthday they make this announcement 🤷‍♂️ Total lack of business sense and sound judgement. The fans have stumped up cash for next year supported the club to the hilt with such as Haven Fest which had acts that would have cost a lot of money playing for free and still they get absolutely no transparency on financial matters of the club just the realisation that the carlsberg deal was a false dawn and the blame for not supporting the club in big enough numbers makes me appreciate our board even more.
  13. gillmeister

    Carl Forster

    Which bigger club wants a guy in his mid 20s as player coach? I can see maybe Rochdale or similar wanting him in that role. He’d be a great signing if it was feasible financially
  14. gillmeister

    Bradford Predictions

    Sounds like Rodney Pora
  15. gillmeister


    Four games is very generous. A coach has no place on the field. The Mayfield bans seem inconsistent with usual NCL suspensions also