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  1. Our new position in the EU

    Do they abstain as much as Ukip do?
  2. Sounds pretty standard for a phoenix club.
  3. Thankfully this board isn't part of the campaign. However, it may be that the on the ground stuff is working a bit: (I don't draw any conclusions from that, seats do flip even in gerrymandered America after all ...)
  4. The TV Thread

    The End of the ***ing World, now on Netflix but previously on Channel 4/All4, is comfortably one of the best TV series I've ever seen.
  5. I'll write more another time but "The End of the ****ing World" - just watched it via Netflix. All the applause. What an amazing series.

  6. Both clubs were founded by the same Methodist committee. Wiki has this: During the 1950s and 1960s Everton became known as the Catholic club mainly as a result of successful Irish players Tommy Eglington, Peter Farrell and Jimmy O'Neill as well as manager Johnny Carey. This in turn caused Liverpool to be thought of as Protestant club, not signing an Irish Catholic until Ronnie Whelan in 1979.
  7. Yup, although I think it has weakened over time. I started watching football in the 80s (a far too young regular on the Stretford End for a time) and it was understood that United and Celtic were linked. My dad the Protestant vicar supported Celtic as a result.
  8. Our new position in the EU

    I did. But never mind. And nobody claimed there would be no investment but that it would fall. Which it has. The BoE has put in billions in addition to the billions it was putting in under QE. You'd know that if you knew things. Those bankers are going for a nice, soft Brexit.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    Drop in investment, rising inflation, growth slowing compared to the rest of the world, businesses struggling due to falling value of pound, increased costs of cars, holidays etc... All have come true. You're right that I don't think anyone specifically predicted that the BoE would have to pour billions into the economy just maintain stability. Then there were the Project Fear things we were told would either be negotiated or avoided. Things like being able to keep European agencies - and their jobs - in the UK. Things like how investment in scientific research would be fine - when it's falling significantly already. But, yes, if it helps your algorithm of happiness to keep ignoring everything that's difficult then it has all been fine and nothing bad has happened.
  11. Clearly the fat unhealthy muckbucket is insecure about just how unmanly he actually is so why not poke away at his fleshy rump and have some fun.
  12. Those nice tories

    I reckon “blast” is what William says at the critical moment.
  13. I’m on my phone now but when I’m near a computer I’ll edit the post to something along the lines of rumoured.