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  1. It is this exact thing which annoys me about the whole 'young people get shafted because they don't vote'. If they voted in the same proportion as older people they'd still be outvoted. And, unfortunately, the grey lot seem to think they didn't get any help at all because iPods weren't invented when they were young.
  2. Just finished watching Goliath on Amazon Prime. Billy Bob Thornton as a lawyer-with-issues taking on dark forces. Not quite as brutal as it needs to be to be a proper contender it's pretty decent with some strong performances. And, as only 8 episodes, does not come close to outstaying its welcome.
  3. Fair enough. Automation and efficiencies. Not much that can be done about that.
  4. The report I read said Nestle had linked it.
  5. You keep telling yourself that.
  6. They are doing so because of Brexit. Brexit is the reason people in Yorkshire are losing their jobs.
  7. Move to the Brexit thread.
  8. I'm not even sure we can really say that Ukip exist in any meaningful sense any more. There are list members in Europe and Wales but whether they could all agree on a single policy now that Brexit has been voted for seems doubtful. The party leader isn't going to stand. The main backer aborted his campaign. Their most recognisable figure now tours the world offering his opinion on foreign elections. All that's left is a disorganised reactionary rump of quite viciously unpleasant nostalgics.
  9. There's a surprise.
  10. The Mondays that are in the diary several years in advance? Yes, I can see how awkward it must be.
  11. So you like restricted Sunday openings but not Boxing Day? Understood.
  12. You must hate weekends.
  13. Polling has Macron 20-25 points ahead of Le Pen in head to head. So, around the same as the shoo-in Tory win ... does their fascist have more chance than our socialist?
  14. I didn't say it was right wing to want it, just that the complaint about it has come from right-leaning parties and people. Until Corbyn suggests it and suddenly there's an outpouring of "Oh no, we can't possibly ..."
  15. I could have sworn it's been a whinge on the right for years that we don't get a bank holiday on St Georges Day