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  1. People also seem to forget that the Russians successfully hacked into the French election as well. But on that occasion only seem to have accessed false information deliberately left for them. The beneficiary there would have been Le Pen ... Le Pen is a friend of Farage is a friend of ... just in case you're wondering if it's plausible to deny these things are happening. The problem a lot of people seem to be having is that this is being done in plain sight. The "why would he tell the Russians to hack in the middle of a public speech, that's stupid" line of reasoning. Folk expect this kind of thing to be done secretively.
  2. gingerjon

    Our new position in the EU

    An exact rerun of the 2016 referendum would likely lead to a leave vote. Enough people would think it was 'fair' that that vote was respected and be somewhat insulted by being asked the question again. I do think there's nothing wrong with putting forward a referendum on what happens after the negotiations are concluded. Obviously, I think that should have the option to remain in the EU on our current terms alongside leave on WTO terms and whatever the 'deal' is. Make it STV for proper fun.
  3. Those are all fair points.
  4. This wild increase in the Ukip vote is, at the minute, confined to one opinion poll, is a whole five points, and still puts them behind the Lib Dems. It's not a trend yet. It may become one but it isn't right now.
  5. This sort of thing is why I was surprised by the Mail's headline yesterday. As I'm sure I've said, my in-laws are Daily Mail readers who go along with pretty much everything that paper says and stands for. They cannot abide Donald Trump and were appalled that the Queen had to spend any time with him at all. They will have thought the protesters silly but not wrong.
  6. gingerjon

    Our new position in the EU

    Harry really is a lucky old dog. Now, you said something about their being news on those front pages ...
  7. gingerjon

    TRL HELPDESK - Injury compensation

    Have sent you a message.
  8. And yet millions of dollars also flows into the Republican party from equally rich people who are also connected by family ties, social networks and career paths to the law, politics, business and all aspects of upper level American society.
  9. It was in one of the many threads we had leading up to the referendum. The context was that you felt, as you always seem to, that the Establishment was not made up of people like Farage because Farage and his types are outsiders who didn't go to the same schools, do the same jobs or become career politicians like the Establishment, and that you were surprised to see support for the Establishment on here because, in your mind, the Establishment has no time for the kind of people who follow rugby league. It stuck in my mind. But then we have all said daft things on here. It's part of the fun.
  10. With both parties committed to variations of hard Brexit it would be an odd time for it to happen. If it's going to happen, and it might not be Ukip but a new creation similar to it, then sometime between October and March would seem the mostly likely time as that will be when any and all compromises will be clearly seen.
  11. Well, that clearly can't be true or else the Republican party wouldn't even exist. But knock yourself out with your delusions. I like being told I sound like an aristocrat by the man who thinks that having a monarchy is the best way to ensure a country is peaceful. I feel like I'm part of the solution. I'll file it next to my other favourite of yours: that people who support the EU can't possibly like a sport like rugby league.
  12. Because he did surprisingly well amongst college-educated white people and was a useful stooge for a significant portion of the moneyed establishment who were able to just about get him over the line despite him losing the popular vote by a record margin for a winning President? Contempt for Trump should be the default setting for anyone of sound mind and reasonable attitudes. That does not translate, at all, into contempt for working people or those who have (sometime legitimate) feeling of being betrayed by globalisation (the same people who are, right now, being betrayed by Trump after all).
  13. Look at the 'conservative' media, especially commentators and writers who would be considered in the conservative mainstream and have been for a while. As an example, The Spectator has lurched in the past few years from being a recognisably broad-church but clearly right-leaning read to ... well, let's just say if anyone was reading it now they would assume a lot of its writers were actual US conservatives imported over here with just extra 'u's put in words like colour.
  14. James Ball writing for NBC. I agree with this: