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  1. What you need to understand is that when an MP resigns the whip or changes party it is undemocratic that they don’t immediately trigger a by election. That must be true, look at all the comments about the Change UK crowd. But changing the leader of the government - that’s fine. It’s just how it is. Nobody needs a country wide by election on that.
  2. It's also stating the obvious to point out that EU will have 'wargamed' a whole bunch of scenarios whilst the Tory leadership candidates will have been busy choosing the font for their logo and working on their acceptance speech.
  3. But we haven't negotiated any deal. How do we get a better one? There's a Withdrawal Agreement which covers transition arrangements until a final leaving deal is formalised. It includes a back stop for Northern Ireland which the United Kingdom insisted upon.
  4. I will happily accept a Jo Swinson coronation.
  5. How dare you. That's not the Republicans. That's the 2016 leave campaign.
  6. When is England women's next game?
  7. I've reached that conclusion based on the fact that it's obviously yoghurt, he's obviously spilled it on himself and the rest of his meal is in the photos. The lying get.
  8. It's a reasonably new investment as well, I think. I never assume that just because someone is pouring money in that they know what they're doing but they must have done some thinking. England cricket fans do like to wear the kit, even if not the ODI/T20 shirt itself then a lot of the training wear that goes alongside it.
  9. All that to stop a bloke from spilling more yoghurt on himself. File it all under 'didn't happen' and move on.
  10. New Balance sell a lot of cricket bats and shoes, in addition to replica kit.
  11. There is, as I'm sure you're aware, a school of history that's very broadly termed 'the great man' theory. That is, things happen because individuals seize the day and overcome the odds that lesser people could not. For most people who give this a moment's thought, it quickly dawns on them that this theory is mostly absolute hogwash. Unfortunately, despite this, the theory endures. Great people can come in and rise above - and thus raise us all - any situation to the greater glory. Boris wrote a book on Churchill. Now the Tories want him to be their Churchill. Because it's too hard for them to ponder what is actually going on and instead means they can put their faith in their latest King Arthur. Think of it like how for every single RFL/rugby league job going someone on this board has said Sally Bolton should get it regardless of whether it's right for her or not.
  12. Here's the MSM resolutely excluding women's rugby league from their roster of women's sports:
  13. The 1895 Cup *isn't even* the curtain raiser. I think a double header for both games is a good idea. Not something I'd say for every sport on every occasion but I think it would work for us in creating a rugby league family type event.
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