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  1. I see Saintslass gave you the obligatory like.
  2. I didn't. I said the part he is talking about and to is white and intolerant. Not that all white people are intolerant.
  3. The latest on that EU replacing trade deal:
  4. His first actions are to increase military spending. He is demanding greater respect for the military in a country that already venerates its armed forces. He is pledging to increase powers to the police and to make it impossible to challenge their actions. When he speaks of making America great it is a very specific America he has in mind. His words show this. His pledges show this. His actions show this. The America he is speaking of is white, English-speaking and intolerant. Fascist may be the wrong word - although he has used the rhetoric of previous fascist leaders multiple times - but 'oh, he's just a loudmouth' falls far, far short.
  5. It's fine. He's shaking things up and he's not Killery. Plus we're bound to get an awesome trade deal with him now that's bigly beyond belief.
  6. Let's get to work ...
  7. I missed this at first but apparently the US now has virtually no ambassadors anywhere in the world, including the UK. Ordered to resign the second Trump became President but, in a break with tradition, not requested to stay on until a replacement arrived.
  8. He turns up enough to get his expenses and not lose his 4x national average wage salary.
  9. When you put it like that the confirmed billions in paused or stopped investment and the departure of thousands of high net worth jobs to our direct competitors seems like an absolutely reasonable price to pay to get blue passports back.
  10. If you had an alert on google for just the words 'nhs crisis' then a half dozen stories would have come up for you yesterday. Including one in the Telegraph about how some trusts have so little cash they now can't pay the bills and are trying to move payment to the next quarter. Just because the headlines have moved back to Brexit and Trump doesn't mean it was some made up or that can be brushed off.
  11. The total focus of the EU on London and the South East will be why, to take three examples, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Wales are now desperate for confirmation that they will not lose the structural fund support their regeneration plans are dependent on. London and the South East gets a massively disproportionate amount of central government support. You just voted to make that worse. And are cheering having done so.
  12. Scotland is in a political union with England called the United Kingdom. It is legally a separate country. The Scots, leave or remain, might be a minority within the United Kingdom but leave voters are a minority within the nation of Scotland. It's really not that difficult.
  13. If you don't think journalists are also agents/contacts for MI5 or MI6 etc etc ... I suppose there must be one or two Cultural Attaches who really do come to London for the opera ...
  14. Except he's not predicting apocalypse, not really. Just stating that the hard work is still to come. Some of it quite basic - for example within two years we need to know what is to happen to the EU nationals here, how that is to be done (and to have implemented that) and the ongoing legal framework for it - and a lot of it very complex, some of which is now out of Britain's control as to how it will pan it. If you shriek Project Fear in reaction to that then there's a serious problem with reality amongst the Brexit cheer squad.