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  1. As I said to the council jobsworth who demanded to know why my new garden fence had watchtowers and sniper points, "You have to keep the riff raff out …"
  2. Little known to you colonials perhaps. To us, proud defenders of Gibraltar, it's something we mention a lot to point out Spain's apparent hypocrisy.
  3. gingerjon

    Electric cars

    I think there is an issue with cars being almost totally silent - certainly if you have any level of ambient noise it can be genuinely hard to hear an electric car. Especially as cars are like a nice, safe cocoon for those inside now so you can be totally removed from the world you're driving through. I'm not at the luddite stage of smashing it all up because it's hard but it's definitely something that needs to be thought about.
  4. gingerjon

    Electric cars

    Musk appears to have got distracted by wanting to build bizarre pod tunnels no one needs such as one to Dodger Stadium and another to O'Hare Airport.
  5. gingerjon

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Nah, I'm just joshing. I won't judge anyone for watching stuff for free. But I do roll my eyes at people who do things like that and then wonder why the sport is broke.
  6. gingerjon

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    And then wonder why rugby league is shrinking?
  7. gingerjon

    The Culture Wars

    Nope, just the idea that it's exclusively down to hard work, graft etc with absolutely nothing else having any role to play. Like I say, you didn't build the schools you went to or the roads that took you there … so you do have even a tiny advantage in life over someone born without access to either of those things. Just a little awareness of that is all.
  8. gingerjon

    The Culture Wars

    I'm not aware that anyone is.
  9. gingerjon

    Those nice tories

    I’m genuinely more than happy to debate with people who disagree with me. My position on a lot of things has moved as a result. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is lies that have been repeatedly pointed out that then get used again and again and again. His lies have been pointed out numerous times. If he’s now asking for evidence he should just read his replies going back over the past weeks and months.
  10. gingerjon

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    You're right. I won't watch it. But plenty of people have made similar comments and, mostly, I think they're talking nonsense. Not because some people aren't addicted to being validated by apps, online gaming or whatever … but because whilst the tech changes there's nothing particularly new about a chattering class judging people who use what's new or what wasn't around when they were growing up. Go into any waiting room and everyone will be on their phone. What mindless zombies! Or, more likely, here's someone reading this forum, there's someone keeping up with work emails, over there a couple planning their next holiday. It beats hoping that the battered copies of Autocar and Motor won't be ten years out of date.
  11. Welcome to Hastings. Things are a bit different here.
  12. gingerjon

    The Culture Wars

    Why isn't everyone who works hard absolutely loaded?
  13. Meh. The one, true, world-breaking, Penzance-defying, Pirate Day is, sorry, be in July.
  14. gingerjon


    Not vintage, not particularly useful, almost certainly not going to hold any value ... but I got this over the summer and like it a lot:
  15. gingerjon

    Our new position in the EU

    My new year's resolution, several months early, is too call out people who say idiotic things as idiots. I hope others return the favour. This is the dumbest post I've seen on this thread in weeks.