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  1. VAR

    Because football is only assessing where someone is standing at one exact moment of play.
  2. Channel 5 paid c.£1m for a four year deal to show the RU Premiership.
  3. The Culture Wars

    Good lad, leaving Kudrow for me.
  4. The Culture Wars

    There are huge and genuinely funny programmes from the US that are so far beyond niche here it's untrue. Seinfeld is one - again, though, somewhat problematic racially - and another would be Parks and Recreation. The latter probably just as well now that Louis CK and Aziz Ansari are having difficulties (though I am currently going through all seven series again and have no intention of stopping). We don't get any Australian programmes over here beyond Neighbours and Home & Away (and Masterchef Australia as W's most popular programme) ... I assume you don't make any others.
  5. The Culture Wars

    And I suspect all this faux controversy about it is just to drum up any level of interest in the fact that a 25 year old programme that has been shown daily on E4 and Comedy Central for the past 15 years is now also on Netflix.
  6. The Culture Wars

    You missed out that everyone lives in a huge apartment with an unlocked door.
  7. I bet that sounded really wise in your head.
  8. Our new position in the EU

    You’re replying to points I didn’t make.
  9. Our new position in the EU

    The truth is you never know what the public will accept until you test it.
  10. RT @Okeating: Boris Johnson is in with talks with North Korea. There's no diplomacy to be had with such a belligerent country, divorced fro…

  11. It might have changed a bit from when I was last actually at a Scottish football game (mid 90s) but Hearts were definitely the Protestant team (I was leafleted by the UVF on my way in once) and Hibs the Catholic team. Although for both the dig was that they were just Rangers/Celtic fans who couldn't afford the train fare. I actually really enjoyed attending Scottish football. When I lived in Carlisle we would far more often head north to a game than stick with Carlisle United. Most (all?) fans accept that the gruesome twosome dominate but then enjoy their own rivalries and in-game passions. There's no way anybody could create a team in Scotland to rival Celtic now. They're a global brand with 60k attendances. I doubt most people reading this thread could confidently name all the other teams in their division - and none of them will post higher than 15k averages this year.
  12. @ELGFC @CrawleyWaspsLFC Really good, competitive game. Was there with my camera - some photos later in the week.

  13. The Culture Wars

    Regards to biblical literalism. My understanding is that how people react to the bible (and its forerunners) has gone in waves with sometimes a reflective/personal/spiritual being the main, and at others a belief that there is a truth within it about what actually happened and it is up to us to learn from and be inspired by that. Of course, Genesis is horsewaste. The problem I had, and which was an eventual nudge to realising the whole thing was horsewaste, was hearing everybody draw the line differently at what they believed to be true, what they had to follow and what was just there as metaphor. After all, if the creation story is a myth why should the salvation story be fact?
  14. The Culture Wars

    Genuine Q: Is this the debate about whether Jesus even lived? Because I've got some very bad news for you if you think the evidence shows absolutely 100% that he did.
  15. It's also been admitted it was written with the expectation it would never be used, hence why it's so useless.