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  1. Who's more valuable to Germany: the EU or the UK?
  2. There's an issue that left and right make very little sense these days anyway. The BNP, for example, were basically a left-wing party of virulent racists. Trump is, to my imperfect mind, best understood as someone who seeks personal wealth, validation and glory at all times, who doesn't even remotely care what the truth is as long as whatever he says or does satisfies those needs in the moment, and who is happy to use the basest instincts of whoever is going to cheer for him. I don't see there's more to him than that. The worry for whatever is left of an opposition in America should be that he is enabling a, probably unpopular, definitely damaging, extreme Tea Party agenda to be unleashed.
  3. He meant it. The context of the quote makes clear he doesn't understand why the US doesn't have full control of Iraqi oil now and would be happy to be told that they should go in and get it. But we have to wait and see. He can't be judged on his decades long business career, his years long soft campaign, his eighteen months hard campaign, his rhetoric since the election, nor what he has done so far. We must wait.
  4. Apparently we're looking at a kith and kin policy. You know, the kind that says Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand are fine but, y'know, South Africa is problematic, and the less said about the other bits of the Commonwealth the better.
  5. And their decision to brief the world on what happened.
  6. Not that that puts us in our place at all.
  7. Wikileaks is angry with the Donald
  8. A vision for the future of humanity.
  9. My memory is that it was a lot easier (and the film more forgiving) with black and white.
  10. This is where I come from on it. It's not a distraction - although for some it will be useful as it does distract from, say, his immediate act of laying the platform to repeal affordable healthcare. These are the things he care about.
  11. When a sports club in Texas is trolling the Republican president ...
  12. After being badly treated by me for the better part of eight years things finally started to fall off my faithful D90. It has now been relegated to the role of back-up camera and its place has been taken by the thrusting young buck of a Nikon D7200. I am still recovering from the shock that something taken at ISO 25600 comes out with negligible noise. In fact, under lights at a non-league ground yesterday the quality of the image (not, obviously the quality of the photographer) at 1/1250, f4, ISO 25600 was remarkable (example below - although I'd not use it at this size). Hard to think that my first DSLR less than a decade ago couldn't really handle ISO 1600 - and that for film it was only black and white (from memory) that could go to ISO 3200 and that wasn't mainstream. The auto-focus is just ludicrously quick compared to those 'older' cameras too - I just need to get the hang of controlling it.
  13. No fan of Trump but using his calculator?
  14. I was about to find you something in St Leonards but it's only flats at that price now. We're getting regenerated.
  15. I could have sworn you claimed that included you. You're no fan of his after all. I do like how you rant and rave on the futility of posting here whilst posting here. Very meta.