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  1. Cas v Saints will be the main TV pick I would have thought - Nice start to FC's campaign to retain it for a 3rd consecutive year although Fev won't be a pushover
  2. Albert Kelly

    They missed a trick not putting you in charge of sarcasm!
  3. Albert Kelly

    Why would the RFL respond? Seems to me that the club have dealt with the matter and that should be the end of it. Kelly acted improperly and did nothing illegal, I'd still like to see the full extent of the footage before totally castigating him! So we move on and hopefully Kelly is learning (be it slowly) how to behave off the field..
  4. Westerman leaving TWP

    Lazy, idle waste of talent! Can’t say I’m impressed by his resigning for Hull. 🤬 Still gotta trust Radders and see if he can get something out of him, but I somewhat doubt it... I expect Abdull to be at KR permanently shortly!
  5. Albert Kelly

    He also did a very good James Mason impersonation 😉
  6. Yep, it’s like challenge cup games - the weaker teams tend to lose out! 🧐
  7. You sneaky blighter! You said the same last week! As ever against Leeds recently, we have been there or thereabouts. Hull 26 v Leeds 24
  8. Just wondered how the worlds greatest rl player did? 😂
  9. Did Barba score or is Talanoa still top of the try scorers?
  10. Great win for Wakey - I thought Saints might find it tough going... I don’t think Saints are a 1 player side, but they never look as good without Roby!
  11. Has he got the same physio that saved Maquires leg?
  12. Would have made far better drama if Radders had Betts Head in his hands!
  13. Average ball from average Connor again I see!
  14. Hull to bounce back (and around on that pitch) and overcome the beleaguered Vikings. Widnes 10 v 38 Hull