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  1. Mick was last seen in Grandways limping - I hear he'll be back next week though as his slate in Corals has been stopped....
  2. Squads are: Castleford: Matt Cook, Greg Eden, Tuoyo Edogo, Conor Fitzsimmons, Alex Foster, Jy Hitchcox, Tom Holmes, Kevin Larroyer, Andy Lynch, Will Maher, Mike McMeeken, Paul McShane, Greg Minikin, Joel Monaghan, Ben Roberts, Jesse Sene-Lefao, Gadwin Springer, Jake Trueman, Jake Webster. Hull FC: Jamie Shaul, Mahe Fonua, Josh Griffin, Carlos Tuimavave, Fetuli Talanoa, Albert Kelly, Marc Sneyd, Scott Taylor, Danny Houghton, Liam Watts, Sika Manu, Mark Minichiello, Gareth Ellis, Jake Connor, Chris Green, Josh Bowden, Brad Fash, Steve Michaels, Danny Washbrook. Cas 24 v 36 Hull and another inch off each finger nail!
  3. Steve Evans

    Silky skills and effortless grace are my memories of him - RIP
  4. "Rovers are back!"..

    jesteśmy z powrotem
  5. My word - some handsom chaps in Hull !
  6. I must remember not to post as I know nowt obviously - I bow to Kirmonds Scrotum Pouch superior knowledge!
  7. I noticed that - It happened a few times and I doubt it was just coincidental! I'm sorry if I don't see the game as some do, but Hull were awful for 90% of the game and still scrapped through against a mediocre Wakey... Still a great season for Wakey and they should be commended. Hopefully Hull will be back on the horse for next Friday or it will be a long bleedin night!
  8. 19 man squad to face Wakey 1. Jamie Shaul 2. Mahe Fonua 3. Carlos Tuimavave 4. Josh Griffin 5. Fetuli Talanoa 6. Albert Kelly 7. Marc Sneyd 8. Scott Taylor 9. Danny Houghton 10. Liam Watts 12. Mark Minichiello 13. Gareth Ellis 14. Jake Connor 16. Jordan Thompson 17. Danny Washbrook 19. Steve Michaels 21. Sika Manu 22. Josh Bowden 28. Brad Fash
  9. Just heard Paul woods has passed a late fitness test (Bruised Forearm) and is a shoe in at Full Back
  10. I'm confident that Hull will blaze into this and put an end to Wakey's great season. There is a strength of character in the side this year that has shown we can match the best and we have too much for plucky Wakey. After a few nervous moments, I expect a bit of a romp in the dying minutes. Hull 36 v 20 Wakey
  11. Well done to KR - I honestly thought they wouldn't get over the line this early as they've scraped through a fair few games... I can imagine that those results have certainly stiffened their resolve and make them a stronger side for next season. Oh and SR100 you need to chill - or is it just some problem you have with our colours?
  12. Nigel wood on radio Yorkshire @6

    I actually thought he was pretty good tbh, much to my disappointment ! I think he should certainly come out and do more stuff of that nature with the media. Its nice to hear what's going on, the thinking of the hierachy and the reasoning for some of the decisions they make.. Ill reserve my judgement on him for now, but let's have more of that Mr Woods!
  13. My mistake - I thought you were referring to the O'Loughlin high shot in the 2nd minute! 😏
  14. Ever remember them saying the Referees have got it wrong and he shouldn't have been sent off? Nope me neither! I'm trying to remember the last time someone got sent off and didn't get any form of ban? Answers on a postcard!