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  1. Is Howard Firth getting a run out?
  2. Hull to show the firepower and run away in the last 20 mins FC 26 v 12 Giants
  3. A local RU club where masters of doing this and over the years I recall players such as Guy Fawkes, JJ Williams, F Bruno etc playing occasionally!
  4. Catalans signing?

    Finger on the pulse there then!
  5. So somebody watching for the first time is going to google the teams and check out each players nationality and then turn it off because some of the players weren't born in the counytry they are playing for? It happens all the time in sport and has done for donkeys years, in athletics, cricket, rugby union, soccer, etc etc. I really have no idea what you're getting at!
  6. Away Kits

    I've noticed that the vast majority of teams are all going with black as the predominant colour of the away shirts, which are nothing like anything that I can think have anything to do with the clubs colours! (Don't mention the pink Hull FC away shirt). I'm pretty sure to an outsider they all look the bleedin same! Is it me or does anyone else think the choices show a distinct lack of imagination? P.S. I know about revenue streams etc etc., so I don't want to debate the reasons for a number of strips in a season, just the selections
  7. England vs Tonga - what it tells us

    Didn’t do Danny Houghton any harm either!
  8. Well that was some game! England very lucky imo as the Tongans bombed a few good chances. I dread to think how many points the Aussies are going to post in the final!
  9. I hope Sika, Mahe and Sam are having a quiet word with Taumalolo and making him aware of how much like Queensland the climate is in Hull for when his next contract is being considered! What a player!
  10. At least all the flights haven't been booked up by Wigan and Hull fans!
  11. I said all along Mr Hetherington would be spitting feathers that Wigan and Hull had made arrangements and he wouldn't want to miss out! Looks like something hastily put together that the Storm can take or leave...
  12. Mal’s not happy with Childs! We have to put up with his over officiating all bleedin season!
  13. I thought I heard some earthy language too 😂
  14. Mmmm interesting decision from Childs and then the Aussies run down field and score! Still it won’t be the last game he affects the result in! 😂