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  1. I found the term Lemon Corkscrew amusing :-) You are rather tetchy, I can see this being a long season!
  2. I'd hardly call liking a post because it amused me "piling in"! And don't get me started on those 2 !!!
  3. It seems to be running like a good un on Firefox!
  4. Completely agree with your comments. I wonder how long it will be before we miss his gaffs and stock comments in the ensuing seasons. I remember when he ripped Stuart Barnes to shreds in a League v Union session - the passion and knowledge he had for the game was of the highest order.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see him cement the No.1 spot. Tomkins needs a serious turnaround in his fitness/fortunes if he is ever coming back. I've a hunch he won't make it back to his former glory.
  6. The plot thickens! How have they arrived at that figure?
  7. Well said - The hard core fans will always be there... It tickles me how easily wound up some get !!! Still Hull have had a long time to suffer the baiting from KR with "that song" and you can't blame Hull fans for rubbing it in now it's no longer pertinent. The naming of the 10-5 bar was in poor taste, crass and lost it's humour years ago - pity it took so long to change. One thing for sure is if you're thin skinned, then a Rugby League forum is maybe not the best place to be if you can't take a bit of well aimed banter!
  8. Infamy infamy - They've all got it infamy!
  9. I think he's extracting the urine as we had limited representation in the international squad!
  10. formed in 1882 - that's some history..... Why did it take them till 1899 to join the Northern Union formed in 1895? With such a history it must be galling to them in the East when newcomers like Hull FC Gateshull Thundersharks win 2 challenge cups so soon into their history
  11. Only time will tell!
  12. The one where Shaul ran over Sam Tomkins!
  13. Your point is? Surely a Full Backs primary roll is the last line of defence and to sweep up kicks etc along with the wingers?
  14. Unfortunately that stat includes falling off tackles with other players involved. I watched him live in every game barring 1 last season and I can tell you he never missed a one on one. Personally I like his try and try assist stats compared to Lomax - 14 + 7 for Shaul ---- 9 + 10 Lomax And I admit to being as biased as you!