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  1. This sort of throws another slant on it and boy if only!
  2. Yep - don't you just love s club who's owners have vision and are commercially astute 👍🏼
  3. Great player and together with Sterling an outstanding pair back in the day... Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.
  4. I heard Bri Waltham might get brought in after a few good run outs in the A team
  5. The full 19-man squad to take on Leeds Rhinos this Saturday is as follows: 1. Jamie Shaul 2. Mahe Fonua 3. Carlos Tuimavave 4. Josh Griffin 5. Fetuli Talanoa 6. Albert Kelly 7. Marc Sneyd 8. Scott Taylor 9. Danny Houghton 10. Liam Watts 12. Mark Minichiello 13. Gareth Ellis 14. Jake Connor 15. Chris Green 17, Danny Washbrook 21. Sika Manu 22. Josh Bowden 28. Brad Fash 29. Masi Matongo
  6. That's partially my point though- Hodgson is off the boil a bit this season, whereas Houghton has been in the top 2 tacklers for the last 8 seasons...
  7. Despite missing 7 games this season, Danny now tops the tackle stats again. I've always been biased about him and his lack of international call ups admittedly, but does anybody else share my view that the first step to beating the Aussies is to stop them and therefore you should have the best stopper in the game playing?
  8. It's a master stroke by the 2 clubs! Already this story is going mad on social media, the radio and I expect might even get a mention on the TV at some point. Folk moan about the lack of publicity our game gets and can't see how in one fell swoop this has put the game on a lot of peoples lips... Brilliant
  9. Hull FC bouyed by a new shirt (again) that is actually not bad, to start the rampage for The Double! FC 30 v 18 Hudds
  10. Is he famous enough though? 😂
  11. Hull would love to be as famous in Aus as Wigan - It would help if we'd had a few quality Aussie players over the years but hey ho - you do what you can!
  12. Probably had a krait of beer to get over it!
  13. Has the snake pulled through?
  14. I'd have thought all of them! Lets face it, we've all tried em!
  15. Never easy going to Headingley, but we got the CC monkey off our back last season, so maybe this season is time to rid ourselves of the Rhinos Hoodoo! Hull by 12 giving us the springboard to knock em out of the cup and go to Wembley for a back to back CC win Imagine how unbearable we'll be then! P.S. It won't make OF anymore optimistic!