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  1. Not yet - Have you any acerbic quotes I could use?
  2. I'd expect a professional organization to post the correct information - not make basic errors... However if you run a shoddy business you tend to get shoddy work!
  3. So what's the error? The names? The time? The date/Year? The teams? The blood types? The parentage of the players? It beggars belief how ineptitude is considered acceptable....
  4. That refers to slipping surely? The direction could have been down which would not have resulted in a penalty...
  5. Well he has been fairly consistent up to now, but I agree we need it to continue through the rest of the season... I still see him been in the running for an award come the end of this season... time will tell 😉
  6. I don't ever remember Briers using brute strength and speed to break the line and score - he had guile and had an educated boot, but hardly comparable to Kelly!
  7. We kept the loyal one !!!
  8. I'm pretty sure he'll be fine - it's always easier to settle down in a successful side rather than one that's struggling. It's also probably a reflection on Radders man management skills to keep him in the right frame of mind. Still a long way to go this season as there aren't any easy games in Super League...
  9. Got to love this quote from Radders; "Because of the way he left Hull KR maybe not on the best of terms and what happened at that club, I think our fans took to him straight away," added Radford. "His performances since he arrived have ensured the fans love him even more now.
  10. Bejesus that was quick!
  11. I bet that wont last long!
  12. I think a lot will depend on Terry Clawson being fit - Leeds aren't the same without him. Hull 24 v 16 Leeds
  13. What like? A top side pushing to win trophies!
  14. I feel your shame!
  15. Apparently Alf & Jim Macklin managed a full session of darts last night in the knockout in Criterion and both are fit to play (Jim won). Hull 36 v 18 Salford