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  1. Ben Evans has signed for Toulouse.
  2. Wolford6


    Daft as it seems, Keighley can be seen as an expansion team. The Keighley-Skipton-Burnley Triangle could and probably should support a semi-pro team in Skipton. Add to that Skipton's longstanding links to the Dales towns and Ilkley and you could really develop the amateur scene across the area.
  3. I watched it this morning. Josh Ralph looked different class. Very well done, boys.
  4. Wolford6

    Rowley to Leigh

    She's burnt out. Well, her flat is anyway.
  5. I'd turn over except: 1. I'm Welsh 2. 70 minutes of Warrenball and I've lost the will to live.
  6. One thing's for sure, it'll be a better game than the turgid affair that's on the telly right now.
  7. Could have kicked off at 1.30pm today.
  8. Wolford6

    furner speculation

    The latest fall guy at Headingley. 😊
  9. Wolford6

    furner speculation

    I wish I never had. Webster's cut down on beer production to mass-produce that draincleaner.
  10. Wolford6

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    The White Rose Trophy will suffice.
  11. Dole day is Thursday for my mate.
  12. Wolford6

    George Burgess summoned

    From Ben Evans' Twitter page:
  13. Wolford6

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Could play the Round 1games Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
  14. Well, I certainly hope so. On the other hand, I expect Ireland to be a bit more streetwise and Liam Finn is a master tactical kicker. I just hope that Ireland don't switch Ethan Ryan to the right wing. He is Joel Monaghan-esque at taking high kicks to his corner, so we'll need Dalton Grant to be jumping up against him rather than Rhys Williams. We'll certainly need to defend well and kick our goals. I suspect we'll have the edge on fitness, but maybe that's just a hope.
  15. Wolford6

    Who Do We Select?

    He said the other day that he'd like to play for Leeds. I can only assume he was adversely affected by some strong medication when he said it. I hope the RFL will investigate and act accordingly. 😉