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  1. If I didn't have a season ticket, I probably wouldn't go to Odsal this week. However, I will go to the reserves game with Halifax on Friday night.
  2. Wolford6

    Yorkshire vs Lancashire Academy

    I see that one of the Welsh players is from Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw in Pontypool ... or Trevethin Secondary Modern as I remember it. It's now a school where the kids (all anglophone in our bit of Wales) are taught in Welsh. The local junior school in my old village operates on the same system. Good on them; there's not a Welshman alive who doesn't wish he could speak Welsh.
  3. Wolford6

    South Sydney in strife

    30 years of rugby changing rooms.
  4. Wolford6

    South Sydney in strife

    It was actually named after Caerleon. The lush vegetation in Botany Bay was apparently reminiscent of that very nice part of Gwent. 1500 years ago, Caerleon was a Roman garrison town and its amphitheatre still remains in remarkably good order. As with all Welsh museum, it is open to anyone and costs nothing. In a single day, a visitor can combine a visit to the amphitheatre with a trip down to the coalface at the Big Pit mine in Blaenavon. They are about 15 miles apart. http://www.caerleon.net/intro/ https://museum.wales/bigpit/
  5. Wolford6

    South Sydney in strife

    Aussies only have tiny todgers anyway. That's why they named it New South Wales ... trying to get some reflected glory. 😉😉
  6. Wolford6

    “Not good enough for Super League”

    I do like the Browns, but they are not my team. I'm a Chiefs fan and letting Alex Smith go when the team is on fire is an affront to common sense. Booooo! It's almost as repetitively disappointing as being a Bulls season ticket holder.
  7. Wolford6

    New league structure revealed

    Apparently, Wigan and Warrington are meeting tonight for the fourth time this season.
  8. Wolford6

    New league structure revealed

    He should be doing the negotiating.
  9. Wolford6

    New league structure revealed

    Superleague clubs are seemingly keen on (a) taking money off League 1 and Championship clubs and (b) making it harder to get into Superleague. Why then should they have any say in how the League 1 and Championship competitions are run? Ralph Rimmer should be showing a bit of leadership.
  10. Wolford6

    Rugby League on Sky Tv

    Absolutely spot on.
  11. Wolford6

    “Not good enough for Super League”

    There is a need for endurance in the NFL. Especially if you're a Cleveland Browns fan.😉😉 Running backs and wide receivers have proven and instinctive ball handling skills. Probably Dwain Chambers didn't. Berwyn Jones did and Ken Jones did; both became international sprinters and top rugby players. Lynn Davies was on Cardiff City's books as a junior.
  12. Wolford6

    “Not good enough for Super League”

    Realistically, Toronto need 10 new good players. Widnes could provide perhaps 3. Australia has a higher salary cap so that would provide an obstacle to buying top notch Aussies. Toronto have got where they on the back of signing old heads. Those blokes en bloc won't cut it in Superleague so bite the bullet and scour the Universities for American Football jocks that have failed to make the NFL in this year's Draft.
  13. Don't let today's Bulls score mislead you. I have enjoyed this season in League 1, but I came away today thinking "Good grief, have we really got this bad?" What a terrible game. Stop start, shocking bad handling; we only put about five handling moves together in an hour against 12 men. Even then we didn't keep spreading the passes to stretch a depleted defence.