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  1. That has plenty to do with the coach; he got the club to sign them. Toronto have certainly got Superleague-quality players. Our regime talks about a top-five finish but have got a squad which, realistically, is capable of keeping us in this Division, but not of getting us out of it. I'd have preferred it if we'd signed fewer, but better, players.
  2. Wolford6

    Yorkshire cup

    Found out. There are some pretty good cups etc on here. Though some are somewhat tasteless and definitely not safe for work. https://www.facebook.com/pg/lozzieozzie/photos/?ref=page_internal
  3. I don't know if you went to Sale but, if you did, you'll know that (a) Mikey Wood was one of our better forwards and (b) Sam Hallas did okay at prop .. John Magrin was left out. I didn't go last night; van in for maintenance. However, it would appear that Krasniqi wasn't exactly devastating. What about Trae O'Sullivan the triallist? He's a local and did okay pre-season.
  4. A couple of black eyes and we'll have full colours.
  5. I don't care if Krasniqi is a good player or not ... let's face it he is currently not getting picked by another team in the same division. We don't need him, we have thirty players and playing him is a kick in the teeth for Bulls players not getting picked. Last year, we took Jake Butler Fleming on loan when he was not getting picked by Toronto. He played 2 games, didn't tear up any trees and immediately moved to York for the rest of the season. We essentially gave him some match practice. I think the Krasniqi deal has the same motive.
  6. Well, get get the electrics checked out and then try some different ones then. https://www.lightingever.co.uk/100w-super-bright-led-flood-lights-dw.html
  7. Sam Hallas was originally a prop and had his best game last season playing there. So we've got five and I bet Mikey Wood has played there as well.
  8. Now we've signed another player that we don't need ... Olsi Krasniqi. I can't see that it's been done as anything other than a favour to the Wolfpack. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/sportbulls/17417098.bulls-sign-toronto-wolfpack-ace-olsi-krasniqi-on-loan/
  9. Wolford6

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    Bulls fans are of the opinion that we want Leeds to fail to win anthing. Unfortunately, Leeds fans no longer need to feel the same way about us. 😟
  10. Our fans are great and there is usually a good laugh on the terraces. However, I can't pretend that we make people as welcome as, say, Keighley, Hunslet, Dewsbury and Batley. If the club is going to charge a £25 gatefee, it's got to show why that fee is worthwhile paying for both home and away fans.
  11. Well spoken, sir. I'll add: 1. Instead of signing players who'll hardly get a game, the club could invest £10,000 in new floodlight bulbs. 2. The Bulls staff and apprentices could have spread salt on the touchline terracing on the Saturday to give both sets of fans a better view of the game than they got from behind the goals. I reckon it could have been done in 4 hours by 10 people.
  12. We've a very big squad; it will be interesting to see if Kear rotates a few positions.
  13. There must be plenty of junior refs who'd jump at the chance to be a goal-line official in the Championship.
  14. Apologies if I am mistaken. I have a season ticket. A casual visitor in our company said it was £25.