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  1. Who's next to join our ranks?

    I do hope he's charging a full whack for this. I'd hate to think that he hasn't been properly rewarded for his contribution to Rugby League.
  2. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    Familiarity breeds contempt. Make it proper home-and-away leagues throughout with no play offs. One promoted and one relegated. Play the Challenge Cup before April and play divisional cups after April. Have a proper international series in October or November.
  3. League One's Future

    Fair enough, Adey. However, I suspect that many men over 50, including me, don't do Facebook. Recent national news stories indicate that we were probably right not to join. One thing that bothers me is that the young kids will be on a very low contract, then see journeymen pros coming into the team and presumably picking up appearance money plus win-bonus. Let's face it, these journeymen can't get in the team at their parent clubs. By the scenario you suggest, even if we get promoted, we'll have the same policy next year because getting back to Superleague will be our priority. And then the young lads will quit. It sucks.
  4. League One's Future

    The Bulls have loads of players and the Academy is doing well against Superleague Academies. However: - The Academy players aren't getting selected against weaker teams or when a first-choice is injured. Loan players with no commitment to the club are getting picked instead. - The website has stopped printing match reports for Academy games. It's just not good enough for a team that is intending to re-engage with its supporter base and to develop future Superleague players.
  5. We seem to be bending over backwards to do other clubs a favour these days. Probably paying back a few previous favours.
  6. Fair enough, probably cost them a few grand though.
  7. I can't see it myself. Plenty of people will be working on Saturday, me included. Plus people will be playing in amateur games. Might have had that number if the game was played on Sunday. Seems a strange decision to play on the Saturday because I can't find it listed for televising.
  8. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    We've never had a good shirt in the Superleague era. Best effort was a plain white one with a red, yellow and black stripy seam.
  9. Widnes - A Club in Limbo?

    That shows why we need someone like Eddie Hearn running the game. We have Toronto, Catalan and Toulouse in the ladder. We have Coventry and York showing promise. London are showing signs of resurgence, leigh are seemingly not a nine-day-wonder. There are going to be some decent stadiums in the lower divisions. We have two Welsh teams. We have one of the 5 biggest clubs in the sport playing in League 1. And the current administration wants to shrink Superleague. As ever, we should follow the lead of the NFL and abandon P&R and have 24 teams in 2 conferences, each of 2 divisions. The Cup should be completed by May to generate early-season interest and then there would be opportunities for clubs to win division, conference and Grand Final titles. We should big-up the Cheerleader profiles to make the game attractive to young girls and their parents. The complaints about player-standards is a red herring. Bulls fans watch their team knowing its quality is only a fraction of earlier line-ups. Whilst I wish we were back in Superleague, I have enjoyed our period in the Championship and League 1. We are the superstars of League 1 but only just beat York, got turned over by Workington and it will be a real struggle against Doncaster. Hunslet have been pretty rubbish for years but it's always a pleasant experience going there and enjoying the company of their fans. I doubt if any fans of the other teams in League 1 really think their team can stop the Bulls getting promotion but they'll all enjoy their team pulling out the stops against us. I bet they all hope that we don't get embarrassed against Warrington in the Cup, because we are effectively representing League 1. This is a family sport and the administrators should think about the family, not just Superleague.
  10. One Club Men

    David and Alan Redfearn at the Northern. Both internationals and over 700 games between them.
  11. 2018 Kits

    Some people are far too keen to kick a club when it's down. For years, the Bulls have had top-rubbish shirts and now the other clubs want to grab the only title we still hold.
  12. I presume his attitude on gameday is a bit different to his attitude at training sessions. Otherwise, I suspect a team-mate would have lamped him by now.
  13. 2018 Kits

    Who needs Emmerdale? The Bulls is its very own soap opera.
  14. That's because most fans buy season tickets before the season starts. They thus attend all the home games at their own club. Leeds, Bulls, Wigan, Hull etc fans have always gone away in numbers but, when the game is on telly, Sky compensates the home club for the loss in attendance.
  15. We have a large bunch of teenagers who follow us home and away. They will not be awash with money and will certainly be clued up on the IT front. They are the ones who will stay at home when the team is away. If I was sixteen, I know how I'd solve this dilemma: - £25 in bus fare and ticket to watch the Bulls away. Your parents grudgingly stump up. or - Pocket the money. Spend the early afternoon chatting up girls and finding an off licence that looks the other way when you ask for cans of cider. Then round to watch the game at whichever of your friends' parents has gone out for the day.