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  1. Lancastrians are only closer to God than Yorkshire folk in the sense that they've got a lower life expectancy.
  2. That sounds suspiciously like a deliberate non-mention of the requisite decent company. Hand-pulled beer can be bought for that price in Bradford City Centre. However, when I'm working away, I tell southerners that it's only one pound a pint in Lancashire. That way, they're more likely to take a trip there instead. It's only fair that those south of Luton should be able to experience the true disappointment that only Lancashire can provide. They mostly support Man Utd anyway.
  3. Eric Olthwaite had respect and old fashioned good manners. He made sure he wore his "best" flat hat on to appear on the telly.
  4. I think you may have misjudged their intentions. Why bother travelling all the way to Chester Zoo,when you only need to cross the border into Lancashire. then you need to get back for some proper beer at reasonable prices surrounded by good company.
  5. Cambridgeshire? Wow. The only people up here who can afford to live in Cambridgeshire are mill owners and Labour MP's.
  6. It's going to be a proper double-skinned wall. Yorkshire sandstone on our side, breeze-block on yours.
  7. Have you ever travelled on the M62 up the hill from Milnrow to the Yorkshire border at the crest? Four lanes into Yorkshire, only three back down to Lancashire. Post-Brexit, we're putting a Borders Agency station there.
  8. We have a Welsh tea you know. It' called Glengettie and it's got a dragon and Welsh language on the packet and everything. Mind you, it's blended in Liverpool.
  9. I think the need to meet the curfew might have something to do with that.
  10. You could try Betty's Tea Rooms. They own Taylors Tea and their experts travel all over the world to inspect import and blend all the best teas and coffees. The company does this out of altruism and a sense of duty; it saves Yorkshire folk from ever having to travel beyond the county boundary unless absolutely necessary. Then, when residents do travel, they can take a flask of proper stuff to last them till they get past Lancashire.
  11. I once worked in Baxenden for six months at a chemical works. Many of its local employees said "keckle" instead of "kettle".
  12. McDonald's is the spawn of the devil and should be outlawed in Yorkshire. No proper chips and no vinegar on the tables to safely treat them with. The only acceptable tea is Taylors Yorkshire Tea leaf tea; anything else counts as an apology. The only allowance is using Yorkshire tea bags if you are at work. Anyway, Dewsbury natives have always been contrary. How can a crown be flat? Then you build its replacement as the worlds smallest pitch set in the middle of a huge expanse of open land.
  13. NRL blows its RLWC refs experiment

    Ah, the good old 1980's. Brings a tear to my eye. Plenty of women were game at 2.45am.
  14. If it wasn't for those pesky Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Normans; you'd all be Welsh. Hard luck.
  15. BBC News

    I just visited the internet press and, if that's his girlfriend, no wonder he always looks worn out when he's on the telly.