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  1. Night game? No probs, we've saved 50p up for the meter.
  2. Well, I'm 64 and, judging by your username, we will probably know each other from Wibsey. Do I rate Halahifi? No . Hallas played better at prop against Hunslet than he has done all season at hooker; no one doubts his effort but he's not an inventive ballplayer. I do rate Flanagan, he was presumably brought in because Kear didn't think Hallas and Halahifi offered enough. Reiss Butterworth is not a hooker; he's a scrumhalf who can play hooker. I was happy with the John Kear appointment. I just thought he'd have us playing more like his Batley team. I also thought, given his work with Wales, that he'd give young kids their chance. When we hit the Championship next season, most of those young kids won't have gained any more experience beyond what they gained last season.
  3. Huge snake in York colours will be attending the game. http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/16368534.ethel-the-snake-joins-bradford-bulls-ahead-of-big-match/
  4. Good move. First one that Kear has presided over for weeks. 😉😂
  5. I'm guessing you are one of the terrace chanters. Sky can make Salford v Wakefield sound like a clash of the titans and you are doing the same with the Bulls. 5 drives and a kick against part timers and novices is a joke. In the past few weeks, both Hunslet and Newcastle have been more inventive than us. This week, Kear was extolling the virtues of Ashley Gibson ... 'never goes 80 yards but solid in defence.' Well, he's got a winger outside him who can go 80 yards but Gibson never bothers passing it to him. Minchella picks up offloads from the one player who gives them ... Chisholm. Ryan scores a lot of his tries from chasing down kicks and catching high kicks to the corner. The Bulls with Chisholm remind me of Northern with Deryck Fox. When the opposition lock down the playmaker they lock down the whole team. That's why ( a ) Lilley is a good signing and ( b ) Butterworth should have been at least on the bench all season.
  6. John Kear's "A Game" doesn't currently encompass offloads and passing to the wingers.
  7. We haven't played well for weeks. Too much one-man rugby. On occasion, we haven't even lined up in echelon when we've got the ball on the fourth tackle. What we have got is a good pack and a good bench. Hopefully, we'll win but we are definitely beatable.
  8. Wolford6

    New sky format

    Own up, you are Ralph Rimmer. 😉😂
  9. Wolford6

    It's Ralph

    Time for three conferences Superleague in one; the rest in another. Cut Sky from our two and negotiate our own deal. If community RL is to be supported by £10million from the government, put a senior civil servant on the RFL board.
  10. Wolford6

    It's Ralph

    Wholesale rejoicing on the terracing at Odsal .... not.
  11. Wolford6

    Hall to Roosters (Merged threads)

    Maybe he thought the time was right for a move because the McDermott era has come to a close. Good luck to him.
  12. What's the state of play with Barry Eaton?
  13. Wolford6

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    Widnes and Salford set for the Championship.
  14. Poor quality from the Bulls last night. More perspiration than inspiration and quite a bit of goal-line defence. Perfect night for open rugby and a prop, Steve Crossley, deservedly got man of the match. Newcastle executed more moves than we did. I was impressed by Newcastle. If they can keep their players next season, they'll be a contender.
  15. ... Er, 42 players and no scrum half? Face it, he was rubbish.