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  1. 5 Yorkshire teams, 3 Lancashire teams. It's the natural order of things.
  2. Thanks for everything, Eddie. Best wishes for a happy retirement.
  3. The Bulls treated their fans to an absolute feast of one-man-rugby. Two good wingers so thought best not give them the ball. Could have lost but for some outstanding bomb-defusals by Ethan Ryan. Someone needs to tell Elliott Minchella that he's got the deceptive footwork of a chieftain tank, so give up trying something individual in just about every set of six. Predictably, Kear is in the paper today saying that the players' attitude stank (it didn't ... there was no lack of effort across the board) and there would be wholesale changes next week. I thought our best forward on the day was John Magrin, who Kear hasn't picked for weeks. No mention of the juggernaut tactics not working. Strange that. Well played, Keighley. Your boys tackled their hearts out. As usual, great atmosphere in the crowd.
  4. As far as the court is concerned, ignorance is no excuse.
  5. Just a brief visit. The Labour Party has sold the working class down the river and will pay dearly for it at the next General Election. Hopefully this summer.
  6. It's Lancashire. He couldn't walk a straight line down a row of cobbles so they've charged him and impounded his horse and cart.
  7. Wasps haven't got megabucks; they've lost some top players for next season.
  8. Well, Cas have released Ben Roberts so there's probably a bit of spare cash.
  9. As I understand it, drink driving is not a capital offence. It's a stupid offence, but we've all been stupid one way or another when we were young. If there are any incidents or accidents arising from the initial offence, the young man/men will face the legal consequences just the same as would any other member of the public.
  10. I'm no Leeds fan but I thought Sam Tomkins took a voluntary tackle in the last minute [Mutter mutter ... Bitter memories ... Saint Helens ... Chris Joynt etc]
  11. It might strike someone more cynical than me that Shaun Edwards is trying to play RU and RL off against each other in order to secure the highest possible terms and conditions for the next few years. As long as he doesn't come to the Bulls, I couldn't give a monkeys where he ends up.
  12. I like Barrie and Terry. I'd also like to see Eorl Crabtree get some more airtime and Tony Smith get some airtime.
  13. A closer game at Odsal than the score suggests. The Bulls got two 80m breakaway tries from players who you wouldn't think had the pace to outsprint the defence ... Matty Wildie and Rhys Evans. The Bulls wobbled a few times in defence and their handling movements weren't as slick as Leigh's'. However, they didn't drop as much ball as their opponents and they muscled up in the secondhalf . At the end of the game, the Leigh team's indiscipline had cost them dearly. A good advert for Championship rugby and I think that a few feuds will be reactivated in the return fixture
  14. Another close call for the Bulls against Leigh. We have had some really good games this season. Hopefully, we'll shade it. Mind you, the pitch will probably be just this side of boggy.
  15. Congratulations, Spidey. My brother-in-law got a kidney donation from his sister and now runs marathons. However, please don't turn to masters rugby ... an accidental knee in the back wouldn't do you any favours whatsoever. I carry a donor card and have recently written a new will which (as previously) leaves my dead body to Leeds Medical School. This week, the lady who handles these applications at the School wrote to thank me for the donation but warned me that there is no guarantee that they will accept it!
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