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  1. Wayne Bennett
  2. Best whistle up Rangi Chase, then.
  3. Bradford Council has announced today that it is owed £10million in unpaid business rates. I expect that will be from the likes of Marks & Spencer, WH Smith and the Post Office.
  4. The leader of the Women's Equality Party is coming up from London to stand against Philip Davies in Shipley. Well, good luck with that.
  5. Ched Evans to be re-signed by Sheffield United. Looking forward to the comments from Jessica Ennis Hill and Charlie Webster.
  6. She's too young for him.
  7. Osborne out; McVey in. It's Tattonfilarious.
  8. Hmmm, Saint's Days. One Israeli, one never existed and two Welshmen.
  9. It's in readiness for when it'll have no more Spanish chicken in it when we leave the EU.
  10. Lib Dems standing against Speaker Bercow
  11. No need to take McQueen. We'd have lent you Tyson Frizzell.
  12. It would be like marrying your auntie.
  13. The trouble is that, in my constituency ... where many electors think that fraudulent postal voting is rife ... there is no guarantee from the council that all posstal votes will be closely scrutinised.
  14. They'll keep the red flag flying. At half-mast