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  1. Toulouse are wobbling and catchable so the RFL's nightmare scenario of an all-foreign final might be avoided. Assuming that Toronto will get there, they won't fetch many fans to an away game. I can't see how a game on a pitch marked out for multisports in Toronto would give the RFL any kudos or much money. Seriously, Odsal would be a good choice for the final. RFL-owned; central location; decent corporate hospitality; 5000 seats; good playing surface, big carpark and right next to the motorway turnoff.
  2. Anyway, after yesterday, I've decided that promotion is vastly overrated.
  3. Actually, your stadium is absolutely top notch though, obviously, the construction was project-led by a friend of mine who lives in Haworth. The pitch was reminiscent of the luxury axminster carpets that they make in Cleckheaton. That's C A R P E T ... look it up in the dictionary that is tied to a string in Wigan library.
  4. He's a part-timer and he was too ill to play last week; reportedly had lost a fair bit of weight. His nature is such that he'd volunteer to play even if he wasn't fully recovered. Admittedly, he wasn't at all good today but he usually makes loads of yards and tires out defences. You must have caught him on two bad days because he's probably been our best pack player this season, certainly our most consistent. We are short on props. Ollie Wilson was sold to Huddersfield and his replacement, Colton Roche, limped off after about 15 minutes last time out. James Green is out for another two months. Liam Kirk looked to be running on empty today ... he's only 22 and has been a regular for 3 seasons; he needs a week on a warm beach to heal the bruises. Ross Peltier missed the first half of the season with his arm in a sling after a shoulder injury; he's a great impact player but, as he's getting back to full power, generally plays less than 40 minutes. Why Callum Bustin didn't get picked today ... 18th man ... and why John Magrin ... recalled from the Skolars ... was given so few minutes are things that only John Kear can answer.
  5. Well done, Leigh. That show was very impressive. The Leigh pack were relentless and Gareth Hock has definitely still got it. We got a good old fashioned aaahhs kicking. Leigh were bigger than us, faster than us and, most disappointingly of all, wanted it more. I thought only Ross Peltier, Matt Garside and Ethan Ryan did themselves full justice. A few of our players need a rest to recharge the batteries. We need to give a few more youngsters a game or two and the return of Webster, Greeen, Evans and Hitchcock can't come quick enough.
  6. Tremendous downpour before the game at Odsal possibly reduced the crowd and certainly made the ball slippery all through the game. Plenty of handling mistakes by both sides. The Bulls deserved the win but the scoreline is more than a bit flattering. Batley had some slick moves and plenty of play in our 20; however, the Bulls defence was tighter than in recent weeks and held firm. We actually tried a more open style today and, whilst it's a work-in-progress, it made for more entertaining rugby. We tried to spread the ball across the line and even scored a try from an offload. Lots of towering bombs but both fullbacks acquitted themselves well. Foggy got MoM but no-one really stood out. I thought Jordan Lilley was our best player and Jovili Taira had a great game for Batley. Couple of half-hearted melees and one yellow card but that's to be expected in a derby game. I thought the ref had a good game.
  7. Who knows. According to Fairfolly, we are midtable team doing our best to establish viability in the Championship. It's only the shrewd coaching of John Kear that's ensured there's been no return drop to League 1. Well, that and our £500,000 wage bill.
  8. At a guess, as I played well over a hundred games of RL, I played a fair few more than you. Maybe it's a good job we never got to Wembley. You would have sucked the life out of any party.
  9. TV money, shirt sales, a percentage of the gate receipts dependent on the number of tickets sold and/or commission on tickets sold from the club office. Maybe some commission from corporate hospitality deals. Maybe some new sponsorship for next season. We'd take 10,000 to Wembley ... though a lot would be going as part of a London weekend.
  10. That'll be the young players he declined to blood in League 1 but can go en masse 2 hours up the motorway on a weekday night for a drubbing from a Championship team. Quite a few of the fulltime players should have been included on the basis that the club could have got to Wembley in this competition and: - some of those players would love the chance to play there - a lot of the fans would love us to get there - the RFL would love us to get there - a trip there would spell cash in the bank. What is the club going to earn and what kudos is there for the players if the club fails to make the top 5 in the Championship?
  11. Bobby Goulding is just the player that I'd love Leeds to sign again.
  12. Yes, but you strike me as a Bulls fan who watches games through rose-tinted blinkers. I did actually play the game for a good few years and have been watching Bradford since 1975. I played and was team secretary for rugby union teams till I was 43. What's your record like? We've more fans (= money) and more players than anyone except Toronto and Toulouse. We've lost our last four games to part-timers. We are behind York, Sheffield, Leigh and Featherstone in the table. On results, we are behind Widnes. We have a negative points difference. Last night, we sent out a team that was on a hiding to nothing. Arguably sending young lads out as cannon fodder. I consider that Kear did the same with Wales v France last season. I'm not an Uncle Tom and I don't like Kear's playing style. Full stop. Looking at the body language after the game on Sunday, I didn't think Andrew Chalmers was overjoyed with it either. By the sound of your username, I guess you live in Wibsey. If you do, you'll probably have an idea who I am. If my attitude upsets you so much, come and have a chat in one of the pubs. You are old enough to drink in a pub aren't you?
  13. Jordan Lilley is a nuggety halfback who grafts, tackles and kicks well. He keeps his head up and is always encouraging the other players. For a successful team, he needs a flair halfback, with sidestep and pace, to accompany him. Rowan Milnes was looking promising and will be a great player in the future. Signing Lilley is a great relief. Team-building at Odsal has been pretty good in the backs. Mattie Wildie (standoff till Milnes returns), Rhys Evans and Foggy have been great signings. The problems arise in the forwards. Someone needs to sort out the pack regime and sharpish. Why sign Colton Roche when Jon Magrin and Callum Bustin aren't getting a game? On current form, Bustin is better than him for the current style of play and the salary could have gone towards keeping some of our very promising young guns. Connor Farrell is a grafter and makes the odd break but he rarely passes and gives penalties away too often. Matt Garside hasn't been getting a game but was great for us last season. We don't have an out-and-out loose forward. We are playing five-drives-and-a-kick with a side depleted in strong bashers.
  14. Spirits must be pretty low in the Bulls camp. I'm not even hopeful of a win.
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