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  1. Been in the Cheqa a few times in the 80's and 90's after I had played against them at Rugby League and football in the Cas and District Sunday League. Mind you I always kept my shinpads on whilst having a pint!
  2. My advert is for carports, roofing and patios .... and I must say that I find the image of the covered outdoor entertaining area rather alluring. Oooeer missus.
  3. Don't think McManus came over to Australia as he never spoke to me!
  4. Well picked up Parky. No doubt lazy journalism. So to help you berate the journalism I have spent the last 24 hours ringing up all the Cas supporters that attended the Good Friday game against Wakey. The supporters came from: Castleford 84.6% (why go anywhere else on a Bank Holiday when you can see the team that Steve Gill helped create, with assistance from Darryl Powell) Pontefract 8.0% (note that is a percentage as opposed to the 8 that support Fev) SESKU (South Elmsall, South Kirkby and Upton) 5.2% Wakefield 3.5% (Turncoats according to Wakey fans but conneisuers according to fellow Cas fans) Knottingley 3% (only usually 2% but the cunning plan by Cas' number one supporter, Peter Box, in closing down Knottingley Sports Centre and Swiming Pool means that more people in Knottingley have more spare time to watch Classy Cas) Goole 1.5% Selby 1.5% Featherstone 1.4% (cannot name them in case their house gets fire bombed by their neighbours) Altofts 1.3% (and they asked if I would mention the great carvery they had at the Wheatsheaf on the Sunday) Swillington, Kippax and Great Preston 1.3% Kirk Smeaton 1.0% (although Dave and Brenda said their son Josh would have been there but he was working and he lives in Darrington) Darrington 0.8% (plus Josh there in spirit if not body) Midlands representing Stoke and Tamworth 0.2% And please excuse my childishness as no doubt whilst you were noting each location you will be adding up the percentges in you head. That's why I made sure they did not add up to 100%. P.S. Every person on this board that has read the OP clearly understands that every team has supporters from beyond their teams town boundary.
  5. Great, that's my sunday evening sorted!
  6. Ah cheers Gubrats I think you have cleared the issue up and I now, hopefully, understand Parksiders comments. I did not read Scubbys post, I just clicked on the page where you commented that 'that Powell alone changed the club' which I posted my disagreed with. So I assume Parksider read my comment and connected it with Scubbys post thinking I was supporting Scubby in his views in slighting other clubs - which I would never do - I was just trying to point out that off field Cas have done a good job. If that is the case then as you say it is no longer an issue.
  7. I would recommend Andrew Johns 'The Two of Us' and Mal Reilys 'A Like in Rugby League' and Mike Stephensons autobiography imaginatively titled Stevo. Probably the first RL book I read was about Willie Horne. I never saw him play but it was a good read. I enjoyed a book about Wally Lewis titled 'Forever the King' but it somehow failed to mention when Olsen Filipaina spanked his arrse in the test series against New Zealand.
  8. We get Judge Rinder over here on Foxtel. I don't know how far we are behind with the show so I'll have to restrain myself from viewing this topic so I won't know who won.
  9. WOW, I have read quite a few baffling posts on here in my time, but your response to my post is the biggest load of codswallop I have ever read. You actually agree that I never mentioned Wakefield in my post but somehow in your mind you have come to the conclusion that I have slighted them and every other club in the league. Absolutely bizarre. As Gubrats commented about Cas, I thought it was only proper and polite that I replied about Cas. My opinion differed in that I believe the club as a whole has moved forward from the shambles it was before Steve Gill took over. The question was about CAS and the reply was about CAS. Apologies to Forum users about the use of uppercase but I cannot think of any other way to explain that I was talking about CAS and only Cas.
  10. I apologise to all for taking the discussion away from Toronto for the moment. Parky you may well be trying to wind me up. If so good for you, but unless I have invented invisible typing where the hell did I refer to Wakefield in my response to which you refer? As for Wakefield bashing feel free to look at any post I have ever made on this site to substantiate your last paragraph. Thank you.
  11. The only way those options are viable in the long term is through a cultural change whereby the international game is given greater emphasis than the club game.
  12. No. But if it had pockets to keep the hands warm then it could have qualified as an England RU outfit.
  13. Well we could have both shared the straightjacket.
  14. We had a thread recently about how we would like RL to look in 20 years. Well if in 1997 I would have said that I would like to have a Balkan Super League operating by 2017 then I am sure someone would have bought me a long white jacket with leather straps. I wish everyone associated with this my best wishes.
  15. This for me is the most worthwhile sentence I have ever read on this site. Parky, if you had said this at the beginning of this thread we could all have had a quiet Easter!