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  1. Apologies Marauder for my response to you. I misinterpreted your comments.
  2. Marauder - 100 hours community service, are you for real? I suppose if they shot someone you would give them a goldfish in a bag as a prize. My alternative would be to give every drug pusher a one way ticket to the Phillipines and dump them in the centre of Manila with a sign saying drug pusher - obviously in Phillipino - on their back and let President Duerte's police shoot them. I actually was disappointed that Duerte wasn't named Times Man of the Year for making his country a much safer place for the law abiding majority. But whilstever we have people in the UK or Australia where I live that think drug pushers deserve equality with law abiding citizens then we are all cream crackered.
  3. A big positive for Hull is that my mate from Cas will be visiting when Cas play Hull. Apparantly on tha day the IQ of both places will be raised!
  4. As a RL follower I wish every team all the best. As a Cas supporter I hope DP continues to play the Classy Cas brand of rugby but adds some steel into our defence.
  5. How do I respond to a post? On the old Forum there was a 'quote' button but I cannot see one on the postings on the new Forum. I signed in as requested was there something else I should have done. Any help would be appreciated as I am a total luddite.
  6. Just watched the Darts World Championship Final and then listened to the interview with Barry Hearn. How refreshing it was to hear someone being so positive and excited about the game they run. He is not embarrassed to tell the world about how darts is booming and he is spot on when he announced the ten Premier League by saying they are there to entertain the speccies and tv audience as well as play fir the money. One advantage with darts is that players are encouraged to have their own identity and to show it on stage. In the SL I cannot think of one player, well maybe Chase, that are seen as characters or entertainers. We need to bring some characters back into the game and promote them. As for Hearn I hope I never meet him as he might persuade me to buy tickets to see Justin Bieber!
  7. That is surely just a series of short term approaches that has been endemic in RL for years and stopped both clubs and the game developing long term strategic plans. In my opinion the Toronto Wolfpack Business Plan should include a rolling 5 year plan that is tweaked each year that clearly states how the club is going to help develop and support growth within the Toronto and surrounding area. I.e First five years to have helped establish a local league with teams at different age levels. The Wolfpack is at the top of the pyramid with a clear pathway for players wanting to be professional RL players.
  8. Spare a thought this Christmas Day for me ...... its going to be 40c in Adelaide and we will have to eat Christmas dinner inside ....... but even worse is that I have no rugby league match to go to on Boxing Day.
  9. A bold and welconed move. All the best to everyone connected to the club. I see a great opportunity for the RFL and Manchester Rangers to put in place a cunning plan on April Fools Day. They could put out a press release saying 'Messi signs for Manchester Rangers'.
  10. Harry Pinner had a great pair of hands but I am being biased when I say that I thought the Cas prop Barry Johnson had a better pair of hands. I remember the Rugby Leaguer saying he had 'the most expressive hands in Rugby League'. Cas at the time had 2 moves when 10m out from the opponents tryline. First move was the inside ball to Wardy to smash over. The second move was to pass to Johnson who would draw in 2 or 3 defenders then offload around the defenders to Kevin Or Bob Beardsmore to score. I once saw Johnson tackled by 3 players and as he was being grounded he passed the ball between the kegs of 2 defenders for Kev Beardsmore to score. If it hadn't been for that fervent traditionalist thug Slatter who deliberately broke Johnsons jaw we could Be talking about how good he was at International level.
  11. Thank God you are talking about where internationals are played in Cumbria. I thought it was going to be about creating a Cumbrian SL team so I had already gone into the garage, found a metal bucket, stuck in on my head and sat in the corner of the living room waiting for WW3 to kick off.
  12. Football, cricket and RU have succeeded because they have had over 150 years to spread the game; enable other countries to grow their own competitions; then move to international competition. Pre the jet age teams played in local/national leagues because further travel on a fortnightly basis was not practical. So IMHO RL is 150 years behind other sports so we have two options: 1. Do wait till the likes of ITaly, Serbia, Ireland, Scotland, USA and Canada all have strong competitions to be competitive at international level, or, 2. Do we accept clubs into the existing structure to facilitate interest in their respective countries to hopefully accelerate the growth of the game domestically With either option there is risk that the game could die out in each country. So in Point 1 the RLIF has to work closely to support growth not leave it to serendipity. With option 2 there must have a caveat where a new club must have a 5 year TV deal in place as part of their business plan. This way their countrymen/women are exoosed to the pinnacle of our sport their keagues may grow exponentially. Wakey v Toronto - what a pointless argument. There should be room for all teams that meet SL criteria. If it means a format similar to that of the RU Super 18 competition then so be it.
  13. Its fantastic to read about people with so much passion who are developing the game in new areas. Hard to imagine even just a few years ago that the game would be gaining a presence in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Just one question about the 9's event. How did the score in the final be 19-0? Did the winning team kick a drop goal?
  14. Wish I was 35 years younger so I could enrol on this! All the best to everyone involved.
  15. Any Cas or Fax supporters remember the ferry trip back to Heysham the day after the Charity Shield clash in the Isle of Man. The sea was that rough the ferry ride was reminiscent of being on the Skylark with Noah and Nelly.