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  1. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    Do you live in Darwin? The weather presenter must have the easiest job in the world. They just have two lines to say ..... in the dry season they say 'It is 32 centigrade and it is sunny' and in the wet season it is '32 centigrade and raining'.
  2. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    Looked out of the window this morning and was dissapointed that there was no snow clouds ..... perhaps the 38c temperature outside had something to do with it. It's quite toast in Adelaide today😅
  3. Super League restructure coming

    There are historical similarities between football in the mid 1980's and that of RL today. I don't know how old you are but don't be blinded by all the razzamatazz and money in football at all levels and the success of the Premiership. In the mid 1980's years before SKY was rolled our and before the glitter of the Premiership the Chairmen of around 20 football clubs realised the game was losing fabs, losing sponsors and was facing a backlash from the government and the media. The proposal was for a breakaway league and to do away with promotion and relegation. The clubs that were to form the breakaway league came very close to achieving this. It was only through the intervention of Jimmy Hill and the PFA that stopped this from occuring.
  4. Qatar to host pacific nations?

    Good job I was wearing my corset - the black one with the frilly edges obviously - or my sides would have split with laughter 😄
  5. Your ideal GB tour 2019

    My ideal tour would be: Game 1 v PNG in Port Moresby Then jump on a fishing boat and get dropped off in Darwin. Hire the coach that was used in the film 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' and say to the Aussies 'We will play you in about 5 weeks time in Melbourne'. Then drive through Australia playing a game in every town - by Aussie outback standards thats a place with a population over 7 - to ensure GB have a 47-0 win/loss record before kicking the harrises of the Kangaroos.
  6. Your ideal GB tour 2019

    Strewth, even Phileas Fogg didn't travel that far!
  7. No problem. I thought you might have thanked me as you didn't need to watch such a capitulation. Other breakung news you might be interested in .... Mafeking has just been relieved.
  8. Parksider, well the shambles of cricket team meant I home in time for tea. There are many areas in the game where growth can be discussed. Therefore to start with I will concentrate this response to the geographical footprint of the game. Expansion of RL, for many reasons, has been relatively stagnant since 1895 when compared to football and RU. Over the last 20 years RL has IMHO through desperation in trying to increase the geographical footprint, and with little money themselves and no discernable long term strategy, have taken chances with ventures i.e Paris, Celtic Crusaders, Gateshead in the hope that they might be successful. But, because they failed it has made followers of the game wary of new investment, and rightly so. But by great planning, or more likely serendipity, RL has been presented with a possible new model. Quite simply, if the interest from new ventures - and I am including Catalans, TO and TWP - such as New York and others become reality, then it will indisputably increase the geographical footprint. Do you disagree with this? Which area of 'growth' do you want to discuss next?
  9. TWP, or David Argyle as you stated did not relegate Leigh, that was because we have P&R. If Leigh going down means they will not start an academy then thst supports my view that relegating a full time club is barking mad. How do I define growth? Well that could be a long answer and I haven't got time as I am off to Adelaide Oval soon to hopefully watch us beat the Aussies.
  10. The best athlete in the world in 2017

    I don't think he won the Grand National either!
  11. Whoa, steady boy, as I said previously my quote of 'survival of the fittest' was based on the continuation of a P&R system. However, my preferred choice would be for P&R to be scrapped. I fail to see how a full time club can benefit from relegation. Can anyone show me the benefit of this? Why can't the strategy be to grow the number of full time clubs and amend the league structure accordingly i.e. Growing SL and eventually moving to a Conference style. Before people start stomping their feet and saying this is effectively a closed shop - well I beg to differ. Some on here think that P&R, one-up, one-down offers hope to existing part time clubs. IMHO this is a fallacy as in reality it offers naff all chance. An existing SL structure that evolves into Conference style structure would be flexible enough to accept all clubs, be they existing SL clubs, new ventures or existing clubs outside SL, providing all clubs meet set criteria. What that criteria is, well we can only speculate.
  12. Bob, I understand that you do not advocate throwing SL clubs out. My response to your previous post was to agree, that the wealthier clubs should never dictate who stays in or is demoted from SL. Places in SL or whatever it may be called in the future should be on merit only. As for Parksider, I resent Parksider for stating in his post on Page 10 that Mr Tiger - I assume he means me - supports NA team inclusion and English relegations. He sure knows how to twist words. What I said previously is that 'it will be a survival of the fittest' and I was basing my response if P&R was the preferred option.
  13. Sx Nations with England Knights

    Thank you for correcting me.
  14. I would not support a league that invites NA teams and demotes existing SL teams purely because they are 'at risk'. There is no reason why through careful growth new ventures can be accommodated and the structure of the league changes accordingly i.e. Conference style or as in the NRL where teams do not play each other twice.
  15. Parksider why do you persist in saying existing UK clubs will be relegated ta the expense of NA clubs. You keeping demanding factual information from people to back up their argument so can you show where it is stated that UK clubs will be demoted.