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  1. Wayne Bennett fighting to save job

    Re - Paul Kent. Ever since this so called NRL supporting journalist remarked on the NRL 360 show a few years ago "that the international weekend featuring Tonga v Samoa was just a game between second rate players and we should be watching an NRL round instead" told me everything I needed to know about him.
  2. Wakefield Game makes the US news..

    The best thing about this is that the weather made Belle Vue look like everywhere else ๐Ÿ˜Š
  3. This day forward. Wests Tigers.

    Best $2 I ever spent since arriving here nearly 12 years ago was on a plastic fly swatter from Cheap as Chipsu. On its first day it killed more than Baron von Richtofen!
  4. The Codebreakers BBC2 Wales documentary on now.

    Just saw the program on you tube and as I had read your comment I looked out for the comments from Davies with interest. But I don't understand what you are on about. Davies was blunt and honest that he changed codes for the money. What is wrong with that. Unless i missed what you are referring to. His comments make a refreshing change from the usual 'I want a new challenge' or 'I have always wanted to test myself ....' which we all know is complete cobblers.
  5. Wire ban 4 fans

    Have Wigan signed them ..... I will go find my tin hat!
  6. Did Yorkshire Give the World RL?

    Whilst you are all bickering you have all missed the key point .... that us Yorkies as usual, are being ever, ever, ever so modest by only listing 8 items we gave the world!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
  7. Scott Moore sentenced to Jail

    I think it is shocking that a Police Officer who was undertaking his duty and received an injury through no fault of his own goes onto half pay. If I was a Politician with responsibility for law and order - and I consider myself extremely right wing when it comes to having a safe society and dealing with offenders - I would bring in a law whereby no Police Officer is hit financially whilst receiving an injury on duty or make the assailant pay the other half of the officers salary.
  8. Eddie Hearnโ€™s six?

    Spud, your first paragraph above reminds me of my time working for Local Authorities in both UK and Australia. Staff come up with great ideas and are more than capable of developing the ideas and obtaining all the resources required. But, Councils would rather ask consultants for ideas - the consultants then usually ask the staff who repeat their ideas - as a report from a Consultant is seen to carry more weight when apportioning resources. Second paragraph, I agree with you about the possible opportunitiesfor the Hearns to 'dip their toe in the water' but of course it will cost. Do you expect anyone to do such a service for free .... or are you volunteering?
  9. Eddie Hearnโ€™s six?

    Thanks MZH for highlighting my error that I have amended.
  10. Eddie Hearnโ€™s six?

    Well here goes my 6. My 6 is based on players that can appeal to as many social groups as possible. I hope that I do not offend anyone with any non political correct terminology. Jermaine McGillvary - to tell the black community about his meteoric rise to international level and how RL has always welcomed players because of their skill regardless of their race. Mike McMeekan - to show how people playing the game in non-traditional areas can find a pathway to the elite level Lucas Albert - every sport needs a pin up boy Liam Watts - every sport needs a bad boy Keegan Hirst - to show that even a sport as tough as RL accepts players based on skill regardless of sexual orientation Jack Walker - as an up and coming player
  11. Well the Hearns have expressed an interest so how creative can we be with a financial package. The Hearns would not be interested unless they can see a long term relationship and financial gain ... they are not a charity. Like others I would suggest that the Hearns are paid a flat fee with financial incentives for hitting targets. Hearns is spot on when he recognises that the SL Chairmen will decide whether or not he plays a role. If the SL Chairman agree to Hearns involvement it must be part of a whole game strategy and not as a standalone initiative.
  12. Are we being monitored?

    That missed target that you refer to .... does it began with a P, have four letters, and end in a V as my wife pointed out?
  13. Are we being monitored?

    Well lets see if this works .... Anybody remember the episode of The Young Ones where Vivian is trying to get the washing machine to open by saying 'Oh dear I've got all of Felicity Kendalls underwear that needs a good wash'. ok ... switch on computer, IPAD and phone and wait for the analytical response to the mention of Ms Kendalls lingerie!
  14. Hardaker Sacked

    Look same here. I did lots of daft stuff as a young lad. BUT if you or I were NOW an RL player with a salary of over ยฃ100k and an international player we would be very, very careful about what we got up to unless we were both total imbeciles which I doubt we are.
  15. Splitting the game into quarters ought to be considered. 1. We saw from the Hull v St George game that it does not drastically spoil the flow of the game 2. It will lessen fatigue that may lead to closer scores 3. The lesser fatigue may lead to more emphasis on skill to break down defences 4. It would be very beneficial to overseas markets that may be used to showing adverts during whatever sport they televise