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  1. Adelaide Tiger

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    Like those above I have no issue if SKY do this the UK. The dedicated NRL channel over here on Foxtel has some great RL shows and classic games. In the UK there is no way RL will ever get a dedicated channel so combining with RU is a sensible option as long as both codes have similar content and an equal share of the allocated time. Let the viewers be exposed to both codes and let them enjoy both sports.
  2. I came across a very interesting item today on the internet. A chap called William Hoiland had contacted Brent Council and asked them, via a FOI, for the attendance at the 2017 Challenge Cup Final. There reply stated that just over 53,000 were in the ground at kick off rising to 54,324 during the game. The attendance quoted on is 68,525 which I assume took into account the vacant Club Wembley seats. The average attendance between 2006 and 2017 that included Club Wembley seats is 78,000. Therefore if we take 14,000 off the average for Club Wembley non-attendees then that average attendance drops to around 64,000. So can on average an additional 26,000 people be encouraged to attend to fill Wembley every year? I believe that there may be another option worth considering but it will be unpalatable to some. In the UK there are 8 stadiums - not including Wembley or Old Trafford (keep the GF there) that have a capacity between 74k and 54k. Namely, the Millenium, Murrayfield, London, Tottenham, Emirates, Celtic Park, Etihad, and Anfield. Is it more beneficial for the game to move the CC final to other venues? The advantages - a change of scenery may rejuvenate the competition; if venues have to bid fir the game then we develop an income stream; the reduction in capacity may mean that tickets are sold for face value rather than being given away in last minute desperate promotions; if the 25-30k supporters that go to the Final each year still go that will leave around 15-20k per team meaning on occassions tickets may be scarce therefore supporters of competing clubs snap them up; The costs of staging the game may be reduced; A full house gives a better sense of occassion; taking the game to new venues may encourage more non-rl people to attend. The disadvantages - no CC Final at Wembley I am willing to be shot down over this so what do people think. If people are wanting to shout 'but its traditional for the game to be played at Wembley' then please put forward suggestions as to how we can hit the capacity every year.
  3. Adelaide Tiger

    Great RL Photos

    Cheers Allora thats the photo I was referring to. In all the years that I have watched many, many sports I have never seen anyone look like they gave absolutely everything like Price in this picture.
  4. Adelaide Tiger

    Great RL Photos

    Tried to find my favourite RL photo but failed. It was of Ray Price slumped absolutely shattered on floor in the dressing room after a game. I have never again seen such an image where someone looks so utterly exhausted after giving their all. I am sure it was in a Aussie rugby magazine from the 1980's.
  5. Adelaide Tiger

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    I hope that the above is a genuine conment and not a wind up, Mr Wind Up! Our current leaders have proved time and time again their inability to turn players into household names. IMHO the game lacks someone that has the neccessary contacts and skill to use the media to upsell the game and its players. Hearns does this on a regular basis and no doubt - as the astute businessman he is - will put together a deal that suits him and the game.
  6. Adelaide Tiger

    FEV's new coach

    Oh, so Charabanc is not the correct answer to the question 😕
  7. Adelaide Tiger


    So thats your pathetic response to my question about how you would improve the game in the UK. Your reply says everything about you ... all mouth and no trousers as Bruce Forsyth used to say. Bye, bye from me.
  8. Adelaide Tiger


    Mr Steelerswheelers, I am only going to comment on your first two lines that appear to form the basis of your argument. You keep asking what do Toronto bring to the game - and people have replied - so why dont you explain - 'how does RL in the UK' .... 1. grow as a business and a sport with the current set of clubs 2. bring in more income with the current set of clubs 3. have a greater national profile with the current if clubs 4. be more visible in the mainstream and social media etc. with the current set of clubs 5. encourage a younger audience to follow the game And ......... 6. Would you accept new clubs from the UK but are located outside the 'heartlands' into the existing structure when those clubs, like Toronto, will need to entice established players to their club I await your response.
  9. Adelaide Tiger


    I appreciate it was an hypothetical question but the context of the question -as I read it and from your previous postings on this topic - was based upon your stance that you are against a rich benefactor i.e. Argyle funding a new entity team based outside the UK and that such money would be better invested in the grassroots. Am I wrong with my assumption?
  10. Adelaide Tiger


    You asked a question and someone gave an answer and because it is not the answer that you want then you throw the teddy out. Do you seriously expect a billionaire - who by definition knows how to make money and how to grow a successful business - asking people like you and I as to how they should invest in the game? I shouldn't laugh but I have just had the image of George Soros wandering around the terraces with millions tucked into a suitcase going up to people and on hands and knees pleading ''I am a successful billionaire but I know nothing about this great game so please, you people that are not billionaires, nor having grown a successful business, please tell me how I should spend my money' And then George spys Warren Buffet who is doing the same on the opposite terrace .... It is the job of the people running our game to find money to develop the grassroots. It is the right of people that have money to invest it where they see fit.
  11. Adelaide Tiger

    Great news confirmed

    It is good news for the club. No doubt someone will come on here and have a pop at him.
  12. Adelaide Tiger


    Sir Kev I assume that as you have only made 22 posts on this site you must be a tad naive so here a few words of advice ..... 1. Please, please do not post content based on fact as it will upset some posters on here. 2. Just remember that you have a duty towards the health and well being of all posters and the last thing that the over-stretched NHS needs is an influx of mouth foaming gibbering wrecks repeatedly shouting 'It's not fair they should play alternate home and away'. I hope you are more responsible with future posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. MZH obviously you watch the game and enjoy it but can you or someone else answer this question. A couple of days ago I was flicking through the sport channels and started watching a NFL game. A team kicked a goal. Then we had adverts for 3/4 minutes and returned just as the team was kicking off. What happens during those 3/4 minutes at the ground? Does it take teams that long to set up? Or is it an arrangement with TV companies that the TV company plays the adverts and tells the NFL when the game should restart?
  14. Adelaide Tiger

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    You should have told the A League in Australia! The furthest distance is when Wellington Phoenix play Perth Glory the round trip distance is approximately 6,400 miles.
  15. Adelaide Tiger

    Golden Point

    Some reasonable changes on the list. I am not a fan of Golden Point for the regular game season but IMHO if it is to be brought in: i) a team must win by scoring a try - no drop goals allowed. Ii) a team must either take a tap or kick for touch if awarded a penalty - they cannot kick at goal. This will encourage the refs to be consistent by awarding penalties in Golden Point time that they would award throughout the 80 minutes