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  1. Toronto

    Wouldn't be surprised if some posters on here had wet dreams about this AFTER they woke up!!!!!!
  2. Not perhaps ... definately! I assume you mean with Cas being relegated it gave the promoted clubs an opportunity. Yes, no issue with that as that was the rules.
  3. Cas being relegated and promoted over 4 consecutive years happened during the P&R period .... indeed. The other issues I identified did happen under licensing but were as a direct consequence of the relegation and promotion period.
  4. Ok. But you are looking at how Cas are today. IMHO Cas certainly are not a case study on how to deal with a yo-yo period! As I stated earlier since 2004 to the present day it took: - 4 years of relegation and promotion - 5 years of stripping and assembling squads - knowing that long term survival rested on winning the final game of each season in the achampionship - No foundation to plan ahead effectively during that period due to great uncertainty - over subsequent years it led to stagnant attendances, severe financial problems - this lead to the club being 30 minutes from administration - the CEO was replaced It took 10 years from the first relegation to the club being regular challengers for the top 4. Not my idea of a positive case study.
  5. Apologies Dave, but I am still struggling to understand your position. You say that Leigh and Hull KR swapping places over the last two seasons IS an example of the yo-yo situation but you do not think it applied to Cas that went through 4 consecutive years of relegation and promotion. Or have I misinterpreted your comments?
  6. Sorry Dave but I have trouble with your response. You asked about the effect of being a yo-yo club. Cas is a good example of a yo-yo club during those years. History does not give any protection against 2 relegations in 3 years. Those 5 years I stated crippled the club in financial terms and the club could not plan 2 years ahead with any certainty. You say Cas haven't been harmed too badly. Well, due to the yo-yo years it resulted in the club paying over the odds to encourage players to join a team with an uncertain future. This plus poor management decisions led to the club being 30 minutes away from administration. If we'd have entered administration then we could have fallen away lke Bradford. What you have also failed to factor in, was that in each Championship season Cas had to win the Grand Final to gain promotion. If Cas had lost either GF then the club might have had to go part time or at best only retain some full time players. If that had happened we could still see Cas being in the Championship.
  7. Yes .... Castleford and the yo-yo effect came close to killing the club. We effectively had 5 different squads over 5 years. 2004 - We started thecseason with. SL squad. However, with Cas at the foot of SL the club started wheeler dealing towards the end of the season bringing in players on 3 month contracts to keep us up. It failed and we got relegated SL contracts torn up so players left. 2005 - Therefore we had to hastily assemble a new squad with SL and Championship experience. As the club stayed full time I believe we had dispensation to spend above the salary cap. We got promoted 2006 - We had to reassemble a new squad that could compete in SL. However, as the Championship GF was played in October we had to scrape around for SL quality players as all other SL clubs had already recruited for the following season. So in desperation we overpaid for certain players. But we got relegated again 2007 - same as in 2005 in the Championship 2008 - return to SL and we had the same issues as in 2006. But we stayed up.
  8. Kato Ottio

    Such shocking news for a young man who had worked had to get the chance to play professionally and support his family.
  9. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    £19.76 for a fish order ..... didn't know Rick Stein had opened up a restaurant on Post Office Road.
  10. Luke Gales hair

    I remember him but he was a centre forward. I am sure it was either Saint or Greavsie who made the comment on their show. Years later Lee said that the comment ruined his career but I think it was because he couldnt hit a cows arrse with a banjo when he was in front of goal.
  11. Luke Gales hair

    Just as an aside. During the mid 1980's when Leeds United were struggling in the second division it was rumoured that at an end of season award event run by the LUFC Supporters Club the player of the year award went to Kevin (Jasper) Hirds hair.
  12. Ukrainian Rugby League

    My second favourite RL team is now the Lviv Tigers. I hope Cas do whatever they can with this partnership then in turn we might find a gem if a player. Great initiative by all involved.
  13. Langpark Point 1 - is a reference to the poster on here called Parksider who is adamant that the proposed North American teams will sign all of SL best players and hence SL will wither away. Seeing as a Championship club has signed the best Greek player then I assume his cousin in Greece, Theos Parksiderpodolous has a similar viewpoint. Point 2 - the article clearly states that the Hellenic Federation of Modern Pentathlon!!!!!! tried to claim that Greece RL should be under their domain. So why shouldn't the Tromso Knitting Circle make a bid for Norway RL. As for point three I take it you have never been to Sheffield.
  14. Three things struck me about this article: 1. That Greece could be an area for SL/Championship clubs to cherry pick the better players - cue an apoplectic response from the Athens based poster Theos Parksiderdopolous saying it is disgusting that rich clubs from outside Hellas are taking our stars and the game will wither away. 2. That the Hellenic Federation of MODERN PENTATHLON wanted to act as the Governing Body for the game. What next .... will the Tromso ladies knitting circle try to take over the Norwegian RL? 3. That Stefanos Bastos can speak better english than most people in Sheffield.
  15. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    Do you live in Darwin? The weather presenter must have the easiest job in the world. They just have two lines to say ..... in the dry season they say 'It is 32 centigrade and it is sunny' and in the wet season it is '32 centigrade and raining'.