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  1. Adelaide Tiger

    "Events" - What would you like to see?

    Existing events. The GF is a successful event and needs little tampering with and is well supported. Leave it at OT. The CC is an issue. Why the fixation with Wembley? Apart from the first CC Final in the new wembley we have struggled to fill it. So why not have cities bid for the final and have venues fixed three years in advance. A sell out at the Emirates, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Etihad, Villa Park would IMHO be a great experience and it would attract new spectators to the game. Magic Weekend - If the CC Final moves around the country then keep the MW at Newcastle to keep bolstering the game in the North East. New event to attract new supporters - I strongly believe that each SL club should take 1 home game 'On the Road'. Therefore you instantly create 12 events nationwide and you could have one On the Road game each week through the summer months. If the Hearns are to ever get involved in RL then this is their forte in getting people in different areas of the country to visit an event i.e. Darts once per year. Mid season International - take the game around the country and build the England RL brand.
  2. Adelaide Tiger

    Have you ever won anything big?

    Well it has to be the wife ........ now that she has gone out of the room I can put my only big win on here as I never told her about it. Years ago when me and the wife was courting - do people still say that - 3 of us at work used to do the Pools and Spot the Ball. One week we won £500 on Spot the Ball so we got £166.66 each. I had a choice. I could tell her about it and probably have a weekend away somewhere or enjoy the next 4 or 5 Friday and Saturday nights out with the mates, beer, fish and chips and even a taxi home. So I was looking forward to the next 4 or 5 weekends But God in his infinite wisdom piddled on my party as the exhaust went on my car and the cost was just over £180.
  3. Brought a smile to my face. Well done to all concerned.
  4. Adelaide Tiger

    Biggest club crowd in London for 5 years ?

    Are you talking about the current ground? Because I and 6,000 other Cas supporters made the trek to The Valley in 2000 when the club sponsor agrred to pay for all the coaches.
  5. Adelaide Tiger

    Joyous Homecoming in Perpignan

    At 1.45 on the video is that Garry Schofield in the vest?
  6. Adelaide Tiger

    Things You'd like to bring back to our game.

    Bovril and wintergreen but not in the same cup!
  7. Spot on. Although it makes for good tv the increased number of cameras and angles can cause tremendous controversy. We have all seen a ref in RL, RU and football make a decision and from 8 camera angles it shows that the ref is right, but one camera angle shows the ref is wrong and then the commentators and pundits have a field day. It also right royally pi$$e$ me off when the SKY RL commentators moan that refs use the video review and then berate them when they do not use it and an error is made.
  8. If they sell all the tickets some on here will then take to rollicking the RFL for not booking a bigger stadium. Somethings you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  9. One memory from a Cas match ..... Bradford Bulls had just scored a try and Paul Anderson and Jimmy Lowes walked together towards the sticks when the Cas fans started singing to them 'You've never seen a salad'. Both of them looked at each other than started patting their bellies whilst laughing. Council Cup game ..... our Dept was always short of players so we persauded one of the younger lads - a Cas fan but had never played the game - to play on the wing. He was rubbish. Every time the ball was passed to him he dropped the ball. At half time he came over to me and said 'Is there any chance I can play on the other wing'. Me, feeling pi$$ed off as we were getting battered, replied 'Why, can you catch the ball better with your other hand?' He said 'No, it's because I am blind in my left eye and can't see when centre passes me the ball'.
  10. Adelaide Tiger

    RLIF Singapore Meeting

    Oooeeerrr! that's like choosing between first class and pleb class.
  11. Adelaide Tiger

    TWP draw larger crowd than NRL game

    It's massive alright. I got the nod from the Escape Committee to dig a tunnel from Adelaide to PNG. Believe me when I tell you the tunnel is a tad longer than Tom, Dick and Harry put together .... now where is Charles 'the tunnel king' Bronson when you need him?
  12. Adelaide Tiger

    TWP draw larger crowd than NRL game

    Yep Brookvale is a dump. Many Cas fans have an affinity with Manly because of Reilly, Norton, Stephens and Ward playing for them and Rambo Ronnie playing for us. I made the pilgramage about 6 years ago and it made the Cas ground look like the Taj Mahal - and I do mean the mausoleum at Agra and not the local take away. I went to buy a soft drink and crisps and the 'shop' assistant was sat behind iron bars that the Hatton Garden Gang would have baulked at.
  13. Adelaide Tiger

    RLIF Singapore Meeting

    Im bored so I looked up the distance between Manchester and Sydney and it is 10,555 miles. Divide that by 2 and you get an halfway point of 5,277.5 miles. The 2 nearest cities as the crow flies are Islamabad at 5,177 miles and Faisalabad at 5,340 miles. So take your pick, which one is best at this time of year?
  14. So many things in that post to comment on. 1. So in your world if someone/consortium wants to launch a club beyond a 50 mile radius of Rochdale we should tell them to get stuffed. 2. Rochdale have been around for 122 years to sort themselves out so why be bitter when a new entity has the ability to overtake them ..... ahhh I see that it is not bitterness but jealousy 3. Corporate theft - what are you going on about? 4. Local sides and schools playing RL in Toronto. I assume fewer than the Rochdale area. But give Toronto another 120 years and then we can compare. 5. Are you seriously complaining about the injection of new money into the game? I assume that you would pick up a pitchfork and a lighed torch and march to the Rochdale ground if Rochdale ever attracted a multi millionaire backet. 6. No interest in the future of OUR great game - and that is the short-sightedness that many supporters have. IMHO it is not OUR great game. We are just custodians of the game and it is our duty to leave the game in a better place. Restricting the evolution of new clubs in new areas - in the UK as well as oveseas - to justify the propping up of existing clubs is a recipe for disaster.
  15. 1. I may have, 2. Yes I knew a bloke who knew the owner of the company that used to drive the participants to the show. Each participant was told they could stop off wherever they wanted to eat and the show would pick up the tab. The drivers were always amused when the particpants would say to each other 'we could go through the menu at McDonalds'. No surprise there.