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  1. No, no, no ...... no! They dont have a reserve team or sell bovril or are paying for away teams to stay at the Ritz Carlton or know what Uncle Joe's Mint Balls rae or tphave a local butcher as Chairman or will take any away fans to Uk games or will give away fans a 75% discount on the Queen Mary 2 And, ....... AND .............. do not play on Fifth Avenue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Zak Hardaker suspended for positive drugs test

    His stupid/moronic/infantile action - whatever he took - led to what should have been the most exciting week in the history for the club and supporters into a messy, sordid car crash that had supporters angry with each other based on whether they supported the clubs action or not. Whether he gets banned or not I hope the club get rid of him to retain the dignity that DP and the current management have instilled into the club. IF, another Cas player is involved - as others on here have posted - but not found out due to not being drug tested, then I hope the club finds out who it is and tears up their contract.
  3. Should Cas cash in?

    To quote Stephen Fry 'Arriss gravy of the finest sort'.
  4. An absolute car crash of a performance. Well done to Leeds experience in this situation counts for a lot. The only saving grace is that we weren't nilled.
  5. Woke up this morning at 7am which would be 9.30pm Friday night uk time. Doubt if I will get to sleep again so a long night ahead till kick off at 3.30am on Sunday morning Adelaide time. Hope both teams put on a great show and obviously for Cas to come out on top.
  6. Italy name squad for RLWC

    There is one Guiseppe in the squad so that is good enough for me.
  7. Book thread: what are you reading?

    Here is a coincidence. A week ago I was trawling through the on-demand films on Foxtel and came across a film titled Child 44. I was just about to watch it when my daughter asked if I could give her a lift home. So I didnt watch it. But, a couple of days later I saw a copy of the book Child 44 and bought it. Read about 50 pages and wow what a great read. The cold, unflinching brutality of the Soviet system is truly shocking. P.s. No spoilers please.
  8. AiredakeMike when you say you are 'washing your hair' is that singular or plural?
  9. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    Just watched the 3 series of SAM on you tube. It was on TV in the mid 70's when I was about 12 and it was too grown up for me. The series followed the Barraclough/Wilson family from the 1930's to 1970's living in Skellerton a ficticious pit village near Cas and Wakey. The shots of the pit stacks are of Ackton Hall colliery near Fev. They talked of going to 'the game' every so often and in the pub you could see posters advertising RL fixtures such as Wakefield v St Helens Recs.
  10. Grand final sell out

    I read somewhere that the capacity will be around 72,000 because of the video screen.
  11. Of course I want a Cas victory but I have seen us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so many times I am wary of Leeds. The best bit for me is that my Uncle George who is 94 and born before Cas existed as a professional club will hopefully see Cas finally win a GF.
  12. World Club Series

    Whether we play for the WCC or the second game how can Cas gaurantee that the pitch will be playable without undersoil heating? I know many if us think of Steve Gill as God but even he can't guarantee mild weather for a game in February. Last thing we want for the WCC IF we host it is for the club to be asking for volunteers to clear the pitch of snow an hour before kick off.
  13. Famous last words ..... On a par with Elvis saying 'i'm just going to the toilet to read'.
  14. Couldnt post earlier as I was unable to put my thoughts and feelings into words. Massive congratulations to both teams, both sets of supporters and the officials for making it a game that will be remembered for many, many years. I have never experienced such extremes of gut wrenching and joy/relief as in the last 2 minutes of normal time. So chuffed for my family and mates who were at the game and who will be there at Old Trafford. Just need to buy 4 alarm clocks to wake me up early on Sunday morning.