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  1. Adelaide Tiger

    Modern game

    You might not call it 'modern day' RL but I would show the Mark Coyne miracle try from SoO game 1 in 1994.
  2. Adelaide Tiger

    Toronto and Visa's

    😄😄😄😄. No doubt there are administrators who are having to wear bicycle clips to prevent the excrement from dropping onto the floor because the RFL have not sent staff to wipe their backsides.
  3. Adelaide Tiger

    Toronto and Visa's

    People get criminal records because ....... they commit a criminal act. We have people on here trying to make out that these people are the victims in all of this. Most of these players that have a criminal record would never have thought about the consequence of their actions. So I have no problem if they are stopped trying to get into Canada or any other country that does not want them.
  4. Adelaide Tiger

    Toronto and Visa's

    I was going to agree with you about players signing just before the qualifiers but then I realised that if all SL and Championship clubs applied back in January/ February then all the players will be covered unless they are from CL1 or the NRL. As I said in my previous reply if clubs are waiting till the end of the home and away games before applying then they deserve all they get. How can Toronto or the RFL be blamed for gross incompetance at other clubs? Also if club administrators have been sat waiting for an RFL directive before realising that they will need visa's then those administrators should be fired .... out of a big cannon. Next we will have clubs requesting that RFL Officials should drive team buses to grounds to ensure teams arrive on the right day.
  5. Adelaide Tiger

    Well said James Graham

    Well said James. I'm brassed off at watching the RL programs on Foxtel when presenters speak in glowing terms of the courage and physical prowess of players playing SoO then backing up just 2 days later but become bloody hypocrites and sooky la-la's when an international is played.
  6. Adelaide Tiger

    Toronto and Visa's

    I dont really understand your point unless you are specifically referring to players signed just before the qualifiers and that timeframe will only apply to a few players. If you are referring to whole teams having to apply at a couple of weeks notice then to me that is farcical as every team in both SL and the Championship knew at the start of the season that this may be the case. So why didnt clubs apply months ago just to be safe? If it is the case that clubs wanted to desperately save the equivalent of £10 per player and cross their fingers that they wouldnt have to play in Toronto then I despair and the clubs deserve all that they get.
  7. Adelaide Tiger

    Rank Representative Weekend Squads

    You beat me to it .... I thought it was going to refer that England had finally seen sense and included myself at centre for the game in Denver!
  8. Adelaide Tiger

    Dear Diary

    Dear diary, My wife was feeling really ill this morning so to make her feel a little bit better I made her a cup of water all by myself. I was surprised how easy it was to do and I might repeat the feat tomorrow morning if she is still too unwell to make my breakfast!!
  9. Agree with the above. Tell the Aussies to sod off and tell any Home Nations player that if they are going to play in the NRL then they will no longer be considered for international RL. The game has an unprecedented opportunity to grow the number of international teams and IMHO I would rather see the Home Nations look to play theses countries than suck up to the Aussies.
  10. Adelaide Tiger

    On the Road fixtures and the Hearns

    I do agree that Development Officers are crucial. In an earlier post I stated that one possibility could be to get an agreement with Local Authority's where games are to be played for them to provide funding for at least 1 Development Officer for the 5 year period of the initial concept. Your point about the WC game in Oxford is a great illustration about giving an area one game then not following it up. That is why I believe that by having an initial 5 year commitment to 12 areas plus a funded Development Officer the local club(s) and local amateur game have a greater chance for long term stability and growth. Is Hearns dangerous? I have no idea. Obviously they will want a financial return. If they are involved in any aspect of the game the contract must clearly stipulate the scope of work and the KPI's they must achieve for payment. Like most things in life it is a gamble. Well night, night as it is bed time in Adelaide.
  11. Adelaide Tiger

    On the Road fixtures and the Hearns

    My initial post suggested that developing an On the Road event would be of greater benefit if the Hearns got involved with RL rather than asking them to add 10k or 20k to an existing event. An On the Road event has to be of financial value to the game. If, using the skill of the Hearns, they could provide financial gaurantees, for example through tendering a 5 year proposal to cities/local authorities then SL clubs can minimise the financial loss of losing 1 home game. If someone like the Hearns could not make this stack up financially then it does not go ahead. I never said SL clubs need to relocate for a week. Surely the RFL can send the ref there one day early to hold a clinic with current and aspiring match officials. Also pay for an ex coach/player to spend one day in the week leading up to each game to share their coaching experiences. Clubs would just need to send 1 player each for media work for a day or so. Not exactly budget breaking is it. The main reason for my idea was the post about the Bristol Sonics. It sickens me that since the creation of the Summer Conference we have had many amateur teams spring up due to the enthusiasm of volunteers then die away. Some people on this site just shrug their shoulders and say 'tough' but IMHO the on the road concept should be used to help support amatuer clubs by partnering with them for the games and raising their visibility to local players, local media and local sponsors. I find your comment about there not not being 12 places in the UK that would benefit from such a concept a tad alarming. Are you seriously saying that taking Leeds v Warrington to say Bristol and having a double header with a Bristol based club for 5 consecutive years is of no use whatsoever? P.S. All SL sides would take one game on the road. So that would apply to Catalans and any other non uk based team. This is no imposition on the away team as they would be travelling to that country anyway.
  12. Adelaide Tiger

    Devons Sharks situation a disgrace.

    They ought to consider themselves very lucky as they travel along straight roads whereas teams in the UK have to navigate roundabouts.
  13. Adelaide Tiger

    Barba move shut down

    Yeah, but I bet he won't win Wimbledon, The Open or the Goal of the Season so he can't be that good ...... or is he?
  14. Adelaide Tiger

    On the Road fixtures and the Hearns

    Cheers Dave. I was going to add this but people might have thought I was rambling. If the Hearns are involved in the Magic Weekend and add 20k to the total attendance I would anticipate that 50% of those extra supporters are already regular fans .... so the increase is 10k non regular supporters. Which is ok. If the Hearns are involved in the CC Final and fill Wembley then they would have added 20k to the attendance. Again it could be a 50/50 split between existing supporters and non regular supporters. So 10k new fans which again is ok. On the Road games. In 1997 when this was held the average attendance was around 5,200. If Hearns and RFL/SL can average just 8,000 a game then you get close to 100k at 12 games. So you would get a great deal more non regular fans. Over a 5 year period it would be hoped that the attendances could increase at each location. You also gain data about those attending through ticket sales so you are increasing the number of people to target for other events such as the MW, CC Final and the RLWC 2021. Dave, with my idea and your travel expertise we ought to pitch this to the RFL/SL before the Hearns do so.