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  1. Adelaide Tiger

    Jos Miner named second team in Nigeria

    Not in the dictionary it isn't.
  2. Adelaide Tiger

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    This perplexes me as I thought Burrell have made enough from his book about Princess Diana to retire on.
  3. Adelaide Tiger

    If money was no object...

    I would plough the money into the RLIF. As well as expanding the staff at the RLIF to properly support development I would also create a pool of people from which teams of 4-6 people visit every nation outside of the Tier 1 on an annual basis. The team would assist - not take over - the nations in developing neccessary on field and off field structures and eventually help fledgling nations to move from a volunteer organisation to a professional organisation.
  4. Adelaide Tiger

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    Well that is progress ............. letting the women out of the house.
  5. Adelaide Tiger

    Well done Sri Lanka

    TFIL I am with you on this.
  6. Adelaide Tiger

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    Ayup Dave, I doth my cloth cap to you. Good to know that in Fev you still have the donkey walking around in circles in your living room generating power so that you can join us on this Forum. 🐴🐴🐴🐴
  7. Adelaide Tiger

    Learning Disability Super League

    An excellent initative and well done to all involved. Just an aside. Yesterday the wife spoke to me - unusual but it does happen on occassion - about an item on The Last Leg that she watched on Tuesday night. I am assuming we get the program a few days after it is shiwn in the UK. She said that Adam Hills announced a RL disability test match against Australia or New Zealand. Is that right? If so great news.
  8. Adelaide Tiger

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    Does this mean that electricity has finally arrived in fev? 😲😲
  9. Adelaide Tiger

    Stef & Dom son Max a RL fan?

    Ahhh, I have never watched gogglebox so I have no idea who Stef and Dom are. When I read the OP I had to ask the wife if Stef and Dom were the two presenters that the kids watched years ago. My wife said that they were called Dick and Dom .... so no more confusion.
  10. Adelaide Tiger

    Lateral Thinking

    Going off at a tangent. Many years ago a lad I knew who was in the Army was required to do gate duty at Twickers. A Rolls Royce pulled up at the gate and out stepped a chinless wonder with his girlfriend. The chauffer drove away and the Chinless wonder with the girlfriend draped over one arm and a bottle of the finest champers strode to the gate. My mate in his finest Yorkshire accent told him that he could not take the Champers inside. Mr Wonder tried to brush my mate aside but my mate stood firm and again explained that you could not take a bottle of Champers inside. Totally baffled the Chinless Wonder said 'Well, what does one do'. My mate, a lad of few words, though prolific in profanities replied 'Either neck it, or leave it on't floor and pick it up afterwards'. Exasperated, Mr Wonder cried 'One does neck a bottle like this'. So he got on his phone and made the Chauffer return to collect the bottle.
  11. Adelaide Tiger

    The NFL Route

    A Conference system cannot work with the existing tv contract as the money cannot be spread that thinly to finance clubs. So increased tv and other income streams need to be sufficient. But IMHO we have a Chicken and egg scenario. To achieve a Conference style system the game has to give enough notice for all potential teams to prepare for the change, and, to give potential new investors a guarantee that their team - new or existing team -will be included if they meet certain criteria like all the other teams. But can the game give such notice? I hope that a Conference style system is at least at the back of Elstone's mind and the planned growth of both the on and off field over the next 5-10 years is leading towards this. If not, then in 10 years time we will still be arguing about promotion and relegation and how many teams should play in SL. Player numbers - lets take the example of 6 newly created teams coming into existence. Each squad needs around 25 players capable of playing to the standard of SL, plus 5 or so up and coming players. So initially you need around 150 players of SL standard. There are players in the Championship,in French, PNG and NZ competitions, plus players in NRL squads or the second tiers that can be found. Plus if a Conference style system eventuates with increased tv contracts then that immediately opens up the worldwide RU player pool - just like when RU went professional and RL players were attracted to RU. A Conference style system at some point is possible but the key is the planning and implementation to make it successful.
  12. Adelaide Tiger

    This Forums Members age

    Well thanks to the harsh winter of March 1963 I popped into the world that December. It is heartwarming to know that my parents kept themselves warm and active whilst everything else ground to a halt that winter.
  13. Adelaide Tiger

    Millom Vs Red Star live on the Beeb

    How much does it cost for a Millom player to catch a bus to the ground?
  14. My apologies. I changed my post part way through typing it and forgot to delete the first line.
  15. And that is the difference between the 2 administrations!