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  1. Adelaide Tiger

    Ideas thread

    WHAT!!!!!!! Womemm omly mak 80#% of the funancial decisions Lokks like I wll gave to pull my sicks up and be more asserrrrrtiv to get ot down to 80% in our househild! P.D, I apoligese fir ant misspollings as i Am sar undrr the stsirs typong this so the wIfe can.t see me,
  2. Adelaide Tiger

    Zak's Back

    Apologies if I was not clear in my post. As I stated in the final paragraph I was not comparing what may or may not have been done for Hardaker - as I have no idea and neither do you - or the total lack of support for Johns. What I was trying to show is:- a. that some clubs will deliberately turn a blind eye to unsocial behaviour by 'Prodigious talent' because those clubs do not want to either suspend a player/have a player taking a break in the season to sort problems out. B. When a clubs ambition overtakes the long term mental health of a player then something is drastically wrong.
  3. Adelaide Tiger

    Zak's Back

    Two words you have typed 'prodigious talent' sums up this sorry and tawdry affair. A few years ago I read Andrew Johns updated biography - he had added a chapter based on his arrest for drug possession. It was then that Johns admitted that he had had a drug problem for 12 years. Also because of his bipolar he suffered highs and lows when he would get drunk and pass out in the corner of pubs. But he was a 'prodigious talent' so landlords, close friends, supporters, Knights officials all turned a blind eye because he was toi valuable to them as a player. So all of them were cynically willing to let him sink into a personal hell for the sake of winning more games than what they would lose. If someone would have had the balls to tell him when he was a young bloke that he should take a break from the game, get professional help and continue with that support for the rest of his life then the Knights may not have won a Premiership but Johns would have had a more balanced and better quality of life. p.s. I am not making a comparison of the offences that Johns and Hardaker have done. I am just pointing out that someone with a 'prodigious talent' is treated differently, and sometimes to their detriment, to the rest of us.
  4. Adelaide Tiger

    NZ v Australia

    What a cracking but strange game. After 10 minutes with the Aussies ripping the right hand side of the Kiwis defence to shreds I thought the Aussies would get 40 plus. Partway through the first half when the Kiwis had about 10 continuous minutes on the Aussie line and couldnt score I thought they would remain scoreless all game. When the Aussies scored a breakaway try with 10 seconds of the first half left to regain the lead I thought they would romp it in the second half. At 26-12 when I thought Smith scored I hoped the Kiwis would get 40. And then the finish. International RL rarely disappoints.
  5. Allora might be of Scottish heritage so that makes it 4 lifetimes!!!!!
  6. Adelaide Tiger

    What now for Toronto?

    Due to some technical c0ck up I managed to record the last 5 minutes of the match followed by a womens NRL game. Was shocked at the score but many on here say London deserved it so no arguments from me.
  7. The only positive for me is that I decided to record the game instead of getting up at 4.30am to watch it. When I was a lad we had a saying 'the Forwards get you to Wembley and the backs win the Cup'. The Wigan pack absolutely steam rolled us.
  8. Adelaide Tiger

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    Come on that is a bit of a cop out. You said earlier that it 'irks you' that some of us fall for anything new. So at least have the decency to let us know your thoughts. We won't bite your head off ... well not all of us!
  9. Adelaide Tiger

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    I would suggest that everyone on this board totally agree that changes need to happen on and off the pitch. And I would also agree that the people with the ability to make a change need to do so. But the above is just talking in generalities. If you want to have a genuine debate then please outline specific ideas would you like to see implemented.
  10. Adelaide Tiger

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    Tbone you have had a dig at those of us who believe, rightly or wrongly, that the game needs to find another direction just to survive, never mind thrive. However note that on another thread RayCee has shown that the average attendances at 10 of the 12 clubs have gone south. So 'What is your solution to moving the game forward?' You never know that I might support some of your ideas as I believe that new ideas from both sides of the argument have their own merits. Also Gluedo what are your thoughts.
  11. Adelaide Tiger

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    "It isn't a business at all' ...... 😳😳😳😳😳 So are your actually stating that no sports club in the entire world is a business as that might come as a shock to the New York Giants, Golden State Warriors, Real Madrid, Sydney Roosters, even my perennial second favourite football team Accrington Stanley etc. Or are you saying that a sports club that relies on one person or a consortium is not a business ....... which is the model for the aforementioned team and virtually every team in every sport I can think of. Or is this just a pop at Toronto?
  12. Adelaide Tiger

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    I am not sure that you understand about how a business - which us what Toronto Wolfpack are - starts up. Usually a person, or persons, with an idea have to put in money or seek funds from an alternative source i.e. Banks and in time they hope to make the business profitable. You appear to be staggered that Argyle hasn't generated a profit from day one.
  13. Adelaide Tiger

    Vanuatu v Hungary Live!

    Enjoyable game.
  14. Adelaide Tiger

    Grand Final 2019

    Must have been a lot more courage than the Lion got in Wizard of Oz!!
  15. Adelaide Tiger

    Sun newspaper Red Star Belgrade

    Now if it had been put in the Local Whippett and Ferret Down T'kegs weekly then we would all be rejoicing 😄😄😄😄