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  1. Ayup Dave, hope you are having a cracking day back in Blighty. I agree that there are fine chippies in Fev and that the Cas ground is an atmospheric dump. BTW Andy Shep posted on Facebook a couple of days ago that Council workmen had closed off part of Pontefract Road in Fev and the traffic lights weren’t working. I don’t know what surprised more; that Fev had traffic lights or that Fev had electricity. Wonders never cease. Look forward to your response but it is nearly bed time for me.
  2. When a club is as successful as Leeds over many years then they are in a great position to offer less wages to current/prospective players as players want to play for them and win trophies. But now Leeds are in a position when, like many other struggling clubs, they have to pay over the odds to attract top players. So the wage structure so carefully managed by Hetherington goes out of the window.
  3. When you get there you will see two queues ... a long one and a short one. Stand in the shorter queue as the long one is for the chippy! Sorry, as a Cas fan I couldn’t resist the dig at our local rivals
  4. I see Man of Kent hasn’t posted yet on the game. Is he still studying all the tv footage to check whether the attendance given is correct?
  5. Some people have ‘lost’ it on here not because they think that the product is illegal, but purely because it is Toronto that have got the commercial partnership.
  6. WT, some good ideas in your previous post. I like the idea of the red/yellow coloured surfaces but I can see a potential issue with this. Wigan, Huddersfield and Hull have shared stadiums with football so is it possible to colour the surfaces and have them returned to green for football games?
  7. Sorry Steve, I will have to address a couple of your points. 1. It doesn’t matter one jot that you were at the game and thought that the attendance was accurate, because some people on here have seen a photo of the crowd and know different. 2. You stated that David Argylle brought over a couple of crates of beer for the Swinton fans. Surely this cannot be the same David Argylle that has been castigated by some on here because he walked by the head of Canada RL without stopping. Be off with you. P.S. It sounds like you had a great time. P.P.S Isn’t it strange that fans that actually travel over to Toronto seem to enjoy the experience ..... funny that
  8. If the Challenge Cup Final is to move to an earlier t8me of the year then why not have just 1 round of games across Easter then the reverse fixtures are played on August Bank Holiday weekend. Then the following year have the fixtures reversed so each team plays at home during Easter every second year.
  9. That happened in 2006 when Cas finished 11th but were relegated because Catalans had an exemption from relegation. Many Cas fans complained about this but every supporter knew the rule before the season started.
  10. I have no issue with collaboration with local union clubs as these players will have the basic skills and knowledge of playing rugby and are far more likely to make the transition to playing RL than locals with no knowledge of either RL or RU. Toronto had to start somewhere and with no local RL league it makes sense. As you say, it is only the prejudiced view of posters on here that see the relationship as an issue. But a Toronto et al have to begin the process in assisting the establishment of local leagues that will offer both codes of rugby to youngsters.
  11. I didn’t say that you had said that. I would love to have foreign teams filled with mainly players from their locality or country. But you and I know that it cannot happen from a Day 1. If these teams do get accepted, it should be written into any agreement that they, plus Toronto, should meet developmental targets I.e. after X amount of years they should have helped support the establishment of local Junior leagues at a variety of age levels. We have to accept that it may be many years before a local player is established in a first team, just like the Melbourne a Storm.
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