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  1. Parky you say that changed is either embraced of feared 'is a meaningless slogan' therefore I wonder what type of environment you worked in. Years ago for my sins I worked in Human Resources - my Father in law always said HR people slept in coffins! Over many years the organisation I worked for had 4 or 5 restructures and in each instance you had people that either embraced the new structure, were ambivalent or feared the new structure. I had to counsel many people that feared changed because it may lead to demotion; may mean new skills had to be learned; may mean that their comfy life was disrupted; may lead a possible loss of power; may lead to loss of job - all of these fears are within the RL community as RL is no different to any other work environment.
  2. Ye Gods, this whole paragraph sums up a small minded, parochial attitude. For your information I run a very successful franchise in Adelaide that was developed in the UK. Thank god that the bloke who developed the brand decided it would be better to franchise around the world rather than within 10 minutes of his front door. What beggars belief is that you actually state that there is a market of 400 million people and we shouldn't bother trying to tap into it because years ago some Canadians did not take to RL. Therefore I assume that you would have the same stance should businessmen in Scarborough, Kent, Nottingham, Mansfield, Runcorn, Blackpool, Manningham, Streatham, Tyldesley, Chorley etc step forward to fund a club where RL failed to maintain an amatuer or semi pro presence. Or is that different for you?
  3. I assume our fore fathers in 1895 said 'Good heavens the strength of Rugby League lies in the Champions Manningham and other top 10 sides such as Tyldesley, Brighouse and Runcorn'. The world changes. Change is either embraced or feared. IMHO over the last 120 years we have tweaked and changed the structures to keep the game alive in the 'heartlands'. Nothing wrong with that as that is all we had to protect. But, there is now a possibility that RL COULD, I repeat COULD finally break out of its sometimes self imposed shackles and MAY become a global game at professional level. Toronto themselves will not achieve this, but they COULD be the vanguard. The game of RL is not ours to jealously protect but to share with people that are willing to embrace our game and MAY be in a position to take the game beyond its current horizon. People associated with the administration of the game must look at what the game MIGHT achieve against consolidating what we currently have. IF, Toronto are successful, and IF, other North American teams want to join in, then I agree they must have sufficient income to add to the current SL deals so that every team has more income than at present. And if a salary cap is in force then there is no need for Wakey, Cas, Salford etc. to be left out.
  4. My Cas team based on players I have seen. 1. Graham Stead an 2. Ian St John Ellis 3. Richie Blackmore 4. Michael Shenton 5. Justin Carney 6. John 'Walks on Water' Joyner 7. Bob Beardsmore 8. Kevin Ward 9. Kevin Beardsmore 10. Lee Crooks 11. Ronnie 'Rambo' Gibbs 12. Bob Lindner 13. Mal Reilly I would back that pack against any pack that has ever played subs So confident in the team that I just have 3 subs and all world class loose forwards - Tawera Nickau, Steve Norton, Adrian Vowles
  5. You would hope that the teams that were not drawn to play in Toronto in the league realised early this year that they might have to travel there in the play offs. Surely clubs discussed this with their players and whatever information that needs to be gathered has been done.
  6. Seriously, what happens if he drops the ball?
  7. Excellent read Moscow and you seemed to gave had a memorable trip. But I am reticent to believe your report as it implies that the players had a great time; enjoyed playing in Toronto; had comfortable accommodation with meals; actually went sight seeing; and spent some of their own money in a night out. We were told numerous times from certain posters on here over the last 6 months that; 1. Players will not get time off work 2. Players will not want to play in Canada 3. Players will be unwilling to use their holidays for a trip 4. It is not fair to make semi pro players play a team of pro players 5. Semi pro players will have to get passports 6. Who will pay for the players accomodation 7. Who will pay for players meals 8. Players will have to take some spending money ..... So if you would please say that the article is totally fictitious and that you made it up after a wild night out on pints of Tetley followed by pie and peas on the way home then we can all get back to enjoying our local derby games. ;-) as i do not know how to put an emoji on here.
  8. Well I go to bed and wake up to 10 pages on this and after reading the first 7 pages I just skipped ahead as it was the usual arguments from the usual people. Well sod it, here is my usual response. 1. If a club has to rely on away support to survive then it is in trouble. 2. I agree that if Toronto/Toulouse are accepted into SL then individual clubs will lose income for 1 hime game. But how much are we talking about? £20 - £30k based on average away support? 3. Are Chairmen of the game that stupid/pig-headed/desperate/short-sighted to risk a possible brighter future of the game for the sake of £30k. Unfortunately I think some if them are. I follow Adelaide United in the A-League over here. Only Melbourne Victory bring any away support i.e. Up to 500 supporters or so. The rest bring as few as 20 or 30 and vice versa for Adelaide away. But Thank God that over here we do not have the right old moaning Chairmen and supporters going on about lack of away support. We encourage our own supporters to go along.
  9. I hope everything goes well and Evan has a complete recovery.
  10. Another bum squeaker for us and tough on Wakey. Highlight for me - watching John Kear auditioning for Fingerbobs!
  11. Just watched game after taping it. Because of all the injuries the recording finished with 57 seconds left. So was the winning try a 'Wide to West' effort?
  12. Even if we dont win the GF or get to the final this will be a season that us Cas supporters will remember for many, many years. A lot of us still talk about 1999 when we were so close to a GF appearance. But thats why I am proud to follow Cas. We are not a band of supporters that demand and expect trophies and want to sack the coach all we ask for is to see some entertaining rugby and any fleeting success is cherished.
  13. Like to give Larne Patrick a shout about something that went unnoticed. When Hardaker made the break for his try Patrick was about 30m downfield. He could have run towards Hardaker for a pass and been penalised for being offside but knowing the rules he kept out if the way - or it could have been that he was so cream crackered he thought 'sod it'. p.s. Its not often you see a team concede 2 trys from a sum total of 8 inches from their own line.
  14. Glad to read that you are being blunt. Problem is that some on here will still be sat at their computer and laptop truly believing that they know more about the citizens of Toronto than what you do.