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  1. What's Brian McClennen doing these days? Might be a name that gets thrown in the coaching mix.
  2. Quite a few of the companies he's been involved with seem to have either been dissolved or he appears to have left within a few months. Maybe he's just someone whose acting on behalf of other parties for the initial set up process. Lets hope its a real positive whatever it is.
  3. Who knows. One thing that would have been highly likely is that the people running the clubs still would have been the same, so the outcome would also have probably been the same.
  4. Bit late to the party as I've only just heard the news. Concur with many on here that any new team should be starting in champ 1. Essentially any new team in Bradford will have no official or legal link to the previous entity so how can they even be considered for the championship? Simply because they will carry the name "Bradford" in their title?!. Crazy. Saw someone mention it in a previous post, but assume the name "Bradford Bulls" would be up for grabs now. Assuming the previous entity held the copyright for the name, which now it's been liquidated would mean it's available?.. I think anyone starting a newco club in Bradford would want a start in champ 1 at this stage. Sad times, and an awful mess.
  5. As a previous poster mentioned, Wayne Bennett will walk away if he doesn't get what he wants, as most coaches would. He's in it for the challenge of making England a winning team, he has a plan for achieving this, but if he doesn't get the support required he wont make do. Which is exactly what happened at Newcastle. Part of his plan is changing the mentality of some players, essentially the ones who play in SL, as the NRL mentality is already instilled in the likes of Burgess and Graham et al. so i'd suggest its more important for SL based players to feature in this kind of camp as often as possible. The camp was announced a while back, so why its become a bigger issue now i don't know.
  6. Pretty pathetic really. Pre season was the best time to do this, albeit not ideal. RFL need to get dates in the calendar for the next few years of when these things are going to happen, and clubs can plan and prepare for potential loss of players accordingly. Either have some free weekends in the season, or clubs will just have to make do. We all know it won't happen though. As badly organised and short sighted as ever.
  7. The broncos are probably the exception in having had a long standing relationship with Nike (Asia Pacific). And as probably the club with the biggest commercial value in Australia over the last 30 odd years it probably did make sense for Nike in that territory to work with the Broncos.
  8. No one said they've never supplied any teams. Read the thread.
  9. pretty sure you can lay PC games on a mac with an emulator. Only ever used one once, to play the (really) old Rugby Coach game. So can't recommend any, but worth looking into if you really wanna play this game.
  10. Clubs struggle to attract money as the sport is so limited in terms of exposure.. clubs can do their best to generate their own levels of exposure, but its the RFL who ultimately have the responsibility of making the game as visible as possible. In that respect they have failed, and continue to do so. Plenty of clubs also don't help themselves though, and are run with a very short sighted approach. If RL as a sport was as visible and had a similar level of exposure as other sports enjoy, some clubs would still find ways to go bust. So it is a bit of both.
  11. The reason Nike do templated Kits is because its not worth their while to spend time and money designing and developing kits for individual clubs. Rugby of either code just isn't part of their focus. Templated kits are not particularly appealing at all. The Aussie SL kits in 95 were going for an NFL style approach, where every kit more less looked the same but in different colours. Something like that was never going to work in RL, despite the best intentions. And Nike had no real experience with producing Rugby kits at the time, which is why they also looked pretty bad. Sadly there isn't any real commercial value for RL jerseys beyond RL fans, so we're unlikely to see one of the big boys get involved. Unless, as i mentioned, its something where the commercial value could be raised by producing all SL kits. Which might be appealing to someone like Puma or Adi. At the moment anyone taking an ISC kit is essentially taking a templated design, Wakefield's 2017 effort for example, so i don't see a problem, to a degree, with some templated designs. Clubs could pay the same for the kits to be produced, possibly at a reduced rate due to fact all kits were being produced by one supplier, and you'd make your money on your ability to sell your own product, which would have added value due to the presence of a certain brands logo on your chest. Off-field apparel would also be of a certain reliable standard. Of all the brands involved with RL at the moment ISC and Canterbury are the only two that i think offer a genuine quality service for both on and off field apparel. Off field apparel is nearly always templated seasonally.
  12. the thing with the big brands, such as Nike, Adi and Puma, is that they charge much more than others for the kits they produce, which is one of the reasons you no longer see them involved in RL. Puma pulled out of any involvement with rugby a couple of years ago as it made them no money.. The last Irish RU kit they produced was all bought and paid for by the IRFU so Puma didn't lose a penny. They now only produce one rugby kit for a south african team and its the same deal. Nike dabbled then probably realised it wasn't going to be as fruitful as other sports. And Adi are only involved with the All Blacks, as the All Blacks as a brand is hugely marketable. A sport like RL which has a very small global footprint compared to many other sports will never be able to attract any of the big boys until they start showing signs of growth in terms of appeal and exposure. Sad but true. The only way i can see RL attracting the attention of one of the big brands is by proposing that all SL kits are produced by the same supplier, something which Maurice Lindsay tried putting together back at the start of SL, with Nike, but a couple of clubs objected (surprise surprise). Which i actually think still could work well for RL.
  13. http://www.rugbyleaguehub.com/?p=173691
  14. My older brother got given a video for his birthday one year, which was Wigan's season highlights 1988. One Sunday I was bored at home and put the video on. Up until that point 'rugby' had always been boring to me (unbeknown to me all the rugby I'd witnessed till then had been union). Watching this video completely changed my view and players like Dean Bell, Ellery Hanley,Kevin Iro, Shaun Edwards and Andy Gregory started to become my sporting heroes. I started playing for my local club here in east London when I was about 18.
  15. Someone should be asking Nigel if he thought placing some adverts on the London Underground for a two week period, three weeks or so before the game, was enough to guarantee a bigger crowd than the last one at the Olympic Park. As Scubby said the objective was to sell out all stadia. It would be good to know what the plans were in place for doing that, not just here in London, but at all other stadia. RL fans living in those locations would be better placed than me to say what activities took place to promote the games and encourage greater ticket sales. Apart from the hardcore RL fans in London, no one would even know a game in Wigan was taking place, so naturally very few would travel. But if these things were promoted more widely, who knows how many more might travel to towns and cities around the country.