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  1. EastLondonMike

    So, what have we learned???

    Co-sign on Connor. He's clearly got talents, but im not sure what his best position is. I see him more as a Centre than a Stand-Off, but not 100% a Centre. If that makes sense. Probably very little chance of him being shifted to Fullback at club level, but think that could be a good positional fit for him. I'd say he's on par with Lomax in terms of speed. Did he start out as a Full back at Hudds?
  2. EastLondonMike

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    My theory on this, which has no basis at all, just a thought, is that this has been pitched as a 'proper' GB team, which would definitely include some Welsh/Irish/Scottish player selections. And as such the Aussies have decided they would absolutely destroy such a team (which the would) and could/would not want to try and sell this to the Aussie RL public. Aussie fans would not come out to support such tests with the knowledge they would walk it. Tonga and NZ are craving games. NZ want more in NZ, and Tonga just want more, so naturally they're happy with such a team coming over. But once Tonga and NZ also beat this (possibly) forced GB team, that will in all likelihood signal the death of the GB project, unless they then decide to just pick the best available, which then makes it an England team in GB colours, which is pointless.
  3. was extremely disappointed in the performance today, and actually expected this kind of score line before the series started. Glad I was wrong on that count. On the bright side add the likes of S.Burgess, G.Burgess, Widdop, SOL, Watkins, Hall Walmsley and that score line doesn't happen. Strength in depth is something we've always known we've lacked. Hopefully next season a few more younger players will come on. Richardson at Saints, Manfredi at Wigan maybe.. still think we lack the kind of quality the Kiwi and Aussie backs possess, and that should be the main concern going forward. the upper body strength and leg strength post contact was noticeably different and an area that needs looking at.
  4. 4mins again. All over now unfortunately. Never really expected a win today, but don't want a blow out.
  5. The ability to take your chances when they're presented.
  6. This whole series Nikorima has been excellent at getting outside his man, and committing the next defender. Evidenced again for that try.
  7. EastLondonMike

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    No way they'll visit those countries. I'd bet all games aside from PNG (maybe) will be played in Australia or NZ. Feel pretty underwhelmed with this calendar. Though wasn't expecting much.
  8. EastLondonMike

    2019 kits

  9. EastLondonMike

    2019 kits

    Its always going to come down to money. Probably not enough demand for what it would cost to produce. Also, you wouldn't really want two very similar items for sale as it could potentially cannibalise sales. Very very few would buy both. A way around such a thing is you launch the 'cotton' version mid-season, when sales probably need a boost.
  10. EastLondonMike

    2019 kits

    The saints "O'Neill" shirts actually look good in terms of quality. From what I can see. Though what the hell is going on with the blue and white badge?!.. very strange.
  11. Some of these lads think they're playing SL still. Some very poor options in this first 25mins. this could get painful.
  12. What are we playing at.
  13. EastLondonMike

    Neutral Referees for Internationals

    Think we'll get a quicker game, with greater flow, next week with Sutton. Would the third test be refereed by Perenara? to make it an even split.
  14. Personally don't think you can point the finger at the RFL. Every RL fan who attends games regularly and arm chair fans who attend a handful of games a year all would have known this game and the remaining two were/are on. You can have a dig at the RFL for not promoting the game to the wider public, but RL fans knew this game was happening. With the current negative attitude towards the game from many fans, I still think 17k is about our level at the moment, even if it's not comparable to recent games as I first thought.
  15. Enjoyable enough game, and don't think we can complain too much about the crowd. 17k is comparable with other recent England games. Fans just don't seem to have the level of pride in an England RL team that other sports enjoy, which is understandable to a degree, but still hugely disappointing. Biggest disappointment for me is that the fan base from both Hull clubs alone should have ensured this was a sell out. Sadly not. As with every game of RL I've ever been to, and there's been plenty, I was sat in front of a group of moaners, whose list of complaints involved Sam Tomkins at 7, KCOM being a "sh!t hole" (these were KR fans though), not being able to sit on the half way line due to ticket prices, which "should never be that price for a test match", and infinite other comments about the ref et al. RL fans love finding a reason to knock the game and form a wholly unfair view of it. As they say "there's nowt as queer as folk". Plenty of improvement in both teams, but a good start to the series. Looking forward to next week. Cant see any reason to change the team unless through injury. And fingers crossed for a referee more capable of helping let the game flow.