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  1. Sounds absolutely tragic. Here's hoping he makes a full recovery, both physically and mentally.
  2. Wigan bound i would have thought. With Williams going to Canberra, Maloney makes perfect sense. No doubt Wigan will look to secure a first option on Williams if he doesn't make a go of it in the NRL, which would make it an easy 1-2 year decision for Maloney. Wigan will of course have a space for a marquee player. Who are Leeds current marquee signings?
  3. When watching the game live my initial thought was "look at those idiots". It's embarrassing to see such behaviour. Seem to recall a game i attended a year or two back that James Childs was officiating and the speed of which the fans turned on him was ridiculous. i think within 10 mins and maybe the second penalty of the game he was copping it. The mentality of lot of fans is to just blame the ref, and every decision against them is seen as an injustice and stored away in the memory banks for the next game. Regardless of whether it was a right or wrong decision. I'd be ok with ref's being a lot harder on teams and any players who speak out of turn.
  4. That's wrapped it up. Thank god. With the exception of that try scoring pass, there's been a real lack of quality from both sides.
  5. Sad to see a coach sacked so soon. Wheres the faith they had when appointing him? unless something has happened behind closed doors that we are not privvy to. This being RL, if there is, i'm sure it will come out. Hope whoever hired him will hold their hands up for their failure.
  6. Its not good, but but fair play to the kid for having a go. It's certainly not his fault. The obvious thing for me is the complete lack of awareness across the majority of the game of what is actually required and acceptable from a creative output point of view. It highlights further a genuine lack of knowledge and a real lack of desire to fix that. The mantra of many clubs seems to be a combination of "looks fine to me" and "whats wrong with that?"
  7. This can be achieved with TV graphics very easily, and is done constantly throughout the NRL and other sports, thus removing the cost of having to physically do it on a weekly basis. Also avoids any conflict with shared stadia. with the exception of the NRL logo, all pitch advertising is computer generated. Branding of the in-goals like you mentioned could easily be achieved in a similar way I'm sure.
  8. Definitely, just needs the market to grow a bit, or to be a bit sensible about product ranges and launches. We currently have a very small consumer base.
  9. I think essentially any deal would revolve around a price to which all clubs pay for their kit/teamwear/replica etc. Clubs such as Leeds, Wigan, Catalan would probably purchase more than the likes of Salford, so any deal would have to be cost effective for the smaller clubs, which would be tough as many do currently partner with the much more smaller outfits, which you'd assume is down to price. Any supplier would have to feel confident that they could sell enough kit/teamwear/replica product to the clubs to cover costs and make a bit of a profit (this alone won't be enough for some of the bigger brands). Currently clubs are our only real source of retail, so no real scope for any brand to sell outside those channels. A sport brand might however look to sell to some of the high street sportswear chains such as JD, Footasylum etc IF the game had a genuine strategy around growth that the brand could confidently get behind and help achieve. And if any deal was a pretty long one. 10 years for example (Puma have just signed a 10 year deal with Man City, a sign of commitment from both towards a common goal). Certain clubs would initially only benefit from the above ie the bigger more successful clubs, but thats life i think. The best teams will always prosper the most. It's a BIG ask for SL. But happy SL are thinking along these lines.
  10. Combined Kit deals is something that the RFL have been keen on for a while, so i think it's highly likely SL will look at something similar if possible. The big thing is the length of existing contracts clubs have with suppliers. Leeds are probably the exception, but i'd imagine most clubs have deals for no longer than 2-3 years. There are ways around such long length contracts, if theres willing from all involved. If all SL clubs agreed to such a combined kit deal, any clubs with existing contracts would simply fulfil those obligations and switch at the end of the contract. Something legal would have to be written into SL participation that states any team gaining promotion/being added to SL would have to adopt the kit supplier as their own. All depends on who the supplier would be, but i really like the idea of combined kit deals.
  11. In all honesty they won't. Our commercial footprint is too small. IF we had New York, Toronto, Toulouse et al pulling in 20k fans on the Reg, as well as 10 or so other teams doing likewise, plus a strategy based on similar growth in other European nations at national and international level, then maybe. The Nike that produced kits for Wigan back in the day (which was Nike UK) are very different to the global behemoth that Nike is today, with very different priorities. Of course it's possible, though I'd be amazed if it were Nike or Adi.
  12. Nike and Adi won't be interested. SL has very little commercial value, so won't represent a good investment for either of those two. Whoever they approach, if it is one of the bigger global brands (and it really needs to be), and not someone like ISC, they need to sell them an adventure. The chance to do something they've nEver done before i.e. Provide playing kit, team wear and replica for all teams in a sports league. Which is quite something. Puma would be a good option. A global brand who have history within the game, albeit through their UK licence partner Genesis, and who also have a small involvement in the Australian game. SL isn't big enough to Interest Puma globally, but it could take an interest via Genesis again. the other brand I would approach is Umbro. Another with History in the game and a brand who punch well above their weight. No longer part of Nike, so a brand that could be interested in growing its reach. As much as I like ISC, and I truly believe they do some excellent product, signing such a deal with them or someone if a similar ilk doesn't tick the right boxes.
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