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  1. EastLondonMike

    English international manly bound ?

    Would love to see Thompson and McMeeken have a go in the NRL. Think McMeekens older brother Dave works for the Warriors.. or maybe the NRL, which might be a lure, if it is him.
  2. EastLondonMike

    salford v wigan

    Don't Wigan show these games online via WiganWarriorsTV? Sure they do. Maybe whenever arugby league specific TV channel arrives we might see pre-season covered.
  3. EastLondonMike

    Widnes takeover talks

    Strange comments from someone trying to buy the club. Probably best for club and consortium it's not going to happen. World Choice Sports is the Sports Travel Package company right?..
  4. EastLondonMike

    The Flying Dentist RIP

    A special player by all accounts. One of many from SA. RIP Wilf. Can recall reading in one of the RL mags some years back his son/grandson (can't recall which) was interesting Leeds at one point. Also a half back.
  5. EastLondonMike

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    This strikes me as something pushed by the previous management of the RFL, but with no real strategy behind it (usual fayre), and something the current and new management have been tied into, to some degree. I'd be surprised if it went ahead at all. Ralph Rimmer should just put the kibosh on it now. There isn't enough desire for GB to return. If it does go ahead, it certainly won't happen again anytime soon.
  6. EastLondonMike

    World Club Challenge

    Sadly can't see anything other than Wigan copping a hiding. Robinson is usually pretty respectful of the WCC so expect a pretty close to full strength team.
  7. EastLondonMike

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Is it supposed to disappear when they raise and lower the sheet?..
  8. EastLondonMike

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    They must sell a lot of shirts!..
  9. EastLondonMike

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Growing up as a football loving kid i used to love hearing the names of Rugby League teams when watching final score. So many were so different to what i was used to with football teams and that made them seem really quite special. No united's, or city's and only one FC.. Names like Wakefield Trinity, Bradford Northern, Hull Kingston Rovers, Hunslet Club Parkside.. great names. I think a lot of teams lost out when being convinced, or told, to switch to American style nicknames. It worked for some (to some degree), but was terrible for others.
  10. EastLondonMike

    Balls (Merged Threads)

    Can remember when we switched to Rhino balls and the difference was noticeable. no doubt they improved, but Steeden's always seemed that bit better. Better grip (that lasted longer), better in the wet, and seemed to have a bit more bounce to them, though this was initially, as i mentioned. Seems like theres an active attempt to align with the NRL in a number of areas now.
  11. EastLondonMike

    Catalans refuse to pay Challenge Cup deposit

    Plan C.
  12. EastLondonMike

    New Retro Salford Shirts

    And Umbro and Puma. Though it's so long ago that either company were involved with RL, and the company selling them are probably so small, its highly unlikely to come up on their radar. Risky non the less, as i'd imagine both Umbro and Puma would issue C&D orders if they have ownership of the designs used and not the RFL. Unless of course they do have some sort of agreement in place.
  13. EastLondonMike

    New Beginnings

    Haven't had a chance to read through the whole thing, but upon having a quick browse it looks like it reads well. Communication and transparency are two things that have always been severely lacking. Hopefully this is the beginning of a change in both those aspects. No reason whatsoever that comms and transparency shouldn't be as good as they possibly can be. I have high hopes for Rob Elstone in his role.
  14. EastLondonMike

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Bulls shirt looks decent. Surprisingly few sponsors on the shirt.
  15. EastLondonMike

    Great RL Photos

    Manly's Mark Broadhurst in the dressing room after the infamous semi-final in 1980/81 against Newtown (and Steve Bowden).