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  1. EastLondonMike

    Shaun Edwards

    Unless Edwards has been given a tip off that he'd be a definite possibility for the England union job, i see he's real dilemma being whether he wants the challenge of coaching in RL at a decent level or remaining in a much more familiar role, and staying in union. Coaching Wasps is no real challenge, at least not one he hasn't faced previously in union. You wouldn't have thought money would be a motivating factor (maybe it is, who knows..) so i see the real decision for him around whether he wants to come out of his comfort zone.
  2. EastLondonMike

    Canned applause - NRL.com

    I think it's fine doing such things. Seem to recall football also had enhanced sounds of the ball hitting the back of the net. WWF used to do it also to remove all the boo's certain 'popular' wrestlers would always get! Always makes me smile though when you hear the crowd noise and see the crowd stationary!
  3. Just catching up on some highlights from the NRL via NRL.com and it sounds like their overdubbing increased crowd noise for tries and other match highlights. I know this was done quite a bit with SKY back at the start of their building up of the Premier League coverage, but interesting to see the NRL doing likewise. If they actually are. Maybe this has always been the case and i'm just late in noticing. Notable hearing cheers for Melbourne Storm tries in their game in Canberra. There can't have been many, if any Storm fans in the ground. Wests Tigers win over the Warriors also notable noise (but very little crowd movement) when tries were scored. https://www.nrl.com/tv/news/match-highlights-raiders-v-storm-842615/ https://www.nrl.com/tv/news/match-highlights-wests-tigers-v-warriors-843536/
  4. EastLondonMike

    Shaun Edwards

    2019 will throw up a few coaching options for Wigan. Flanagan has already been mentioned earlier in the thread.. Anthony Griffin left Penrith last season. Don't think he's got a club yet. How long can parramatta continue to under perform before Brad Arthur's job starts to look shakey?.. and I'm sure some other names will get thrown around also.
  5. EastLondonMike

    Shaun Edwards

    Understand the club believing Edwards on a hand shake and his word. But anyone with any sense, as soon as they'd received that handshake and agreement, a contract would have been drawn up and signed. Failure to do that is incredibly foolish. Safe to say if Shaun Edwards doesn't sign for Wigan now, he'll never coach Wigan RLFC. Hope he realises that when thinking through his options.
  6. EastLondonMike

    England RL Shirt

    I generally avoid buying playing jerseys due to the heavy nature of the fabric. Much preferring a training tee or something along those lines. would people prefer heavyweight fabric and a higher price point? Or woul you prefer a lighter fabric, like a training tee, and a lower price point?.. I'd more likely buy a replica jersey if it was the latter. Interested in people's opinions on this.
  7. EastLondonMike

    Shaun Edwards

    I believe 'Timmy' is Shaun the sheep's son. Maybe they've signed Edwards junior!
  8. Some wonderful town names in the vicinity. Hope the game spreads to the town of 'Welcome'.
  9. Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal could be a nice trio of clubs. Canada's (401) version of the M62 corridor.
  10. EastLondonMike

    Shaun Edwards

    Wasps twitter account tweeting a pic of 'Shaun the sheep'and stating some exciting news. Could just be someone with a sense of humour of course!.. Video on twitter also of Adrian Lam commenting on the saga and saying he's had regular chats with Shaun over the last few months around the teams progress.
  11. EastLondonMike


    I found about it via a facebook post with a link to a story, from the official SL facebook page, so guess with no major push they'll just direct people to the site via their social media channels.
  12. EastLondonMike


    Some of the content is linked from the RFL website I believe
  13. EastLondonMike


    No links to social media working yet. Though that could just be in the mobile site. Maybe SL are still trying to get control of those accounts from the RFL.
  14. EastLondonMike


    Back up online. Not sure when it was officially relaunched, may be even today.. Only seen it on my mobile, but looks ok.
  15. EastLondonMike

    NRL to clubs: relocate or fold

    Come rain or shine Manly/Cronulla/Wests supporters will support the club. through thick and thin. Can the same be said of any new franchise in Perth, for Instance. Maybe over time. But if such a new team were not instantly successful, will whatever support they can garner stick around. Can anyone honestly say the support Melbourne enjoys would still be their if they hadn't been as successful as they have been? Adding new teams to the NRL makes sense, relocating existing teams does not. Not to me anyway.