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  1. EastLondonMike

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    Potentially in the Wigan squad for the Saints game too. Edit. Just watched some highlights on youtube where he's playing 6. So looks like he can play a bit also.
  2. EastLondonMike

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    Never seen him play, or heard much about him. Potential?
  3. EastLondonMike

    Roy Masters Article

    For anyone whose read their 10 free articles for the month on the SMH website. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/sport/nrl/growing-international-influence-is-saving-nrl-from-origin-beast-20180713-p4zr9c.html
  4. EastLondonMike

    It's Ralph

    Is this all we're left with? Hope? Hope that he's not what we all think (and some who have experience, know) he is.. I truly despair. The RFL have zero ambition.
  5. EastLondonMike

    It's Ralph

    Speechless. Absolutely speechless.
  6. EastLondonMike

    Hall to Roosters (Merged threads)

    Best of luck to him if he does sign. Think he'll do well for a season or two.
  7. Success for a club in London would need a commitment of significant investment over a long period of time, at least 15 years, before any kind of obvious benefits could be built. It would also need to mirror an upturn in exposure and wider popularity of Rugby League across the nation. A team in London simply cannot succeed like we'd want before the game of Rugby League starts to.
  8. EastLondonMike

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    This does very much sound like a 'whats best for the NRL' approach, which is hardly surprising, and as others have said i do also think this is an attempt to try and combat any mid-season games outside of Australian control, BUT, its a start.. At least they have come to the table. Even if the proposal is pretty predictable and doesn't take the Aussies out of their comfort zone and risk any problems for SOO/NRL ie, no games in expansion areas like the USA. The Denver tests should be set in stone. AFAIK the RFL and NZRL have agreements with Moore sports to play those games, and they should be honoured. But like i say its a start, lets see what comes of this meeting in Singapore.
  9. EastLondonMike

    Extended Highlights

    I guess it is and it isn't. its brief highlights and a bit of chatter. I'm thinking more of a longer programme with highlights of some more substance, rather than just the tries.
  10. EastLondonMike

    Extended Highlights

    Have always thought extended highlights/delayed broadcast would be a good way to try and sell games into terrestrial TV. Taking a SKY feed and showing an hour or two later. Guess the BBC could do this if they so wanted. But obviously they don't.
  11. EastLondonMike

    Origin 3 Match Thread

    unreal intercept.
  12. EastLondonMike

    BJ Leilua to Wigan

    Canberra have had a couple of seasons of under achievement, and in the NRL, this will usually equate to a change in playing staff, and with the way the salary cap works some movement will always happen after a few seasons. So not really surprised they are off-loading a few.
  13. EastLondonMike

    BJ Leilua to Wigan

    Peter Sterling sums up Leilua perfectly when commenting on the incident with the Morris twins. https://wwos.nine.com.au/2018/07/09/16/21/nrl-peter-sterling-unleashes-on-selfish-raiders-centre-joey-leilua
  14. EastLondonMike

    BJ Leilua to Wigan

    Leilua can be really damaging in attack, and in defence. Strong and quick. He's also a greedy guts and lacks discipline with the ball. So many times he bombs opportunities by failing to pass to support players, taking a dart down the blind side on the last tackle and needlessly throwing one handed and blind speculative passes. Sometimes these plays come off. Sometimes. A couple of seasons ago it was more of the former. The last couple of seasons has been more of the latter. He'd be a huge asset to anyone in SL, without doubt, and the negative aspects of his game won't be highlighted as much, but imagine he's one of those players who frustrates coaches.
  15. EastLondonMike

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    Beautiful city, and recommended as a summer holiday destination, but Carcasonne isn't suitable for a SL side. They'd be better off trying to tempt current SL clubs to play a game or two there.