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  1. The future of RL's TV rights

    DAZN have been rumoured for a while of trying to make their way into the UK market, though imagine that might be difficult with the existing contracts a lot of sports have with current broadcasters/suppliers. But worth pointing out a number of UK sports/sports events are already carried by them into other parts of Europe, Japan and Canada. Pretty sure they have shown NRL in the past, and seem to recall a thread about DAZN on here some time ago. Maybe DAZN is a bit more our level at the moment, rather than Netflix or Amazon, and we should be approaching them about content, regardless if its shown in the UK or not. Current subscription is around £8.50
  2. Simon Woolford

    Ex-Canberra Hooker under Tim Sheens. Think his career ended a bit early due to injury. Sure Copa could shed more light on him.
  3. How would you improve the game

    Where to start?!..
  4. Oliver Gildart to West Tigers?

    Best of luck to him if he does decide to test himself over there. Lots of changes at Wigan if it does happen, along with the rumoured movements of of Tomkins and Bateman.
  5. Lions tour 2019

    Well someone had the sense to re-register the old GB logo back in Jan. https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmcase/page/Results/1/UK00003286226
  6. John Bateman

    Yep. jumped the gun a bit there.. could of course be the Knights or Raiders. Doh.
  7. John Bateman

    Do they need centres? No way he's getting into that back row of Hoffman, Kaufusi and Finucane. Unless one of them is off elsewhere. Best of luck to him though, and good to see him have a go. He'll get stuck in thats for sure.
  8. RLPA taking credit for the Denver Test

    Oh the irony.. Brad Walters needs a very very big reality check.
  9. Neither defence was really tested. Just a complete lack of creativity from both teams, which had Eddie blabbering on about defences being on top, and 'great defence from both teams'. Which it wasn't. Another one of those annoying lines he trots out to try and convince people of a positive when it's so clearly not. Only real highlight was the Tomkins DG.
  10. I don't think anyone is questioning the validity of penalising the crusher tackle. Just the fact the refs only penalise when a player is showing signs of being injured. What's the penalty for? The act? Or the fact he's injured?
  11. Maybe it should be a penalty when a player picks up an injury. This is dire. On so many levels. New RFL CEO has a big job on his hands to sort this mess out.
  12. Favourite commentary

    Might be an urban myth but seem to have memory of "He opens his legs and shows his class".. sounds quite Ray French-esque. Also have an old SOO game form around 91-92 when Fatty Vautin can't hide his QLD passion as he screams "GO MAL!" as Meninga made a break in the dieing seconds with QLD chasing victory. Another Fatty comment from the 91 Sydney 7's.. "Offiah.. showing more toe than a roman sandal". Ray French on a North Sydney Vs Canberra game. "Mullins!.. No ones going to catch Bret Mullins" Matt Sears promptly turns, chases, and catches Brett Mullins. Though to be fair he was probably the only one who did.
  13. Do Aussie RL fans travel for away games? Maybe they're hoping they will, and will be well supported by the Queenslanders. Always had the impression 'away fans' were generally local to the home team, albeit supporters of the away teams. could be wrong though.
  14. Favourite commentary

    "That's not a try.. that's a miracle!".. Good old Rabbits when he was at the very top of his game. Also up there is Eddie warring's incomprehensible comments after Roger Milward scores the winning try at the SCG, and not forgetting the "can he go?.. can he go?" commentary for Clive Sullivans world cup final try.