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  1. The Kyle Feldt try in the Auckland 9's a few years ago still ranks up there as one of, if not the most spectacular touchdown. His whole body being out of the of play and reaching back in to place the ball down. Think that was also the try that really got everyone talking about this type of wingers try.
  2. For me its Cas' GF to lose.. St. Helens are also my dark horses. Don't think anyone other than Cas is actually playing consistently well, and Saints for me look like the team most likely to get it together in time.
  3. Think it was Jamie Foster. Something about Gale going to his hairdressers. Gales comeback was pretty good if memory serves me correct.
  4. Venturing into Chris Hill territory. Time to shave it.
  5. Terrible game. Poor skills on show throughout. Its bloody hard work watching Wigan this season. Think Wigan need a bit of a clear out. Too many average players.
  6. Any ref who starts waving cards around and blowing up for every penalty will get even more aggro from the fans whose team it affects. There's a balance to be found between being strict and letting a game flow, that will come with experience. Whats put more and more pressure on referee's over a number of years is the clouding of some rules, which have become open to 'interpretation', and the fact that the number of referees has dwindled greatly, to a point where young refs are being thrown in too soon (IMO). Add it to the long and growing list of things to be improved upon at the RFL.
  7. I ditched SKY a couple of seasons ago and haven't really missed it. The only downside is that in all honesty my interest in SL has also diminished somewhat because of it, though i still manage to watch occasional games via streaming, my level of interest has slipped. But maybe thats as much to do with how the game is currently run and just co-incidence. I don't actually think i'd pay £18 for a subscription, unless it had NRL, and other RL related programming such as a decent magazine programme.
  8. Doesn't seem like much clarity for us RL fans, in terms what we'll be getting (if anything more, which looks unlikely) and where it can be watched. Could conceivably be Thursday night on 'Action', Friday and Saturday on 'Arena', GF on another 'Event' platform. Which does seem a bit silly if they are tying to attract new and old viewers back. We'll find out soon enough i guess.
  9. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/news/a832749/sky-sports-changes-prices-cost-new-premier-league-football-cricket-f1-golf-channels/
  10. I googled two of the names listed as delegates at random. From India and Bangladesh. One is based in London, the other in Bradford. And a website built by Weebly.com. Says a lot.
  11. Sam Tomkins, Gareth Carvell and a few others did a live window display for Moss Bros some seasons back. i think in the lead up to the challenge cup.
  12. Sure the heat, and sweat on the ball, made a difference, but really poor skills from both teams, summed up by a drop goal miss from 20m(?) out at the end. Picking a MOM must have been pretty tough
  13. Actually, reading the Cas statement is pretty revealing. Some strong comments from the club. Assume Sale won't be saying much.
  14. The only thing with this kind of settlement is that it will be kept quiet. Hope someone leaks full details to the press.
  15. If he does turn up in SL you'd imagine Catalan or Saints as possibilities, with both their new coaches having Roosters links.