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  1. Fair enough. Maybe Bennett see's something in these two he doesn't see elsewhere in SL. who knows.
  2. I'd rather Dame Edna selected for England ahead of Sarginson. Wasn't it agreed that he could only take 2 SL players from each club? which might rule out a number of others who might well have been picked ahead of McQueen and Heighington. At least Bennett gets to take a look at both. I think there are other players out there better than both, but for this game i'm ok with their presence i the squad.
  3. Visiting the outlaws in Hull this weekend so decided to get tickets for this. Was expecting a decent game. I was wrong. Two very very ordinary teams. Defensively Hull had nothing, Leeds had only slightly more. It seemed everything Either team achieved was off the back of opposition errors. Childs got more and more stick from the Hull fans as the game wore on, but seemed they were on his back from the first Hull error (which was about 2 minutes into the game). Don't think he got much support from his touch judges, but don't think he was that bad. If he was, he was pretty even. The Hull players spent more time trying to win penalties at the PTB than anything else. Most noticeable thing for me was the complete lack of intensity in defending from the Hull side. The fact that Hull could score 24 points and play as badly as they did says a lot about Leeds.
  4. Received a second email saying the payment system had errors, but should be fine now. they really don't help themselves do they
  5. Just had an email informing me my payment of £3.49 has been refunded due to an error. Anyone else had something similar occur?
  6. Great news that Williams is staying at Wigan for the forseable. Though do hope he does test himself in the NRL in the years to come. there are no guarantees of success when you switch from one league to another, there are plenty of factors that come in to play, not just ability. I'm sure he'd do well, but go to the wrong club, and without the proper support and it could have a reverse effect and stunt his development. Fully expect him him to go to the NRL, but hope he's smart enough to make any move in the correct conditions.
  7. Just read the comments on another thread from Lee Briers about reserve grade rugby, and another article on the BBC website with Dave Woods talking to Kris Radlinski who echoes Briers views. A team or Reserve Grade rugby could be a good source of content for any RFL streaming site (If clubs were to bring back such teams), as could U18's / 19s. Not just games, but interviews, player profiles etc As has been said the RFL would also need to negotiate the use of some archive footage (even if its only highlights) along with some live coverage from the lower leagues.
  8. I have this horrid vision of an RL streaming site with everything hosted by Rugby AM. i'd pay a subscription for that not to happen!
  9. From a UK perspective the only games that could be live streamed are games such as this England v Samoa game, or essentially any games that aren't part of a current TV contract. SKY will have had online rights / live streaming as part of the TV contracts for a very long time i'm sure. Pre-season games and competitions for instance, and maybe Championship or championship 1 games could be freed from the SKY contract, and a season pass created for fans of those clubs to watch their teams, but imagine clubs might object about potential loss of gate receipts etc, so don't think theres any easy or obvious choice as to what could be shown. England Knights and Women's teams could be an option (if there was a long term strategy in place for when they actually play), but its debatable if enough people would be willing to pay for those games Showing games from the QLD cup and NSW cup etc sounds like a great idea, though would take a great deal of planning and preperation (and no doubt a cost), something the RL is not good at all. It would all need to for part of a long term strategic plan, which is something we don't currently have.
  10. I'll be paying to watch, though at the time will probably see if i can pick up a live stream from Australia online if thats a better option. I don't mind paying the money, and applaud the RFL for looking into this type of thing, but still think we'll be missing out on a great deal from not being televised. Draper obviously has a value for this type of game, and feels the broadcast partners weren't meeting that value, so kudos for sticking to his values over this. But as has been said many times, key exposure is being missed in world cup year. Reading some of (in fact what looks like 90% of the comments) comments online you'd think the RFL had committed murder. A lot of RL fans have a very negative view of the RFL regardless of what they do /don't do.
  11. Nice idea in theory, but as someone mentioned online streaming should be used alongside a TV broadcast, not as a replacement. Use it to reach territories overseas that wont be able to watch it on TV. The marketing reach of the RFL is very limited. So its highly unlikely they'll make much money from a PPV, and highly unlikely many beyond the hardcore RL fan will even know its available. Lets hope the BBC do show it.
  12. Haven't seen the tackle as I missed the game, but it sounds pretty bad, and 3 months out suggests it was. Sure Ferres didn't go out to injure Gildart, but the crusher tackle needs to be sorted. It doesn't happen by accident. 6 games and £300 is pitiful. 6 games may be the max for the grade, but £300 is laughable. Hit this type of offence with a £10,000 minimum fine and it will soon be lost to the game.
  13. Always thought Brett Rodwell from Illawarra was underrated, or at least never seemed to get the plaudits he deserved. Very good centre. Didn't Matt Sing wear a scrum cap also?
  14. Steve Hampson
  15. What "franchise" do they have to sell?.. thought franchises went out a while back. if teams can buy and sell they're way into / out of SL, what's the point of P+R? story sounds a bit silly to me.