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  1. cookey

    Grand Final Crowd

    As always on here,the people with their own agenda make up stories to suit that agenda.There is no point is disputing their 'truth'.
  2. Oh dear,this is too easy, Opinium/Observer,14 Oct, Con 41% up 4% Lab 37%,down 2% Dont let facts get in the way of your bigotry.
  3. cookey

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    What a surprise,after the Grand Final,how many tickets sold thread,the next day we get the NZ Series,how many tickets sold thread.No doubt another 20 pages of utter garbage.
  4. Tories increase their lead in the polls(YouGov),whilst Labour(Marxists) lose seats in Hartlepool and Warrington.
  5. The problem is,neither is acceptable.
  6. The image/perception of The Jungle to neutrals/sponsors/tv viewers is disasterous.Fine for those happy to project a 1960's working class game,useless for anybody wanting to take the game forward.Shame,because Castleford is a Club we need.Castleford in a new stadium,with an 8,000 crowd would be beneficial for the game,at present,their ground is an embarrassment.Unfortunately,same applies to Wakefield and Bradford before anyone mentions they should be back in SL.The problem ofcourse,is that there aren't a queue of clubs with modern facilities and good spectator base waiting to get into SL.
  7. cookey

    Grand Final Crowd

    Clearly some of you have never been to the darts,boxing or the Six Nations.
  8. cookey

    Superleague is becoming boring.

    Quite why Real Madrid win the European Cup,Man City the Premiership and Saracens the Ru every year,is beyond me. I'm convinced most posters on here get out of bed in the morning and firstly think what aspect of RL they can complain about today.They dont have one intelligent,constructive brain cell between them.
  9. cookey

    New Grounds.

    Wasn't aware of this one,looks good,just what players,spectators,sponsors etc require in todays times - hope it goes ahead without the usual delays.Good effort by all concerned.
  10. Mark Chapman is absolutely top notch,at whatever sport he is presenting/talking about. If only he could give lessons to Hemmings and our other clowns,including Carney.Carneys introduction to the St.Helens v Warrington final,was effectively,dont bother watching this game,St. Helens will win and it's hardly worth Warrington turning up or you dear viewer in watching.I wonder how many neutrals turned over/off before the game even began.
  11. cookey

    Grand Final Crowd

    Amazing,I've just received £500 in used tenners through the post - dont believe most of the garbage you read on here.
  12. cookey

    Grand Final Crowd

    Looks pretty close to a sell out to me,as long as you can believe the graphics - certainly over 70,000.
  13. cookey

    London in Superleague

    Ealing are second favourites for their Championship,behind London Irish. Yes,they have aspirations but rather like league,it's always difficult to overcome the relegated side. Ealing is absolutely fine for London Broncos,with just some minor tweaking - the sheer ignorance of many posters on here re the ground is truely breathtaking,yet expected.
  14. cookey

    Grand Final Crowd

    Obsessed and tedious.
  15. cookey

    Told You So

    Trust me,whatever solution they came up with,exactly the same people would be complaining about it.