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  1. Much prefer sunday pm to thurs pm.Cant understand why Sky prefer thurs,against the darts,to sun,after the football. Hope all four home clubs make a big effort to attract crowds.We cant expect BBC to be happy showing empty grounds,regardless of the play on the field.
  2. Good traditional rugby league,the weather is looking very good as well,19/20'.
  3. We really dont want the dump which is presently Odsal,to be shown on national television. For those without Sky - 90% of the BBC audience - they will want to see the Warrinton?Wigan game played in a modern stadium.Hull/Cas will be a good game but will be played in a two thirds empty ground.Similar problem with Huddersfield/Saints.
  4. Well done to both Doncaster and Bradford.Hope you get beneficial draws.Bradford/Leeds and Doncaster/KR might help the coffers!
  5. At least they are trying and hopefully listening.
  6. Thought Michael Shenton was excellent last night too.Powers terrible as usual,Dainton top class. Wouldn't mind Arthur commentating on a thurs and somebody more professional on the friday game.One person doing both games would soon become repetitive.The two clowns just have to go.
  7. By the way,I see that Workington football club are in danger of relegation.Would this affect redevelopment of the ground? Any update?
  8. Totally agree,gives a more professional and polished image.Perception is everything.Very impressed,would like to see greater involvement from him.I'm sorry but Powers is absolute rubbish and frankly embarrassing.
  9. Encouraging,it's about an event and awareness,as much as making a little money. Should be a terrific game/weekend but I'm sure someone will complain if they see a spare seat.Between 30/40,000 would be a tremendous effort.
  10. Rhinos do an awful lot of community work which often goes unnoticed.
  11. As usual,complain if it's televised,complain if it's not televised.
  12. I read a story about Saracens taking one game a season there for the next five years.
  13. Little story on the BBC Sport site re the Cougars v Bulls game.
  14. Plenty of cricket grounds,tennis courts and golf courses covered with virtually no spectators.
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