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  1. Great initiative,hope it goes well.
  2. cookey

    New Grounds.

    I tend to agree with you.To the outside world,the game would look better if Wigan and Hull had capacities of around 15,000 and Huddersfield,say 10,000 The new Cas ground at around 10,000 would look good but I'm just fed up of all the false promises.Most Premiership RU grounds have a capacity oof around 10/15,000 but are largely full.
  3. cookey

    New Grounds.

    Pleased to hear it but dont like the word 'pictures'! I'd prefer evidence of ground works rather than more architechts images.Such a shame that Castleford cant maximise revenue from their on field performances. Similar at Wakefield,I cringe when I see the state of the ground,again portraying a poor image of rugby league.That temporary stand behind the sticks must have been there for 20 yrs - surely,a similar but permanent structure,would massively increase match day revenue. Clubs cant survive without providing modern,top class facilities for both players and spectators,nevermind the cost of maintaining these run down facilities.
  4. cookey

    New Grounds.

    Delighted with the progress at Headingley and York and to a lesser extent at Sheffield but very disappointed with the silence from Castleford and Wakefield - although frankly I'd rather have silence than yet more false promises.RL has an image problem and it's not helped by these grounds.If the owners are unwilling/unable to provide modern facilities,regrettably,these clubs have no place in Super League.
  5. Seems a good move on your behalf. I actually used to follow London,when they first started up as Fulham - used to really enjoy it.My biggest mistake was selling a little house in Wandsworth,back in the mid 80's - it's now worth a fortune and trust me,its a very ordinary house!
  6. The latest update of the graphics on the Saints and Warrington sites indicate they have sold around half the capacity between them.Hopefully Leeds,Catalan and neutrals can sell the other half.
  7. Good solid figures,with a little success,they could well get sold out signs up. Next season,Perpignan are back in the Top 14 - might affect things I suppose.
  8. cookey

    RL Viewing figures

    I too occassionally view the BARB figures and am generally pleased with RL's viewing figures.Most sports seem to be losing viewers but RL stands up well compared to most. I quite like mens tennis but the figures are poor.Darts has definately been losing viewers,maybe down to the absence of Phil Taylor.Some RU figures are truely disasterous - french league,Super 14 or whatever but they get very good international figures.Golf,outside the majors,gets two men and a dog.Boxing poor,outside the big bouts,cricket,reasonably good. Generally,league does o.k.,seems to have a stable,solid following.With proper analysis,by qualified professionals,league should have little to fear.
  9. Looks like a very good effort from Warrington,hopefully neutrals will help out Catalan. Could be a very good day and a television spectacle.
  10. I once asked a police officer,why it is that thugs smash up bus shelters.He replied that they dont have the intelligence to construct one.Same applies to the Sky commentators,they dont have the ability/intelligence to be constructive,so they just go on about the negatives.After six slow motion action replays from four different angles,it's not difficult to say that a ball has been stolen,unfortunately,the ref gets one look in real time. Skys commentary is truely dire,fortunately,this week I was in Keswick and watched it in a pub,with no sound - much better than the truely useless Hemmings.
  11. Please list below,questions for John to ask of Elstone,when he has his forthcoming exclusive interview! I'll start with, 'Do you have any thoughts on the standard of Super League grounds,specifically Castleford and Wakefield.Why do SL owners keep making false promises about ground redevelopments.What minimal works would need to be carried out at Odsal,before Bradford could be allowed back into SL.'
  12. Just release the tickets,it really isn't difficult.For some stupid reason,the RFL believe that by 'rationing' tickets,they will end up selling more.They wont,people will simply not bother,when the week before the semi,the RFL suddendly release 10,000 they had saved/found/had returned.
  13. Surely I cant be the omly one who is becoming increasingly tired of the numerous and needless penalties,given away by 'professional' players who seem to have little or no self control - and yet the coaches who continuously go on about needing better discipline to win matches,keep picking the players who regularly show no self control. I appreciate that this wont happen but at basketball they have team fouls - put simply,once a set number of fouls have been committed by a team,each following fouls is penalised by a free throw.In rl that could be a sin bin.So,a team gives away x penalties,for each following penalty a sin bin happens.Would soon cut out the numerous needless penalties all teams seem happy to give away.
  14. Park thugs,with absolutely no self control,pretending to be professional athletes.
  15. So what are they then? Inflation just announced as down to 2.4% What would happen under another tax and spend Labour Govt - would debt increase or all,would the deficit increase or fall,would inflation increase or fall,would the yield on 10 yr gilts increase or fall,would unemployment increase or fall. Yes,its very easy to say,spend more money on this that and the other - Labour say this every time and the same thing happens every time,spending increases,inflation increases,interest rates increase,unemployment increases,creates economic crisis,Labour gets defeated,'we've spent all the money,you sort it out. It's just like ones own household,yes it's lovely to have a new kitchen,new car,extra holiday etc but it has to be paid for - if not,ones debts go up,your credit rating goes down,repayments increase and you go bankrupt Its called economics not a rant - the ranting comes from the deluded half dozen who spend their lives on here. Have a nice day!