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  1. More enjoyable/entertaining than last night game.Shows what decent production/commentary/conditions can do,analysts that can speak the english language without stuttering/stumbling.Please Sky,upgrade your production/commentary.
  2. Seems to be some good,solid foundation work going on in both north Wales and the north east - seems to be almost totally Club led,with little imput for the rfl.
  3. hunslet

    Weather looking good,so hope you have an enjoyable afternoon.
  4. It's partly up to Super League clubs and the Super League itself,to send them suitable stories.You should be complaining to whoever is the media manager at SL.Incidentally,I agree with you,I just blame the Clubs/SL,not the BBC.
  5. I see Keith Vaz is claiming 'medical reasons' why he cant be investigated this time - is this time number 8 or no 9? He wont resign,Corbyn wont sack him.
  6. That sounds like sensible,thought out foundations.
  7. Great move,well done Brisbane. Could New Zealand Warriors play Tonga?
  8. Who Trusts Labour?

    MORI - 1 Dec: Lab 39% Con 37% LDem 9% Gr 4% UKIP 4% Poll Tracker,aggregate of westminster voting intentions: Lab 40.6% Con 40.3% LDem 7.3% UKIP 4.5% Green 2.6% Seems you can't even trust Markists posters.
  9. Who Trusts Labour?

    Selective memory still I see,8,860 posts and counting,great life you lead!.
  10. Who Trusts Labour?

    I see Lord Bassam,Labours Chief Whip in the Lords is having to repay £41,000 in expenses he falsely claimed,together with £260,000 for a 'second home' allowance,despite not having a second home. Elsewhere former Deputy Leader Roy Hattersley warns the party is 'facing the biggest crisis in it's history',as far left group Momentum seek to purge moderate M.P's and Councillors.
  11. Major town/city WC final meetups

    Surely London Skolars would be a good bet for London?
  12. magic weekend/summer bash

    Last chance to vote for one of the rugby league options - Cramlington ARLFC are on 10,184 votes,whilst Shevington ARLFC are on 10,726 votes. Ideally one or the4 other needs to get over 12,500 to be in with a chance of the £25,000 grant.Vote for one or the other today,Aviva Community Fund 2017.
  13. York Community Stadium update

    Delighted,if league wants to prosper in modern times,it must offer first class facilities to players and spectators,whether at professional or amateur level.Hope you can organisea couple of opening pre season games,against the likes of Leeds,Cas or the Hull clubs to re plenish the coffers.Opening 2019 in the Championship would be a bonus. Hopefully similar news from Castleford and Sheffield shortly.If Bradford wish to return to their former glories,somebody needs to sort out modern facilities either at Odsal or perhaps more realistically elsewhere.
  14. magic weekend/summer bash

    The vote is now up to 6,693 - one can give up to 10 votes by registering on the Aviva community site and then going to Cramlington Rockets RLFC.