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  1. Labour MP for Peterborough,Fiona Onasanya to face trial at Old Bailey in nov.
  2. cookey

    Player Drain

    What is this fiction of player drain you have scotchy? You do realise that for every one who moves one way,more than one moves the other.Just today McLelland is returning to Leeds. Just because you say something scotchy,doesn't make it true.Indeed,in your case,the opposite mainly applies.
  3. cookey

    Player Drain

    Scotchy just trying to get attention as usual.Why not list the players who moved to RU/NRL and have returned.Or even list the younger players who have developed,since these older players moved.I suspect he's lonely and this is his way of gaining a little attention.
  4. cookey

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    No doubt if they didn't release some tickets at a discount and there were empty seats,the same rl fans who are saying it's wrong to offer discounts,would be saying it waswrong not to offer discounts - basically,the usual fans complaining which ever way the rfl reacted.
  5. cookey


    Could do very well if they stay close to their community.Beverley RU have suffered from bring in a team of overseas players.The sort of town where rl should do well.Lots of other similar town in east/north Yorks that have ru clubs but not rl.
  6. A great success and hopefully will be repeated next year at the same venue.If so,hopefully an early announcement will be forth coming.
  7. Take the matter up with the RFL. The idea behind the scheme,is for League 1/Championship/Super League clubs to sell tickets to their own members/spectators/community - essentially,that's how the RU keep selling out Twickenham.The idea is not to merely put the tickets in a draw,await the finalists,them advertise cheap tickets to the finalists supporters. To incentivise clubs,I would be very happy to give them a cut of tickets sold to their supporters prior to the semi finals,then require all tickets to be returned to the RFL before the semis take place.I want the clubs to take their cut - on decent seats - but not to be lazy by merely selling tickets to the finalists supporters.Surely that cant be too difficult to understand.
  8. Someone,somehow needs to redevelope Odsal - as it stands,it is nowhere near adequate for top class,professional sport. Frankly,I fear it is not financially viable. I would love to see Bradford back in SL but not playing at an embarrassment of a ground,which would further harm the already poor perception/image of rugby league.
  9. Five hours of rugby league on BBC.Broadcasters happy,sponsors happy,great spectacle. Yet again BBC show Sky how to produce and present rl - good lively commentry,intelligent analysis from people who can actually speak the english language - it's not difficult Sky,just get rid of your existing producer,commentator and analysists.
  10. Yes I know,that's why I said 'same applies to other clubs' - precisely,they are not promoting the final,they are being lazy and simply waiting for the finalists to be determined,then offering those clubs cheap tickets,whilst taking a cut themselves.Tickets sold within their local community,prior to the finalists being determined,is promoting the final,offering tickets to Catalan/warrington supporters is not - I think they might already know! - it's merely being lazy.
  11. I think this is a very poor show.Fine for Skolars to be given tickets to sell in London prior to the semi finals,however,merely selling tickets cheaply to fans of the competing clubs who would go anyway is cheap and lazy,doing no one any good other than Skolars who make little or no effort to sell the tickets to a 'new' market.Same applies to other clubs who are given tickets to sell to their own fans,make no effort,then simply put up an advert to the two competing clubs,saying come to us for cheap tickets.If you cant sell them within your own club/community,you should not take the easy way out.
  12. Good to read - many UK clubs need to improve the match day experience,rather than accepting that fans turn up at 3.00pm and leave at 4.30.
  13. I trust it's a great day for all involved but it says something about the RFL when people are cynical about their claims.However,this time lets hope it's true,that it's an occassion for all those who attend and a great spectacle for tv viewers.Two close,exciting,competitive games will do for me.
  14. cookey

    More RFL BS

    Another truely unbelievable thread - Bleep 1673 demonstrates that Freedom of Speech can be over done.If people want to know why RL has a problem with image/perception,it's threads like this.
  15. Irvine does come over as a very bitter individual - it's everyone elses fault but his. Image/perception is clearly a problem but attendances/viewing figures have remained largely unaltered over the past 5 seasons. However,it doesnt help playing at delapidated stadiums,with names like Mend a Hose!!,with an apparent bored commentator(Hemmings) and two northern clowns,without a brain cell between them. BBC' coverage of the Challenge Cup has been excellent ,in terms of commentary,analysis,production,excitement.