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  1. My point is that its deliberate and is spoiling the game,the players,coaches and referees must know it.Particularly on the first tackle,there is little to lose from trying it as essentially the tackle count just restarts 29m up field. The only realistic thing I can think of is a first penalty and warning,then sin bin for second offence.As I say,Powell must have tried it six times last night,so for me,first offence,penalty and warning,second offence yellow,third offence,yellow,hence red.Frankly Powell spoilt my enjoyment of the game and it must surely be known and condoned by Lam. Specific individuals in other teams do it as well.
  2. Yes,specifically,illegal play with two or more in the tackle and hoping to secure a scrum via a 'lost ball'. If you try it on the first tackle,you lose little as the attacking side kick 20 m to touch and the tackle count re starts.As I say,last night,Sam Powell,surely with the agreement of Lam must have tried to steal the ball half a dozen times.I believe he got away with it twice,so Wigan regain the ball,whilst when he was penalised,he lost little,as the tackle count restarted and the defensive line was set. There needs to be a deterant to trying to steal it in the first place.Either a warning and early card or seven tackles from the resultant penalty.
  3. The North and South stands were virtually 100yrs old,then had to be replaced.The cost of maintaining them was enormous. Leeds make more money from hospitality/corporates than anyone else by far.Headingley is booked up nearly every day with weddings,birthdays,dinners,parties etc. As usual,people with no knowledge or information telling others what to do. p.s. they will probably make more money from the Aussie Test Match via the North Stand,than last nights game!
  4. Anyone else getting tired of players continually trying to steal the ball in the tackle.Most teams seem to have one player who wants to spoil the game by constantly attempting to steal the ball. Last night Sam Powell must have done it half a dozen times.I suspect it's a deliberate ploy by the coaches/player,as more often than not it happens on the first tackle.If they get away with it,they win the back the ball.If not and are penalised,they lose little as essentially the tackle count restarts. In my view this needs to be stopped asap as it's ruining the game.If it was down to me,one warning to a player,next offence,yellow card.Ofcourse,then you get the team with the ball,trying to get a specific player sin binned.Alternatively,seven tackles from a penalty,like the 20m restart.One has to stop players believing it's worth while to constantly steal the ball/spoil the game through penalties.
  5. I think the Co op have their own financial problems!
  6. It's going to be a great occassion,even people on here can't argue with that.
  7. Sounds a bit like the English cricket team or Union side then. Where do the England cricket team stay when they tour South Africa. At home.
  8. I'd be very interested to know the details of these tv deals - I wont hold my breath.
  9. It's a lot cheaper and better to build a new house than try to renovate a derelict dwelling. If the directors and supporters/volunteers of Swinton,Oldham and Rochdale could get together,I'm sure they would all gain more pleasure,satisfaction and success from their new house.
  10. If the number of professional and semi professional clubs has to be limited due to financial restraints,as I believe it realistically must be,then I would certainly select Newcastle as one of the clubs to be included. They have good facilities,seem to support the local community clubs,appear to be financially stable and open up the area of Durham,Northumberland,north Yorks and even the Borders - whats not to like?
  11. Would be good if they could get the final go ahead. As I say,good facilities are crucial to attract players,sponsors and spectators - yes I know,on the field matters as well but we cant continue to exist in 1960's facilities.
  12. Brilliant idea,just short of suitable clubs,adequate facilities,quality players and around £10 mill/per season.
  13. He's getting his message over and speaks well.As usual,it's largely down to money - I'm not sure if people on here fully appreciate how much money there is in union these days,even if it is funded by seemingly enormous losses.Danny Care is ofcourse from Leeds,so knows the game well.
  14. I'm sorry but something needs to happen.Anyone care to guess at the value of the combined assetts of Swinton,Oldham and Rochdale? I'd have a wild guess at less than £50,000.A similar guess at the combined supporter base,maybe around 1,000.In five years time,I wouldn't expect either of those figures to have increased.Apart from tradition,I have no idea what one is trying to retain. I appreciate people dont like it on here but there is a limited amount of money available,should any team who claims to be semi professional,playing from a poor,hired facility,in front of a few hundred spectators be entitled to a percentage of it?What progress have any of those clubs made in the past 10 years to improve their position/facilities/crowds? Other than existing and their tradition/history,what do any of the three offer? I applaud the efforts of the various directors and volunteers but surely they could get together and improve the appeal for themselves,sponsors,players and rugby league in general.Some hard decisions need to be made.Could the money be better used elsewhere,I dont know.
  15. Hope the marketing people get to work.
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