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  1. Very enjoyable game. The whole event seemed well organised,with good crowd and atmosphere,fireworks,live music etc. Good write up about the event on the BBC's rugby league pages,although the usual trolls have left their predictable comments.
  2. Very impressed with Toronto,excellent style of rugby. Some good things happening with York,London,Newcastle,Sheffield etc. Could just do with Cas,Wakefield and Bradford sorting out their grounds.
  3. Well done to Newcastle Thunder for putting on an excellent afternoon of rugby.Thunder would be a very positive addition to the Championship.
  4. cookey


    I see that Montpellier RU are playing Perpignan RU today in the Top 14.Defeat for Perpginan probably relegates them.
  5. cookey

    World Club Challenge trophy

    Gather the crowd should be over 20,000,with two of the stands already sold out.
  6. cookey


    Seems to be a lot of positivity around the French ame at present.Hope it continues.
  7. cookey

    Roosters in France

    Well done the Roosters and Trent Robinson.
  8. Should be at or very near to capacity then.A narrow win for Sheffield in a good,competitive game would suit me.
  9. cookey

    World Club Challenge

    I'm staggered they didn't contact you to discuss a convenient time and date.
  10. cookey

    R2 Attendances

    I too was impressed with the Catalan attendance.I believe they have also picked up a couple of high profile French sponsors.Looks like their local ru club are to be releated from the Top 14.
  11. cookey

    Season ticket sales

    But Total rl can't.In the interests of free speech (and clicks) as opposed to promoting rl.
  12. cookey

    World Club Challenge

    Seem to have shifted quite a lot of tickets in both the Springfield and Boston stands over the past week.
  13. Another good read,somebody is doing some good work on the international front.