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  1. Many thanks Audois,the voice of reason.
  2. 'An application made .. ' You are joking. No application was made,it went as far as,'hey,can we get some money from europe to redevelope Odsal.I dont know,maybe'. No analysis was done,no consultants were employed,it would cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds to do it properly,with no guarantee of success.So if making an application consists of throwing out an idea over a drink,yes,you are right,if it actually consists of producing a detailed analysis,cost/benefit study,plans,employing consultants etc,you are not.Any chance you might be a remainer?!
  3. cookey

    Yet more good news.

    More garbage,it must be a full moon.
  4. cookey

    Elstone speaks!

    Please,this is Total RL,people dont have facts,they just make them up to suit their agenda. Elstone seems fine to me,lets see again at the end of the season.As for Rimmer however ....
  5. cookey

    Yet more good news.

    At least there is agreement there is a desperate need for significant change - wonder if Elstone or Sky are listening?
  6. Utter garbage,no surprise there.
  7. cookey

    New Grounds.

    Thanks,very impressive. Yorks CCC must now to carrying enormous debt - yes,I know the Stand was financed (mortgaged) but prior to the works,debt was well over £20 mill (albeit guaranteed). Both match day and non matchday income from hospitality for the Rhinos will be very substantial - it needs to be!
  8. Any realistic chance of beating 47,474 Audois? I've no real knowledge but would have thought 40,000 would be good.
  9. cookey

    Tony Adams to become RFL President

    The good news keeps coming.
  10. Absolutely no chance. The sooner they do something about relocatin to a modern stadium,with proper facilities and the ability to generate revenue off the park the better.If they cant/wont,then simply they should not be allowed back in SLThe ground isan eyesaw/embarrassment for professional sport in the 21 st cent.
  11. Just read an article which says Sky Sports rugby league producer Neville Smith is retiring - doesn't say when! He's the half wit who employed Tez and Baz ! If true Elstone should try and use some influence to get rid of the clowns who presently present the sport.Elstone says he wants a sharper,more professional presentation of the sport,so lets start with getting rid of the shower of semi literates currently employed by Sky Sports. 'Smith to Brown,tackled by Green,the Irish international' !! Thrilling,thanks Eddie. 'No point watching this game,the result is a formality'. That should help viewing figures. 'The Australian team have just come over for a holiday'. Great way to build up the WCC. Detailed analysis from Barry,'forward pass', thanks. Get rid of them all and start afresh.That woman should be first on the list.
  12. cookey

    New Grounds.

    Latest photos of Headingley and York always cheer me up. I dont expect any news from Castleford or Wakefield!
  13. cookey

    Sky pulls out.

    Relocate to 'any other sports'.
  14. cookey

    (West) Yorkshire Cup

    Yes,a good initiative,a pre season is important and these should be more meaningful for both players and spectators than merely a friendly. Who knows who were invited and chose not to compete,although Keighley clearly have their own problems.
  15. cookey

    David Argyle interview

    Can anyone actually imagine Rimmer or the RFL coming out with something so positive. Ofcourse,there is always a section of rl 'fans' who criticise Rimmer for being silent,then criticise Argyle for being positive.Frankly,they just wake up in the morning and criticise the first thing that comes to mind. Good luck to Toronto this season.I was actually pleased London went up last year,as I think Toronto need another season in the Championship but I hope they get promoted this coming season.It would be nice to hear such positive statements from certain other SL and Championship owners,other than the cheque is in the post and the new ground will be available shortly.