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  1. Must surely be worth trying to line up a couple of high profile opening games against the likes of Leeds,Castleford or Hull to try and put a few pennies into the bank? I would have thought 'full' teams might attract 3/4,000 speccies each,which might help create a nice financial buffer or at least pay off any exciting debts.
  2. Very impressed with the quantity and quality of press articles coming out of Canada.
  3. Purely out of interest,how have our new Canadian fans found this site? - has totalrl been advertising over there or have you all just googled rugby league discussion threads.just curious. Pleased it's all going well and look forward to some more competitive games next year and hope some foundations are being laid for the local game over there.
  4. Congratulations,looks very good. For the amateur game to prosper in modern times,I've always thought it necessary to offer good facilities.Gone have the days,when people would be prepared to change in a pub and walk 10 mins to a park ground. Good effort,well done.
  5. Those who understand economic reality. Yes it would be lovely to spend whatever you want,whenever you want,unfortunately,the reality is that you can't spend what you dont have.Your Comrade Corbyn,thinks the oil rich country of Venezuela is an 'inspiration'.Unfortunately,because of economic incompetence,there are riots,poor education,closing hospitals and they've just hit 2,500% inflation. Everybody is in favour of increasing taxes,as long as it's someone elses taxes,everyone is in favour of reducing benefits - inc winter allowance,bus passes,inheritance etc - as long as it's someone elses benefits.Basically,people are selfish.It's their 'right' to have whatever someone else has but it's not their responsibility to pay for it.Simply be electing a Labour Govt,the country would need an extra £50 bill/yr,just to service the increased borrowing costs.10 Yr Gilts are currently around !%(the rate at which the Govt borrows,currently costing the country over £1 bill/week),Gilts would nearly double to approaching 2% if Lab were elected,meaning without doing anything,they would need to find another £50 bill/yr. Yes,it would be lovely if there were more police,more pay for nurses,better roads,free education etc,etc,unfortunately,in the real world,there is no money tree,the money has to be earned to pay for it.You wont like it but 27% of all income tax is already paid by just 1% of the population That is economic reality,that is why noone trusts Labour.
  6. Looke like a solid,competitive,well organised little league>much prefer that,to just one or two clubs dominating and trying to take all the best players in the area.Should be some decent foundations to gradually expand.
  7. I see this site has now been virtually taken over by hard left extremists - just like the Labour Party.You must all be very proud of yourselves.
  8. You really need to remove that enormous bag of chips you carry on your shoulder. p.s. I see Mansfield is due to turn blue for the first time in 100 yrs.
  9. Course you can,just go to that orchard of Money Trees you have planted in your back garden and pick/print as much money as you want.It's really not too difficult,just make totally unsustainable promises,get elected,create economic melt down,say sorry,'we've spent all the money again',then hand it back to someone else and blame them for having to get the finances back under control - it's what Labour has been doing for 100 yrs. That's why none trusts Labour on the economy.
  10. Griff,you really must stop blaming the Fire Brigade for failing to put out the fire started by the arsonist. The defeceit is down from a totally unsustainable 13% inherited by the Tories to now just under 3% but yes,that does mean that the actual debt continues to rise.Thats why we are currently paying over £1 bill / week merely to service the Labour debt. Debt is fine,it's the level of debt that is not sustainable and Corbyn wishes to add a further £650 bill to the existing $1.6 trill.never mind what would happen to 10 yr gilts if Labour were elected - gilts(interest rates) would shoot up,meaning yet more money would need to be set aside to service the debt.Thats why noone trusts the tax and spend economics of Labour.
  11. Yep,that's a fairly accurate summary bowes. To be honest,dont worry John,Labour are actually slightly odds on in Brad S.
  12. Anyone notice Hemmings 'promotion' of the summer bash last night - 'I gather there's going to be thunder storms all weekend in Blackpool'.As with most of what he says,that's total rubbish but wont help people thinking of going at the last minute. Overall,I think it's marginally better than last year,simply because Stevo has gone but Hemmings is still the weak link,together with the two illiterate clowns.
  13. As an alternative to the national polls,you can also view the betting odds on the GE,including the individual odds on each constituency.The latest odds make interesting reading. Con seats 385 Lab seats 176 L Dem seats 13 Overall Tory majority,100. Have to admit that the source is a little biased,it comes from the Mirror Online.This compares with a predicted Tory majority of 112 when the GE was called.Bradford South is even money!
  14. Would it be sensible for them to arrange a couple of end of season,competitive friendlies,against strong Championship sides,say London or Hull KR? Just to give the locals a flavour of more competitive games. Dont know how the finances would work out but both London and HKR are fairly progressive,so the figures might work out - or even a little 3 Club competition?