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  1. Shadow45

    Bradford Sunday

    Are you still a tad upset about the YCK taking your championship away from you last season? You pretty much mention it at every opportunity you get, just let it go
  2. Shadow45


    Early days yet
  3. Shadow45

    Barrow home.

    Not sure if you're been a sarcastic Bull or not? Whatever the result next week the Bulls are winners by getting other teams supporters to pay £25 admission. Should be another cracking game
  4. Shadow45

    Barrow home.

    A certain Mr J Kear has just taken his seat in the stand
  5. Shadow45

    Squad for today

    Gone for a bit more size in the pack. Home's got good hands so should go well at loose forward
  6. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    New signing to be announced at 17:00
  7. Shadow45

    Toronto 17?

    I'm guessing and it's just a guess, it'll be the 17 Ford see's fit to pick.
  8. I was exactly the same when I was suffering with depression. Got to the point where I had two choices. I decided I wanted to live, so I went to the doctors, started on medication and two years latter and I'm doing OK. Don't bottle things up and make that doctors appointment. All the best
  9. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    New signing to be announced at 18:00
  10. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    Thought Tickle was a second rower? That's an area were we are well covered.
  11. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    "New" signing to be announced tomorrow morning at 06:00
  12. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    Need at least 2 experienced props, 1 experienced hooker, 1 centre and 1 winger
  13. Shadow45

    England v France @ BC

    York City are playing away at Blyth Spartans in the FA Cup next Saturday (20/10)
  14. Shadow45

    Shopping List

    1 x winger 1 x centre (possibly 2) 1 x half back 1 x prop (experienced) 1 x hooker (experienced) 1 x second row Plus others depending on who stays and who goes
  15. Shadow45

    Hemel Away

    Bulls 10-22 up now