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  1. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    New signing to be announced at 18:00
  2. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    Thought Tickle was a second rower? That's an area were we are well covered.
  3. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    "New" signing to be announced tomorrow morning at 06:00
  4. Shadow45

    2019 squad

    Need at least 2 experienced props, 1 experienced hooker, 1 centre and 1 winger
  5. Shadow45

    England v France @ BC

    York City are playing away at Blyth Spartans in the FA Cup next Saturday (20/10)
  6. Shadow45

    Shopping List

    1 x winger 1 x centre (possibly 2) 1 x half back 1 x prop (experienced) 1 x hooker (experienced) 1 x second row Plus others depending on who stays and who goes
  7. Shadow45

    Hemel Away

    Bulls 10-22 up now
  8. Shadow45

    Hemel Away

    Oldham 10-0 up
  9. Shadow45

    Hemel Away

    Oldham 6-0 up
  10. Shadow45

    Hemel Away

    Just going by a post on Proper Sports Facebook page
  11. Shadow45

    Hemel Away

    Oldham v Bradford Bulls is a delayed kick off at 3:30
  12. Shadow45

    Oldham at home

    Ben Cockayne seemed to injure his shoulder early in the first half and was peripheral at best for the rest of the game. Oldham had a game plan that nearly worked, however another massive defensive effort saw us over the line. One down, two to go
  13. Shadow45

    Workington away.

    Surely there's a local river you can go fishing in
  14. Shadow45

    Workington away.

    Gonna need better bait than that if you're looking for bites 😉
  15. Shadow45

    2019 Proposal

    If the proposal is voted through, then it gives us extra time to sign new players for the Championship and offer deals to the players we want to keep