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  1. Oh I don't know, John. I'd have thought these signings are just what the doctor ordered
  2. Very good
  3. I know that, but if the Community team were to go into schools and give actual paper tickets away, put up the game poster advertising the match, then hopefully those kids will ask their parent(s) to take them along?
  4. Hopefully they'll be going around all the local and not so local schools giving away free tickets to the kids.
  5. Anyone know if the big prop signed on loan from Rochdale will be fit for the Toronto game?
  6. Decent weather forecast for this Sunday, so hopefully a good crowd. If we do the basics right, treat them with respect and stick to Fords game plan then we should be to good for Hemel.
  7. Looks like it may well go down to points difference. Hopefully we can put a decent score on next week.
  8. None. We need a couple of big props, I know we have a loan prop out injured. But both Barrow and Whitehaven have the type of props we need to push on to the next level.
  9. Sadly not
  10. That slope is a big advantage to the side playing down it, none so more than the time we came back from 31-12 down to win 31-44?, Adam Sullivan had the game of his life that day.
  11. Were we playing down the slope in the first half?
  12. Do we know if any of our players have had issues in gaining a visa and will therefor miss the game?
  13. Hopefully the injured prop we signed from Rochdale will bring the forward grunt we need. If we had their number 10 then we'd have won. Just lacked composure at crucial times, but never the less it was a good performance from the Knights against a decent Whitehaven side
  14. It's gonna be scorchio this afternoon, so the game plan must be to move their bigger pack around and try and tire them out, need to have a good kicking game. Should be a cracker of a game
  15. Lean back?