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  1. It would seem that the YCK might be playing at Bootham Crescent as the grounds man has posted a picture of the pitch been "shockwaved" in preparation for the rugby.
  2. Any further news on the Super League player who's allegedly signed on?
  3. Surely you've red that the bar was a "gold mine", thus contributing to the above valuation? #receiptsinabox
  4. No, I'm led to believe that a Mr Bone purchased at least one genuine York City Knights share
  5. Think the players would have enjoyed that #showmethemoney
  6. And then there was 12. Russ Spiers "lost" his passport.
  7. Absolutely loads of parking around the streets next to the ground
  8. Crowd of 702 at today's match and the Knights were as poor as the Hawks were good. Emmett sent off for good measure
  9. Grindr?
  10. If you're gonna troll then at least try and keep your story straight.
  11. More importantly, will you just been plain "Blackpool", Gaz, if the vote is to remove Hawks #Hawksexit
  12. You're tripping yourself up, fella. One post you state you asked and another you say you were told as too why a Knights stalwart is/was banned. Then you try and troll one of his sons!
  13. Would seem someone is reaping what they sowed
  14. Thought it was arranged for this Saturday at Bootham Crescent?
  15. Pretty sure he's banned one of the Knights biggest supporters!!