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  1. First game of the season for me, so a few observations. York played extremely well considering the best efforts of the officials to spoil their game plan.and didn't deserve to concede 50 points. York seem lightweight in the pack which tired them out and allowed Barrow to gain the upper hand. Need some experience in at 6 and/or 7 as there was a lack of game control at crucial times. Still it was an excellent effort from 1 - 17 undone by the match officials.
  2. We all knew this season would be on of transition. Always playing catch up on the recruitment due to the off field issues.
  3. Due to the well documented off season issues which delayed the Knights recruitment, this season will be one of rebuilding and hopefully getting a few of the better players on our books signed on for next season. The recruitment for next season will be interesting as it'll let us know the intentions of our new owners
  4. Don't get me wrong, I was ploughing on through life seemingly without a care to the outside world, my work didn't suffer and neither did my personal life and that made it all the more difficult to admit to myself I had an issue. I walked around with a smile on my face but inside I was in turmoil. It was getting to the low of realising suicide was getting to be a real option that made me drop my mask and talk first to my wife and then to the doctor, which was one of my best decisions I've ever made. I was signed off work for quite a while and upon my return, if people asked why I was off, then I was honest and explained the reasons. Most people were shocked to think I'd suffered a bout of depression and didn't have a clue how I was feeling as i kept it so well hid. Hope they explains a bit better?
  5. I fully agree. I was brought up to believe a man was a man, not to show or share emotions as this was viewed as a weakness, just as my father was by his father. It's the braking of that wheel that needs to happen.
  6. The biggest issue I found was admitting I had problem, once I did I felt a massive weight had been lifted off of me. Now I find it therapeutic to talk openly about my depression, if people ask then I tell them about how low you can plumb to to contemplate suicide. Thanks for your concerns
  7. I'm going through my first diagnosed bout of depression. I'm 51, married with four grown up children. I knew I had 'issues" but tried to plough on with a smile in my face. I got to a point where I thought suicide was the only way out for me, fortunately they're was still part of me that was rationale. To cut a long story short, I did what everyone says to do, I admitted to myself and then others that I had a problem. I'm on medication and are working through my problems. I can fully understand why people sadly believe suicide is the only way out
  8. Lovely Island is Crete, been on holiday there several times
  9. Nope, you'll be fine down the majority of the little side streets next to the ground.
  10. Plenty of on street parking next to the ground, Newborough Street is but a minutes walk to Bootham Crescent.
  11. You mean that one post?
  12. Monthly updates on The Community Stadium and what pressure the club is putting on the Council to adhere to the revised schedule
  13. More good news :-)
  14. Are you back "working" for the Knights, Gavin?
  15. It would seem that the YCK might be playing at Bootham Crescent as the grounds man has posted a picture of the pitch been "shockwaved" in preparation for the rugby.