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  1. Dual reg

    Since it's conception dual registration has caused division between supporters and clubs alike. Love it or loath it dual registration will be used by ourselves and other clubs within our league this coming season. We simply can not afford the quality of players that Hull K R can provide us with and it would be foolish in the extreme not to take these players if they integrate and buy into the YCK culture that Ford is fostering at our club. No one on here will be complaining if a dual registration player from Hull K R scores the winning try that gets us promoted from this league.
  2. Tonight's game

    24-6 to YCK at HT
  3. Xmas films

    Just watching Bill Murray in "Scrooged", watched it every year since its release in 1988
  4. New signings

    Looks like these two are on a season long "loan"
  5. Mortality

    What was the catalyst for your reconciliation? I was never really close to my dad, I was the middle child with an elder brother and younger sister,who I no longer have any contact with either. When my mother literally dropped dead I held out the olive branch to my family, my mother wanted me to be a pall barer and help carry the coffin, which I did. But at the funeral I wasn't allowed to sit with the family and I was asked to sit with the family friends. After the funeral I was told there was to be no wake but later found out that all the family went round to my brothers. My father asked if I wanted to go with them when they went to spread her ashes, which I said I would like to attend, again I found out that they'd done that without me. So as you can see I'm quite reluctant to contact my father, who is in his late 70's and as I don't want to be rejected again. Sorry for the long reply but as my counsellor says, it's good to talk about it
  6. Mortality

    May I ask how it is with your father? Is there any "awkwardness"? My parents disowned me 18 years ago and we haven't spoke since as they didn't approve of my marriage to my wife and wanted me to choose between them and her. My mother passed away suddenly 8 years ago without me really getting to say goodbye and that really messed my head up. I was closer to her than my dad.
  7. My starting 17

    Well we've certainly got ourselves a very good pack of forwards that will hopefully dominate other teams forwards. Are we now going to rely on Hull KR for our number 6 and backs or possibly sign one or two more? Interesting times ahead and like many others have said, we are in a much, much better position than last season
  8. Squadbuilder help Knights get Horne-y!

    Also still short in the centres as well
  9. New Signing.

    A very, very long lie in, in fact pretty much all day
  10. Bradford ?

    Difficult to assess where we will finish as we haven't finished our close season recruitment. Still light in several areas of the squad
  11. 2018 Squad

    Working harder rather than smarter?
  12. 2018 Squad

    It's a gamble that will hopefully come up trumps for you . You'll try and make some extra money on pints, pies and merchandise
  13. 2018 Squad

    £60 only applies if they sell less than 500 adult/concession season tickets. If they sell between 500 - 749 season tickets, then the price is £50 If they sell between 749 - 999 season tickets, then the price is £40 If they sell more than 1000 season tickets, then the price is £30 They are also giving away the first 250 child season tickets for free, although that number may rise depending on demand. That's some offer, but one that may cause them issues unless Hull/A benefactor are putting money into the club.
  14. 2018 Squad

    Shame as I thought the Knights would have been in for him. Maybe the Brough rumours are true?
  15. The musical kitchen

    Would you like some of The Jam to go with your Bread?