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  1. Except London's 'history' proves exactly what TPH has said in his post. PS your comment that TPH is a RU fan is the funniest thing I've read on here for a long, long time ..............
  2. Although I've seen no updates on Ulugia's injury, going on Jon Sharp's comments after the Halifax game I wouldn't be surprised if his career is over. I do think we (still) need an hairy arrissed prop to give us some real grunt up front and I wouldn't be disappointed if Garry Lo arrived.
  3. The results of their last 2 games would suggest otherwise....
  4. It's also quite possible that Sheffield simply can't afford to hire it......
  5. So how many props do we need Steve? Ignoring Baldwinson and Ormonroyd we have 6 in the current squad; almost 25% of the (non DR included) total.
  6. Except it's been Sharp who has (for some reason) been reluctant to pick Briggs. Now he's gone.........
  7. Interesting comment about the squad. Apart from the obvious, how many of today's squad would get into the 2010 GF team? Or even those of 2011 or 12?
  8. Some pretty unbelievable comments both on here and coming out of the Club. I remember the last time the coach 'wasn't good enough' and the 'grass was greener'. That turned out well.......
  9. As I, and others, have already posted elsewhere it's fake - the same account was claiming the same thing about Bradford last week
  10. Is that the same investment group the same 'account' claimed were taking over Bradford last week? Fake
  11. It's rubbish. The same 'account' was posting the same carp about a takeover of Bradford last week. Someone's got too much time to waste.
  12. 120 years of history shows that our game is nowhere near as popular as many on here believe it to be. The fact that they (and I) think that it is TGG doesn't make it so......
  13. Sad news. One of my all time favourite Rovers players. Always had time for a word and as Steve says, hard as nails on the pitch but a gentleman off it. Condolences to all of his family.
  14. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that that's how it's going to be this year but can't find anything to confirm it.
  15. Not sure that game will decide 3rd. Even if 'fax win they will still have to beat HKR the following week and rely on Toulouse beating Fev.