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  1. Even if he hadn't played in either that game, or today, a clause in the loan deal that he couldn't play in cup matches (for Dewsbury) would have been all that was needed..........
  2. As long as Bradford keep chasing half backs rather than the forwards with a bit of grunt that they actually need, they will struggle to escape from the relegation slots..........
  3. Sorry but imo 2-3 games is lenient for a (deliberate) trip. I was amazed that he only got a yellow on the day and the London player was lucky to have been able to get straight up and play on with no apparent effect. As for post match video review ruining the game, well that's just ridiculous. Refs and touch judges don't, and can't, see everything.
  4. If the receiver is in front of the passer when the ball is released then he's offside and hence a penalty. Seen a fair few given over the years. Aussie refs always seemed more at ease to penalise such an act than English ones..
  5. I reckon you've probably got one of those predictions right..........
  6. TBH I thought he was lucky not to get sent off at the time. Haven't seen it since the actual day, but to me it didn't look like an 'instinctive' reaction live.
  7. Yep... and the review panel have charged him for it: Grade D, 3-5 matches. I did note though, that Mr Hock has been charged with foul and abusive language towards a match official language but only at Grade B....obviously slightly less colourful language
  8. Moore got SoS for the physical stuff but has been charged with foul and abusive language against a match official: Grade C, 2-3 games. Briscoe up for Grade E (4-8 games) Sykes up for Grade A (0-1 game) for his disputing a disallowed try Potts Grade B (1-2 games) for his shoulder charge on Ulugia
  9. They can spend what they like but it doesn't guarantee it will happen. Until they 'let' all the units and raise the £135million needed for the build it's still just a plan on paper. As a Cas supporter friend of mine reminded me the other week they have been moving into a new ground for nigh on 40 years now! Don't forget the planned stadium just over the road from the current site was a definite goer not that long ago........
  10. The Ground is owned by the Co-Op The Lease is owned by Keighley RLFC The RFL agreed to be guarantors when the lease renewal was negotiated. No money has, or does, change hands between the Keighley club and The RFL, unlike in the other 'deal'......
  11. The only problem with much of the above is that it is Keighley who own the lease to CP, not The RFL.
  12. And just where is the £20million+ needed for that going to come from?
  13. Presumably he (Delaney) has got an 'EU' passport then?
  14. The 'third party' being The RFL.......
  15. So the slope did have an effect, albeit not the one that might have been expected.........!!!! Having said that, I reckon most of the game was played in the 'bottom' half of the pitch.