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  1. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    ...and these 75-90 players are going to come from?
  2. Odd that, but I always thought we played very shallow under most of the Powell era. Teams that moved up quick always seemed to stifle us then...... The advantage we had was that we could attack on either flank and we were considerably fitter than other teams, something that is now no longer the case.
  3. A polite request: Trolls

    There used to be someone on the Fev board who regularly had whole threads to themselves...... I've a hunch he might still post on here.
  4. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    That's been the case for the last 21 years. Remind me again of what progress the majority of clubs have made towards being non reliant on the Sky money over that time.
  5. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    And you believe that Sky won't use that tactic (again) when the next negotiation comes around? I doubt there are many clubs willing to call their bluff if they do.
  6. Mark Campbell’s suggestion for Nigel Woods old job

    According to Carter in the link I've posted above Lenegan is investigating some of the legal aspects of the TV deal. Make of that what you will.
  7. Mark Campbell’s suggestion for Nigel Woods old job

    ....and it won't be pretty https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/super-league-clubs-keen-to-have-greater-say-in-key-decisions-1-8953441
  8. Mark Campbell’s suggestion for Nigel Woods old job

    Have you misread Robin? That's most boring, and least exciting.
  9. Mark Campbell’s suggestion for Nigel Woods old job

    Just because you (and me) believe RL to be TGG doesn't mean that the wider public think the same. A recent Yougov poll shows this quite clearly with RL regarded as being more boring to watch than RU, football, gymnastics, athletics and tennis. It lies behind those sports too for being exciting to watch.
  10. Doncaster Season Tickets

    Good theory but it's the same level of up front income as last year: they've sold 3 times the number at 1/3rd of the price. They need to sell quite a few at full price and/or attract an awful lot of additional pay on the day spectators to break even with last year.
  11. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    Unfortunately not, he must have been before my time..........
  12. Darrell Griffin

    Just for clarity that's 21st November 2019...
  13. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    I saw the Other brothers A.N. and B.N. turn out together a few times in the 70s - I even remember at least one game where one of the other Other brothers played for the opposition.
  14. Darrell Griffin

    It could still cost the Club a significant amount IF it goes (or merely the threat that it will go) to an Employment Tribunal. As I've said I suspect it will be settled ooc as these things usually are.
  15. Darrell Griffin

    Industrial Tribunals are not criminal courts and 'proof' is based on balance of probability rather than certainty. There will be lots of other relevant information in all of this that none of us are remotely privvy to. I suspect all this will be sorted ooc to save lawyers' fees.