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2013 World Cup

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#21 Southern Tiger

Southern Tiger
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Posted 13 July 2010 - 05:56 PM

QUOTE (Dave T @ Jul 13 2010, 10:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
We need to stop comparing to other sports or tournaments. We need to see what they do and learn from them, and realise some of the benefits that they do, but it won't necessarily happen on the same scale, and that is fine.

Our challenge needs to be to get more people interested. To get people who don't normally watch the game, watching, whether that is through increased viewing figures, or whether that is through more bums on seats.

We shouldn't be looking at the coverage a football or RU World Cup gets and beat ourselves up about the fact that we don't get that. Those sports invest heavily in their international game and have fans who are prepared to support it in the main, and they deserve a hell of a lot more coverage for their internationals than us.

Our aim needs to be to get the highest profile possible for our sport, compared to our previous best, not benchmarking ourselves against other sports WC's. Our last WC was low-profile and came across as a dour affair. We can do a lot to change that this time. It is in our hands, and whilst we may not be watched by 10m in our big games, we can do much better than we ever have before, and that needs to be our aim.

I agree with all that but lets be constructive and positive about what we can achieve realistically. A perceived newness can be reconstructed as a positive but we have to believe it ourselves to get the message across. I like all the web ideas, its something we can all do our bit with and the new Wales RL site is excellent too. I'm not trying to compare our sport with others but as you say find the bits of marketing which make people take their home nation to their heart and get behind them with a realistic expectation of what might constitute a successfull tournament.
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#22 no13benny

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Posted 14 July 2010 - 08:44 AM

^I think the biggest bit of marketing that helps is general 'awareness'

If it's in the public's minds and gathers momentum, suddenly every major company and beer seller etc will jump on board because they want the public's backing too, to sell stuff.

Super League, Championship, the play-offs, Challenge Cup, and World Cup.

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