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Best Player To Never Produce For Eng/GB

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Regarding Newlove - I'll take the stats on the Official site rather than anything else...amd my memory of him is a player that simply never, ever replicated his club form on the international stage.

Sculthorpe. Meh, maybe that was one too far.

The problem is we had so many players good at club level who didnt perform at international level because they knew it didnt matter how poor they were, they would never be dropped

Too far? It was utterly barking mad.

The issue was not that they played for St Helens (do not play the oppressed martyr with not being clear), but that Australia were a better team and so it was not as easy to replicate the dominant play of club level.

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I'll get shot down in flames for this, but I never thought Denis Betts lived up to his Wigan form when in a GB shirt. When in the Cherry and White he was a dynamic, line-breaking, try-scoring dynamo, but in a GB jersey I often thought he was ineffective and powder-puff.

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Paul Newlove was a superb centre both at club and international level. The try he scored in the opening test of the 1990 tour is an example of his power. The tries he scored against NZ the year before were examples of his pace. He made Owen Simpson look like Offiah, after he left Fev Owen was never the same player. I believe he did the same for Anthony Sullivan at Saints. In the 1992 Melbourne test he had a brilliant game at the highest level. Put it this way, I wish he was available for both Fev and England today.

“Few thought him even a starter.There were many who thought themselves smarter. But he ended PM, CH and OM. An Earl and a Knight of the Garter.”

Clement Attlee.

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After several decades since winning a series against Australia I would suggest plenty of players.

There have been plenty of players that have been legends in the English game and from what the Aussies have seen of them they rate them as Park players.

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