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Leeds Rhinos are going green!

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10 minutes ago, Rhinoferg said:




Are your eyes ok?

31 minutes ago, Rhinoferg said:

Look familiar?


Old shirt is: Thick light blue, thin yellow, thin dark blue,

New Shirt is: Thick Dark Blue, Thin Yellow, Thin light blue

Similar but not the same.

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4 minutes ago, Rhinoferg said:

tbh they all look a like these days!

Well, there is an argument that they change far more often than they did  back int'day.

How long did the leeds kit look like this...


Isn't the whole point of a Teams strip that it doesn't change that much? IMO Leeds ###### about too much with the design too often.


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It seems common these last few years for clubs to replicate shirts from the recent past  - namely successful or memorable seasons.   Warrington have done it recently and I'm sure a few others have too.   I think Leeds just want fans to feel like they're back in the Buderus era.

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