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Garry Schofield’s top six for 2020

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Garry Schofield’s top six for 2020

The start of the new Super League season is less than six weeks away, and I’ve already predicted how the bottom half of the table will look in September.

Here’s how I see the top half...


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1 hour ago, Rhinoferg said:

Schoey was my idol growing up but I think he is wrong, Leeds will finish 3rd not 5th, Wigan and St Helens remain the teams to beat....

Not wrong about Saints or Wigan but think Leeds will do well to finish in the play offs. Hull FC look to have the best squad on the East of the Pennines and we will get a very early idea of theirs and Leeds possibilities. Without the continual doubts about Mr Radford and his crew I would have Hull very near the top, regular season at least. Perhaps Purtill will help in that regard.

Leeds play off hopes rest more on other teams slipping than anything else. Although they scrambled to safety earlier than the last weekend they were still far from convincing and not sure they have improved half a tables worth.

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Schofield has blown it yet again,,yes of course St. Helens and Wigan...Hull looks stronger this year than last...Warrington will also be in there....then Toronto.  Leeds is out of the top 5 (probably).

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