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Widnes game


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Widnes well deserved to win today as every time they went wide they looked like scoring. The forwards more than held their own which for me was the biggest plus of the day. The referee gave us nothing all day and we were on the harsh end of a lot of decisions. Widnes will finish mid table this season and Whitehaven away is our first winnable game.

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Widnes deserved to win and were the better side, but the sin binning was harsh, then langers was moved from the ball whilst trying to score twice in the first half. Also the ref missed a blatant shoulder charge.

Good signs 

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Well from afar it wasn't the hammering I expected, Widnes fans and journos very complimentary about Oldham today on Twitter. Massively heartened to see the positivity from our posters on the forum and other social media, it was a game where I expected one of the big guns of the comp to win but I also wanted us to fight hard and give 100%. Seems like the lads did that and a very good attendance too. Positive signs all round.

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I really enjoyed the game yesterday and the lads played well against a team who will be near the top at the end of the season. They never gave up and hopefully can go on from here. Why oh why though do we never take the two when we have the chance? Instead they played the ball, Owen got in a scuffle and sinbinned for 10 when The score could hv been 4-2 with ball back. I never understand the reason they don’t take the easy points but play the ball instead and it comes to nothing.  Langers had two chances of scoring and held back by his top by Widnes, in the WvW game in Thursday that was awarded a penalty try!  Different rules for different leagues??


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Disappointing result but on the day Widnes looked superb. In terms of physicality we could match them but their ball movement and angles were something we haven't faced for a long time and they cut us apart out wide. Smith and Craven's kicking in the second half was brilliant and the halves passing combined with Tomkins at hooker was slick.

Beckett was fantastic playing big minutes and having a big impact. Fletcher was also impressive again with ball in hand even if he missed a few tackles. I thought out wide we looked very small and were outclassed. Abram did nothing wrong but had no space to do anything. Kay again played ok but butchered our best chance in the first half hesitating instead of going for the line after Charnock's break. Both centres really struggled in defence and that whole left side was very poor with Hewitt, Johnson and Aaronson all being very ineffective.

Bridge getting injured didn't help that side but both himself and Langtree just couldn't get into the game such was Widnes's quality. If Leeming is out for a significant amount of time we are desperate for a centre as Johnson just isn't up to that position in this league. We looked a lot better with Wilkinson on the pitch again and he has to be close to forcing his way into the starting position instead of Owen. Charnock went ok and had that one great break but his kicking wasn't the best kicking it dead twice and Hewitt really struggled both in defence and attack.

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Abram-9 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. 10 carries=62m

Kay-4 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. 12 carries=95m

Worthington-11 tackles. 8 misses. one offload. 8 carries=50m

Johnson-14 tackles. 4 misses.8 carries=28m

Aaronson-0 tackles. 2 misses.10 carries=68m

Charnock-17 tackles. 2 misses. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. 3 carries=28m

Hewitt-8 tackles. 4 misses. one tackle bust. 4 carries=10m

Joy-29 tackles. 12 carries=95m

Owen-34 tackles. 3 misses. 2 carries=7m

Spencer-28 tackles. 2 misses. 7 carries=41m

Langtree-33 tackles. 5 misses. one offload. 4 tackle busts. 7 carries=69m

Bridge-17 tackles. 2 tackle busts. 7 carries=48m

Bent-47 tackles. 2 misses.10 carries=45m


Wilkinson-17 tackles. one miss.one try assist. 4 carries=38m

Fletcher-26 tackles. 7 misses. 2 tackle busts. 12 carries=94m

Beckett-30 tackles. one miss. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. 10 carries=72m

Igbinedeon- 9 tackles. 4 misses. one tackle bust. 7 carries=41m

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See that we've just signed Titus Gwace on loan.

That looks like a good piece of business as, at times, he looked good last year.

My worry is the backs. On Sunday they looked very weak for the higher level. My instincts are backed up by the game stats.

Last year I was screaming for the ball to be thrown out to the backs, on Sunday I was screaming for it to be kept in the forwards where we were competitive. Our best two backs from last year (McComb and Hawkyard) have both gone and the replacements haven't shown much as yet.


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