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Match Thread: Championship Round 2, Swinton v Featherstone Rovers Sunday-18th-April-2021


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11 hours ago, marklaspalmas said:

Coach announced on the podcast that 21st man would be John Davies. Not named earlier due to some covid protocol.

yes, these are becoming a useful source of info, Webbo has been very open.. He added that Fergie returned to training last night but broke down again with a hamstring injury and it sounds like he'll be out for a while. Harrison has a minor foot injury that meant he was unable to train on Thursday night, he hopes to be back next week. As Mark says he also talked through the reasons why Davies and also Minns had been missing (mainly Covid protocols).

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45 minutes ago, POR said:

AYE and craig not on goalkicking duties

Yes, it's interesting that he didn't name Chisholm as the kicker, that's still a possibility obviously but it also leaves open the possibility that Nu Brown might be our kicker this week (maybe Chisholm won't even start this week after being subbed last week?). Webbo rightly kept his cards to his chest about who it would actually be though as one advantage of having three potential starters at half back and three potential hookers is that the opposition can't be sure who to prepare for.

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Watched the Batley v Oldham game this afternoon. Oldham (who had  a couple of Covid-related absentees) were badly outgunned and looked to lack strength, size and speed, as they had against us in pre-season, yet they beat Swinton in their previous game. Just shows that collateral form means little in this division, you just don't know what you're going to be facing from week to week especially from the so-called lesser teams.

Batley on the other hand looked very solid, most of us had that impression from their games against us so it's good to have that view reinforced.

A reminder for anyone wanting to watch tomorrow's game that it's not free for season ticket holders (only home games are) and the price doubles if you wait until tomorrow to buy it.



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10 minutes ago, Cardypaul said:

No Chisholm or Hardcastle today! Clearly ringing the changes although Davies is on the bench.

I think it was a clear choice between JD and field to replace james on the bench glad to see halton on the bench another strong running forward who can hopefully do long minutes when he comes on akin to james in previous games

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39 minutes ago, MADREDNIGE said:

Why? We've never had any trouble. 

Came on and then went off, couldn't get it back. I will watch the video and then vote for my man of the match. Might be my computer. All our channels working though.

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