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Your best three Christmas songs

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On 06/12/2022 at 00:04, Josef K said:

I apologise if this has already been done. Just ignore if so. 
what are your favourite christmas songs

mine are 

1. Two Fingers of Firewater : Douglas Fir.
2. Darren Hayman : Christmas Wars. 
3. HMHB : Cliched To Be Cynical. 
4. St Etienne : I Was Born On Christmas Day

If i knew how to use YouTube id put the Darren Hayman tune on here but i don’t. 
I don’t think Two Fingers Of Firewater released Douglas Fir, but it is a beautiful song even though it’s quite depressing. So i have been told by friends & Da Family. 

Step into Xmas I like by Elton John 

I have a passionate loathing for that's Pogues one 



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On 14/12/2022 at 10:49, Futtocks said:

Which begs the question - which tune? Gustav Holst or Harold Darke?

From a practical, performance point of view, Futtocks, I suppose the answer is that they have different functions.  The Holst tune makes it a hymn suitable for congregational singing (though the irregular word rhythm will always catch a few out!)  The Darke setting is for choirs to sing.

At my church - All Saints, Whiteparish - it has become a tradition that we sing the Darke setting on Christmas Day morning.

To answer your question, though I like the Holst tune, the Darke choral version is something else.  It is the all-time, Christmas favourite of the vicar's husband, who is one of my fellow tenors.

We also have got into the habit of singing verses from This is the truth sent from above at the 'midnight' (actually KO at 11.15am) mass on Christmas Eve.  Occasionally, we use an attractive tune collected in Shropshire, but usually it is the Vaughan Williams arrangement of a Herefordshire folk tune.

I believe the oldest known printed version of this carol had something like seventeen verses; we sing, I think, six, maybe seven, which is more than most choirs.  Until a few years ago, you often heard only about four verses sung and this led to an unintended (I presume!) bit of misogyny: in this abbreviated form, one verse ended "..woman was made with man to dwell." and the next began, "Thus we were heirs to endless woes.."!  My aged copy of The oxford Book of Carols has it like that.  


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On 12/12/2022 at 21:42, GUBRATS said:

Some great songs from the glam rock era , loved them all , just so much fun , they didn't pretend to be anything else although some of the bands were genuine rockers really , definitely ###### that the biggest exponent of the genre turned out to be a peadophile 

In answer to the OP , the pogues for me followed by the 2 big classics by Slade and Roy Wood , " ok you lot , Take it " 😁


Songs like "Do you wanna touch me", "I love, you love, me love" and "I'm the leader of the gang" have a whole new meaning now!!

Not to mention Rolf Harris' "Two little boys"!

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