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Clubs Printing Programmes in 2023

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On 10/03/2023 at 15:23, neutralfan said:

digital programmes are all well and good if you can afford a computer and printer!

From a practical point of view (and match programmes are practical items), digital programmes are useless. Impossible to read, at the game, on a tiny phone screen - especially in brilliant spring and summer sunshine. Clubs issuing digital programmes might as well not bother.

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The digital programme, free, Oulton produced for their 11/3 NCL game with Featherstone Lions:


Link to Crosfields' digital programme, for their NCL fixture, on the same afternoon, against IRB:


In the past Beverley, also of the NCL, have issued a very good printed programme. Not for 2023. Explanation is unviable printing costs and the open nature of their ground ensuring too few buy one.

Some amateur rugby league attendees will do anything to avoid contributing a few quid. I recall a visit, last season, to York Acorn. A Thornhill supporter refused to buy a programme (included with entry) because he wasn't from York. Apparently, the conditions of entry applied only to locals. Yet, when clubs fold, through lack of support or financial difficulties, that type is always the first to ask: "What happened there?" Ticks me off.

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Apparently the Leeds programme has sold out well before kick off at two of the first three home games.

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To collate what I think we know, as of 3/4 (any help filling the blanks and/or corrections appreciated):

Super League

Printed programme: Catalans (supporter-produced, unofficial eight-pager), Leeds (£3), Leigh (£5 season-opener then £3.50), Warrington (£3, £59.99 season subscription - each through Ignition Sports Media's website), Wigan (£4).

Printed monthly magazine: Castleford (£2), Wakefield (£3).

Digital programme: St Helens (free, via website), Warrington (free), Wigan (£3).

Printed teamsheet: Salford (price n/k).

Nothing: Catalans (official), Huddersfield, Hull, Hull KR.


Printed programme: Barrow (£2), Batley (£3, games against Bradford, Featherstone, Halifax and Keighley only), Keighley (£3), Sheffield (£3), Swinton (£3), Toulouse (price n/k), York (£3).

Printed monthly magazine: Widnes (£3, 'matchday supplement', £1, also available).

Digital programme: Bradford (free), Newcastle (free), Toulouse (free).

Printed teamsheet: Bradford (free), London Broncos (free, limited number available from the bar at the Plough Lane end of the ground).

Nothing: Featherstone, Halifax, Whitehaven.

League One

Printed programme: North Wales, Rochdale (£3).

Printed teamsheet: Dewsbury (price n/k), Doncaster (free), Hunslet (price n/k), Midlands (free).

Printed 'season guide': Doncaster (£5).

Digital programme: Cornwall (free, via website), London Skolars (free to match ticket-holders, £25 season subscription), Oldham (free, via website).

Nothing: Workington.


Challenge Cup

Printed programme: Heworth (£1), Leigh MR (£3, w/a), Orrell St James (£2), RAF (free), Stanningley (£3, w/a), Westgate Common (£2).

Digital programme: Hunslet ARLFC (free), Thatto Heath (free).

Nothing: Hull Dockers.

Others TBC.

National Conference League (programme no longer mandatory)

Printed programme: Clock Face (price n/k, w/a), Dewsbury Moor (£2.50, w/a), Egremont (£3, w/a), Ellenborough (£3, w/a), Heworth (£1), Hunslet ARLFC (£2, limited number), Leigh East (price n/k), Leigh MR (£3, w/a), Millom (price n/k), Pilkington (£3, w/a), Stanningley (£3, w/a), Thornhill (£2), West Bowling (price n/k, w/a).

Digital programme: Crosfields (free), Egremont (free, available post-match), Hunslet ARLFC (free), Normanton (free), Oulton (free), Thatto Heath (free), Woolston (free).

Nothing: Barrow Island, Beverley, Drighlington, Hull Dockers, Myton.

Others TBC (no response, to programme query, from either Rochdale Mayfield or Siddal therefore assume nothing on offer).

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I think we need to differentiate between clubs offering freely distributed (or even priced) team sheets and those offering only press sheets.

I think those teamsheets at Salford and London for example are not widely available to fans and are simply a limited quantity of press sheets.

In that sense, it's the same as other clubs such as Featherstone (and probably most others filed under 'nothing'), who produce nothing for the public but have a limited number of press sheets, usually on request, usually from an office and often reluctantly handed out to the public.

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Cover of the 12-page printed programme (£3, included with admission) Stanningley issued for their 29/4 NCL Division One clash with West Bowling. 300+ in attendance. The visitors won, 16-6.


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