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In Topic: 5 Jul: The Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

Yesterday, 09:03 PM

London v Haven will be close marra.. Haven are playing well & the players are confident on doing the double over London.


They were certainly strong in the first half last week, although they were up against a team playing as badly as any I've seen at that level.

In Topic: Post your questions for Alex Walmsley here

Yesterday, 09:01 PM

How do you feel that being involved in Student Rugby League helped your development?

In Topic: Wimbledon 2015

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

My daughter used to be able to beat Heather Watson when they were juniors.

In Topic: Wimbledon 2015

Yesterday, 10:34 AM

The top players (anyone in the top 20 for any length of time) become very well off and the very top players can get extremely lucrative sponsorship and advertising deals.


However, if you're 150th in the world or below you are actually a very good player but will be scraping a living. 


The application and sheer will to win required in an individual sport where you are travelling all the time and paying your own way makes it a very hard life indeed. There's always someone coming up behind you wanting to beat you - younger, more determined - and you're only as good as the last few tournaments you played. No lucrative multi-million pound 5 year contracts like the 150th best footballer in the world will be on.


The top guys (Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal, Warwinka etc. and Williams in the ladies) not only have supreme skill but their drive to win is phenomenal. They (and I include Murray in this) are amongst the best players who have ever played the game and yet observe their interviews. They very rarely blame the umpires, the court, the weather or any of the garbage we see from footballers (and RL players) and their managers. My son was a line judge at Wimbledon, officiating in the men's final, and he had nothing but good words to say about these guys, especially Nadal. Nadal always has time for fans and is always polite to officials, ball boys, other players. Djokovic's interviews are always articulate and thoughtful. He spent most of the interview the other day praising his opponent, who had just played his last game at Wimbledon before his retirement.


You may or may not like watching tennis, but these sportsmen work damned hard in a very, very competitive arena.

In Topic: 5 Jul: The Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

Yesterday, 09:16 AM

Eagles have to improve massively over last week's effort to beat in-form Fax, but this season is a bit unpredictable so I wouldn't rule it out.


Workington will give Leigh a game for sure, but Leigh will overpower them in the second half once they realise everything goes through Sammut and they shut him down.


Fev should have a bit too much for Dewsbury, as London should over Haven. Doncaster were appalling last week in the first half but showed a bit more capability in the second when Haven were nearly 50 points up. Batley to win, and a desparately needed one too. Batley are looking good to join Donny in Champ One at this point.


Hunslet are not easy to beat but that result midweek may shock the Bulls into action, although the fans don't seem confident....