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Today, 10:14 AM



So to sit here and pretend that systemic rape and abuse of children can only happen because people are scared of racist accusations is an absolute nonsense.  



I don't think anyone is suggesting that it is the only reason it can happen. But there is no doubting it was a mitigating factor, the unknown element is how much of a factor it was. However small a part it played in the decision making process is immaterial to an extent, the general point is that it shouldn't even be a consideration for those who need to make those decisions and take the requisite actions. Race should not be one of the criteria that they use when dealing with cases, it's as simple as that.

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Yesterday, 04:12 PM

Based on this I'd be tempted to wrap some of our key players in cotton wool this week and send a below strength team to Leigh and concentrate on the Dewsbury game.

In Topic: Batley Bulldogs and Doncaster get deducted points reinstated

Yesterday, 04:07 PM

Apparently the reason for the reinstatement has been confirmed as being 2 clubs (believed to be York & Whitehaven) broke the same rules last season and weren't punished for it, so they now can't punish Batley and Doncaster either.


So the precedent has been set, teams can now play ineligible players without fear as the RFL can't punish them because neither York, Whitehaven, Batley or Doncaster received any punishment. You couldn't make it up.

In Topic: Batley Bulldogs and Doncaster get deducted points reinstated

Yesterday, 03:51 PM

Absolute joke in the Batley case. Break the rules and field an ineligible player then put forward the mitigation that you didn't understand the rules. Since when has not understanding the rules been a valid excuse ?

In Topic: Rotherham

Yesterday, 10:28 AM

A very interesting discussion on the BBC Asian Network just now (followed a lot of what you said above) and part of it was whether it was fair to call such beliefs Asian or Pakistani.  The tentative conclusion - I get the feeling that BBC AN has a lot of discussions like this - was that Asian was better because whilst it isn't *every* Asian community it also isn't limited to the Pakistani community.  Examples of equivalent beliefs from Bangladeshi, Afghan and some Indian communities were mentioned.




I suspect that's true but he gave the distinct impression that it was predominantly a Pakistani issue. He cited examples of things which still happen in Pakistan today where women can be sentenced to barbaric punishments for being the victims of rape. One other important point he raised was that while sharia law may not officially exist in the UK, it exists unofficially within these communities and is practised despite denials. His point was that for some of these abusers the actual law is not a consideration so long as they consider what they are doing acceptable under sharia law.