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In Topic: Labour leadership contest

Today, 12:04 PM

Anyone who seriously wants to lead a credible Labour party again should be made to read this and learn the lessons within it. Written by Labour candidates who lost key marginal seats in the general election it is a fairly honest appraisal of the challenges facing them....



In Topic: Hunslet v Town

Yesterday, 08:29 PM

going by the dates that's exactly what it says. It's batley followed by hunslet.

What dates ? It says

@WorkingtonTown: Our first home fixture of the super 8s will see us face @BatleyRLFC

Full fixtures will be announced In the morning

In Topic: One Club Players

Yesterday, 08:27 PM

Loads of them in the lower leagues. I could probably name 50 off the top of my head from Workington and Whitehaven over the last 40 odd years.

In Topic: Hunslet v Town

Yesterday, 08:22 PM

Town twitter says Batley at home first match of the 8's, I guess followed by Hunslet away.

No it doesn't. It says our first HOME game is against Batley, it doesn't say that's our very first game in the 8s.

In Topic: Hunslet v Town

Yesterday, 07:43 PM

Could be either. The tweets actually announce that it's each club's first home game, which doesn't mean it's their first game.