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Rugby League World Issue 402

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In Topic: After the Scottish referendum - what next? How should the UK be governed?

Today, 03:40 PM

what do you expect a regional assembly to do? 


Add another coach to the gravy train ? Instead of 600+ shysters in London we could have 600+ shysters in London AND 100 more shysters somewhere else. Expensestastic !

In Topic: Cumbria

Today, 12:03 PM

is there an actual demand for the stadium Derwent. Are people saying well we've this and that big game to stage and we've nowhere decent to stage it: bear in mind the world cup only comes around every four years. Would a new facility make going to the rugby in west cumbria attractive? was there opposition or a counter idea from Workington? I think a completely modernised and upgraded Recre could be a winner I'm not sure about Derwent park as I've not been for a while. 


The stadium in Whitehaven was going to be part of the much bigger Pow Beck Redevelopment scheme, the stadium being a community facility and with Haven and the soccer club as the anchor tenants. However, it fell through because much of the land involved is actually designated charity owned land and it is a legal minefield to purchase and develop charity land. It wasn't just for big games, it was integrated into a plan to smarten up the whole Pow Beck area of Whitehaven. Modernising the Recre is a non-starter because again the land and stadium are owned by the Miners Welfare charity, Haven just rent it on an annual basis, and so any development scheme would need to be "owned" by the charity. There were no objections by Workington, absolutely nothing to do with us, the 2 towns are under different borough councils - Whitehaven is Copeland, Workington is Allerdale. The fact that it is two separate councils means that a merged side playing in a single stadium would be difficult to envisage as both councils would want the stadium built under their jurisdiction. Copeland aren't going to help fund a stadium in Allerdale, and vice versa. The only party that could solve that would be Cumbria County Council but if it isn't in Carlisle or the Eden area then they aren't interested.


BTW if you do visit Derwent Park then you'll find that it is not too bad at the moment, it had £500k spent on it for the RLWC (from the Energy Coast fund) and is in better shape than it has been for some time. Its not a modern top class facility by any means, but it is perfectly adequate for the level that Town play at and the crowd levels. There are new modern toilet blocks, proper disabled access and facilities, refurbished bars, new roofing on the covered areas, new seats in the grandstand, very modern press box and the pot-hole strewn access to the stadium was properly resurfaced. The popular side terracing is still very basic but it does the job. Its not the best stadium in the Championship by a long way, but its also not the worst either.

In Topic: Bradford sign more and more

Today, 09:54 AM

I thought the maximum was 5?


There is no restriction on how many you can have. The definition of "overseas player" has gone out of the window, its all about this Fed/Non Fed trained nonsense now. You're overseas players are now split into 3 categories - Non Fed (who count as your quota), Non Fed but Kolpak or EU passport (who don't count on quota) and Fed trained such as the French players (who don't count on quota). So as long as you don't exceed 5 in the first classification then you can have as many of the others as you like.

In Topic: Bradford sign more and more

Today, 06:27 AM

Bradford have now got 10 foreign players in their squad for next year, 8 aussie/kiwi players and 2 French. Hopefully PV is going to find us one or two bits of quality from down under.

In Topic: Cumbria

Today, 06:17 AM

Looking up Whitehaven AFC on Wikipedia it says there is a proposed new 8,000 capacity stadium to be built for shared ownership between the soccer and Rugby League clubs. Is this likely to happen, and would it help? It quotes a cost of £6million, maybe more.

No it fell through for various reasons. Originally this proposed stadium was meant to be built in time to host the RLWC games that Workington ended up hosting. Copeland Council had refused to publish the independent report into why the scheme failed but have just been told to publish it by the ombudsman.