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SL Dream Team announced

28 September 2015 - 01:56 PM

Zak Hardaker (Leeds)

Jermaine McGillvary (Huddersfield)

Michael Shenton (Castleford)

Kallum Watkins (Leeds)

Joe Burgess (Wigan)

Danny Brough (Huddersfield)

Luke Gale (Castleford)
Alex Walmsley (St Helens)

James Roby (St Helens)

Jamie Peacock (Leeds)

Zeb Taia (Catalans)

Liam Farrell (Wigan)

Adam Cuthbertson (Leeds)


Nothing too controversial there, perhaps the only dodgy selection is Peacock who is probably in there for sentimental reasons rather than form this season.

Rapley Report into RL in West Cumbria...

12 August 2015 - 11:52 AM




What a waste of money. States the bleeding obvious and doesn't make any recommendation for the future, says there are 3 options but does not say which one is the way to go. A complete and utter waste of everyone's time really.

The Rapley Report...

12 August 2015 - 11:48 AM

So, the Rapley Report into RL in West Cumbria has now been published.


You can read it here   http://media.therfl....EST_CUMBRIA.PDF


Frankly, its a complete and utter waste of money - it does nothing but state the bleeding obvious, tells us nothing we didn't already know and, worst of all, makes absolutely no recommendations at all as to what should happen. It simply states there are 3 options, all of which we have all recognised and discussed previously, but does not suggest which one the RFL should try to make happen.



Who is at fault ?

14 July 2015 - 04:54 PM

Tony Smith has expressed his unhappiness that many young players at SL clubs will effectively end their season in 2 weeks time and get no further game time after that.

Part of the problem is the DR rule for the middle and lower 8s which says that at the point of the split a player has to be allocated to either his parent club or their partner club and this can't be changed afterwards. He can only play for one or the other. They also must have played a minimum of 3 games for the partner club to be eligible.

However, SL clubs are also partly to blame as they do not want to send players out just in case they have an injury crisis as they wouldn't be able to recall them.

Of course, if we still had a reserve team system this wouldn't be an issue, but as things stand dozens of players are going to be not playing from 24th of this month (the registration deadline). That is a shocking state of affairs really.