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23 January 2015 - 05:59 PM

So Cas should be promoting their brand in that area and if successful, presumably they will be on a par with Warrington catchment
area wise.


Clearly you don't know much about the area if you mean Ponte, South Elmsall, Knottingley etc as Cas are already targetting there, and have been for years, just as are Featherstone and Wakefield. There's no way any of the 3 could claim these places as an exclusive catchment area. As others have pointed out there's a lot of affinity for the area's other teams (and now even Leeds due to the house buiding that has taken place over the last 15 years or so) in these towns which would not only take years to change but also require the other 2 teams to disappear. Even if folk don't actually attend PO Rd or Belle Vue they'd be even less likely to go to Cas. Further afield in the Selby District they face competition from Leeds, Doncaster, York and the 2 Hull clubs for (potential) supporters.


As l'ange has said, the combined support for the 3 Wakefield District clubs is pretty abysmal for a so called hot bed of the game, although to be fair, it's the same story for most of the 'heartlands'. The sad reality is that in the UK RL isn't anywhere near as big, or important, as many on here seem to think it is.

In Topic: cas ground

23 January 2015 - 10:59 AM

Ponte is in the immediate vicinity, it's stuck on to Cas at junction 32. Selby and eastwards from there are the way to go locally, but they and all other clubs should be working on broadening their demographic as well.


Problem is that although the Selby District has a population of about 80k it is spread quite thinly making targetting potential attendees difficult and, more importantly, costly. The population of Selby itself (ca20k) isn't much bigger than that of Featherstone (ca15k), with the next biggest urban areas of Tadcaster and Sherburn having pops of about 6k each. Tadcaster and Sherburn are much more likely to be attracted to Leeds and I also suspect the east of the district is probably more inclined to lean towards 'Hull' rather than any of the 'Wakefield' clubs. To match the population of Warrington (200k+) you need to combine the populations of Ponte (30k), Cas (40k), Hemsworth (13k), Featherstone (15k), South Elmsall (13k), South Kirkby/Moorthorpe (7k) and the whole of the Selby District. In reality the only one of the 'Wakefield' clubs with the real potential to become huge is Wakefield, and they are in deperate need of a new ground to have any chance of doing so. Unless, of course, the 3 unite to form a 'super club' but there's more chance of me winning the lottery 2 draws on the trot than that happening.

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19 January 2015 - 01:49 PM

If the stadium won't fit Castlefords plans to make the club viable, then why would:-


a. They bother, and.....

b. Steve Gill actually state that the stadium will make Cas viable...


One can easily see why the developers can't be expected to build them Wembley and as with Warrington corners can be in filled to increase capacity.


All your talk of a cheap, inadequate, unviable stadium with many pitfalls and fierce local opposition in which the outcome of all this may be Castleford's eventual failure is leading where?


To the eventual closure of the club and the growth of Featherstone Rovers perchance? 


They are bothering because they are desperate to move out of WR and will clutch at any passing straw to help. TBH I don't give a monkey's whether they get a new stadium or not, nor whether they pay for it (as long as my council tax isn't used to help fund it, or one for Wakey or Featherstone for that matter). 


Featherstone Rovers won't close if the proposed stadium is built.


The developers are delivering a stadium for Cas to survive and move on. If Castleford make a success of it the cost of filling in the corners will be theirs.


Just the same as at Warrington. Once they got sell outs then the corners were built.


Was it worrying Wire didn't build the stadium corners before they were needed???


No they're not. The developers are building a stadium to help get planning permission to buid a white elephant - I'd wager a pound to a penny that by far and away the vast majority of the messages of support for the project come from Cas fans who don't give two hoots about the retail development, and even less about it's impact on the local area.

In Topic: cas ground

19 January 2015 - 10:40 AM

That's one thing that's a bit weird. The 10k capacity of the new stadium will be less than the current capacity (before the wall collapsed) of Wheldon Road.

A lot of these new stadiums are designed to be able to increase the capacity at a future date though.

Anyway, I know of two households on Park Road and Stainburn Avenue who are strongly against the development. Has the process gone beyond where they consider the objections of local residents? I have no idea.



good point.

We've seen that figure surpassed by cas during the SL era.

But more importantly to me there has to be growth built in to a plan for the future. On top of this the stadium needs to be multi use and be able to stage other major events.


There's very little detail regarding the stadium  - the only comments I've seen are the capacity and the description 'community'. Definitely no mention of whether it can be expanded or not and (lack of) parking is a massive negative for planning, match day and potential other use. I'd also wager there'll be quite a few more residents on the Pontefract side of the M62 who'll be objecting when they realise that their streets will become car parks on match days too.


In reality the stadium really is only a sweetener from the developers and is more than likely to be built as cheaply as possible - no doubt the developers have set aside a figure they will spend. IF it does come to fruition, CTRLFC may regret going down this particular route in the longer term

In Topic: cas ground

18 January 2015 - 12:48 PM

As a Fev fan I have no doubt that if Cas get a new ground they have the potential to average over 10,000 crowds....


They won't with the stadium in the current plan.