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In Topic: And Saints Latest Full Back is...

Yesterday, 07:29 PM


Anyone still arguing with you is either trolling or very stupid.  The idea that Saints should have a squad of 91 (7x13) all of whom are British and stay within the salary cap, while also allowing other clubs to have some players is a level of debate below rlfans.com.

In Topic: And Saints Latest Full Back is...

06 July 2015 - 08:37 PM

Thing is, though, we aren't using an overseas player over our own youth.  Lomax (our own youth) and Makinson (stand in fullback, our own youth) are both long term injured (Lomax for season, Makinson with broken leg).  I'm really not sure how many local fullbacks any club is supposed to have available to play first team especially in this country where our 'reserves' are 19 years and younger.

It is very patient of you to keep repeating this to people.

In Topic: £12bn in welfare cuts

06 July 2015 - 05:45 PM

Yet we work longer hours than anyone else in Europe. I'd say the lack of productivity in that case is more down to poor management rather than laziness. 

Relatively low wages are a significant cause of low productivity.  If a worker's time is cheap, then the best way to increase the amount they produce is for them to work longer.  If they are expensive, you have to invest more in technology and training.  

The little corporate management consultancy that my colleague and I have suggest that the UK is an outlier in having relatively low wages for skilled and highly qualified workers and extremely high wages for top management.

In Topic: Married life...

06 July 2015 - 03:17 AM



I would not ask for advice.  I went through a very tough marriage and I found the people keen to offer advice were the ones who had faced difficulties and stopped being selfish and that had cured everything.  The problem was they did not know anything; they had acted like dickheads and had patient spouses that were willing to put it behind them when they stopped acting like dickheads.  These are the people who post relationship advice on Facebook (because they are still self-absorbed).


On the other hand, it is remarkable the people who have genuinely had a hard time and support you if it comes to it.  I can imagine you will be one of the guys offering genuinely good advice rather than the one having to accept it.


You seem a be a grown up, smart guy.  If you are both determined to make it work, I am sure it will.  Best of luck to the future.


PS: I think my invite must have gone to my old Copenhagen address.  Best post all the details on here so we can all come! :D

In Topic: Democracy - bought & paid for

04 July 2015 - 04:34 PM

You'd think the Tories would be in favour of a 100% inheritance tax? After all everyone should be capable of making it from the bottom to the top...

I think people did see it coming. I held off buying a place and sharesas a crash was overdue. I am no finance expert. I went out with a lady who worked at a sub-prime lender and hated it and could clearly see it was a fraud actually intended to foreclosure on a massive scale.
On this thread, we have people at Barclays seeing the collapse coming. However, theist action was to cover their bum.
The Tories would have had a field day if Labour had intervened and then Labour lost the plot. The U.S. Government are not going to interfere in rich people's money making for the greater good. If a bank had tried to go onto lockdown while things seed to be booming, their owners and customers would be outraged and the individual bankers would have missed out on a fortune. Better to make hay while the sun shines.