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Today, 09:03 AM

I find Wiki to be 100% accurate when it supports my argument. But it does make glaring mistakes when it tries to say I'm wrong.

Quick, man!  Correct it asap!

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Today, 07:57 AM

Nobody trusts wiki. It has to be used with discernment and a certain amount of background knowledge and insight. It's the same with all research material. Do you trust the bible, especially what it says about Jesus of Nazareth?

I think Wikipedia is bar far the greatest single source of information in the history of mankind.  One great plus for it is that it is treated with a scepticism than other sources are not. 


I do to a great extent.  That said, I see the Bible as a bit like two blind men trying to figure out what the colour blue is like and doing a remarkably good job of it. 

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Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Nobody has. Saintslass is trying to brand everything with her superstitions. Apparently I celebrated Christmas as part of the "we" of "this country", I did this despite being a science loving atheist.

I've studied the evidence, nobody gave a stuff about Jesus around our table. We had some good gifts though, and some fantastic cheese from a little shop in Bridgnorth, and also some which I brought back from my tour with my band.


Glad you had a good christmas, mate.

- a Science loving Catholic

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Yesterday, 05:54 PM

I had it drilled into my head at university never to trust Wiki.  I've not been able to shake that distrust ever since, so I don't trust Wiki. 


Wikipedia is a great place to start any investigation.  Many publications ridicule Wikipedia, but if those articles were in Wikipedia, they would have a banner at the top explaining that the articles did not cite their sources and had strong indications of bias.  As someone of a reasonable age, people used to rust encyclopedias far more than they trust Wikipedia now, and  encyclopedias really were unreliable (e.g. the IRB would write the entry for rugby league). 


What is notable, is that many people on this forum will post a link to a newspaper as strong evidence.

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23 December 2014 - 07:01 AM

Well done on winning your local competition.





It is worth noting that it topped the list in the second link only once a rugby league club had been established.