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In Topic: Sam Burgess to Wigan

Yesterday, 05:39 AM

Yeah it does look like eastmond won't make the cut while Sam will. I can't really see a future for eastmond at England Union national side. Really hope he comes back to league, not bothered who he signs for as long as he's back playing RL.

The info from my local RU club is that there was not even a wait to see.  The contract negotiation with the RL club started before England RU squad selection. 

Because, clearly, you should believe an anonymous man on the internet.

In Topic: Sam Burgess to Wigan

Yesterday, 02:59 AM

Rumour in Wigan that if Sam Burgess does not make the union world cup squad he will quit and sign for Wigan, could it also be similar scenario with Eastmond to Wire.

Eastmond is off to Super League, so is not in the World Cup squad. 

In Topic: Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

01 August 2015 - 02:06 AM

A minor point that not everyone will be aware of is that Ealing is very close to the former home in Brentford, indeed Brentford are the local football team.

That said, attendances in Brentford were rubbish anyway.

In Topic: Calais: what to do.

01 August 2015 - 12:47 AM

No thats not what i'm advocating.


It is what you are advocating, it is just not the consequences that you intend.

In Topic: Calais: what to do.

31 July 2015 - 10:13 PM

My post #47 was I suppose off topic, I was merely highlighting the fact that God Botherers often seem to forget the teachings of the novel they want us to use as a guide for our lives. Saints lass' post it didn't seem to me to be to full of Christian love and good will.

Back on topic, I don't know what the answer is and it's pretty clear no else does either.
Can't let 'em in....can't send 'em home.....can't carry on as we are.
Neither right wing reactionism or left wing bleeding heart liberalism seem to fit the bill.

Oddly enough, there I heard a Priest talk on how even though Rick Santorum does not seem to be Catholic as most Catholics understand the word, we should still try and accept him.


On the subject, the French equivalents of many on here must wonder why they are bothering to desperately try and keep the asylum seekers in France.  No doubt there are those in Calais that would be glad to see them make it over the Channel.