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In Topic: Mansfield Marksman

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

Indeed, started in Mansfield and moved to Nottingham.  There were actually more successful in terms of crowd than any reasonable person would expect.  However, the Mansfield FC Chairman was not such a reasonable man.  At their first match, the management of the clubs expected attendances dwarfing the soccer club.  They actually got over 2,000 for the first match, which was clearly very good for a second division fixture, yet was still considered a disappointment.



In Topic: Keiron Cunningham- the player

Yesterday, 02:32 PM

From 11:00 you can see the strength of the man.  That he was a great distributor too meant that defenders would have to defend heavily against the scoot close to the line and be vulnerable further out.

In Topic: Ben Flower Sending Off / Reaction / Apology (merged threads)

14 October 2014 - 07:59 AM

It's been 24 hours since I posed this question and yet no one has been able to supply an answer. Can I take it this is because the accusation that people said "He deserved to be punched while lying on the floor, anyone would have done the same" was a complete fabrication by Bob8? 


The post was a generalisation of two positions as you know fill well.  People were comparing the second punch to many other incidents that happen in the game and to LH's forearm. There were plenty of somments along the lines of LH bringing on himself.  


Do not post such childish nonsense.

In Topic: Red card - Good publicity ?

14 October 2014 - 07:17 AM

Indeed, for many people in Britain, our sport has a profile on par with shinty.  If we were suddenly shown a shocking incident in the shinty Grand Final at a packed Celtic Park, it would not be straight forward bad publicity.  Rugby union will come out worse for most rugby is bundled together and it will put Mums off without raising their profile.


PS: Daily Mash http://www.thedailym...e-2014101391646

In Topic: Red card - Good publicity ?

14 October 2014 - 07:13 AM

Good thing...if the RL get the punishment right and that is publicised to the same level. As to level of punishment, it needs to be harsh enough to show the 'uniqueness' of the offence but not so bad as to have any future misdemeaners be judged against it and also allow Flower a route back into the game. I think a large part of his ban should be a suspended sentence to allow Flower to show that he doesn't do this sort of act week in week out. For me 16 match ban with a 36 match ban suspended, compulsory 'anger management course' and work within a suitable charity.


A fair assessment.