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#3168031 Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

Posted by Bob8 on 30 July 2015 - 04:47 PM

Positives for the Broncos at the moment = coach Henderson, Wes Naiqama, some raw local youth talent in the side, David Hughes committed for next year to guarantee there short term future, creation of London broncos business group, clubs websites been regularly updated this year & 500 - 700 loyal fans!


potential positives suggestions - have an anzac day celebration bbq at a game next year for ozzies & kiwis in London with embassy staff london based Maori cultural group Ngati Ranana performing etc, when playing northern sides who have london based ex residents (bradford,halifax etc) advertise on those clubs websites & local papers to get them along to there side game in london. Get some signage/ promotional mention/involvement with clubs name or playing curtain raiser at all big league events in london test matches, challenge cup, wigan super league game in capital, new ground were rent allows club to make a profit on crowds of 700 or so, have replica shirts ready before xmas to maximise income from there sale, look to have clubs london business group & london supporters group become part owners with Hughes from 2017 onwards.


Some people have come up with good ideas like craft beer festivals at games etc, one last idea its a bit radical but embrace the clubs londons journey in the name London Rovers, Nomads, Wanderers...

My two point plan is depressing:

- See how the top roller derby teams get their four figure crowds

- Rip them off

#3168029 Calais: what to do.

Posted by Bob8 on 30 July 2015 - 04:43 PM

We seem to letting the opportunity to torment France go.  The fact is, the French police are claiming they cannot cope with the multitude fleeing France in the hope of finding a decent place to live.

#3166351 Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

Posted by Bob8 on 27 July 2015 - 07:39 PM

Bob I am glad someone agrees with me. But on your main point on "the matchday experience"  I do remember Keith Hogg stating at a fans forum that London spent more on pre-match entertainment than any other Super League club during the early 2000's. We then moved to the Paul Blanchard era oif having acts from Britains Got Talent as pre-match entertainment . It all wasted a lot of money and got the club nowhere. Truly it's on the field that count's.


The club had at the Stoop a Long Bar and a post match regular covers band and I hear at the Hive AK's bar serves a mean Capucchino....So this has always been catered for.


As a veteran of T20 Cricket and Union events at Twickers, I would also make the point that these events whilst attracting big crowds and a lot of spectators with a casual interest in the sport also attract the most ire from dedicated followers of both sports owing to the drunkeness and associated antics of those only with a passing interest in what is going on out in the middle and these is a growning debate as to whether this is more counterproductive in driving away the family audience.


League has never had this kind of social cachet, certainly not down here and I would agree has become a niche sport even if there are plenty who refuse to accept it.

Your points are very fair, but in some way also reflect that I have not made my point clearly. 


If you identify you target audience as couch potato, TV addicts with low levels of social aspiration, then acts from Britain's Got Talent are excellent.  In every other case, it is an absolutely terrible choice.  The best music acts are not necessarily high profile, but once that are strongly promoting themselves locally.  They will play out of the way without fanfare and promote their appearance at the event. This way, they are adding the event rather that putting a cheap tacky bow out of a lack of trust in the main product.

Equally, the caterers would also be those that would directly appeal to the audience you are marketing too and actively want to promote their presence. 
Again, the mainstream is lost, but there are people whose social aspirations are not to be conventionally middle class and they are available to the right event.  

#3161585 Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

Posted by Bob8 on 20 July 2015 - 07:45 PM

I did not expect my post to receive as much positive feedback as it did,


Who is there around Ealing who does not already have a strong loyalty to a sports team?  There are already, Brentford, QPR and Chelsea to support - which is a sport they understand.  Give up on that market.  It is taken.  You might be able to produce a better razor blade than Gilette, but if you want to sell it do not think you can go after their mass market.  Too late.


Traditional London people will not go to a rugby league team.  Marketing rugby league as a tough sport - yes, fine.  But that is not something they are desperate to go and see live.


That leaves the younger set.  Generally sport has terrible beer, terrible food, music as an after thought.  Look at your market and decide what they want.  Roller derby has done this and grown hugely and gets its four figure crowds without media coverage.  We should use similar marketing, with better catering (yes, very RU, but it matters).  Create a festival of craft beer and rugby, beats and rugby, free spirit and rugby - and make it the very core rather than a one off gimmick.

#3161494 Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

Posted by Bob8 on 20 July 2015 - 05:11 PM

This can be made to work and work extremely well.  It won't, obviously, but it could.  


Taking on football and rugby union at their own game will not work.  We will be outgunned.  When people are outgunned it is time to adopt guerrilla tactics.  


Ealing has a large, young, affluent population with no affinity for rugby league traditions.  Bring in alternative music, craft beer and artisan food.  Bite the bullet and make it a hipster festival.  

#3158793 £12bn in welfare cuts

Posted by Bob8 on 15 July 2015 - 11:03 PM

I think there is an assumption that people such as Trojan, Ckn and Weary Rhino do not believe there is welfare fraud.  I do not think that is true and it might even be a few times more than the estimate.


I can also see the point that when people who work hard can find it tough to make ends meet, it is truely galling to see people getting a free ride.  This is what Back to The Future writes about strongly.


That said, the amount in economic terms is relatively trivial.  It does not mean it does not matter.  But worrying about the deficit is a complete red herring.  Much of it is based on the concept that working people are an overhead. 

#3157854 Labour leadership contest

Posted by Bob8 on 14 July 2015 - 03:37 AM

This is declining and off topic.

It does seem that neither party is particularly bothered about the deficit.  The Conservatives are being profligate in lowering inheritance and corporate tax is being lowered beneath the level that makes sense of keeping the UK competitive.  Labor are being fairly clear that they would go for growth. Neither are really set on reducing it by conventional housekeeping.

#3153910 And Saints Latest Full Back is...

Posted by Bob8 on 06 July 2015 - 08:37 PM

Thing is, though, we aren't using an overseas player over our own youth.  Lomax (our own youth) and Makinson (stand in fullback, our own youth) are both long term injured (Lomax for season, Makinson with broken leg).  I'm really not sure how many local fullbacks any club is supposed to have available to play first team especially in this country where our 'reserves' are 19 years and younger.

It is very patient of you to keep repeating this to people.

#3153792 £12bn in welfare cuts

Posted by Bob8 on 06 July 2015 - 05:45 PM

Yet we work longer hours than anyone else in Europe. I'd say the lack of productivity in that case is more down to poor management rather than laziness. 

Relatively low wages are a significant cause of low productivity.  If a worker's time is cheap, then the best way to increase the amount they produce is for them to work longer.  If they are expensive, you have to invest more in technology and training.  

The little corporate management consultancy that my colleague and I have suggest that the UK is an outlier in having relatively low wages for skilled and highly qualified workers and extremely high wages for top management.

#3148631 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by Bob8 on 27 June 2015 - 11:17 PM

It is a good start to have the social Facebook group.  More people will be joining now globally, to increase the numbers, which will increase visibility in Hong Kong.


To give you a time line, In 2007 I bumped into another rugby league fan and former player.  A year later, we started to organise in ernest.  We had a nine-a-side team by 2009, that played a visiting from Norway.  We played in a kit that had just been worn by a rugby union team.


I then left the country and things cooled down, bit were revived by 2011 when we had a full 13-a-side team.  The first clubs were formed in 2013.


My point is, it takes time.  When you hear about huge fast growth, it tends to be in less economically developed countries with lots of free land,  Hong Kong falls into that bracket even less than Denmark.  If this year, you can match what we achieved in 2007, you are doing great.

Well, this post was not needed.



#3148506 Canada unrealistic?

Posted by Bob8 on 27 June 2015 - 05:10 PM

80% or more will have a passport already, so it is a minor issue.  


Overall I'm in favour of it, if they can provide some guarantee they will finish the season at least.  I'd prefer the money was invested in trying to develop a Canadian or Northern American semi-pro league, but possibly their funding is only for UK comp and super league potential.  


Quite a lot of work for the RFL planning schedules and helping with the travel, if this goes ahead at the same time as Toulouse but it is also a great opportunity for them to create growth in sponsorship, media coverage and attendances.  Would like to see a super league side go to Toronto for pre-season too.  

Some assurance that the financial claims are more than hot air is important. 

#3147851 28 Jun: CCQF - St Helens v Widnes Vikings KO 4pm (TV)

Posted by Bob8 on 26 June 2015 - 03:58 PM

behave chuffer we will win this and go on to wembley

I agree.


But I thought you supported the Chemics?

#3146575 The Pope and the Climate

Posted by Bob8 on 24 June 2015 - 04:26 PM

It's certainly possible to criticise Ridley's article in the way you do.


It would be useful, though, if we had someone giving an opposing view who was able to counter his arguments rather more convincingly that claiming guilt by association, which seems to be the standard argument from far too many people.


We need to find a climate scientist who can write in a way that we can all understand.


Ridley's stance seems to me not to question that climate change has significant human causes, but that the danger that flows from that is over-stated, and that there are other environmental issues that are potentially more dangerous. I suspect that he may be right.


I would suggest the Royal Society are fairly good at reviewing the situation.


#3146553 The Pope and the Climate

Posted by Bob8 on 24 June 2015 - 03:25 PM



He has a BSc in zoology, is very firmly politically to the right and is a populist science writer.  First and foremost he has worked as a journalist rather than a scientist and is your hero for understanding science.  


Would you care to Google "self-awareness"?

#3145952 The Pope and the Climate

Posted by Bob8 on 23 June 2015 - 03:05 PM

You obviously enjoy a good fantasy.


Maybe you should pitch the idea to Disney.

You are too kind, Martyn.


In comparison to a tale where all the academics of a particular from around the world manage to gather in a sinister cabal (despite their huge language, cultural and political differences to hatch a devious plot), my story is quite pedestrian.  And there would have to be a sinister initiation ceremony where everyone who studies the science in taken into the cabal and happily sworn to eternal secrecy and they are all up for that.  


Still, it is for greed, as by rejecting everything the poor helpless oil industry has to offer, they manage a to get grants amounting to a few thousand.  And they are all left-wing political ideologues too, even the right-wing ones.  


And the ice-caps seem to be in on this conspiracy too, the bastards.  Even the poor oppressed oil industry to expecting to drill in new areas as the ice will be receding rapidly.  Fortunately, we have political journalists, who would never dream of being swayed by cash or the opinions of their proprietors, there to save the day.  They do not need to look at data, let alone measure it.  


In comparison to that story, my version really is everyday.