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#3148631 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by Bob8 on 27 June 2015 - 11:17 PM

It is a good start to have the social Facebook group.  More people will be joining now globally, to increase the numbers, which will increase visibility in Hong Kong.


To give you a time line, In 2007 I bumped into another rugby league fan and former player.  A year later, we started to organise in ernest.  We had a nine-a-side team by 2009, that played a visiting from Norway.  We played in a kit that had just been worn by a rugby union team.


I then left the country and things cooled down, bit were revived by 2011 when we had a full 13-a-side team.  The first clubs were formed in 2013.


My point is, it takes time.  When you hear about huge fast growth, it tends to be in less economically developed countries with lots of free land,  Hong Kong falls into that bracket even less than Denmark.  If this year, you can match what we achieved in 2007, you are doing great.

Well, this post was not needed.



#3148506 Canada unrealistic?

Posted by Bob8 on 27 June 2015 - 05:10 PM

80% or more will have a passport already, so it is a minor issue.  


Overall I'm in favour of it, if they can provide some guarantee they will finish the season at least.  I'd prefer the money was invested in trying to develop a Canadian or Northern American semi-pro league, but possibly their funding is only for UK comp and super league potential.  


Quite a lot of work for the RFL planning schedules and helping with the travel, if this goes ahead at the same time as Toulouse but it is also a great opportunity for them to create growth in sponsorship, media coverage and attendances.  Would like to see a super league side go to Toronto for pre-season too.  

Some assurance that the financial claims are more than hot air is important. 

#3147851 28 Jun: CCQF - St Helens v Widnes Vikings KO 4pm (TV)

Posted by Bob8 on 26 June 2015 - 03:58 PM

behave chuffer we will win this and go on to wembley

I agree.


But I thought you supported the Chemics?

#3146575 The Pope and the Climate

Posted by Bob8 on 24 June 2015 - 04:26 PM

It's certainly possible to criticise Ridley's article in the way you do.


It would be useful, though, if we had someone giving an opposing view who was able to counter his arguments rather more convincingly that claiming guilt by association, which seems to be the standard argument from far too many people.


We need to find a climate scientist who can write in a way that we can all understand.


Ridley's stance seems to me not to question that climate change has significant human causes, but that the danger that flows from that is over-stated, and that there are other environmental issues that are potentially more dangerous. I suspect that he may be right.


I would suggest the Royal Society are fairly good at reviewing the situation.


#3146553 The Pope and the Climate

Posted by Bob8 on 24 June 2015 - 03:25 PM



He has a BSc in zoology, is very firmly politically to the right and is a populist science writer.  First and foremost he has worked as a journalist rather than a scientist and is your hero for understanding science.  


Would you care to Google "self-awareness"?

#3145952 The Pope and the Climate

Posted by Bob8 on 23 June 2015 - 03:05 PM

You obviously enjoy a good fantasy.


Maybe you should pitch the idea to Disney.

You are too kind, Martyn.


In comparison to a tale where all the academics of a particular from around the world manage to gather in a sinister cabal (despite their huge language, cultural and political differences to hatch a devious plot), my story is quite pedestrian.  And there would have to be a sinister initiation ceremony where everyone who studies the science in taken into the cabal and happily sworn to eternal secrecy and they are all up for that.  


Still, it is for greed, as by rejecting everything the poor helpless oil industry has to offer, they manage a to get grants amounting to a few thousand.  And they are all left-wing political ideologues too, even the right-wing ones.  


And the ice-caps seem to be in on this conspiracy too, the bastards.  Even the poor oppressed oil industry to expecting to drill in new areas as the ice will be receding rapidly.  Fortunately, we have political journalists, who would never dream of being swayed by cash or the opinions of their proprietors, there to save the day.  They do not need to look at data, let alone measure it.  


In comparison to that story, my version really is everyday.

#3144951 toulouse accept

Posted by Bob8 on 21 June 2015 - 10:02 PM

dribble what you spoke when you starting breathing. Or oxygen thief is another.

You are contributing to this thread being reduced to nonsense.  He is not worth arguing with.

#3144872 toulouse accept

Posted by Bob8 on 21 June 2015 - 08:53 PM

RL is a sport , I think you are failing to understand this , I have simplified it for you , if they fail , it will be because they weren't good enough , and they would probably accept that better than you

I will go over it again.


The sport applies to what happens on the pitch.  What happens off the pitch is all decided by rules that we make up.  Like when they came up with Promotion and Relegation.  Or when they decided to consider some clubs but not others. 

#3144818 toulouse accept

Posted by Bob8 on 21 June 2015 - 08:21 PM

Why is the blame at championship clubs? Surely the SL clubs like WIgan, Leeds etc simply didnt want to spread the cash to let in Toulouse as a thirteenth SL team

That is not happening.  You made that up.


I am certain there are also English clubs who are nervous about Super League having two heavily funded French clubs.

#3144815 toulouse accept

Posted by Bob8 on 21 June 2015 - 08:18 PM

How ?

They have changed , the whole structure has changed

So if somebody ' Lobby's ' to get into SL you should let them in ?


Assuming you are genuinely failing to understand this, I will try and simplify it for you.


Rugby league would be better of with big successful clubs. 


Toulouse could be one of those. However, what is best for the sport is not best for all individual clubs as they do not want clubs being bigger than them.  Therefore, they want Toulouse to fail.  This is a way of making them fail.

#3142960 The Pope and the Climate

Posted by Bob8 on 18 June 2015 - 05:41 PM

There are two arguments (well, perhaps three).

One is political.  If you have a highly individualist politics that is concerned with the right of the individual to do what they like, then you will be against climate change happening.  If your politics are more to do with the effect that the actions of the individual have on society as a whole, you will fall towards the climate change being real.

The political right is wrong, this is actually happening.  The political left is wrong that we should feel excited about an eco-friendly future, as driving big gas guzzling cars is actually great fun.

Then there is the scientific argument.  As it happens, the people on the left happen to be correct, while the individualist happen to be wrong.  This is not to do with their politics, it just happens to be the case.  The science does not care and the climate will not revert because someone makes a particularly cutting political argument.


I suggest that those who deny the science, and those that are overjoyed at seeing the harm as they think it proves their politics find their own room and leave the actual argument about what is actually happening to people who actually know what they are talking about.  Lots of them will disagree and they will get things wrong, because science is by its nature on the edge of human knowledge.  


Then the third bit.  The Pope is not saying anything particularly new, just spelling it out without the politeness of previously with regard to climate change.  Even Thomas Aquinas drew the line between theology and science, but a few bits of Christianity wanted to bring rationalism to spirituality.  The difference between the present and the former Pope is that the former Pope was more familiar and had more respect for Protestantism and the American political right was politer, so he did not dismiss creationists and people who denied climate change as a thing.

#3140031 Nordic Cup 2015

Posted by Bob8 on 13 June 2015 - 03:11 PM

Denmark 24 (4)

Norway 12 (6)

A tough win.  Norway are still seen as the team to beat by Denmark and last years victory was regarded by many as the best in their history. 
Denmark win the Nordic Cup for the third time (out of five).

#3138891 Nordic Cup 2015

Posted by Bob8 on 11 June 2015 - 07:37 PM

Denmark vs Norway



Nordic Cup



Historically, Denmark have been the most successful.  Norway have been the most established and Sweden are the up and comers (but they look like a nation of the future).


All three nations started rugby league activity around 2009.  Norway had Warren Hielig working on developing rugby league pretty much full time, along with support from Joestin Ryon.  When Warren left four years later, it had a massive impact.  It went from being run by an experienced man working full time to a 19 yo lad doing a good job, while working, studying and being a decent man on the side.  Kimmi is still with Norwegian rugby league and developing new clubs.  At the same time, the number of clubs is recovering to eight clubs.  They have the strongest pedigree in the region and how have a good mix in leadership.


Sweden were the whippng dogs.  Like Denmark, they had no clubs until 2013.  However, late in 2012, a group of lads from Denmark went over to Malmoe to play a team of Swedish lads.  May were beginners, but at some point the match burst into life when the players realised the freedom they had on the pitch.  In 2013, they had two clubs and would win the Nordic Cup having finished a distant third in the previous years.  


Denmark have been a relative oasis of stability, but it did not feel like that on the ground.  They won the 2011 Nordic Cup with lads from Exiles in Copenhagen together with a number of rugby union players from Jutland.  They were coached by Nigel Kitching and managed to get large crowds (600+),  By 2012, this were struggling and finances were not great, together with the transition to new people in charge.  In 2013, international matches were deprioritized in favour of establishing clubs and two were founded.  In 2014, the match day experience had been completely transformed, moral was up and the Nordic Cup won with lads from rugby league clubs.  In 2015, they have an experienced and capable man in charge, Richard Naylor, and are looking good.

#3134046 The European Union Referendum

Posted by Bob8 on 02 June 2015 - 11:10 PM

I suggest you check the law on the bit in bold.



Kids over 16 should be allowed to vote, but only if an adult does it for them.  Or something,

#3131067 Sol Mokdad / UAE Rugby League (merged threads)

Posted by Bob8 on 28 May 2015 - 11:39 PM

Disagree in the strongest terms.



The above quote shows total lack of understanding of how things are done in the region. Personally, I think it is unbelievable that the RLEF recognised the UAERL without first doing due diligence, but that is conveniently side-stepped by the tin foil hat brigade in pursuit of a conspiracy theory at the expense of the truth and the facts.



The above ignores the fact that Sol Makdad set up a sporting governing body incorrectly and then called himself the President when that title can only be held by an Emirati. In calling himself the President when approaching sponsors and investors, he opened himself up to charges of Fraud. 


None of us have to like it, but he did break the law of the land!


Oh, and as if to underline that this is not a great article, but just the opinion of on an-line hack preaching to an already converted congregation, he gives us more of his opinion....


If you're going to go all "moral" on where we should play RL based on how the locals are treated, why not call for a suspension of the NRL until the Aborigines are fully recompensed for the brutality inflicted on them and still done through social degradation now.

There are plenty of people on this forum who are spouting off and know nothing, you are right in this.  You are one of them also.  Things that were OK two months ago, when there was discussions with the authorities suddenly were not.  If it were merely with the UAE authorities, the UAERU would not have coincidentally been poised to take over.

This was clearly orchestrated by the UAE RU, otherwise the complaints from UAE RU clubs at their behaviour would make little sense. 
I am a little closer to the facts and have generally avoided this thread.  Some people on this thread and by bad luck rather than poor judgement you are one of them.