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20 May 2015 - 12:13 AM

This story of a gay wedding cake raised something that seems odd.


I have some sympathy with the baker not wanting to bake the cake if it countered her politics.  I would not particularly want to write a campaign leaflet for a Thatcherite politician.  As a Catholic, I would not want to help the DUP out particularly, but that is politics not religion.  However, increasingly the word "religion" is being used in place of politics.  There are very few people who would refuse to have anything to do with a wedding where one was a divorcee, which is something Jesus was explicit about.


We have the same nonsense in the USA where people want to opt out of vaccines on religious grounds.  Has this always been the way, or is it s recent phenomenon?

Manchester Pubs

10 April 2015 - 09:39 PM

I have a Danish friend who is going to Manchester.  He asks "Are there any decent pubs you could recommend near the Holiday Inn Express City Centre - Arena", which is near Manchester Victoria station.


Any suggestions?