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  1. My son told me he turned the volume off for this very reason.
  2. It was actually worse 20 years ago, gradually declined and started rising during Boris's tenure and has continued its upward trajectory. They have started the process that Glasgow used to stop the problem but that will take a while to kick in.
  3. OK. Let's look at this more closely. The Mayor of London is a muslim from immigrant parents who worked hard to get where he is. He's in the Labour party because he believes that party is best for the country. The Home Secretary is of muslim background (though no longer practising) from immigrant parents who worked hard to get where he is. He's in the Conservative party because he believes that party is best for the country. Both have been subjected to racism. Now, the Home Secretary is responsible for policing throughout the UK. Violent crime, and stabbing incidents, are on the rise throughout the UK, not just in London. Why does Khan cop the flak for this? Shouldn't the Home Secretary be "doing something" about this in the country as a whole? What's the agenda here?
  4. West Indies were very poor. I could feel Curtley Ambrose's anger from 200 miles away - no plan, poor attitude and, unless they sort themselves out, not qualifying for the last 4.
  5. At the point he did it, he was referencing a running gag in the show. I can believe that he didn't recognise the race implication then, but after it was pointed out his reaction was poor.
  6. The same applied to Baker. In the context of his show, it was understandably and clearly non-racist. Outside the show, it looked appalling.
  7. In a way it was, because we know he'd never do it. He wouldn't even do the Jarrow March thing he organised.
  8. Yes, we would truly be voting for the party and not the person, leading to greater party control. in this scenario Umunna would have stayed in the Labour party and just ignored all whips and been a PITA for the party. He could have sat with, and voted with, the LibDems. he could have voted LibDem in the Euro election. This would eventually ead to expulsion - would that mean a by-election? If so, it opens the doors to parties simply expelling rebels in order to force a by-election and parachute in a yes-man.
  9. There are far worse affronts to democracy than this one. I can list some major ones off the top of my head - Royal family, House of Lords, funding of political parties and individual MPs, filibustering, lack of true local democracy. The list goes on. MPs often stand for a party and then vote against that party in the commons despite being the benficiaries of the party name, money and machine. Many have done it this week and loads did it in recent months. What of them? Some have the whip removed so why aren't they then recalled and forced to stand again? We could change to PR and a list system where the seats belong to the party - do we really want that?
  10. It looks like the "Independent Change UK For Change Definitely Not Change.ORG Independence" MPs flounced out without a plan. Had they got together first, hired a publicity company, sorted out a name and policies they may have stood a chance. In fact, as Farage showed, one policy would do. I do know that all of that is difficult to do in secret in the bubble of Westminster and with the press watching your every move.
  11. He has made himself look a bit of an ar^e hasn't he?
  12. Could be worth a go anyway, John. Risky, but it would legitimize the premiership and might change the parliamentary arithmetic in his favour. If it stays as a hung parliament, at least the manifestos will be up-to-date! Worst case scenario - Corbyn gets in, almost certainly with a wafer thin majority and inherits the whole sh*tshow.
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