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  1. Wakefield is heartland, and Barnsley is about 10 miles away! So many terrible things in the game in general, I've lost track. The film version of Up'n'Under was pretty grim.
  2. The Eagles' decision to go full-time is the worst, but playing at some of the worst venues in rugby league comes close (*) (*) Yes, I know, we played at Belle Vue,. Very amusing.
  3. I fessed up to this on the other thread. It just deflated a bit.
  4. I recently questioned whether York's bubble had burst, I think that question as been answered.
  5. It's not 6 months though - it's probably 4 months - January to end of April and I'm sure at SL level the clubs would pay for the families to comeover for a few weeks. The other games would be in blocks later. Plenty of lads with families have had to work away for long periods - armed forces, construction, oil rigs etc.
  6. Yes. Religion makes a convenient hook on which to hang your tribal hat.
  7. I think parkrun would prefer to have 4 events of 100 rather than 1 of 400. The problems are venues and volunteers. As they have found at Sheffield Hallam (average 700) even the presence of a couple of smaller events in the city doesn't tempt people away from their usual venue, once it's established. Hallam probably wouldn't be allowed now as they run on the public pavement for quite a distance.
  8. Rother Valley had a new record for the second week running, 440 beating last week's 426. I remember 6 years ago when the event first started and we had around 50. I also remember us being concerrned when they asked us to pay for parking (just £1 instead of the usual £5) that this would affect numbers! I'm really pleased that parkrun is helping the park, not only with more than 100 cars every week but also the cafe has long queues at a time when there would be hardly anyone there, especially in winter. I ran pain-free in an OK 26.20 for the first time in 5 weeks, which is good news and I will be back training properly this week.
  9. 44-16 Eagles final score. This result confirms that the Eagles are a much different team this season. Last year the top 6 battered them every time.
  10. Eagles in again 32-12 after 66 minutes Dewsbury draw first blood in a tight HWD 2-0 after 24 mins
  11. Menzie Yere scores again for Donny but they went down to Keighley - good win for them
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