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  1. Film 2018

    Yes, that's who went through my mind, what with it being based in Sheffield. Also a farewell appearance from Sheff's Bobby Knutt as the club secretary.
  2. Scammers

    Craig's good at computer things. Give him a call.
  3. Film 2018

    I've got a Cineworld card too - saw Funny Cow last night. Brilliant by Maxine Peake and although some of the jokes are so old they are funny ("Incontinence hotline - can you hold?") there's a particular one that is very much not - although the crowd in the "Crookes Club" back in the 1970s loved it and I suspect you could easily find places where the same would happen now. Nothing wrong with uncomfortable films IMO. Nice cameos by John Bishop and Vic Reeves too. I found Greatest Showman OK (better than La La Land) - it's now the new Frozen in terms of singalong cinema. Unsane was very good.
  4. Like's like me saying Anna Soubry is a frothy mouthed right wing whack job. Ludicrous!! For reference, I point you to the LibDems actions whilst in government.
  5. So I've taken the plunge....

    From a fellow 26.2er, massive respect. Yesterday gave me a bit of inspiration to start training properly again after my illness and injury issues.
  6. I repeat - we have chosen to leave - we have to be largely responsible for solving this mess.
  7. It'll be impossible to tell to be honest - even if we "thrive" we'll never know if we'd have been better off staying in, unless you take our curent relavtive positions to Germany and France as a baseline. The only way we'll really know is if our ecomony tanks and the EU grows or vice-versa. However I suspect the Brexit we end up with will make us so dependent on the EU economy that we'll track them anyway.
  8. He's had 10 billion downloads and I'd literally never heard of him until yesterday. Even in former years the popular yoof artists would be known to older generations, even if they didn't listen to their music. This lad did seem to have a lot of talent, and a great first name.
  9. Watches

    There are a few retired rugby league players wandering around with Tissot watches. I wear my Garmin FR235 sports watch all the time using an analog watch face instead of the digital one.
  10. I can run a half marathon but wouldn't last 5 minutes on a rugby pitch! They'l benefit from his experience for sure.
  11. Ever since I suggested Leigh were really finished they'e been on fire. If you are a gambling type follow my posts and bet on the opposite.
  12. Callum Hawkins

    I know what it' like to get heat exhaustion in a race - it' horrible and Hawkins was in a worse state than me.