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  1. Wow, that's not ageing well! Do you fancy having a crack at Harry Kane too?
  2. It's a difficult tactic to counter - you either keep quiet and give them carte blanche to do what they want or you speak out and get accused of being a bully or a whiny little #####. Edit: really - "female dog" is sweary filtered?
  3. Melania's jacket was a message to the left-wing media. Despite the fact that we were told at the time it was "just a jacket". Nice work, sending a political anti-left message while visiting kids in cages. She is either being pressured or she thoroughly deserves to be married to the unfaithful ****. Best bit - complaining that the media is only interested in what she wears when that was her job and the reason she's in the USA at all. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45853364
  4. Donald is very angry about Saudi Arabia. And he's going to bigly punish them. Possibly. Until the Crown Prince (great guy, I met him, we loved each other) tells him they didn't do it. Then he'll sell them his billions of dollars worth of weapons.
  5. Yes, yes, 100 times this! I went to one of HS2's "meet the public" days and asked some very basic questions about the plans. No one who was there could answer any of them because they'd just decided to change the route (after pressure from Sheffield council) and had dragged the failed "Plan B" out of the cupboard just a few weeks before. Those "failing" EU countries Spain and Portugal are going full steam ahead (forgive the pun) to provide fibre broadband to everywhere. We still have places that have no broadband internet at all.
  6. tim2

    children and religion

    True, it can never disprove the existence of God. I have no problem with faith and people can believe what they want as long as it doesn't impinge on other people's freedom to believe something else and doesn't force me to live by whatever rules someone decided God told them to live by.
  7. tim2

    children and religion

    Unless you take the true Latin meaning of "indoctrinate" meaning to teach, you can't "indoctinate" science in the sense this thread is using it for religion, politics or atheism. Good science, as per the proven scientific method, is based on facts and the proof or disproof thereof given the knowledge at the time. It means we are here, on a computer on the internet, using that new-fangled electricity thing, arguing this point. No wonder we have so many flat earthers and climate change deniers when science is lumped in with religion simply because it proves stuff with facts that religions don't like.
  8. Hopefully some of them literally exploded. I saw Dara O'Briain on the same show saying that he was aware (through some of his material not seeming to connect) that the concept of living and working somewhere else (either voluntarily or forced) seemed to be very alien to a large section of the British population, unlike Ireland and indeed many other European nations.
  9. I'd love him to be on this forum with his desire to return to the heady days of the 1990s before we had all these foreigners here and no potholes in the roads.
  10. This "Tim" is not me. He doesn't sound 35 - he sounds about 13. Adrian Mole - the EDL years.
  11. Don't get it from Apple, you'll have to pay for a new iToilet every 6 months and then it will just get stuck...
  12. tim2

    children and religion

    and over-diluted orange squash
  13. Yes but her party lectures people on fiscal responsibility yet she accumulates a huge debt (not bothered about the properties, but credit cards??) and the party simply piles more onto the national debt to fund tax cuts for the rich.
  14. tim2

    Middle East thread

    All of those things are backed by video evidence. They could be complete coincidence of course.