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  1. Why? We had the chance to change our electoral system in 2011 and we chose to stick with the one we've got. Suck it up.
  2. The reverse is true for me - if I were hiring now I wouldn't take an EU national in case I got bogged down with unnecessary paperwork. Which is a shame, because the ones we have (and did have but left after not feeling at home here after er... some unspecified event) are very good.
  3. No doubt this guy will be seen as a martyr by the BrexitTommehUKIP knuckle draggers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47296821
  4. Trip to USA added 1.3kg in 10 days, despite all the running.
  5. Who have now become the driving forces of the two main parties.
  6. I watched it live - lots of direct hits. Rest of the show was a bit lame.
  7. I've run 4 times this week while I've been in the USA, including being 3rd finisher at Himmel parkrun. I'll go again this morning I think. On the downside I've definitely eaten too much.
  8. tim2

    British/Irish Dialects

    Said I was Staffordshire rather than Derbyshire but pretty close.
  9. It seems a shame that a large chunk of the funds he is raiding were earmarked for rebuilding Puerto Rico after the hurricane. Did I say shame? I meant disgrace. Also aren't mass shootings a more pressing emergency? Or gun crime in general?
  10. No, because I'm British and I like wallowing in misery. Besides, if any of you try to storm my house for my 4 tins of Sainsbury's beans, I'll be ready.
  11. As soon as I saw the squad I knew the Eagles would be much better than last year and probably the best side since they won the league. I think even Tubby has been surprised by how well they've gelled
  12. Same here - the acidity of the grapes in our cooler climate works OK for champagne-style wines. Avoid British red wines though. Anyhoo, back to Lord Snooty and his gaffes....
  13. Somehow I'm not surprised that JRM hasn't heard of, let alone tasted, British wine.
  14. tim2


    Check out the unofficial poet laureate of Twitter, Brian Bilston. Here's an article about him, with examples. He can be found of Twitter and facebook. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-37319526
  15. tim2


    Wendy Cope is very good. She likes a villanelle, as do I. Her collection " Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis. " is full of delights. Summer Villanelle (Wendy Cope) You know exactly what to do— Your kiss, your fingers on my thigh— I think of little else but you. It's bliss to have a lover who, Touching one shoulder, makes me sigh— You know exactly what to do. You make me happy through and through, The way the sun lights up the sky— I think of little else but you. I hardly sleep-an hour or two; I can't eat much and this is why— You know exactly what to do. The movie in my mind is blue— As June runs into warm July I think of little else but you. But is it love? And is it true? Who cares? This much I can't deny: You know exactly what to do; I think of little else but you.