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  1. tim2


    Yeah, what a "connard" - delivering on his manifesto promises.
  2. Man down! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-46546238
  3. I've been told today that it's impossible to negotiate with the EU. I guess it is when people like Davies and Fox are doing it.
  4. " The prime minister says she's listening to concerns of MPs, but Mr Corbyn "couldn't care less" what comes back from Brussels, as all he wants to do is "create chaos" in the economy. " Really, and what is she doing exactly?
  5. Given that, thanks to the ECJ, we can unilaterally pull Article 50, we were discussing whether we could do that an immediately re-invoke it to buy 2 years to prepare for hard Brexit? Has this been covered already on this thread? By the way, 106 pages since this thread was launched a month ago. Good work!
  6. Even including the Major years I've never seen the Tories in such disarray and with in-fighting so fierce that you can't see how they can pull together the way Tories naturally do.
  7. Anyone playing Tory Brexit Bingo? Bernard Jenkin has just mentioned Churchill and World War 2.
  8. Apparantly if she wins 200-100 she'll be taken into a room and gently "persuaded" to resign. She should tell them to eff off - if 52-48 is a massive win then she only needs to win 151-149
  9. I bet his "naughty list" went into meltdown.
  10. A vox pop Leave bloke from Derby said on TV this morning "We should get out and leave on WTO terms". I'd have liked the interviewer to have pressed him on what they are and why no-one uses them unless they have to. People (on both sides) rattle off stuff said by politicians and personalities who don't understand either. Experts are boring and ignored.
  11. You think you're an idiot? I voted Lib Dem in 2010.
  12. tim2


    Q: What's the difference between an onion and Theresa May's Brexit Deal? A: Nobody cries when you cut May's deal into tiny pieces.
  13. tim2


    No, they make a very effective close combat weapon.
  14. tim2


    No, you're so anti-EU your brain is refusing to acknowledge the word "French"