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  1. In general their form has improved. They were shocking last week but this is a good win.
  2. Meanwhile at the other end of the table, I went to see Sheffield Eagles for the first time since they left for Wakefield. The Eagles were poor, especially defensively, and would have been hammered by the likes of Leigh, Fev, Toulouse and Toronto. If they play like that after the split they will be relegated. Swinton were the better team and deserved to win. On the other hand, the match day experience was better than I imagined it would be. Admittedly it was a sunny day and I'm not sure what it's going to be like in February but it has the potential, with a bigger and better stand, to be a more enjoyable place to watch rugby league than Don Valley was.
  3. tim2

    Trump v Kim Jong Un

    For some reason he seems more at home with irrational despots than with elected leaders of like minded countries.
  4. tim2


    Egg (on the face 😉 ) Actually you are missing my wife's preferred option of "both"
  5. tim2

    Park Run

    Don't go creating any dinosaurs from it. I saw a documentary yesterday about that and it was really frightening.
  6. Drip, drip, drip... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44438846
  7. tim2

    Park Run

    If it's not on at Thornes, try to get to another one. Nostell, Ponte, Barnsley... I love parkrun tourism - I've done 52 different parkruns (189 total). Last Saturday was a lovely one in the National Forest at Rosliston in South Derbyshire.
  8. True - I look forward to Joey Essex's Big Brexit Debate on Channel 5
  9. In conclusion, that is the case for "We believe there should never again be direct democracy"
  10. Although they would style themselves as "smart political operators" waiting for the best moment to strike. With no thought for the country they are supposed to be serving. I think May should start doing one or two high profile sackings and see who's got the cojones to do something. Johnson should be first - he's a liability doing as much damage inside the cabinet as he could do outside.
  11. She's holding the poisoned chalice Martyn and no-one wants to take it. If people are fed up with her (at least in the Tory party) they should take it off her. But they won't because they are cowards.
  12. I'm no fan of May, but I find myself siding with her on this one. Trump's misogyny means he'll never see May or Merkel as equals, no matter that they are both better leaders than he is. Business is business, it's not blokey banter in the locker room.
  13. Correct, but hopefully, one day, soon.....
  14. Maybe, but they've (we in my case) have presided over an unprecedented increase in prosperity and technological advancement that allows them to moan about this over facbook on their £900 cell phones.