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  1. I've never used the block function before. It's quite liberating.
  2. Because lots of people died in the most horrendous circumstances? And because it took 25 years to get a proper inquiry? You are utterly unreal.
  3. Featherstone Rogers sounds like a decent chap.
  4. Clearly you haven't been too concerned about the whole Hillsborough thing
  5. Because they often fudge it by waiting for the inquiry and in the past this kind of decisive quick action in cases of potential corporate manslaughter has been missing. Why would you not be surprised?
  6. The man really has no idea what the office of POTUS is supposed to be about. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40745875
  7. This comes under the topic of "listening to the electorate" Beside which, they need some cash for the DUP and the Magic Money Tree is missing its low hanging fruit.
  8. Yes, but you're seeing the bigger, long term picture and not short term political expediency.
  9. I think we've learned that waiting for inquiries is a waste of time - get on with normal investigations into a potential crime and let the inquiry look at the bigger picture. Slightly surprised but somewhat encouraged by this.
  10. John Cooper Clarke's joke - "Imagine how high the sea level would be if it wasn't full of sponges" I feel we've gone slightly off topic here.
  11. Cue slow news day Daily Express cancer story.
  12. Some of the EU positions on the trade deal with the USA are protectionist for sure, but the Americans have been and (in particular) under Trump will be just as bad.
  13. Banter aside, a friend from Somerset told me that friends of hers in the industry blamed the EU for the demise of small to mid sized farms, favouring the larger commercial ones, and assumed the government would continue with subsidies and would apply them more fairly. I must admit that I'm a bit worried about letting our food supply industry live or die in the global markets.
  14. Some voted with self-interest in mind (remain and leave), some trusted the government after Brexit on the grounds that they would have to support farming whatever and some just didn't care
  15. You didn't look hard enough. How do you think Wales and the South West ended up with pro-Leave results? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/farmers-brexit-regret-bregret-funding-common-agricultural-policy-a7163996.html