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  1. My 1983 one was black for sure. However in 1920 or so "Blue" was selected over "Black" however I've seen a picture of a 1924 one that looks as black as my 1983 one! I wonder if it's ever actually been blue and we've just deluded ourselves for the best part of 100 years.
  2. I'm just glad (or rather the doc would have been) that Trump didn't ask him to measure something else, given his pre-election (yes, election) boasting.
  3. Obama was going for the short people's vote. Sad!
  4. I never said he was very vain, incredibly vain, vain to the point of clinical narcissism or not vain at all. I allowed the reader to make their own minds up! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5277153/Donald-Trumps-hair-loss-drug-tied-severe-effects.html Sorry about the Mail Online link, maybe there's another one but they really don't like him, do they? Actually, I correct myself, it looks like they might work to stimulate growth but I'm not sure the overall effect on DJT is worth the side effects!
  5. It could be that his hair is an inch higher than it was. The fact that he's taking hairloss pills (which probably don't work) is more indicative of his general vanity.
  6. Conspiracy Theories

    I've got her blocked. She would presumably be a big fan of Tory Jesus on Twitter.
  7. Conspiracy Theories

    Trump reminds me of that alien in Men In Black that was struggling to stay inside its human skin.
  8. Conspiracy Theories

    Most of them originate in the USA, where distrust of the government is at a level of paranoia that very few other countries can match. The Holocaust Denial one is the only one of those that i think is dangerous in the "real world".
  9. Conspiracy Theories

    Time magazine's Top 10 - what do we think? The JFK Assassination 9/11 Cover-Up Area 51 and the Aliens Paul Is Dead Secret Societies Control the World The Moon Landings Were Faked Jesus and Mary Magdalene Holocaust Revisionism The CIA and AIDS The Reptilian Elite
  10. I thought it was hot in Hell. perhaps I'll reassess my afterlife wardrobe.
  11. Conspiracy Theories

    It's alright, I've awarded the contract to Carillion.
  12. Conspiracy Theories

    I'm sorry, I can't. You've convinced me.
  13. Conspiracy Theories

    You're assuming he/she doesn't support them. You'd better hope not come judgement day.
  14. Conspiracy Theories

    If it was just a kilo, that would be right. However if it was millions of tons/gallons then the price of the "rare" materials would drop as it wouldn't be rare, but oil would be burnt and would then increase in value as the supply fell. That would be a hell of a pipeline though , and there'd inevitably be a huge horrible oil spill that would have interesting consequences.