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  1. The more likely thing to be stealing your job isn't an immigrant; it's a machine. East Anglian farmers have suggested they will turn to automation to resolve the problem they will have if it's harder to get EU nationals here. They've pretty much given up on the idea of using British workers.
  2. The Beautiful Wall has hit it's first er.. wall. They can't get the first $1.5 billion past congress, let alone the estimated $20 - $30 billion total cost and the plan to make Mexico pay has been shown to be bullocks - they won't get a cheque from Mexico and any import duties they try to impose will simply be passed on to American consumers.
  3. Useful scapegoat perhaps? I wonder at what point we will actually see genuine brexit related decisions that weren't already decided and where changing, until the deal is known, would not be sensible. That works both for companies investing here and those elsewhere.
  4. Canadians ignore his "outburst" by using Trump's own admission of his strategy against him. http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/it-s-an-outburst-canadian-trade-experts-advise-calm-following-trump-remarks-1.3380461 This could easily spiral into a Trade War and you know the only people who suffer in such a war are the people at the bottom, in this case the farmers. There's also this: http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/u-s-announces-duties-up-to-24-per-cent-on-canadian-softwood-lumber-1.3382941 It's going to be fun when we start trading with Donald - assuming we just don't lie down and take it....
  5. I see Princess Trump is making friends in Berlin by supporting her father's feminist credentials. .
  6. It doesn't - although that's perhaps what the press translated it as. Milliband himself went on social media the other day to explain that they wanted to limit it and that it could go down but not up.
  7. Well that's just effing marvellous. Poor man's Donald Trump, Zac Goldsmith, also trying to smarm his way back in at Richmond Park.
  8. I actually have sympathy for Corbyn on the defence / nuclear question, although the way he has handled it is indicative of the reason why he will not be PM. He has campaigned all his life for CND and I would hope that he retains that view now - if he then tries to persuade his party on this issue and fails, well so be it. That's democracy and he can either live with it or make it a resignation issue. If he lives with it he explains that Labour will enact that policy even though he personally disagrees I don't see a problem. In a broad church multi-facted party like Labour or the Tories you cannot possibly agree with every policy unless you have no principles and are willing to back anything that the Great Leader says. If so, please relocate to North Korea. However it appears that we are told by the press that leaders have to be "strong"; so suddenly it's strong to do a complete 180 spin every time something challenging comes up just so you agree with the current party line?
  9. I keep coming back to this because it's such a brilliant stream of consciousness. While she's on the subject of assisted dying she suddenly realises that "people are becoming far too old"
  10. You're clearly not a politician then (*). Ploughing on in the face of logic and not answering direct questions would have been the way forward if you were. (*) Consider this a compliment
  11. Item 2 is relatively miniscule in the scheme of things and is a vital part of our foreign and defence strategy. The school fields and sports stuff won't gain many votes (even though I agree with item 6) and as for the rest, where's the money coming from? Keep printing it, borrowing it and hoping someone in the future will deal with it? If asked, people will agree that more needs to be spent on education, the NHS, defence, local amenities, etc. but when asked about tax they go into a meltdown as if taxing people were the equivalent of murder.
  12. Macron v Le Pen Discuss...
  13. I don't even know where to start with it. It's like you've just written down all the weird stuff that's in your head into the world's most specific manifesto. With every sentence the Venn diagram of people who agree with you just gets smaller.
  14. It's a good argument, but surely not one that a libertarian would make? I don't really want to read all of it as I don't want to give Breitbart a hit.
  15. Here's one for Theresa May from the pen of Chris Difford The truth, it's the toughest thing to explain the truth, playing tricks with me again when the truth has to be told my blood runs hot and cold the truth is not my middle name