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  1. They're barely a full team at the moment. Going full-time was a shocker of a decision; perhaps in hindsight but terrible nonetheless.
  2. Joking aside Sheffield simply have to stay up this season. That potentially sets them up to be in the new ground and in a more stable situation for the future. As for going to Leigh games, it's difficult enough to get people to go to home games let alone the tourist mecca that is Leigh. Any ideas which players are likely to be surplus to general requirements?
  3. As a Sheffield fan and someone who hates DR as a concept this is sad but somehow inevitable in the changed circumstances. It's basically devaluing the Championship to the point where we may as well pull the drawbridge up again now that the biggest whingers (aka our new overlords) have got their way.
  4. Yes, a "who's got the biggest willie" competition between China and the USA will be bad news.
  5. They never said those things. Ever. #PostTruth #HistoryRewrite
  6. I think it can take a while to kick in - many things purchased at cheaper cost are working their way through the system but soon the new higher prices will have to be passed on.
  7. I knew de Niro had stopped caring, I just couldn't remember when! Thanks! I think he's now trying to see just how bad a film he can get away with making before he dies.
  8. The hatred of socialised health care amongst well-off Americans is surprising but undeniable - not just dislike. They don't see why they should pay for anyone else's lack of ability to pay. It's a view shared by the Farage/Nuttall wing of the UKIPs but seems to bypass the awareness of some of their voters.
  9. If the USA doesn't see Russia as a threat to itself anymore and doesn't care if it overruns parts of Eastern Europe again then NATO is indeed a dead duck and it becomes Europe's problem (mainly but not totally the EU). History tells us that Russia is indeed a threat to Europe without the need for ICBMs; a fractured Europe with squabbling nation states is exactly what Putin wants. I think this is what Cameron was clumsily driving at when he started banging on about World War III (which was one of several statements that people recognised as being over the top and one of the reasons people stopped listening to him).
  10. Good news but talk about going to the wire. I guess Bradford's situation has deflected attention from the fact that Sheffield had no funds and few players a few weeks ago. http://sheffieldeagles.com/News/Article/47970
  11. We walked up to the Fox Glacier but you could only go on it if you paid a guide. Looking at the stats for Rother Valley over 4 years there's a jump after Christmas of about 20-25% (last week saw us get a record 288 runners) and about half of them stick it out. Numbers peak in late spring, fall a bit in summer, go up a bit in the autumn and tend to be lower in December. Rother Valley has grown year on year from 40-50 at the start to a current average of about 200. I actually got two top twenty finishes in NZ due to the number of runners being quite low!
  12. I just ran 3 parkruns in New Zealand including one that went through a live geothermal area. They have a rather more relaxed approach to Health and Safety in NZ and I love them for it.
  13. He's going to have to stop going on Twitter every time somebody criticises him. He's like a spoilt 12 year old whose mummy tells him he's perfect.
  14. I tried to go on a dolphin swim in New Zealand the other week but all the small dolphin had legged it because the orca had come into the bay. From this I learned that the orca is a dolphin and that you're not allowed to swim with them.
  15. Basically a 3rd party company is invoicing you on behalf of the owner of the land and there are many loopholes in this process. The website I used to get help is called pepipoo.Co.UK - I ended up not paying either of mine and neither did my son. These companies are leeches and rely on people being scared into paying. Unless it's a council or police fine, fight it as far as you can. Let us know how you get on.