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  1. Sheffield Eagles: 1. Waisale Sovatabua 2. Misi Taulapapa 3. Menzie Yere 4. Keith Senior 5. Matt Crowther 6. Daryll Powell 7. Mark Aston (Captain, Coach, Manager, President, Referee Appointer, Guardian of the Galaxy) 8. Paul Broadbent 9. Lee Jackson 10. Steve Molloy 11. Darren Shaw 12. Andy Raleigh 13. Jordan James 14. Andrew Henderson 15. Mitch Stringer 16. Whetu Taewa 17. Jack Howieson
  2. Our juniors are more than happy playing in summer, just a shame it's in Yorkshire and not in a vibrant Midlands setup. No it hasn't! There's two teams left standing! It could be the first ever league won by the team who can turn up every week.
  3. IMO the greatest ever. Personal taste and all that. Craig Cash's sitcom about the non-league football club (Rovers) was very good. There was a scene where his character was attempting a fish finger eating challenge that had me in stitches. Car Share lost the plot in the second series.
  4. Mrs Brown's Boys anyone? We are truly in a golden age. Actually I really like Count Arthur Strong but i can see why it doesn't appeal to everyone. The "Soupover" episode is surreal comedy genius, as you might expect from the co-creator of Father Ted. (My answer to The Young Ones is that it was very much a sitcom, albeit subverted in some clever ways. Ben Elton acknowledges that he was brought on the classic sitcoms and it was just his and Rik Mayall/Lise Mayer's take on it.)
  5. I think those comments mean they don't take women seriously.
  6. JK Rowling - " "Lot of folks who have never cared about Dr Who before are suddenly very concerned. Maybe we should announce that climate change is a woman."
  7. He'll be back
  8. This is what you need to do to be able to live permanently in Belgium - do we do this? http://www.expatica.com/be/visas-and-permits/EU-EEA-and-Swiss-citizens-moving-to-Belgium_443311.html
  9. I didn't know Philip Hammond posted on here
  10. They changed cinematic Bond from how he should have been from the books from day one. They've had a female Time Lord (who used to be a man in prior incarnations) for a couple of series now so it isn't new. Still, since you haven't watched it for years they won't be crying about your issues with it at the BBC.
  11. Looks like the whole amateur game is in freefall in large parts of the country. When i think back where the MRL was 6 or 7 years ago it's disappointing to see where it is now.
  12. LinkedIn and recruitment companies are a pain in the butt for employers. They continually contact our better people trying to persuade them they need a new job. I know how sports team managers feel about players' agents.
  13. I agree, Boris's comment is childish.
  14. They didn't do it over the last 40 years, why would they do it if we had voted Remain? You've proposed a pure, grasping at straws hypothetical. We've opened the door for them and unless we negotiate it shut they will happily walk through it.
  15. So if the EU decides that, then what happens? They will leave. And the EU can only take that option because of er... Brexit.