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  1. Double Standards

    The weather is a great leveller even in Rugby League!
  2. Codebrakers - BBC documentary

    The Leigh squad in the 80s didnt take to Tom when he came on as sub ...he had an "explosive" impact...that stayed with me as well!
  3. Anathema to your average Hull KR fan...a Hull FC player on the BBC game link...Evidence of the shabbiness of our (very well resourced) national Broadcaster.
  4. Summut is one of the most gifted talented players Ive had the pleasure to watch reminds me of Graham Holroyd at his best!
  5. New Restructure Rumours

    The central funding sum wouldn`t pay the wages of one fading great from aus/nz...whereas Champ 1 is a stepping stone for young talent who didnt quite get there in sl squads but may do further on in their development... if Superleague get so greedy (and there is one ex prop formerly of Leeds who really has the blinkers on) they will kill the game for the sake of wages/lucre.... 2021 is the Rimmer timeline....and he is the acting chief exec.
  6. Ralph Rimmer candidate for top RFL Job

    500,000 quid no matter what happens would have nothing to do with it eh?
  7. Gavin Bennion

    after playing for ORLFC against Keighley Cougars pre season...ridiculous!
  8. Sunday - Whitebank

    Is it possible for Avro`s to use red marker lines for the Rugby League? and what were the gaps like between the touchlines and the pitch where its been dropped/levelled....will the RFL pass it as it currently is?
  9. I was thrilled when this game changer played for Oldham a few seasons ago...been class since a teen..wish he had come to Oldham...Currently my favourite player...but please give him room, not as full back!
  10. I note they got The Hornets in Championship one in the article....
  11. Law cup week 😁

    Victory 28-24 paul crook outstanding...excellent commentary on Love rugby league!
  12. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    Greedy Elite...just like Football and Rugby Yawnion....
  13. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    They don`t come now perhaps because Oldham are now firmly established (for a whole host of reasons) as third tier part time... The lads try..but believe me it isn`t the same as it once was...not even close. Past Greatness seems further off than ever now...Its hard to take is that! I know cos I was there! (as was my Dad, his workmates, my three sisters my brother, my girlfriend, and a fair few mates.) It felt GOOD to be an Oldham Fan...We so nearly beat the Aussie superstar test team...what a night that was! we beat the pies...Paddy Kirwan, robbed by the Beardmores. beaten single handedly by the great Wally Lewis (away at W field) beat Hull at Hull.
  14. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    Its fair to say that if the Hornets cannot manage financially with their setup (which I once considered a model for ORLFC) then as roughyed34 says...there will inevitably be trouble ahead...we are going to be cast adrift by superleague self interest...The referring to the RU model says it all....An elite on inflated wages...with growing mediocrity player wise... will it be entertaining? Its a question worth asking!
  15. Jack Littlejohn joins the Red Devils

    he will be maid to tuck it in....