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  1. Jack Littlejohn joins the Red Devils

    he will be maid to tuck it in....
  2. Geoff Fletcher RIP The Wonderful Geoff "Piggy" Fletcher...RL Legend! 6.02 in and on....
  3. 2018 Fixtures

    need a cup run...first out of hat!
  4. Geoff Fletcher RIP

    And what a player Mr Drummond turned out to be... a joy to have watched him.
  5. Australia are by far the best team this year...going forward...can any side have the muscle and intense concentration for the full 80 to "get in their faces" and really play on the limit of the rules to really rattle their cages...There are prima donnas in there one at fullback to start with...but hes good!
  6. Geoff Fletcher RIP

    I saw him play late in the day, knock kneed, hammered often in contact, but what a bloke...what a CHARACTER!
  7. No "Hot Wings" in Strangeways....Ta! Da!
  8. Whitebank/vestcare stadium.

    No...waterproofs not brollys as on whitebank road side up go the brollys gone goes the view.
  9. The Future of ORLFC

    I have come round to thinking that without knowing it he`s done us a any one of you want all the sheer stress of a role at ORLFC at a time when RL as a whole is metamorphosising into elite/others (rather like football). with so many clubs on the edge of the abyss, and less and less participation in the nation, and the RFL`s make it up as we go along for the lower leagues, (oxford etc...) Chris would still be a part of it ...out of necessity as I don`t think any of us have the werewithal (initially) on any framework of shared ownership/buyout/takeover. As has been said on here before...Use it before you lose it...Im hauling down my protest flag...Two years now, After all R***dale M*****ld and S********th Ran***s just aint the same...I will go to Whitebank, its handy and I like the proximity. hopefully he will use my gate money to pay off a little of any liabilities. I laughed aloud when one witty wag on here suggested that CH was , and I quote" back in his comfort zone" I knew what was meant...back to winning at Whitebank...all he has to sort really! One day someone may have to "pick up the pieces" cos when this toy gets thrown it will be broken...
  10. its the third sport in the top then RU...there are not that many full time teams if you think about it
  11. The Future of ORLFC

    My own personal understanding* *(purely speculative) of the apparent "Impasse" is that Chris can do without the talking shop and actually was hoping for something more like Cash investment from interested groups/fans. The state of the financials suggests that. and regardless there is no way to assure that a committee would bring success as the club is crying out for investment and now piggybacking on the investment of a local amateur football team. (how that came about little short of astonishing to me as I read the MEN) Hes ran things for a long time now, I can now understand better the ongoing situation...Hes a survivor, goodness knows what lengths he has gone to to carry/drag the club this far. Nor how many have been affected one way or another by his ways of doing business. I wouldnt want the job, my conscience and personal integrity are too valuable. But if you do fancy it...put your money where your mouth is...for that is what it will take and only Rugby Oldham as far as I know has offered.... with no guarantees about anything, even a peep at the accounts... No...and neither would I! (geddit?)
  12. The Future of ORLFC

    Almost singlehandedly Chris is making sure it survives and it will be thus probably as long as he survives...Its what he does! (he "owns" the club after all). We had a term that had to do with some popular fishing clubs...and attaining do with mortality and footwear. great minds are important but great financial largesse with the status quo intact is preferred... theres a term for that too.... were "talking resources" here!
  13. Goodbye Oxford & Gloucestershire All Golds

    If things carry on like they are doing in the lower leagues and amateur game where are the ""elite" super league teams going to recruit...the sheer greed of professional sport will kill the game and the RFL seem helpless.
  14. ground advertising exposure revenue and the substantial increase in superleague central funding will, no doubt temper his personal disappointment...Though the fans will grind their teeth under the old adage of he who pays the piper (Sky) calls the tune...Its the fans as ever who get the short shrift. I wonder just what he thought the RFL would do exactly?
  15. Next seasons league place.

    What I wonder is in league one are ORLFC going to play every other team home and away(once) or is it a lash up....again?