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  1. eclecticsheep

    McNamara must go!!

    Oh Look Mr McNamara has just coached Catalan Dragons to winning the Challenge Cup Final.... Someone should start an.... "Apologies I was wrong thread!"
  2. eclecticsheep

    New league structure revealed

    there may be space for the planned SL development teams to enter league one.... And... we could still keep the Dual reg sorry multi reg arrangements also....DOH! Baldrick has a cunning plan...
  3. eclecticsheep


    Tell them to bend their backs Brian!!! TA! DA!
  4. eclecticsheep

    Seven Games

    David liddiard and mr beardmore...sends a shiver down my spine!
  5. eclecticsheep

    Player Drain

    Wot does your last line mean?
  6. Jarrod Sammut... Very good...Classy player!
  7. eclecticsheep

    which leeds players need to be shown the door 1st?

    Joel Moon is a fine player but didnt seem to fancy Tackling and he wasnt on his own...flailing arms one going low. Pack second best all game...Warrington did them a favour as Les Cats on current form would Muller them up the middle!
  8. eclecticsheep

    Lack of signings

    Absolutely right Dave...regardless of any view one entertains re Chris` and ORLFC just think for a moment what he has endured under the knife...These things can completely change ones thoughts and what in your life is really important....its a wake up call to your own mortality. I certainly don`t begrudge him some sun and R and R...get well soon Chris! (and God Bless You).
  9. eclecticsheep

    The Qualifiers - Predictions

    I wonder how many are spending money they have not got though? How could the RFL check?
  10. eclecticsheep

    The Qualifiers - Predictions

    the lower sides in SL certainly seem to be doing some "panic buying"...To me this hardly seems fair! I do hope they have got the money for this?
  11. eclecticsheep

    TWP lose first ever game at home .

    Fev ultra quick ptb very nice...though the "slap round the chops" remark earlier in the forum is relevant...I watched all the game and throughout there was"robust" contact...a fair bit borderline...The Featherstone team showed great discipline in my view. Think Dawson and Robinson very good. Brierleys high bombs way too deep, fev found touchline all match and tackled their hearts out...Outstanding!
  12. Lets go back to playing the ball with the foot before introducing "fewer knock ons!" LOL Lower leagues should tremble...Its obvious where they want the money to go. It was also said by Mr Lindsay that all the money went back into the game...once upon a time? and last but not least ...Wakefield and Cas ground do they think either of these teams, both now competitive in SL can find the MILLIONS to have 20000 seater stadia with rows of empty seats...they should watch Salford sky coverage in the AJ Bell...and rethink. after all the fans of both these sides are packing in to see the fine product on the pitch...In their traditional homes...and why not...just gradually repair them....AJ Bell hasnt worked for Salford...whos old ground was good in my view (been there many times).
  13. eclecticsheep

    It's Ralph

    Sure got under your skin the referral to Positivity re this announcement! Go on then... Just what would you do re the overall future of the game? I dare you!
  14. eclecticsheep

    It's Ralph

    negative negative keyboard experts...get in line for the job Adeybull...If you could cut it get your hat in the ring! you have all the answers/solutions I suppose! (Yeh Right!)
  15. eclecticsheep

    It's Ralph

    First positive and generous post... Says a lot in itself about the people on this forum!