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  1. It always amazes me that a club can get £100000 in hock and nobody "notices" till its too late??? Then the bloke responsible at the top can just walk away....Try that with your own financial responsibilities and you`ll end up in court....and quite possibly jail!
  2. I watched Mayfield at the miners and Leigh were steamrolled in the first half, but a player came off the bench (think he was either standoff or centre) for Leigh and in the second half they were far better... There was a player for Leigh who laid in to his team mates all the game...think he was the fullback...hard to say if it did any good.
  3. I dont see the redevelopment at Whitebank being safe for Rugby League and I have being keeping watch...on my evening bike run (occasionally!) Maybe Chris himself will have "Had Enough" if ORLFC get relegated? or as has been suggested the RFL will "move the goalposts" (a Whitebank term....) in the Championship... which I surmise is Highly Likely.
  4. I thought Big Eorl did well on t` telly.....
  5. Cor

    The work there is moving along nicely...But there seems no way that the pitch is RL friendly with that sturdy metal barrier all round and the tiny touch line off pitch space. Nowts being said per usual!
  6. Scored the first try for Cas and copped one in the process...
  7. Salford have yet to recover from the move out of the Willows...which was never as bad a ground as was touted..AJ Bell could still end up as a White Elephant as ALL hinges on Marwan!
  8. been watching Saddleworth Rangers home games this season along with rochdale Mayfield at home...very enjoyable. Houghy still a star turn...cant beat an old head....
  9. Spidey, I didnt think the game at Rangers was dirty, and , as a neutral, I actually thought the ref had a good game, the greasy wet conditions led to some highish contact...but the two guests I took along thought it was a good entertaining game and with 5 minutes to go it looked like the visitors would snatch it... I also watch Mayfield at home games and if there was thuggery, well i have not seen any when they have played at Castleton.
  10. Is spidey talking about the crosfields v saddleworth rangers match, I was there and the poor lads nose was a right mess and he was in the ambulance at the ground for quite a period...I do hope hes ok.
  11. "A clean slate?"....This could cost Denis his job...If only Chase would Man Up and play (and conduct himself) maturely...He is so gifted and Talented, a pleasure to watch when he`s on song...Mr Betts should tell him in no uncertain terms that his career will be over sooner than he realises then is the time he can do whatever (press the self destruct button)... *He is drinking in the last chance saloon.... * yeah...I know....
  12. I had a cycle down to take a peek at whitebank stadium last night, and it looks to me that the pitch,(which looks great) has been laid purely with football in mind, with very little room outside the touchlines, especially by the seat block, where there is now a wall, equally small behind both goals with a sturdy metal rail down the bottom end, (and a small lake further back) it has a high security fence all around but just down the road the phase two of the housing development is in full swing, (road closed at top of stag pasture road). Its a nice looking job for amateur football nevertheless It seems to me that an opportunity has been missed again....Which just about sums it up in my opinion... I mean the ORLFC offices are there arent they? One cannot blame Avro`s after all it is their money.
  13. I still remember being at the bottom of the pavilion steps at watersheddings when the huge brute that is Les Boyd darkened the sky as he lumbered past...what a brutal, nasty, solid bruiser of a bloke was he...Not a nice man when his dander was up(Often) but what a beast...frightening! As was our own Brian Hogan....
  14. He who pays the piper calls the tune...
  15. Ray Ashton Andy Goodway