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  1. eclecticsheep

    Dual Reg with Leigh

    I noticed Kieran Gill turned out for Newcastle against Bradford yesterday...and scored their only points! Its all a bit odd that players seem to be able to represent so many teams in the same league...rather unfair for the squad lads I would think! And if ORLFC missed the playoffs on points difference????
  2. eclecticsheep

    The realities of life at this level

    the last chief exec took a humdinger of a pay day when he departed! would have run league one with a pay rise! WHY?
  3. eclecticsheep


    if only rugby oldhams offer to put some step terracing along the whitebank road side could have been negotiated...for whatever is said on here you cannot see adequately, and if the rain comes forget it.... Whitebank has the potential...but the motivation will not be there since the lease was surrendered.... And superleague seem to be after as much of the sky pot as they can grab.... hardly inspires one with hope for the future... And last but not least Chris himself is not at all well... And where would ORLFC be without him?
  4. eclecticsheep

    Jarrod Sammutt

    Sammut one of my very favourite RL Talents! NICE!
  5. eclecticsheep


    the catch 22 is (for ORLFC ) the decline in attendance would possibly make promotion to Championship not beneficial...with a ground move inevitable. Geoff has raised a valid point!
  6. eclecticsheep

    Miloudi avoids biting charge

    Hill looks to have given Miloudi a "forearm facial" in the process catching his gumshield...then chases after the ref like a football softie! Come on Chris you are better than that!
  7. No longer wasting the electricity on this.... embarrassing!
  8. eclecticsheep

    Oliver Russell

    Huddersfield WON! happy days...
  9. eclecticsheep


    How do West Wales recover from that Shellacking?
  10. eclecticsheep

    Free sport Live

    I went (for the first time) to Underbank RLFC (Holmfirth)and watched an enjoyable game...the social side was obvious...very pleasant setup...friendly... good turnout. NCL proving to scratch my RL Itch very nicely!
  11. cue the BBC with reporters and helicopters!
  12. eclecticsheep

    Hull KR

    Wigan! Tears at the top today!
  13. eclecticsheep

    Hull KR

  14. eclecticsheep


    Mc Nally would have been a good signing for you too...hes still got pace to burn and the wow factor.
  15. Just seen this side wipe the floor with Rochdale Mayfield...just who is going to beat them...they are quite a side. (pity about their fans though) ps It was equally amazing to me to see Matt Calladine do a big percentage of the match, get involved in a tad of biff,and supply a sublime short pass for Mayfields first try, when they were 32 nil down...he`s Blackpoolrock...break him in half and you would see Rugby League written there.