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  1. The March Brothers...a fearsome combination...It might just work short term!
  2. I was at the game yesterday against a Rochdale Mayfield Team in good form, with a fair few ex pro`s in the line up, the miners were blitzed in the first half, but the second half was much better with a fine performer at stand off allied to a gritty pack performance bringing the miners to within 2 points, a dropped high ball/10 min in the sin bin and a one on one ball steal were the game changers...and Rochdale finished strong...My view from the pitchside is that The Miners coach had only one problem...His own full back who swore repeatedly at his own team like a running tap in the second half...Class....Not! Mayfield, who I have been watching are no mugs and the very strong comeback by the miners in the second half made for great entertainment...The Ref had a very good game and produced a red card for one of the Mayfield coaching staff, he promptly took off his baseball cap and stayed in the dugout....Ridiculous!
  3. Yes Clifford...The floating supporter is an apt description.....
  4. It looked like they brought more fans than Oldham too Tosh!!!
  5. And not forgetting The Leythers not being the new easybeats/whipping boys, and the Warrington Wolves temporary loss of confidence...They will come good Tony Smith hasn`t turned into a bad coach! Marwan will be Hyper!!!!
  6. dont forget to update BBC Iplayer to the "BETA" version, the work of a moment on Iplayer "settings"
  7. And Rochdale are the "form" team and are by no means the "easybeats" from a few years ago...
  8. Leeds (like Leicester city in football)..won the whole caboodle and were dominant It must be hard to motivate a group who had achieved all their goals, and the oppo hasnt stood still has it!!!
  9. Look on the bright side...there may be some of the dual reg lads that have put such a shift in at Oldham available from Hudds for the rearranged fixture, its one that Oldham really need to WIN! especially after that stunning effort by the Hornets yesterday!
  10. Won

    Well done Hornets....
  11. On the pitch for 80 mins anywhere.....LOL!
  12. Someone somewhere is someday going to put a wiper on a TV camera...
  13. Yes...and absolutely covered with houses before you know it...rather like the sheddings was!
  14. 48-0 fs
  15. live commentary