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  1. The Facts

    The question is would anyone want the Albatross around their neck, The whole game in the lower leagues is in imbalance and the superleague are going to let us wither on the vine ORLFC are at the bottom step of semi professional rl after over 20 years of Chris` tenure For me He can keep it and I will continue as HOTB posted just above
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Whatever else that you can say about crooky...he`s a matchwinner when the pressure is on!
  3. New coach

    I just wonder whether the sum reported by MEN to be outstanding to OMBC was ever paid/settled IF there is a possible return to Whitebank on the cards? Wouldn`t historic debt prevent this? (or am I missing something?)
  4. New coach I guess this is now all tickety boo and sorted then?
  5. Possible reprieve?

    Its out of your hands mate....The Super league chairmen will decide...and it will be "Vested Interest" they have the box office product... Professional Sport...majority of money into elite players bank accounts.... Rather like football premiership really. crumbs from the rich mans table is what champ and champ1 are left with... They dont see the bigger picture nor care either (they cannot afford to).... Its all about survival at the top table, think about it a moment...Inevitable isnt it!
  6. BBC Radio York Commentary

    Adam in the studio...Youre Fired! online and on the website...He wasnt listening then...Laughable!
  7. BBC Radio York Commentary

    All the game...whenever the action raised the mike wentR2D2 indeed absolute shabby job by BBC sounded like the SOOTY SHOW! Haven won 21-20
  8. All game the mike has been cutting out...ALL THE BL888Y in extra time golden point
  9. Statement from the Chairman....

    The cats out of the bag now Dave....I spotted that too!!! LOL!
  10. Statement from the Chairman....

    It isnt suitable really....parking, canal, not many seats and a pitch that tends to hold water...very good amateur setup.
  11. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Andy..the thing that got to me is that it was all sounding so plausible...that is how the chairman came across. undoubtedly a likeable bloke with a deal of charisma. It hurt me personally as I so wanted change at ORLFC, for I knew in my heart that Rugby Oldham would be a fine organisation to "Partner" with to build a future on more than one man, (if only for longer term sustainability) Its water under the bridge now. My motivation in the first place was to work towards the re establishment of the nomadic club, (even if that meant Whitebank), having seen the groundswell of goodwill when under Tony Benson the club ,players supporters all pitched in to sort out the grottiest dump in the champ1...That is the seed that needs to be fed and watered because what is being played out now simply hasn`t worked. There are so many people of good will who support Oldham through thick and thin, Chris what you are doing is not bringing the results you hoped for...surely its time now to consider a new strategy?
  12. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    He will eventually speak when he gets over the obvious disappointment... Im not a betting man but if I was my "odds on" would be he will go again.
  13. 2018

    I watched the Rangers on Saturday down at Warrington..there were three blokes in the pack for they had some timber up front! they were well beaten by a side with talent at 6 and 7 (ex Warrington Wolves I heard)
  14. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    The hard fact for the older end (like what I am) is we are actually back to square one, no Chron, in the development league, and the business model of ORLFC is unchanged.... Downbeat a la Tony Smith...I should co co....
  15. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Hey Moorside.... God does know...