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  1. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    It'll be them leftists. You mark my words.
  2. As no one has seen the report yet that would be difficult. What seems unarguable is that Russian agents acted with others to interfere in the last US Presidential election. We know this because a number of Russian and US citizens have been indicted for these offences. Whether President Trump personally colluded is not yet cear but as I have always said (C) Farmduck, To consider a "No Collusion" finding as the end of the whole thing is a bit like running a 9/11 investigation around the central issue of whether or not the hijackers were using valid passports.
  3. I believe the phrase amongst the yoof is LOL.
  4. Considering several of them are or were advisers to Trump I find that hard to believe.
  5. Do you think we'd be in a better or worse position if the LibDem/Conservative coaloition had been returned to power in 2015?
  6. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    His actions say otherwise
  7. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    Tell me what you think they do support
  8. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    Then you’re an idiot
  9. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    Jailed for my beliefs. free the Salisbury 1 #victim #feelmypain
  10. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    No evidence for the founder of the EDL, Muslim attacking convicted violent offender drug taking fraudster being Racist Doubleplusungood doesn’t even come close.
  11. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    It had everything to do with whether they are worthy of support because I asked that question in the post. You have consistently told us how liberals don’t follow that definition, at no point have you told us what definition of liberals you would agree with. As a rule of thumb, if it’s in the Daily Mail it’s usually worth fact checking
  12. I'm going to steal that and use it to death like it was my own
  13. Shadow

    Soldier F

    More effective at creating havoc in the UK as well. PIRA should push for more referendums
  14. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    No, again the examples you gave previously were not of free speech being curtailed they were racist rants. Criticism based on facts, acceptable, Criticism based on being forrin, not acceptable.
  15. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    Go on then, mention him. What context? Repellent right wing skid marks we should all abhor?