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  1. Where are these alternatives now? if either were any good why not publish them as a suggestion of a better deal?
  2. Yes. That's exactly what he said.
  3. Wrong wrong wrongity wrong. They say Aboot and it's cold eh?
  4. The word I'd choose won't get through the sweary filter.
  5. Taking back control. Isn't it exciting.
  6. The Majority also voted Leave. I thnk we've had enough of listening to the British Public.
  7. Only in a "who is the most incapable of running the country" contest
  8. Sadly I don't think our membership or otherwise of the EU is the biggest problem we face over the issue of the Referendum.We appear to have been left with a deeply divided nation with entrenched positions from a hard core of true believers on both sides of the argument, to the extent that any further votes before the reality of Brexit will only further alienate the "losing" side. If Remain were to win the endless complaining and whining from the thwarted gammon faced little englanders furious that their vision of a Britain free from the constraints of EU membership sailing a wealthy path across the waters of international commerce would be unbearable, equally the collective clucking from the massed ranks of bearded economics lecturers in tweed from rooms above pubs if Leave were to repeat their previous success would potentially reach a critical mass and pitch us into an alternate realm to be consumed by demons. probably. The only positive outcome would be a decisive victory, over 75% of the electorate taking part with at least a 70% majority either way so it is clearly an overal majoriy of the electorate and to be brutal, I don't see that happening but anything less and the country will beeven more divided. Sadly I see the only solution to the deep rift we have inflicted on ourselves to be going through with Brexit and suffering the privations and misery of being an unaligned nation for long enough that the clear majority view is to rejoin as soon as possible, or (for balance) we will be so prosperous as we feast on nectar and Unicorn Steaks under the benevolent gaze of our political leaders, Jacob Rees-Smugg and Boris the philandering liar that we question why we ever believed EU membership was a consideration. I will be campaigning for the UK to rejoin as soon as possible but I don't see anything other than at least 5 years misery and recession as enough to get the message through that we were lied to repeatedly and blatantly, I hope business, farming, manufacturing and the NHS survive, we'll need them in 5 - 10 years when we come to our collective senses.
  9. So despite his long list of absolute failure in public office, his inability to achieve anything and his apparent collusion in corrupt dealings for example the Garden Bridge in London his proven untrustworthiness, his constant lying and obfuscating and his serial philandering you genuinely think he's the man for the job? What are you some 18th century urchin that respects his betters and loves a toff?
  10. Bit harsh. You sound very angry. Perhaps you should try to relax a bit.
  11. Shadow

    Our new position in the EU

    Like the Advanced Passenger Notice you have to fill in for flights to Spain?
  12. Go on then Martyn, with the benefit of all your military experience perhaps you could explain why and in what ways an EU Defence force would be dangerous.
  13. Shadow

    Rant thread

    I made a similar joke last week, I seem to recall being invited to stick it up my zig a zig aah
  14. I used to have customers in the Cable TV industry and was told a story of an interview without coffee for the IT manager when the Operations Director wanted to send out a congratulatory email to the entire company congratulating them on achieving "maximum market penetration" and their filters picked up "Maximum" and "Penetration" and raised an automatic report to HR. They also claimed not to be able to discuss any works in scunthorpe.
  15. Imagine "b u r s t" not making it through the sweary filter