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  1. He knows you know
  2. It would be the first time this govenrment has been well prepared for anything if they were
  3. Did much good work with the Black and Tans as well I believe
  4. The Culture Wars

    or to put it another way... Britain's biggest self publicist gets more publicity from the same non-story and drags it out for another photo opportunity.
  5. It’s unfair but there’s little you can do aboot it eh
  6. The TV Thread

    In a couple of minuets you could tell he loved to dance talk
  7. Our new position in the EU

    I thought they were going to capitulate because we buy their luxury vehicles
  8. By sending the ones we sent to Canada we improved the average IQ of both countries
  9. Either you can’t comprehend the clear implication I quoted or you’re being deliberately obtuse.
  10. Army adverts

    It seems trite to just “like” a post like this, I wish there were some better way of registering my admiration and respect for what you have written.
  11. Project fear. Get over it snowflake. We will have taken back control.
  12. Overseas my postal vote arrived 2 days after we flew out on holiday. i did tell them I had booked my holiday before they announced the referendum and they should reschedule but no joy.
  13. The only thing being grasped round here is straws by you. whatever the thrust of the article he says “I’m in the wrong party” and ”I’ve thrown in my lot with the Tories” how explicit does it have to be?
  14. I’m still weighing up whether to run for Parliament, but after this week’s reshuffle I’ve concluded I’m in the wrong party. If you’re a middle-aged white male, particularly one who’s been to Oxford, your chances of becoming a Conservative minister are negligible. So there it is. I have all the right credentials to excel in the Labour party — a title, an Oxford degree, a VIP father — and yet I’ve thrown in my lot with the Tories, where all those things are terrible disadvantages