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  1. To be fair, in yours it's all the fault of the Tories
  2. Speaking from the South.... Can you really buy a house for £138k?
  3. So to paraphrase... Anyone who voted based on what the leaders of the Leave campaign was telling them was foolish. Glad we've sorted that out then, if a little late.
  4. Lucky I've got 4 Wheel Drive
  5. Solar Farms seem to be popping up everywhere I look in the Hampshire / Wiltshire area.
  6. Ah ok understand it now.
  7. Not sure what point you are trying to make here
  8. Have you and your partner split? Mate, you didn't mention it earlier
  9. You've announced it at least three times on here
  10. Was that after you'd told her it was over at Christmas?
  11. Probably got something to do with being a UN security council member and having the fifth largest army and second biggest nuclear stockpile in the world.
  12. We've got a Pine Bed. How will I know if I'm dead?
  13. Grrr, it's political correctness gone mad. Imagine needing evidence before you can charge someone. Ridiculous.