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  1. Shadow

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    Alexander Graham Bell
  2. Shadow

    Electric cars

    I too had an outlander PHEV for 3 years around town and commuting to work (16 miles each way in current job, 22 in the previous job) I got in excess of 70 mpg, on a long motorway run that dropped to 30-35 depending on how much of a hurry I was in. 100 miles on battery power would make it a much more useable vehicle
  3. I quoted his lies and hypocrisy at the time, he refused to address the issue then and is refusing to address the issue now. several people including me have called him out on his wrong "facts" his distortion, his hypocrisy and his outright lies. his debating style of choice is just to ignore any points raised and do the online equivalent of shouting louder. I'll remind you of the proverb about empty vessels and comparative volume. there is little point in engaging with him, he is a fool.
  4. Shadow

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    Stories like this one are the modern day equivalent of the microwaving a pet stories of old. they are nothing about the technology and all about fear of change
  5. Shadow

    The Culture Wars

    Why isn't everyone that's absolutely loaded hard working?
  6. Yaarrr seem ye be our ships surgeon matey
  7. Aaargg ahoy there shipmate
  8. the great day be upon us mateys yaarrr
  9. Shadow

    The TV Thread

    Isn’t it an extended yellow pages advert then?
  10. Might get you banned from the Manchester Virgin Megastore though
  11. You go and say it to her manager. worst case you’ll get some vouchers to spend in store, best case she may actually get put right.