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  1. I think it was a mistake putting names to salaries, what the BBC could have done was give the upper and lower limits and declined to reveal individual figures on a confidentiality basis. looking at the numbers and comparing it to what we know about competitors pay scales I don't have a massive issue with the range, the gender gap I have more of an issue with and think it will need addressing. I don't think there's an easy answer but I'm sure the Daily Mail will offer a nice knee jerk reaction
  2. Cod

    I'm trying to join in with the fishy puns but frankly I'm just going to flounder
  3. Are you implying Phil is neither Young nor Attractive?
  4. I am currently loving the latest incarnation of "The Thick of It", Malcolm Tucker doesn't seem to be in it but they've brought in a blonde buffoon that's played by that bloke who used to be on "Have I Got News for You" and I've no idea who they are basing the Prime Minister on, if any of the actual politicians in parliament could prove it was based on them I'm convinced there would be a case for legal action, she's potrayed as incompetent, weak, vacillating and incapable of maintaining a policy for more than ten minutes all while just making stuff up to justify her increasingly tenuous grip on power. Some of the catch phrases have been Partridge-esque. "Strong and Stable" "Coalition of Chaos" "Yes Arlene, I'm your biatch"
  5. Couldn't the EU just go to a walk-in clinic at the nearest UK consulate or try a homeopathic remedy instead? We could dissolve Boris in an infinite volume of water and send M Barnier a bottle of essence of BoJo to give the effect of his presence. I'm on fire over here
  6. Do you have figures to support that or are you repeating something you heard in the pub? As an owner of the same type of Plug in Hybrid that CKN has just handed back I did some research before buying and this report summarises the situation. It's also a much lighter vehicle for a similar size (Mitsubishi Outlander) to your Land Cruiser so causes less damage to the road surface and it has given me the best tyre life of any vehicle I've ever owned, over 46,000 miles on the original set and they still have over 3mm tread at the front and 5mm at the rear so incidental costs are lower meaning fewer tyres being made and fewer being sent to landfill. Add to the lower carbon footprint the absence of Diesel Particulates and the PHEV is a far more environmentally friendly vehicle than your ancient Land Cruiser. The value of the car is relevant to the expectation by the leasing company for the customer to sign paperwork unseen.
  7. Ecclestone at Full Back. Safe under the High Ball and a good running return.
  8. 1 Hartnell 2 Troughton 3 Pertwee 4 Baker (T) 5 Davison 6 Baker (C) 7 McCoy 8 McGann 9 Eccleston 10 Tennant 11 Smith 12 Tucker 13 Whittaker Where's me anorak?
  9. Even if you disregard the reference to the many lies from the current administration and the Leave campaign the point about not being in power still stands. Perhaps you'd like to comment on that? While we're talking whataboutism whatabout those Tory policies you disagree with? Still waiting. (See what I did there?)
  10. You do know he didn't win so any manifesto promises can't be enacted. I know standards have dropped since my day but surely todays youth realise a party has to be in power before they can change their legislation promises into legislation. If you want to discuss voters feeling duped can we discuss the £350 million for the NHS, the imminent arrival of 70,000,000 Turkish migrants, continued membership of the single market and Theresa May saying she wouldn't call a snap election 5 times before er calling a snap election.
  11. Of course if we were members of a large multinational trading and cultural partnership that comprised oh I don't know, maybe 20% of the world's economy then it would be so much easier to get together with the French and the Germans and put in place a cohesive strategy with certain Human Rights criteria linked to export permissions for weaponry and related goods. That trade group could then include a clause in any agreements with third parties like China or Russia to encourage them to take similar measures. I say "related goods" as I for one felt a swell of nationalistic pride when I discovered the cattle prods used by the Bahrain Police to deal with rioters are made in the UK. I wonder if such an organisation could ever exist.
  12. She's said a lot of things, not all of which turn out to be 100% accurate
  13. Interesting comments on there, seems even the Daily Mail readers can spot something that has nothing to do with the EU and plenty to do with the incompetence of the former home secretary.
  14. Make those Jezebels wear modest clothes to stop the temptation.
  15. Maybe you weren't very good at your job and pay rises were performance related?