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  1. Is it worth reminding people that it was the UK Government that blocked EU protection of the Steel Industry from Chinese suppliers? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tata-steel-uk-government-accused-of-failing-to-protect-british-workers-by-blocking-eu-plans-to-allow-a6962446.html
  2. I'd have given you a like just for the use of the word Jackanapes but you're spot on throughout that post.
  3. Not understanding something doesn't make it untrue
  4. One eyed Space Pirate Sucks the fun out of the room Madonna was Excruciating Seems to have been well received by the crititcs
  5. You mean drunk don't you I certainly was and enjoyed it, my enjoyment only slightly marred by a lack of genuine europop
  6. Not according to Saintslass it's not. Seems as if according to her it's OK to vote against the party if she approves of the reasons.
  7. John, I don't think you realise, GJ is Lib dem, Not a Conservatve.
  8. The Fringe and New parties will have access to the electoral roll, which is where all parties get their base information. The mainstream parties will have what are effectively bespoke CRM systems to filter by voting history and a whole load of other information, whether you voted is a matter of public record and if someone has never voted when eligible there is little point in targeting them individually. If you don't have the system in place then a blanket approach to mailing is the only method available.
  9. I'd imagine you are a committed party member or committed leaver/remainer, either way you won't be targeted. The "fringe" and newer parties don't have access to the voter databases the main parties have and so will be less targeted in their deliveries. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_database#In_the_United_Kingdom If you'd like some Lib Dem leaflets I've got 5,000 waiting to be delivered in my front room.
  10. Danny Alexander could do with a slap in the head with a wet haddock. The muppet.
  11. I enjoyed the final episode of "The Big Bang Theory"
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