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  1. commonwealth 9s

    See Regulation 6 I would guess: too few national participants insufficient TV coverage not an Olympic Sport No recognised international competition already got RU 7s as an event
  2. Job hunting

    It's not ethics or morality, remember back in the day when you were a drop short FOO and you would find yourself selected for tasks that had no bearing on your skillset or training but because the officer or SNCO in charge knew you and the standard of work you were capable of he selected you for your attitude and determination? Same thing here. I have no background or experience in my new role but because I've been a "hands on" manager in manufacturing and distribution Ihave been employed for what they think I could do rather than what I have done.
  3. Job hunting

    My life used to be partway between Dilbert and Alex. But not in a good way.
  4. Job hunting

    What a great way of engendering a fantastic working environment.
  5. Job hunting

    Whether it's the new year and new budgets or what I don't know but I've been called by recruitment agents 3 times in the past week or so with jobs specifically aimed at my experience and skillset, all offering a reasonable handfull of more cash than I get now but as I only started this role in October and it seems to be working quite well for me I've told them all I'm not interested. I did mutter "where were you 6 months ago" as I put the phone down.
  6. I think I’ve posted this previously but.... I had this conversation with a friend who lives in the Philippines and I suggested it was bad for them to train nurses (this was around the time the NHS had recruited a large number of Philippine nurses) only to lose them to the U.K. and USA turns out it’s a planned government policy, they look at their young people as a resource and have invested in a number of US/EU standard teaching hospitals where they can churn out nurses and doctors on a production line knowing that a large percentage will work overseas sending money back to their families and a proportion will then come back having gained experience and learned more. it also means if you live in Manila you get very high quality health care available which leads to an improved infrastructure so attracting outside investment.
  7. Our new position in the EU

    Can you quantify "much smaller influence" How are you defining it or is it just some vague feeling of them all being foreign and ganging up on us?
  8. To change the subject slighty As a keen amateur student of politics I'd like to research the personalities involved in the latest Trump related scandal. Does anyone have any advice on how I can explain to Mrs Shadow my "research" into the works of Stormy Daniels ? Asking for a friend, obviously
  9. Rant thread

    I'm guessing "The driver called but there was no one there" That's always been top of my angry list.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    We can't all be net receivers from the budget, more has to go in than comes out. We benefit by being part of the free trade area that gives us over 40% of our exports. You seem to be arguing that by leaving the EU we will be better off by the value of our payments and ignore the fact that our payment is based on VAT which is based on sales of goods and services. The UK economy was worth around $2.6 Trillion USD in 2016 (the most recent figures I could find with a quick google search) which corresponds to a Tax Revenue of approximately $1Trillion USD over the same period. Growth was forecast at 2.2% in 2016, it is now expected to be 1.5% this year, dropping to 1.3% by 2020 and only rising to 1.5% again in 2021. I wonder what could have caused those drops in growth forecast? If we experience drops in growth of this much on the tax revenue that equates to $9Billion USD per year, so even if we accept your little englander argument that we get no benefit whatsoever from investing in EU infrastructure we stand to lose almost as much just on the tax revenues as you expect to save. If you add in the losses from having to pay tariffs on our trade with the EU and other markets then the net losses are far greater than any wishful thinkng on the side of a bus. Even on a simple economic argument your basis for leaving the EU is laughable, if you add in the loss of influence and support we will experience by leaving a trade bloc comprising 20% of the world economy it becomes downright tragic. Aha I hear you say, China is growing exponentially, India is a massive economy and what about all that Scotch the Japanese want to buy? Donald Trump loves us and will give us a deal whereby we can sell them all the Unicorns they can take and our NHS will be safe from Kaiser Permanente taking it over. China and India are both growing on the back of cheap labour producing items we want for next to no money, they are not going to start buying our manufactured goods, we will lose our pivotal role in the world ecoomy so they wont need our financial services either. The USA have stated they will be looking for deals that benefit them first and foremost and will be addressing trade imbalances, we will get a fax with their Ts & Cs and a take it or leave it note from the Donald. It will almost definitely include access to our healthcare market and accepting their food which doesn't meet current EU regulations. We won't have a hard border with Ireland becaue if we do the IRA will go back to their old shenanigans but we can't have soft border because we have taken back control. Rotterdam is recruting additional customs and freight agents and is expanding it's freight facility. Dover has done nothing and is now to late to have things in place by 2019. Explain again how well it's all going.
  11. Our new position in the EU

    I forgot they need us more than we need them BMWs and Prosecco apparently
  12. Our new position in the EU

    What on earth do you mean by “lining the pockets of 27 other nations”? as long as closed minded petty confrontational views like that prevail in the leave camp we can never hope to have a negotiated agreement with the EU. It’s a partnership, we all benefit. Someone else benefitting is not bad for us.
  13. Any more than there isn't a "clear" difference between 49% and 51% but we're going to hell in a handbasket on that basis.
  14. 6'2" is clearly not as tall as 6'3" Unless the President has grown since his driving licence was issued there's nothing contentious there.
  15. Thank goodness for Donald Trump