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  1. Jobsite is bad, Totaljobs is worse., I was sent an email alert yesterday with Wealth Fund Manager in Abu-Dhabi, basic $100,000 USD and Trainee Barista at Caffe Nero. Both apparently suited to me based on other roles I've applied for and the filters in my job search. Neither is anything I'd consider or have experience or qualifications for. I now use CV Library and sometimes Jobsite and only go to Totaljobs for light entertainment.
  2. Yes, there's me saying it didn't happen. I suggested that anecdotal evidence from 20 years ago was not indicative of the situation today, a situation that T Y B has clarified with his link above that shows Positive Discrimination is illegal whereas positive action is not.
  3. Project fear. Stop your remoaning. Don't you realise we hold all the aces?
  4. It existed 20 years ago a more recent example of the format you experienced might go a long way to persuading me it's a similar issue today. Hope this clarifies things.
  5. It may or may not have helped shape the situation today but to say because johnoco suffered the ###### end of the positive action stick in 1998 means positive discrimination is a factor today seems to me to be somewhat wide of the mark.
  6. It's anecdotal because it's one uncorroborated story, that's what anecdotal means. your experience of 20 years ago is irrelevant to a discussion about the situation today because it was 20 years ago. Were you black at the time?
  7. Anecdotal evidence from 20 years ago is pretty much irrelevant
  8. It absolutely *Did* happen at least once, twenty years ago.
  9. Obvious really. The car was previously owned by a Pro Rugby League Player and each time he went forward 3 metres he had to reverse ten. I'd have thought you'd realise that.
  10. Au Contraire you ignore the genius of "green door" and "this old house" by Shakin' Stevens and the entire Showadywaddy back catalogue to name but two
  11. No no no things were better in the past we had control and sovereignty and stuff. any way EU. Sharia law.
  12. Saintslass will confirm that this is good because the pound was over valued apparently
  13. Surely shots of any type are something we are trying to avoid in solving the Irish Border issues
  14. Yes but that would be the youngsters that Farage says it is important should see the film so that must be good.