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  1. It would do for a weekend place I suppose
  2. To be fair I set the search parameters to within 10 miles of Hull and a value of £450k, that was the first result.
  3. What her husband does is entirely relevant as it indicates how closely she is identified with the financial world, I suspect you know I'm not being sexist and have no argument with which to counter my suggestion so resort to throwing around childish accusations. I suggest you desist. I have no confidence in Theresa May to deliver anything that re balances the UK economy and every confidence she will continue to attempt to support the financial industry at the expense of the rest of us.
  4. Crikey. Just compared my area to Hull Redlynch Hull
  5. And do Theresa May's actions so far fill you with confidence that this will happen? Do you think she is entirely independent of the financial sector? Remind me what her husband does for a living?
  6. To be fair, in yours it's all the fault of the Tories
  7. Speaking from the South.... Can you really buy a house for £138k?
  8. So to paraphrase... Anyone who voted based on what the leaders of the Leave campaign was telling them was foolish. Glad we've sorted that out then, if a little late.
  9. Lucky I've got 4 Wheel Drive
  10. Solar Farms seem to be popping up everywhere I look in the Hampshire / Wiltshire area.
  11. Ah ok understand it now.
  12. Not sure what point you are trying to make here
  13. Have you and your partner split? Mate, you didn't mention it earlier