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  1. Bob, in your op you said you'd turned it on and off again. Have you now turned it back on and is that what fixed the problem? Just asking. 😈
  2. tonyXIII

    Dear Diary

    Where else? Piggin' out in Pigi.
  3. tonyXIII

    Dear Diary

    Isn't jealousy a nasty emotion? Right now I feel very nasty. I won't feel nasty in a couple of hours when I'll be enjoying a meal and a beer in the village square.
  4. tonyXIII

    Rant thread

    A glass of 5 star Metaxa certainly puts lead in your pencil. 😉
  5. tonyXIII

    Dear Diary

    Good luck for both the health and job issues.
  6. tonyXIII

    Rant thread

    Which Metaxa? There is 1 star (I think, but I've never seen it), 3 star, 5 star and 7 star. I'm open to correction if someone has actually seen another version. IMO, the 5 star is best.
  7. Should've gone to Specsavers, mate.😉
  8. Both teams are so bad, they might both lose this one. (Is that possible?) Seriously, Salford to register their last win of the regular season by 6.
  9. tonyXIII

    Dear Diary

    Enjoy your holiday, Phil.
  10. tonyXIII


    Bloody hell, mate! I thought I had it bad supporting Man City and Salford, but Villa and Swinton! Wow! No one deserves that much pain! FWIW, I first started supporting City in 1960, long before the current good spell started, and Salford in 1975, long after the last good spell.
  11. tonyXIII

    Our new position in the EU

    Spoilsport! 😜
  12. tonyXIII

    Dear Diary

    I will take that as the compliment it was intended as. Thanks. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Actually, I don't hope. I know you enjoyed yourself. Best regards to you and S.
  13. tonyXIII

    Our new position in the EU

    I know your comment was a joke, and it was a good one! However, I do despair at the shallow nature of modern sleb TV. (I quite like "sleb". It sums up the entire vacuous 'reality TV' culture perfectly and if that makes me an intellectual snob, fine!)
  14. tonyXIII

    Our new position in the EU

    Looking at that picture, Farage looks like a worried man. The hand on his shoulder is a right hand, so it's not Trump's. It must belong to the guy on the extreme edge of the picture. Anyone else spot the resemblance to Kim Jong Un?
  15. tonyXIII

    Our new position in the EU

    Do you think that the narcissistic emptyheaded males would have had anything more profound to say about something that will affect their future? No. I don't either.