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  1. Those nice tories

    This is correct. Encouraging home ownership is, in my view, generally a good thing (it doesn't suit everyone, though). What I could not understand about the sale of council houses was the way councils were prohibited from using the income to build new council houses. I still can't understand it.
  2. Those nice tories

    Perhaps you could look into the various schemes that come under the "help to buy" concept. I don't know what the exact names are nor how they work, but I think the current government are pushing 'savings-based' schemes like ISAs. As for MIRAS being a middle class perk, home ownership has always been a middle class aspiration.
  3. Those nice tories

    That is an interesting question. There's history involved, too. Many UK governments, most notably Margaret Thatcher's, have tried to promote the concept of home ownership as beneficial for the country as a whole. Even before MT sold off the council houses at knock-down prices, there was a form of financial assistance for house buyers which was known as MIRAS (mortgage interest relief at source). So, there has long been an ideological view that the government want to assist house buyers. Whether this is right or not is a matter of opinion.
  4. I did not see that one coming. After all the doom of rumours about who's leaving, I think I'll listen to Chumbawumba - "I get knocked down, but I get up again." We aren't dead yet. Salford forever! And we didn't need a dg from O"Brien.☺
  5. Did you mean "Please don't take my naan"?
  6. Those nice tories

    I thought Arlene Foster had refused to allow NI to be treated differently to the rest of the UK when it came to a hard/soft border. Presumably, this is different?
  7. Spend a penny

    No matter how hard you shake your peg, the last few drops run down your leg. Same thing really. 😁
  8. Rant thread

    Wow! My post was seriously tongue-in-cheek, but thanks for the detailed reply. My interest in your motoring preferences is largely down to a mate of mine who is a car mechanic who dabbles in a bit of car dealing on the side. He won't personally own anything other than BMWs. The last time I saw his car, he told me it was worth 70k. I could easily believe him as it had every comfort enhancer I could think of and some that sounded like they belonged on the Starship Enterprise. I pull his leg about this BMW fixation, too.☺ For myself, I couldn"t care less about the make of car I drive, but I can't be doing with breakdowns so I have bought new cars for the last 20 years or so. A Fiat Brava (I know the jokes about Fiat, but it was a damn good car). On return to the UK, I got a Hyundai i20 (very pleased with the car, disgusted with Hyundai Motor Finance). On returning to Greece, I got a Hyundai i10 (small, but there's only me and my wife). I like the i10 and it suits me as my annual mileage is only about 5000 (8000km/yr). Happy motoring, Craig.
  9. Rant thread

    Craig, what is your attachment to ultra-expensive German cars? Your old Audi needed a brake pad for about £4000, didn't it? Now BMW are trying to overcharge you for something. There is a pattern here.😆
  10. Just for OF. Salford 19 (O'Brien dg) - Hull FC 18 Damn! Back to the drawing board. 😀
  11. You mean just like the Brexiteers?
  12. We actually didn't do too badly at Saints until the last 10 to 15 minutes. (We were poor after that) I think Saints are currently better than Cas, so if we can maintain our fitness for the full 80, we might keep it close. Still think Cas will win, but maybe by only 6 to 8 points. Here's hoping.