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  1. It's spelt with 'c', dear boy, a capital 'C'!
  2. At least a houseplant knows in which direction the sun is and turns to face it, thus gaining maximum energy.
  3. I agree. However, (teacher hat on), Chris Mason (a journalist who makes his living by writing) should know that it is 'somebody tells someone and me something', not someone and I. Accusative (me) needed, not nominative (I). If you struggle with this, drop the 'someone and' to leave 'somebody tells me something'. Nobody would say 'somebody tells I something'. This from a professional wordsmith bloody annoys me.
  4. tonyXIII

    The Brexit (political) Party thread

    Don't worry, mate! Compared to our leaders you are an intellectual giant. (Mind you, that's a backhanded compliment if ever there was one.😆)
  5. tonyXIII

    The Brexit (political) Party thread

    Wrong Brexit thread? It is confusing.
  6. Hope for Salford by 10. But I will settle for Salford by 40.😉
  7. tonyXIII

    Dear Diary

    Sorry for your loss. Whether their passing is quick or slow, it still hurts when someone you care for goes. Time does not heal, but it does make loss more bearable. Eventually. Stay strong and seek help if you think you might need it.
  8. tonyXIII

    Those nice tories

    It would make a much more pleasant change to have someone who is actually competent in charge for a change. Does anyone know a competent potential PM?
  9. tonyXIII

    Health update.

    I have absolutely no experience of anything like this, either personally or in my family. All I can do is wish you all the best for a full and speedy recovery.
  10. tonyXIII


    I did see his post yesterday and couldn't work out what was going on. I thought to myself, 'this is either a very good spoof or this guy is really poorly.' It seems it was the latter. Sorry I wasn't smart enough to fathom the truth. Get well soon, bearman! Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. As they say in Greece, 'Perastika!'
  11. Wheldon Rd is a strange place. It is small and the crowd are close to the pitch which makes it intimidating. It should be a straightforward home win, but Salford are anything but straightforward these days. I think we will pressurise Cas' right flank (Eden?) and prevail by about 10 points.
  12. I most certainly can blame Cameron. I said he was the chief f**kwit. He was. He was the dickhead who thought he could heal the rifts in the Tory party by calling a referendum. The referendum has not only failed to heal rifts in the Tory party, it has driven a wedge through the whole country. He didn't have to do it. It was political opportunism writ large. Tosser. Worst PM in history.
  13. Sorry, Padge, but I can't agree. Cameron is the chief f**kwit who started this mess and then ran away. Absolute tosser!
  14. Unlike the ERG,You won't have millions squirreled away in offshore accounts, though. They have already been seen shorting sterling, so vote away. They'll make millions. You will be left poorer. I really can't understand why you can't see this.
  15. I was going to 'like' that post, but a migraine is not likeable.