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  1. Yes, it does work like that. Your tax liability is reduced by the amount of the increase in tax-free allowance charged at the top rate of tax that you pay. If the increase in allowance is £1000, a person paying a top rate of 0% gets £1000x0%=£0.00. A person paying a top rate of 20% gets £1000x20%=£200.00. A person paying a top rate of 40% gets £1000x40%=£400.00. It really does work like that and it really is simple.
  2. It wasn't just for the very poor, it was for everybody. In fact, the rich gain more. Assume the tax-free allowance is increased by £1000. Someone earning, say £15000, gains 20% of £1000. Someone on £100000 gains 40% of £1000. These are rough figures, the rich guy gains twice as much as the poor guy. PS. ckn beat me to it.
  3. And you haven't. That's okay, but I shall draw my own conclusions.
  4. While it is shocking that such an incompetent should consider herself a legitimate candidate for Prime Minister, it should be borne in mind that a seriously dangerous idiot is actually the front-runner. His one achievement as Foreign Secretary was to arrange an extra five years in jail in Iran for Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe. He genuinely is an idiot, but many people think he would be a suitable leader. The only place he is fit to be a leader is in a lunatic asylum.
  5. Are you talking about Chronicler or the Scarlet Pimpernel? They seek him here, they seek him there ... ☺
  6. You up to your old tricks, Chronicler? The kiss of death for our hopes? We shall see.
  7. Better hurry up, John. Soon there'll be nobody left for you to hand your resignation in to.
  8. Blimey, LRL! That sounds frightening. Try to stay positive, keep following doctor's advice and, as JohnM said above, rant away via PM if you need to. It is good that your sister is a 100% match. Good luck!
  9. Dear John, I see you have refused to do gj's homework for him. This should leave you with some spare time. Could you possibly do mine for me? Yours etc. Theresa ☺
  10. I believe that I could organise a right to vote here, but I really don't think I should vote because I do not understand the issues facing Greek voters, nor do I really understand the various parties' positions on these issues. I speak Greek well enough to get by on a day-to-day basis, but I really don't speak or read it well enough to be informed about political decision-making. For that reason, I don't think I should be entitled to vote. Your Latvian friend probably speaks and reads English fluently, so can make an informed decision and should be entitled to vote in either England or Latvia. Incidentally, I don't think he is entitled to a vote in both countries and he certainly shouldn't be.
  11. My first reaction is, "Thank God I don't live in a country governed by such a dysfunctional shower." Then I think, "Syriza are a dysfunctional shower, and I live in Greece." Then the real calamity hits me. I am dependent on the UK pension I receive and so, I am dependent on the UK economy doing well. Worrying times.
  12. Hmrc are in trouble, then. They are taking lots of LSD off lots of people.
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