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  1. tonyXIII

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    Toulouse? Do you mean Toronto?
  2. tonyXIII

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    What's wrong with that? It's practically word-for-word the PM's next Brexit plan. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  3. tonyXIII

    Our new position in the EU

    I saw TM on the news today. She was complaining that, after the UK had treated the EU with total respect, the EU were not now treating the UK with respect. I beg to differ. The EU set out its bargaining position in black and white about two years ago. The UK has only just put forward its own position -Chequers. This is a position that is so clearly unacceptable to the EU that to put it forward now is not only not treating the EU with respect, it is treating them with contempt. I am surprised only that the rebuff was so mild. This shower absolutely beggar belief!
  4. I've not checked this, but I think the Salford v Toulouse game scheduled for next weekend has been moved to Thursday for TV, so this game is moved to avoid a Sunday - Thursday turnaround. It hasn't bothered them before!
  5. tonyXIII

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    And in Latin, "sinister" means "left-handed", which is why I posted that. PS. Also in Latin, "dexter" means "right-handed", hence the word "dexterity" and its derivatives. But thanks for the Italian reference.
  6. I thought you were in charge of the sheep-dip, Bruce? (An old one for any Monty Python fans), sorry.
  7. You really need to let it go and move on, Kayakman.
  8. FYI Kayakman. I live and work in Crete. I spend my days surrounded by Cretans. I have never met a Cretan who plays (or played) rugby of either code. I think you meant "cretins" with an 'i'.
  9. tonyXIII


    Where's Walter? Or should I say, "Where's Wally?"?
  10. Although the mk2 cortina is my favourite of the cars I (or my dad) have owned, the most exhillarating drive I've had was in 1071 cooper s. It belonged to a fellow student at Sheffield Uni in 72 (he was into his cars big time). He let me drive it down the A57 in Sheffield through the university, round the roundabout at the bottom of the hill and back - maybe a mile. As I got to the roundabout, I checked right and there was a car slowly approaching the roundabout from the other road. I checked ahead and the road was clear, so I moved onto the roundabout. When I checked to my right again, the other guy had obviously put his foot down and was closing in on me. I had a split-second to react and chose to put my foot down. WOW! That cooper s took off like scalded cat and was absolutely perfect going round the roundabout. What a car! I was still shaking as I handed the keys back to my mate. When I told him how the car had suddenly gone from 20 to 40 in the blink of an eye, he laughed and said it was down to the 'split dif'. I still don't know what a split dif is, but I'll never forget it. If you'll pardon the expression, "Thanks for the ride, Derek!"
  11. tonyXIII

    Gordon Brown.

    'Call me Dave' running away and hiding? Surely not! 😂 How does "Georgie-Porgie" go?
  12. The one that stands out for me was actually my dad's. Iwas about 24 when he got a cortina mk2 1600gt. A brilliant drive but it needed re-tuning every month. It didn't last long. My own favourite was a rover 2600s. It had been slightly modified to run on low-profile tyres, but it gripped the road really well and I felt really confident even when I took it above 100mph. Forgive me your Honour.
  13. tonyXIII

    TRL Helpdesk

    He's a "chancer", "he wins trust" and "he's bloody brilliant in a debate". It's Liam Fox isn't it? David Davis? Boris?