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  1. Never mind, John. You've still got the memories.
  2. They certainly used to get my pulse racing.
  3. What have you been googling, John? I do hope it's cars. In which case, I always preferred the cortinas, especially Mk 2.
  4. It depends on whether they go from Wigan to St. Helens or from St. Helens to Wigan, surely!
  5. No, they're not. They are merely demonstrating the use of worm holes in space-time. Simple GCSE science!
  6. This, imo, is a very important issue in this whole incident. If the referee has lost control, the players will take it on themselves to 'police' the game. At that point, any lines you may think you have drawn become very blurred indeed. Players will seek to 'protect' both themselves and their team mates and I, for one, wouldn't blame them. I shall wait until the result of the disciplinary hearing, at which I trust that the truth will out and JC will receive the appropriate punishment as laid down in the rules. The rest of you can continue your speculative posting.
  7. Don't do that! I'm going to need them for when they hang, draw and quarter punish Justin Carney. Free the Salford one!
  8. I think it's because, if the cameras were switched to the lower East Stand, they'd be pointing into the sun for nearly every minute of daylight games. At least, that's one excuse I've heard. It begs the question of why they can't do it for evening matches, although the sun would still be up until almost 10pm. I suspect the more prosaic answer is that they haven't got the infrastructure in the small East Stand, though just what infrastructure you need, I don't know.
  9. If you know the make and model, you can always try Google, you might find some kind of manual for you to put your mind at rest about using it.
  10. By "something better", do you mean golf?
  11. Oh, I don't know! I haven't put him on ignore, but I do ignore his postings; however, I do like to keep one eye on him to see who he is winding up now. It's jolly good fun.
  12. Ooooh! Dennis. Stop it, you naughty boy!
  13. You can get round geo-blocking if you really want, I believe. Was right looking forward to watching my Red Devils start their Cup campaign ... and then my internet goes down (well, down to 2Mbps, which is nowhere near enough to stream TV) and won't get sorted until Monday! Rollox!
  14. DEET for sure. Give the beggers both barrels! To hell with the fibres, buy proper clothes (cotton for Lancashire, wool for Yorkshire). Just don't go sniffing it. Stick to whisky! (Drinking whisky, that is, not sniffing it. But I have known people sniff alcohol)
  15. Fair enough. I bow to better knowledge.