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  1. Very good, John. But I put 'categorically' in single quotes. It should have been clear that I was referring to that. Similarly, your point about the DUP misses the original point. The DUP are toxic and this government has cosied up to them. I am reminded of the poem which ends, 'You can always tell a drunkard by the company he keeps. At that, the pig got up and walked away.' You can always tell a Tory by the company he keeps. At that, the DUP got up and walked away. As they may well do one day.
  2. May won by 325 vs 306, a majority of 51.5%. Less than the referendum. I just heard a Tory say that the government had just won 'categorically' (I think that was what he said - I don't listen that carefully). What planet are these idiots on?
  3. tonyXIII

    Fitness Thread

    I was, as usual, being facetious. But you knew that. It is good that people are thinking about their health. I don't tend to worry until something crops up. When it does, I go to the quack.
  4. tonyXIII

    Fitness Thread

    Where is this 'gym' you keep talking about? And what is this 'fitness' you are obsessed with? Is any of this catching? Can I get a jab (pun intended) for it?
  5. Your last paragraph is wrong. Actions have consequences and you have to be responsible for the consrquences of your actions. If I set fire to a house and two firemen die trying to rescue the occupants, I am guilty as hell of their deaths. Edit. Whether I stick around or not!
  6. tonyXIII

    Dear Diary

    You need to keep an eye on the sites it is connecting to. It could give a whole new meaning to 'washing your dirty laundry in public'. ☺
  7. tonyXIII

    Sugar-Free Food

    Just to echo what a couple of posters have already alluded to. AFAIK, salt, as well as being a preservative, is a 'flavour enhancer'. This might be why it appears as an ingredient in foods where you wouldn't expect to find it. PS. My dad spent much of WW2 with the Highland Division and he reckoned they all had their porridge with salt.
  8. tonyXIII

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Welcome back. (Mind you, my post referred to January 2018 which means you're a year late ☺. Yes, I did go back and check. I am that nerdy!)
  9. tonyXIII

    How can this happen

    Aren't they the two astronauts that the Chinese have just landed on the dark side of the moon? Remote controlled and robotic. I'm joking! Please don't take me seriously.
  10. Sorry. I misunderstood your post. We all should have the right to resort to the law to fight injustice, regardless of who we are. It is unfortunate that such recourse requires deep pockets.
  11. Ah! That explains a lot. Thanks. Of course I would support anyone who is holding the government to account if it is doing something illegal.
  12. You are equating the hypothetical action of one individual with the actual actions of the UK government. Really? If Yaxley-Lennon did something illegal, whether it was racial or not, I would expect the authorities to arrest him, prosecute him and throw him in prison. A government trying to subvert its country's laws is the first step on the road to totalitarianism. You cannot compare the two.
  13. Absolutely. And another positive (sic) from brexit.
  14. Niels, forgive me, but what the government was trying to do was not only unethical, it was illegal, which is what Gina Miller sought to prove.
  15. You mean like Arron Banks did? I find your added (final) sentence rather strange. If you're suggesting that money should be kept out of politics, you're probably 10 thousand years too late. If you're trying to suģgest something else, then you've lost me.