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  1. All you need is a VPN. There are lots available, some are even free. The one I use can be downloaded easily and you can pay monthly (I think it's a fiver) so you can ditch it when you no longer need it. I pay less than £50 for the year and I find the streaming generally quite good - catch up TV very good, BBC live stream good, ITV live stream not so good. Saturday and Sunday, I'll be watching in Agios Dimitrios (10km outside Rethymno). There is a 'games bar' in Adelianos Kampos that gets satellite feed and will show RL if you are early enough and ask. I'd be surprised if you can't find a bar in Georgioupoli that will show it. If stuck, ask me.
  2. On a more serious note, I am actually becoming more confident as the week progresses. I think the planets are in alignment or something. Fate? Kismet? Destiny? This is the first time I have been able to get to the CC Final since 1999 (the last one at the old Wembley) and I just think it will be fitting to go and cheer on Salford. Of course I could be dreaming, but that little nugget of belief is growing.
  3. Ah, but did they tell Padge what time to set off from the pub to get to the ground, bearing in mind the HJ is a bit further away from the pub than the DW? Sorry, Padge. I couldn't resist.
  4. Obviously, I can't make it to this game. However, I will be at Wembley to see Salford lift the Cup after beating Hull by 10 points.
  5. From a slightly different perspective to Oxford's. The semi-final is a one-off game at a neutral venue. There is every possibility that we will win. Our first three Super-8 games are Hull (A), Cas (H) and Wigan (A). In the regular season fixtures, we won all three of those, so that's six points in the bag! We could be guaranteed a play-off place before we lift the Challenge Cup on August 26th.
  6. Yes, Labour today is different. The article did, however, cover about 50 years of historic data and does support the idea that Labour more worthy of our trust on the economy than the Conservatives. I started my post with the question "How on Earth have the Tories managed to con everyone into thinking that they are the party to be trusted with the economy?" You see, this lie gets repeated ad nauseam and nobody (specifically, nobody in the Labour Party) challenges it. It has become an accepted "fact", when it is, in fact, a lie.
  7. Well, we are bigger than Liechstenstein. We are also a good bit smaller than the USA.
  8. How on Earth have the Tories managed to con everyone into thinking that they are the party to be trusted with the economy? The following link is to a very long article that I haven't read in full, but the conclusion (quoted below) is clear. If you choose to read it, good luck. Labour governments: more fiscally "conservative" than Conservative ones? In the conclusion, it states: "On this basis, we may conclude that, over many decades, Labour governments have a good claim to be more fiscally conservative than Conservative ones. They have over time maintained a significantly lower average level of annual deficits – whether current budget, or overall budget deficits. In terms of investment spending, and we make this point more in sorrow than joy, Labour governments have on average achieved lower levels than Conservative ones, which may be seen as being more "fiscally conservative". In the whole period since 1956, there have been only 8 years on which an overall budget surplus has been achieved – and 4 of these were under Labour governments, 3 of them being the largest surpluses as a percentage of GDP." I, for one, trust Labour a lot more than I 'trust' the Tories!
  9. Of course he's in favour of bilateral trade deals. Of course he doesn't like trading blocks. The trading blocks are as big as the USA and carry just as much clout. Separate, smaller, nations don't have the clout to stand up to the USA and will be forced to agree to trade deals on inferior terms. The UK is now (or soon will be) a smaller trading nation and the USA has a much bigger stick than we have. Open your mind. How do you really think those bilateral trade deals will go? Just like the first day at the big school, the big kid will take our pocket money and leave us thinking "At least he didn't beat us up."
  10. No, mate. It's the sleep of those with no conscience. And I imagine they do sleep well and enjoy it.
  11. Agreed. Can't see us stopping them, and once they're in the play-offs, they have the experience to go all the way to the GF. As have Leeds. The only team I can see stopping those two is Cas. I would love to say Hull, too, but they are too erratic.
  12. Saints versus Leeds for the GF? Same old, same old, same old, yawn. Come on Cas! Everyone is counting on you to overturn the history books.
  13. The Beeb has it as 16 - 44. ???
  14. I shall enjoy a beer this evening. Thank you, Saints! Commiserations to Wakey fans. You beat us twice this year and were, arguably, better than us, but I'll take this result happily!
  15. Many a slip etc. Strange. This could be our best result in months and we're not even playing.