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  1. Shame his grandparents didn't throw him out with the bathwater.
  2. Quietly explain to him that it is only the truly ignorant who refuse to open their minds to different experiences and that they are the ones who, ultimately, miss out in life. On reflection, thump the ignorant get!
  3. I understand what you are saying and why, however I would like to think that the country is more important than a political party. I accept that there is a "cart and horse" argument here. A stable political party my be better able to bring stability to the nation, after all, an unstable political party has just brought chaos and bitterness to the nation. I think I am too naive for this world.
  4. Sorry I've trimmed your post, but I've kept your main points. "I thought May's speech was excellent". Get away! You didn't! Well, you could knock me down with a rugby union tackle! "She made it clear that we are exiting the single market, which is obvious to those of us with a brain in full working order given that EU leaders have consistently made it clear that we cannot remain a member of the single market without also retaining free movement of people." The Leave mob didn't say that, though. That was one of the big lies! See the earlier posts by gj and Griff "She said she was open to some negotiation over the customs union, which is fair enough." She has to be open to negotiation over just about everything, doesn't she? Including all those things she doesn't really want to negotiate about because she hopes the Europeans will just cave in and let her have her way. "And the pound had its biggest one day rise since 2008!" Yes! From its lowest point in ages! Whoopee! I'm so excited.
  5. She is the Prime Minister of the country. Your statement above is worrying. It may be true, but it is worrying that the Prime Minister puts her party above her nation.
  6. Until the day you turn up to watch a game and there's no ref. Just saying. We can't afford to lose refs - good, bad or indifferent! If they're bad, we need to help them improve, not drive them away.
  7. Are you Rag, Tag or Bobtail? It doesn't matter, just as long as you're not Muffin the Mule! Sorry! Couldn't resist.
  8. Two days! Dear God! Don't these people realise that it takes at least two months to re-jig the pitch from rugby to soccer or vice versa. Some people expect miracles!
  9. Which doesn't necessarily make him correct.
  10. I've read the link in the OP and I don't understand why the thread is titled "Toronto fail to organise Wigan friendly". The link doesn't say that it was Toronto's responsibility to organise the game. Neither did it suggest that it was Toronto's fault. Could the title have been "Wigan fail to organise Toronto friendly"? Or "Manchester Council fail to organise Wigan v Toronto friendly"?
  11. Everyone should read JohnM's post again. Nobody on here knows the terms of Tim Sheens' contract, so you're just blowing hot air! There is a huge range of possibilities. Maybe Marwan has failed to pay Tim what he is due. In this case, Tim will win any legal challenge and get his money. Maybe Tim left before his contract ended, in which case he didn't fulfil the terms of said contract and is not entitled to any bonus. In this case, Marwan will win any legal challenge. However, I don't want to spoil everyone's fun, so carry on with the rumours. Fill your boots!
  12. So, if I called you cheap, would that make you feel better?
  13. I use a VPN to watch UK TV here in Greece. It costs just under £50 a year. It is great for catch-up TV (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, etc.), but it does sometimes get irritating on Live TV - every couple of minutes, it pauses and also, at times, it repeats the last few seconds repeats the last few seconds. For Live TV, I mostly use Filmon, which doesn't need a VPN. I haven't looked for US stations, but I know that Canadian TV is covered, as are UK stations. Filmon is more stable than the VPN for Live TV, but doesn't offer catch-up. The VPN I use is called WatchUKTVAbroad. You can google both it and Filmon easily. There are other VPNs available. PM me if you want more info.
  14. How about a "There but for the grace of God"? I know Salford would be toast now but for for Marwan, and hasn't that been a double-edged sword? My own feelings are that Super League just doesn't seem right without Bradford, but "Hey, ho!" I don't know what the future holds for Bradford, but I do hope it is successful and prosperous. Much as I hope for every club from the Broncos* to York. * I couldn't think of a club whose name began with "A". Cue a thousand obvious suggestions.
  15. One way to stop them might be for our politicians not to set such a bad example. A recent Independent headline: "Jeremy Hunt: I took my children to A&E because I didn't want to wait for a GP appointment." Personally, though, I wouldn't blame any concerned parent who takes their child to A&E because there is nowhere else to go. As for adults who go to A&E with a cold, just give them a pill (a cheap placebo) at reception and send them home. (Or be honest and tell them to p**s off!)