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  1. To be fair, Huddersfield are just regressing to the mean.
  2. If the RFL are able to prove to me in advance that it will work, be reliable and of sufficient quality on a small screen and that they will provide some kind of guarantee for my financial details (we're not talking about a particularly professional organisation, here), then I might - but only if I've nothing better to do at that time.
  3. He's probably too busy kicking back against lazy, racial stereotypes.
  4. Paul Deacon
  5. Not many. However, such are their numbers, the assimilation that is happening in other communities doesn't tend to happen around here and they remain as distinct groups within the community (again, I am generalising here).
  6. *Sweeping generalisation coming up...* There are plenty of them around here in Lincolnshire - they love a bit of biff.
  7. Not really what Canberra needs. With Boyd and Paulo they have size - although I guess he could be a back up to them. For that matter, they need to start one of those two off the bench and have them rotate with each other. When those two go off for Soliola and Priest, the team struggles to punch holes and when they're both on, the lateral defence, especially around marker, leave a bit to be desired.
  8. McNamara was a terrific manager, but not a good enough coach. As part of a team, he will be a great asset to anybody.
  9. It won't be very long before young French players don't have a right to play for British clubs. It will be established internationals, only.
  10. No, that's not how it works. You make a claim, you back it up. Don't just throw a load of unsubstantiated nonsense out there and then tell people to disprove you - that's just a childish line of argument.
  11. Nah. There's nothing Bradford can do this season that's going to get points off KR. I'd rather it's the games against the teams that are likely to be around us in the league that take place when Toovey has had an impact. He might reduce the loss against KR from 60 to 30, but it's still zero league points. That kind of improvement might see us gain league points against, say, Dewsbury or Oldham.
  12. Shame Nobby's not still one of them. He'd turn a blind eye...
  13. Did I call him a Bradford lad? I said he was a Bradford Junior - which he was.
  14. We'll soon be able to have a team of Bradford juniors in the NRL.