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  1. Are you Steve McNamara, trying to get a centre into the halves?
  2. Exactly this. I don't know of any of us Bradford fans who would disagree.
  3. Non-playing player at Carnegie for a year?
  4. Just along from the Harp, which I think is still the best pub in London - just ahead of the Kings Arms on the magnificent Roupell Street.
  5. I'm sure you could borrow Odsal for the big games.
  6. Isn't that what a three year contract exactly is?
  7. Bradford may no longer have a rugby team, but it is a fantastic place for beer.
  8. There won't have been many times Origin isn't the best show in town. Hopefully it will be shown up as a second rate competition.
  9. Really? What might that be, then?
  10. I don't want to get all semantic with you, Scubby, but Great Britain shouldn't ever play a test in Northern Ireland - unless it's against Northern Ireland (or all of Ireland).
  11. Not possible, unfortunately.