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  1. MrPosh

    So, what have we learned???

    I perfer Sam at loose forward and I think he'll move back to the front row, soon. In terms of Hall, his NRL stint is irrelevant. He's been the best winger in the world for many years. Success or otherwise in the NRL isn't going to impact on that (although it will show if he still has it).
  2. England by 20. I don't think we're 20 points better, but with the series over they may have one eye on home.
  3. It has to be Whitehead.
  4. Nuts to that. This time last year an ankle tap and a shepherded try are all that separated the two sides. Since then, Australia has lost their three best players and England have improved immeasurably.
  5. MrPosh

    George Burgess summoned

    I think this is right.
  6. MrPosh

    Who Do We Select?

    I'd hope to see Jack Walker and Jake Trueman in the mix before too long.
  7. He'd have been in with a shout of MotM for his defence alone.
  8. MrPosh

    Who Do We Select?

    Whilst neither needs to be dropped right now, I think it's time to move on from Graham and Hill and they'll be tough to replace. We have bullocking props aplenty, but we're not blessed with multiple workhorses. Perhaps that's the role for Sam Burgess to move into. From today's team, Burgess and Widdop would come in. Watkins is still amongst our very best in theory, but has rarely showed it at international level. Still not convinced by Lomax, but he's played well in this series.
  9. I think it might be a Dommy.
  10. Much better than back Bateman.
  11. MrPosh

    2019 kits

    Bundaberg Rum is available in 'Spoons. Never seen it anywhere else. You can get the Root Beer in Tesco, though.
  12. MrPosh

    2019 kits

    Eugh. Don't indulge him MM. He's just trying to remind everyone that he's 'in the know' now. Which, I suppose, is a step forward from calling referees cheats.
  13. MrPosh

    Team For Second Test

    Hodgson is a great hooker when he gets to control the game. He engages the line and then gives the ball to the halves, who will struggle to do the same. That's works well in the NRL - particularly as Canberra have been weak in the halves. The I don't think it's enough at international level and if you're going to have talented people like Tomkins and Williams (and especially Widdop) you need to get the ball to them quickly. If we are persisting with Hodgson, then Myler might be a better option in the halves - as he has superior support play and tends to move the ball on more predictably. Personally, once Roby was out, I would have gone with McShane in the first place, who has been a class above Hodgson for a couple of years, now.
  14. MrPosh

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Really, I think the RFL can only take things so far. At some point, the fans need to support the game.