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  1. Like most Australians, it would seem to have racial undertones - because Samoans are like that, you see.
  2. Which is why RL is likely to become the fourth ball sport of Australia soon. It's already way behind cricket and Aussie Rules and the international nature of football means it will inevitably overtake a parochial, two-state sport.
  3. I don't know about that, but I did chuck in a couple of bottles of Lebanese wine into my Christmas delivery, in honour of them properly joining the RL family.
  4. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    I don't imagine that there are any ethical countries and if there are, I'd be surprised if RL is currently played in them. Money is money, though, and if it can be used for good (and by that, fundamentally I mean growing the number of kids playing the game and getting healthy, as opposed to going through the game like a drain and ending up in players' pockets as has happened to football) then it's hard to turn down.
  5. It's great news, although his wife was extremely unpleasent to me when I criticised the paper that he worked for on Twitter.
  6. Debate over and there we have it

    Is that a statement or a plea?
  7. No, I couldn't take the strain. It's need to be a try and from a little way out, so that we can cheer it coming and then go crazy when it's put down. (Before worrying when it's sent upstairs to Bernard Sutton to find something wrong with).
  8. 12. They're going to post 12 points. And England are going to score 16.
  9. Superb from England. Played brilliantly for most of the game and found a way to hold on against Tonga's world class stars in a way New Zealand couldn't. It doesn't really is whether they went to the VR for the last moment, as it was a clear knock on.
  10. 2018 Series v NZ

    Oh no. Has someone told the cricketers to cancel the Ashes?
  11. I, too, am sharing the enthusiasm for Aus not making the final. Don't worry, though, Allora will be along in a minute with some kind of eugenics nonsense about their innate superiority.
  12. Whilst the puns are all fun, this is the best post on the thread. Of course, if he's commited the crime, he needs to pay the penalty, but I really don't think we support our ex-players well enough. And just whilst he's the topic of conversation - have we ever seen a more efficient tackling machine. He was unbelievable and I'm surprised he didn't ever play at a higher level (unless those issues you mention were already festering).
  13. Your Club's Links to the World Cup

    According to poster on t'other site, this is the list of academy products from Bradford: 1. Sam Burgess 2. Tom Burgess 3. Elliot Whitehead 4. John Bateman 5. Ben Helliwell 6. Danny Addy 7. Brandan Wilkinson 8. Oliver Roberts 9. Craig Kopczak Not bad at all.
  14. Seen a fair bit of him for Canberra. He's a decent enough player, but not really a foil for Clarke. He's more of the same, but not quite as good.
  15. Your Club's Links to the World Cup

    Most of the England pack. All long gone, though.