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  1. MrPosh

    New Retro Salford Shirts

    Or the three stripes on the first jersey.
  2. MrPosh

    Bulls struggling again?

    It's hard to define the price elasticity for any sports club. I suspect that Bradford have a little while yet with only the hardiest of hardcore fans - who will need to have everything possible eked out of them. I remember a time when you couldn't move throughout West Yorkshire without seeing some Bulls marketing. It forced some clubs (including the two you mention) to up their games. It caused some real bitterness elsewhere.
  3. MrPosh

    Bulls struggling again?

    That's what got us here last time (well, one of the myriad of reasons).
  4. Just for balance, you could make the last sentence: steady expansion and growth with the risk of collapse. Don't get me wrong, I want expansion, but it does come with a risk and if we acknowledge and mitigate that risk, it will shrink.
  5. I suspect you already have already seen it. Jbd.
  6. Would it still be worth four if they had to keep it in?
  7. MrPosh

    Broncos getting desperate now

    I'd go so far as to say that Walters was the worst* coach Super League has seen. *almost impossible to define, so I'm going compared to expectations.
  8. I think Leeds have got it spot on this year. Take out Ryan Hall and they'll be set up perfectly for next year without any changes.
  9. I don't think any of us can see 100 years into the future.
  10. MrPosh

    Celebrities/famous people that like RL

    Lots of (ex)footballers - especially in the North West are. There's Chris Evans with Warrington.
  11. MrPosh

    Grest gesture from Toronto

    Oh dear. What a poor comment. Aside to this, though, it does show how small our game is, when players assume they can travel daily amongst just about any club.
  12. MrPosh

    Leigh selling players now

    Well played, AA.
  13. Started by Mick Ennis, I think.
  14. Reputedly his offer was from Newcastle and he was also linked to Canberra. I appreciate that, on balance, the league is better - but neither of these teams are as good as Cas (albeit Canberra's deficiency is more focussed on the coach than the players).