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  1. Been enjoying Stuart Pyke's work. He spoke too much during his first couple of games - understandable for someone whose experience is in commentating on the radio - but that seems to have calmed down.
  2. Not sure he'll get back into the Cas team.
  3. Bradford getting cheated out of a big Leeds game by the ref. I feel young again.
  4. Indeed. We'd see Nigel Farage on Question Time once a month. Oh.
  5. I am constantly grateful for the period of stability he has brought the club. It's like manna from heaven after the last few years. However, I do wish he'd shut the up, sometimes.
  6. I don't disagree with you general points, but England has five wingers better than Addo-Carr.
  7. I should think the rugby will be worse, but the experience a little better. You'll be at friendlier games.
  8. Nonsense. Every single point you make couldn't be more wrong.
  9. It's all for getting us ready to see Hull FC 0.
  10. I didn't see Wells talking about him, but he's the best young half in the world, so I think it's tough to overdo it.
  11. I believe it's called a Piledriver in the wrestling world.
  12. The Morris twins aren't English and don't qualify for England. They could qualify for one of the other home nations and play for GB, I suppose. Victor Radley, whilst a promising player, is miles away from even being spoken about as an England player. He'll need to improve a lot. I suspect he's better aiming for NSW where he has more of a chance of playing.
  13. Nonsense. We hold all the cards in his negotiation. The BBC aren't going to be able to fill their schedules without us. Threaten to withhold our content and they'll soon cave in.
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