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  1. No apology needed - I guess the closest Tube is North Greenwich, which would be quite a hike. (see also grounds like Tottenham, Crystal Palace and, even, Wembley for grounds that are far easier to access on trains than the tube). Generally, it's amazing how few people consider the 'real' trains when travelling around London.
  2. No specifically wanting to split hairs, but Charlton is a two minute walk from the railway station. Admittedly not particularly accessible from the North, but easily to get to from Central London.
  3. MrPosh

    Blake Austin signs for...

    They hate Austin in Canberra and can't wait to see the back of him. with a good solid half, with a decent kicking game next to him (Parton?) He has exactly the game to shine in SL. Just don't expect him to lead a team around the park.
  4. Assuming we go up, do you think Sky will televise the big Bradford v Leeds Easter game - even though it'll be in the Championship?
  5. MrPosh

    Sandow back to Wire?

    What about being in a mid-table team, two levels below the NRL suggests he could be SL level?
  6. MrPosh

    Dragons fume over Hunts demotion

    Surely the Dragons will be delighted - he won't have to recuperate after the flight home.
  7. Don't even mention him in the same breath as the likes of them - he was a class above them all by the time he was 20. Having just finished watching SoO, I think it's definitely safe to say that international football really is the pinnacle of our game.
  8. Ha. Level of impact per minute, then.
  9. No. They had a similar level of impact, but Whitehead was out there for twice as long.
  10. MrPosh

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    Over and above anything else, I've seen nothing from Roberts that suggests he's anywhere near good enough for Super League. I appreciate others will have seen more of him and can be in a better position to judge, but he's been a real waste of money in my opinion.
  11. MrPosh

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    It could easily be 12-8 - a perfectly plausible score looking at the current Australian cricket team.
  12. You're just trying too hard, now. That's why nobody is biting.
  13. MrPosh

    2019 NRL Kick Off

    Are they the fixtures? FAirly sure the article implied Souths.
  14. MrPosh

    2019 NRL Kick Off

    No. Not like that at all, really.