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  1. I should think the rugby will be worse, but the experience a little better. You'll be at friendlier games.
  2. Nonsense. Every single point you make couldn't be more wrong.
  3. It's all for getting us ready to see Hull FC 0.
  4. I didn't see Wells talking about him, but he's the best young half in the world, so I think it's tough to overdo it.
  5. I believe it's called a Piledriver in the wrestling world.
  6. The Morris twins aren't English and don't qualify for England. They could qualify for one of the other home nations and play for GB, I suppose. Victor Radley, whilst a promising player, is miles away from even being spoken about as an England player. He'll need to improve a lot. I suspect he's better aiming for NSW where he has more of a chance of playing.
  7. Nonsense. We hold all the cards in his negotiation. The BBC aren't going to be able to fill their schedules without us. Threaten to withhold our content and they'll soon cave in.
  8. I've just caught some of it on BBC2 HD just now and it's just a standard definition broadcast. It looks awful.
  9. I can't believe we've got this far without mentioning Dion Dublin's magnificence.
  10. It can be both. I hope they stop showing games from Hudds and Leeds. Leeds ground looks great and is always full, but I won't watch games ruined by a cow bell and a dreadful band.
  11. I always thought Shontayne Hape to be the best of the Kiwis in that particular Bradford team. I notice Vaikona gets a mention elsewhere and I thought Brad Mackay was sensational for the one season he was here. Neither greats, of course, but two players I loved at London were Terry Matterson and Steel Retchless. I imagine they dream about tackling.
  12. I've loosely been cheering for the Raiders since Whitehead arrived (I know the Burgii are all ex-Bradford, too, but not from the city). Adding Bateman into the mix is only going to enhance that. I'm also enjoying the defeatist nature of their fans.
  13. Not really, no. Your logical fallacy is tu quoque.
  14. I wonder, firstly, who he pushed on the head to start it and then who he hid behind when it actually started.
  15. I wouldn't be shocked to see a new coach required at Wire or, especially, Saints (or Hudds - but the conversation was about the bigger clubs). All three have done well here and will be in demand back home.
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