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  1. Shame Nobby's not still one of them. He'd turn a blind eye...
  2. Did I call him a Bradford lad? I said he was a Bradford Junior - which he was.
  3. We'll soon be able to have a team of Bradford juniors in the NRL.
  4. It wouldn't been the first time Parksider has had multiple logins.
  5. If attack is the most important part of a full back's game, why is Darius Boyd, a defensive master, the Kangaroo's fullback ahead of all the fantastic attacking full backs they have?
  6. Is there any way to view the thread without Parksider or anybody that's quoted him? Or could we have another thread without his various agenda? As a Bulls fan, I am exclusively having to use another site to keep up to date with this situation, because this thread is full of so much nonsense (and I realise that site is better suited to this kind of discussion, but there are a lot of posters on here whose opinions I value and I can't find them).
  7. I disagree, but I always like your posts, Futtocks, so I don't want to argue with you. The story is that we have a female professional player. The fact that she is related to other professionals enhances, but doesn't define, the story.
  8. Is she not worthy of her own name in the thread title, or does she need to be defined by a male relative?
  9. Acton and Willesden played at Park Royal (along with White City, both former QPR grounds - their current stadium, Loftus Road, hosted a New Zealand v Australia Test Match in, I would guess, the late 1990s).
  10. The guy who supplies your meds?
  11. Oh dear, Cas. Still, at least it looks like they'll have a decent team to fill that horrible kit.
  12. He thought playing prop was a challenge - wait until he realises the reality of trying to attract people to watch the Giants. He'll soon be begging for his old job back.
  13. Just man up and go, you big girl's blouse.
  14. Partly this, but all of the smaller lads are playing football. I've said it before, but they'll be twenty Thurstons, Johnsons and Cronks running around Leagues 1, 2 and the Conference.
  15. I think they do in Coventry.